A Note From Mayor Pete Buttigieg on the Impact of Run for Something and Down-Ballot Elections

In just a few short months, Democrats from every corner of the nation will go to the polls to replace Donald Trump and end an era marked by chaos, division, and cruelty.

But defeating Trump alone will not ensure the compassion, equality, and justice we’re striving for. If we want to achieve that, we need to have strong, community-oriented leaders at every level of government — from local school boards to mayors to state legislatures all the way to the White House.

That’s why I’m reaching out today, friend, to ask for your help in electing Democrats to down-ballot offices nationwide.

My new organization, Win the Era, is committed to this mission. And we’re not the only ones with this focus — Run for Something is an exceptionally important and effective organization committed to electing young, diverse, progressives to local offices.

Our two organizations rhyme in many ways. In fact, we have endorsed many of the same candidates, like Jevin Hodge, candidate for Board of Supervisors in Maricopa County, Arizona, PA Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, SC Rep. JA Moore, and NC Rep. Sydney Batch.

Helping a diverse slate of candidates win down-ballot races can have an invaluable effect on our body politic and on the quality of life of everyday people. It’s not just that these offices are the “bench.” It’s that in our American system, these offices are where so much of the power to do good is concentrated.

When I ran for president as a sitting mayor and a Millennial, our campaign struck a chord with audiences around the country who were looking for a new style of leadership.

And I’m not alone. There are thousands of young leaders across America hearing the call to public service; we can help inspire them to run and then help them win.

Today, show your support for Win the Era and Run for Something by contributing to our efforts.

Right now, we’re working to help elect candidates who share our values — not just for the White House but at every level of our government. Join the fight.

Pete Buttigieg, former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate



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