What’s next now that Roe has been repealed?

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3 min readJul 8, 2022

Today marks two weeks of living in a post Roe world and honestly, it’s just as bad as we expected. We’ve seen a 10 year old rape victim denied access to care in their home state, ruptured ectopic pregnancies left untreated, and access to drugs that help patients with autoimmune disorders limited due to future potential pregnancies.

While it would be easy to doom scroll and panic all day, there is hope. State and local governments are now the front lines to protect and expand abortion access. It’s time to do the heavy work that secures lasting power — whether it’s elections, community organizing, or raising money. The end of Roe was the culmination of a decades-long investment by the GOP in state and local elections across the country. By investing similarly in progressive candidates in all 50 states and all levels of government, we can protect and expand reproductive rights and abortion access.

Here are a few ways you can join the fight NOW:

RUN FOR ELECTED OFFICE. We need a coalition of diverse young progressives like you leading the charge to protect reproductive freedom. You may still have time to file in 2022, and it is never too early to start thinking about the coming years.

Unsure of what you should run for? Here are a few examples of how state and local electeds can ensure unencumbered access to care:

State Legislators can introduce legislation that expands abortion access and block trigger laws.

The Dobbs decision basically sends the question of abortions back to the states.

By running for state legislature, you can protect access in your state and do even more incredible work, like State Senator Tiara Mack of Rhode Island who introduced legislation that would expand abortion access to Medicaid recipients and state employees.

District Attorneys can refuse to prosecute abortion cases and judges can dismiss cases.

Run for Something alum and Michigan based District Attorney, Eli Savit, has vowed to not bring charges against any person seeking an abortion. By being transparent with his constituents, Eli is creating opportunities for people to access healthcare and make decisions with their doctors, just like it should be.

City Council members can set up abortion funds and create safe harbor ordinances.

It’s not lost on Pennsylvania state legislature candidate LaTasha Mays that new anti–choice laws will impact not just communities where abortion will be outlawed, but neighboring states as well. Ohio’s ban means more strain on the border communities people will flock to for care. LaTasha has called for more funding and investment in these ares to help make sure everyone who needs an abortion in a particular region has access to one. City Council’s will have a massive say in how funds are allocated locally and can help make this happen.

School board members can advocate for comprehensive sex education.

Making sure young people have the language, tools, and comfort level to discuss their sexual health is a huge step in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Leaders like Samra Brouk of New York know this and have worked tirelessly to ensure students have the tools they need to make healthy decisions.

If running for office isn’t your thing (yet) you can also donate to elect diverse young progressives who understand the importance of reproductive justice and your contribution will be DOUBLED thanks to a generous donor. Hundreds of Run for Something alums are already in state and local offices defending our right to bodily autonomy — and we need a lot more like them. We promise to continue to only recruit pro-choice candidates who will continue this important work.

Want to help those seeking abortion care directly? Chip in to over 80 abortion funds that are working tirelessly to ensure people have access to safe abortions RIGHT NOW. These funds are on the front lines, providing financial and logistical support to anyone who may need it.

The past few weeks have been devastating. The anger, horror, and fear you are feeling — we are feeling it too. But we also do the world no good if those feelings don’t drive us to action.

Whatever you decide to do, every action matters. We’re ready to fight alongside you for as long as it takes to ensure that we have the access and ability to make our own choices about what to do with our bodies.



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