Welcoming the Latest Class of Leaders: Meet our February 2022 Endorsees!

Today, Run for Something is excited to introduce our latest endorsement class, featuring 119 amazing candidates from across 31 states! Of our February class, 39 are alumni running for something again, 64% identify as people of color, 28% identify as LGBTQIA and 55% identify as women.

These candidates are standing up as bulwarks for democracy at the state and local level. Learn more about them below!


Brit Blalock- Alabama House, District 54

Primary Date: May 24, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Brit is running for the Alabama House of Representatives in District 54 to bring a bold, progressive voice to the state legislature and build momentum for people-powered government. She is dedicated to fighting for Medicaid expansion, voting rights, investing in industries of the future, and much more.

Brit is the first openly non-binary person elected to Alabama’s State Democratic Executive Committee and would be the first non-binary person elected to state office in Alabama. She believes Alabama needs a political transformation and that the legislature should reflect the state’s diverse population.


Jennifer Sonne- Alaska House, District 11

Primary Date: August 22, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Jennifer is a chemist and visual artist running to be one of the very few scientists/ artists to have ever held office in the Alaska State House. Jenn first entertained the idea of running for state house when they noticed that the incumbent ran unopposed in 2020. Jenn fully believes in service to one’s community, and they could think of no better way to serve the state they love than to run to more responsibly represent the South Anchorage district to improve Alaska for all.

Jenn’s primary issues include improving K-12 education for students and teachers, funding for Alaska’s University System, and increasing the diversity of Alaska’s economy by increasing support and opportunity for small businesses and by developing opportunities within renewable energy in-state. They are pro-organized labor, for criminal justice reform, and intend to fight for improved equity and income equality in Alaska.

Alaskans are frontline witnesses to climate change as they watch wildfires ravage the state, glaciers recede, permafrost melt, sea ice diminish, and coastal communities flood. Every step that can be taken to lessen the impact of climate change on Alaskan communities by shifting to renewable energy will help Alaska both environmentally and economically.


Branden Freeman- Yuma City Council

Primary Date: August 2, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Branden is a realtor, small business owner, and an active member of the Yuma community. He enjoys volunteering and always puts his community first. Branden is a graduate of the City of Yuma’s Neighborhood Leadership Academy where he gained an inside look at city operations. In addition, he currently serves on the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

Branden believes in making Yuma a safer community where all people are treated fairly and everyone feels valued. He has been a great advocate for making Yuma an attractive venue for industry, increasing access to educational opportunities, and improving the quality and quantity of housing.

Sophia Carrillo Dahl- Creighton Governing School Board, District 14

General Date: November 8, 2022

In 2020, Sophia was elected to the Creighton Governing School Board, District 14, and in 2022 was elected to serve as President of the board.

Sophia is a first-generation American, a bilingual activist, and a strong enduring mother of two school-aged children. She is a part-time social worker with foster children and has a natural ability to see where change is needed and the drive to put those changes into motion.

For the last ten years, she has been actively involved in campaigns that unite educators, aid the children in the school district, and progressively strengthen the community. Her passion lies in being able to connect with all people and provide an educated, supportive voice for those in my community that might not otherwise have one. She has actively promoted and improved voting in “low-vote” areas and has made huge strides in getting the community to approve bonds and overrides that benefit the district.


Caity Maple- Sacramento City Council, District 5

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Caity is a community advocate and candidate for Sacramento City Council, District 5. Maple spent her early career advocating on policy issues in the state Legislature and is most well known for her work on animal welfare and improving access to medical cannabis.

She is a small business owner and has been active in her local community for many years, including co-founding the nonprofit Solidarity of Unhoused People (SOUP) which serves unhoused residents in Sacramento. Caity has previously been the Vice President and Fundraising Director for the Fem Dems of Sacramento, Gubernatorial Appointee to the 52nd Agricultural District, and a Commissioner for the Ann Land & Bertha Henschel Memorial Funds Commission. She is currently a founding board member to the nonprofit WomenUp and the UC Davis Capitol Alumni Group, serves on the board of Wind Youth Services, and is a contributing editor for Sacramentality.com. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California, Davis.

Duke Alexander Cooney- Sacramento County Board, District 2

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Duke lives in South Sacramento with his partner and daughter. He is a graduate of Sacramento State University, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Performing Arts Degree in Dance. While in college, Duke founded a fraternity for Gay/Biexual/ and Transgender men. Upon graduation, he began his career in public service. His early legislative roles within the California Assembly and Senate allowed him to influence solutions for issues ranging from disability rights, to fair wages for inmate firefighters and other workers.

Duke currently works as a Policy Associate with Conservation Strategy Group, fighting for greater funding to support the environment and urban wildlife connection. He is in his last year of a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) program at McGeorge School of Law, concentrating in Trial Advocacy and Capitol Lawyering.

Marina Aguilar Torres- Los Angeles City Attorney

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Marina is a federal corruption prosecutor, a former Obama alum, and a first-generation child of formerly undocumented parents from Mexico. She is running to be Los Angeles’ first female (and Latina!) City Attorney.

Marina’s identity and upbringing have informed her values, guided her career as a federal prosecutor, and differentiate her from her opponents.

Like many Angelenos, these issues aren’t abstractions to her — they’re lived experiences. Before she ever stepped foot in a courtroom, she grappled with the challenges of growing up in poverty, having incarcerated and homeless family members, as well as the looming threat of deportation.

As a federal prosecutor, Marina fights against corrupt public officials, tracks down money launderers and takes down international drug cartel rings. Her experience and tenacity makes her the most qualified candidate to tackle LA’s issues head-on.

James H. Coleman- California Assembly, District 21

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

James is a councilmember for the city of South San Francisco. James was born and raised in a working class family. His father was a Fed-ex worker, and his mother is a Taiwanese immigrant who works as a lab assistant at Kaiser. When James was 5, his father suffered a traumatic injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down, and his mother had to work two jobs to make ends meet. Growing up working class profoundly shaped his values. At a young age he experienced what it was like to fall through the cracks, and growing up he wanted to make sure that our government and our medical system worked for all of us, and not just the wealthy few.

In 2020, James saw how COVID disproportionately wreaked havoc on South San Francisco’s working families, in housing, healthcare, childcare, and our education system. He saw how the public health crisis of police brutality was not just a distant injustice with the murder of George Floyd, but a real and present issue in his own community with the killings of Derrick Gaines and Chinedu Okobi. James successfully ran for city council to bring about the change and justice he wanted to see in his hometown, unseating an 18-year incumbent and becoming the youngest and first openly LGBTQ+ councilmember ever elected in the city.

Now James is running for State Assembly with a clear purpose — Sacramento can’t just work for the wealthy and well-connected. It has to work for everyone.

Sara Josefina Hernandez- Los Angeles Community College Board, Seat 4

General Date: November 8, 2022

Sara is running to be a trustee for the Los Angeles Community College District in 2022. She is a community college instructor, former LAUSD teacher, non-profit leader, attorney, mother, and community organizer who has spent her career fighting to improve education and better her community. Rooted in the values of racial, social, and economic justice, Sara is running to advance a bold policy agenda that directly serves LACCD students and creates pathways for high-quality free college options for all Angelenos.

Sara started her career as a middle school teacher where she founded an educational non-profit that works to get students to and through college. It was her work with students and their struggles with homelessness, lack of public transit options, housing and food insecurity, navigating the DACA process and general access to public services that led Sara to pursue a career in public policy and local government. Sara went on to work in LA City Hall where she led community revitalization efforts through strategic investments in housing, homelessness, transportation and infrastructure. She now practices law working primarily with affordable housing developers and teaches Constitutional Law at Valley College. She lives in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of LA with her husband Keith and two year old son, Theodore.

Alton Wang- Pasadena City College Board, Area 7

General Date: June 7, 2022

Alton knows that public education, particularly our community colleges, opens doors. Pasadena City College played a key role in his family’s immigrant story, providing opportunities for both his parents when they came to America. Alton was educated in Arcadia’s local public schools, and is running for the Pasadena City College Board of Trustees to ensure that these doors can continue to be opened for future students and families as they were opened for him and his family. As an organizer, he drove record voter turnout among Asian American communities in California and across the nation to increase our political representation. As a policy advisor, he worked to ensure that all immigrants have the opportunity to succeed in America. Today, he advocates for expanding voting rights and fairer representation to guarantee that all Americans can access their right to vote. And as a Trustee, Alton will pioneer a new vision for PCC that builds the college into one that is ready for our stronger future.

James Aguilar- San Leandro Unified School District Trustee, Area 6

General Date: November 8, 2022

James has spent his life as a vocal and visible advocate for students and public educators. James has worked for nonprofits and organizations devoted to public education advocacy and improving the educational experience for all. James serves as the Executive Vice President of Associated Students at San Francisco State, an organization devoted to student voice and social justice.

James was raised by a union family in Oakland, and attended Oakland public schools — first at Glenview Elementary, then at Edna Brewer Middle School. James’ family sought a new beginning, arriving in San Leandro, where James would blossom to become the person he is today. For James, his education at San Lorenzo High and role as the district’s first Student Board Member was pivotal to his growth and his ultimate decision to run for the Board of Trustees just after walking the stage.

In 2018, James was elected to the San Leandro School Board, and currently serves as the Board President. In addition to his professional work, he has served as a school site council member, a nonprofit Senior Director, and an active community member. James has also worked on several national and state campaigns — including Pete for America, and was an Assembly and State Senate intern.

Board President James is running for re-election to represent students and educators on the Board of Trustees at SLUSD to affect bold and unapologetic change for the greater community, and for the generations that will inherit the consequences of the decisions of the past.

Sajid Khan- Santa Clara County District Attorney

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Sajid is a San Jose native and first-generation Muslim, Indian-American public defender and outspoken civil rights advocate running for Santa Clara County District Attorney.

Sajid has been a public defender for over 14 years. Sajid has fought for people’s constitutional rights and against systemic racism and mass incarceration, handling every type of case from low-level misdemeanors to death penalty litigation. Through these experiences, Sajid has learned the criminal legal system inside and out.

He is running for Santa Clara County District Attorney to build a justice system that protects the safety and dignity of all people in the place he’s called home his entire life.

Sajid believes Black Lives Matter and will fight the status quo of systemic racism and mass incarceration that fails to keep our communities safe.

As District Attorney, Sajid will invest in mental health services and other alternatives to incarceration that are proven to prevent violent and property crimes.

Sajid will honor survivors and address the root causes of crime to alleviate suffering, heal our community, and reduce recidivism.

Sajid will be an independent DA that holds police accountable when they violate the law.

When elected, Sajid will be the first person of color to serve as Santa Clara County District Attorney in the 172-year history of the office.

Rex Allen Richardson Jr.- Mayor of Long Beach

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Long Beach provided Rex with an opportunity to put down roots and build a family. He bought his first home in North Long Beach, married his wife on the waterfront, and held his daughters for the first time at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. He’s spent every day making Long Beach a better place to live, work, and play for everyone. After serving as the Student Body President of Cal State Dominguez Hills, Rex became a community organizer with SEIU Local 721, helping blue-collar workers in South Los Angeles County. At age 25, he began serving as Chief of Staff to Councilmember Neal, where they brought neighborhood, labor, business, and clergy leaders together to improve economic conditions in North Long Beach.

In 2014, Rex won his city council race with 73% of the vote and made history as the youngest member to ever serve. As the councilmember representing North Long Beach, he has seen the power of residents uniting to create change from the ground up. He’s running for Mayor to bring this same spirit of unity and inclusion to ensure every person and neighborhood is provided the resources they need to thrive.

Rex is prepared to lead Long Beach as its next Mayor and create a city where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Kent Lee- San Diego City Council, District 6

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Kent is a community-minded civic leader, father, husband, and first-generation Asian American who is running to serve on the San Diego City Council to represent District 6. He is running to advocate for equity and inclusion, housing attainability, and strategic infrastructure and public transit improvements.

Through the tireless efforts of BIPOC organizers, District 6 is now composed of over 40% Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community members and is considered the AAPI empowerment seat. As a son of immigrant parents who came to the United States from Vietnam and Burma, Kent’s life has been driven by a commitment to service and community.

With over 15 years of nonprofit leadership experience both professionally as well as a volunteer with multiple nonprofit organizations in San Diego, Kent is deeply rooted in the communities while having the experience and knowledge needed to successfully serve all residents of the district. Kent is a 15-year resident in the district where he currently lives with his wife Phuong, children Oliver (2) and Alynna (4), and their dog Lucky.

Bryant Odega- Los Angeles City Council, District 15

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Bryant is an educator, climate justice activist, and working class renter running to represent the residents of Los Angeles City Council District 15. A lifelong Harbor Gateway resident, Bryant was born to hard-working Nigerian parents, his mother a home health nurse and father a taxi cab driver. He experienced family hardship after his father was detained by ICE and ultimately left the country back to Nigeria when he was almost 8 years old. His mother instilled into him the importance of education which helped him become the first in his family to graduate from college at UCLA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a minor in Labor and Workplace Studies.

Bryant has been on the frontlines of education equity and climate justice. He creates and leads enrichment programs that build character and healthy lifestyles for elementary school students. He’s also been fighting to halt climate disaster and create a sustainable society as an organizer with the Sunrise Movement.

Bryant is running because we need more elected officials who are committed to tackling the crises working families face with the scale, urgency, and compassion required. District 15 has one of the highest rates of pollution and poverty in Los Angeles. Bryant is fighting to make Los Angeles a sustainable and livable city for all by fighting for a bold Green New Deal, Housing for All, and a Living Wage.

Ellen Kamei- Mountain View City Council, At-large

General Election: November 8, 2022

Ellen is a current councilmember and former Mayor of the City of Mountain View in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. A third generation Mountain View resident, Ellen is the daughter of a Chinese and Puerto Rican American mother and a Japanese American father born at Heart Mountain Internment Camp.

Multiracial and multilingual, Ellen is a public servant passionate about youth and civic engagement, mental health services, and social equity for women and communities of color. Her City of Mountain View committee duties include serving as Chair of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Race, Diversity, and Inclusion as well as the Council Youth Services Committee. She is the President of the League of California Cities Women’s Caucus, Treasurer for the League of California Cities Peninsula Division, and member of the Cal Cities Board of Directors.

A former educator and community volunteer, Ellen spearheaded the opening of a City vaccination site, a Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot Program, and the creation of a Chinese (Mandarin) Language Leadership Academy as well as an expanded Multilingual Engagement Program.

Ellen lives in the Whisman area with her husband, newborn son, and dog.


Lindsey Daugherty- Colorado House, District 24

Primary Election: June 28, 2022; General Election: November 8, 2022

Lindsey has always had a passion for activism and social justice. At just eight years old, she fought to include girls in the all-boys recess soccer game. While in college, she canvassed door-to-door to promote voter registration. Today, she is honored to be the State Representative for House District 29.

Lindsey grew up in Loveland, playing soccer for the local league. While a high school student, she led local service projects through the National Honors Society, and ran track and played basketball on the varsity teams. Growing up, Loveland was still a small community, and Lindsey came to appreciate how common values and goals shape an individual, and our societies.

For college, Lindsey attended the University of Northern Iowa on a soccer scholarship, and then the University of Denver for law school. After passing the Colorado bar exam, Lindsey started her own law firm where she is able to amplify the voices of those in need on a daily basis. She also volunteers at free legal nights for the underserved, and is a member of the Colorado Bar Association, Colorado Women’s Bar Association, American Association of Justice, and the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association.

On the weekends, you can find Lindsey biking the trails in Arvada or hanging out at the Old Town farmer’s market. Lindsey values the sense of community in this district, and she is committed to protecting that. She believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to participate in the decisions affecting us all, and will work to give everyone the ability to thrive.


Kyle Evans Gay- Delaware Senate, District 5

Primary Election: September 13, 2022; General Election: November 8, 2022

Kyle is a mom, an attorney, and Delaware State Senator running for reelection to support families and seniors by investing in education, controlling healthcare costs, and protecting our environment.

After graduating from Brown University, she attended Boston University School of Law. She first worked as a prosecutor, and then clerked before entering private practice, where she now represents clients in Delaware’s business courts. Kyle has dedicated countless hours to Delaware nonprofits and has served on Delaware’s Public Integrity Commission. She represents children in foster care pro bono.

Madinah Wilson Anton- Delaware House, District 26

Primary Election: September 13, 2022; General Election: November 8, 2022

Madinah grew up in the 26th district, where she lives with her family. Madinah is an alumna of the University of Delaware and holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Asian Studies. She has formally studied Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

While at the University of Delaware, Madinah was actively involved in several campus organizations where she held leadership positions, including the Muslim Student Association, Students for Justice in Palestine, and her sorority Lambda Pi Chi.

She worked for two years as a legislative fellow in the state legislature, and an additional year as a legislative aide for the 26th and 27th districts. In this capacity, she communicated with residents and helped them with a variety of issues. This experience gave her first-hand exposure to the issues and concerns of her fellow community members.

In 2020, Madinah defeated an entrenched imcumbent im the 26th District, and became the first Muslim to be elected in the State of Delaware. She also works as a policy analyst at the Biden Institute, while she pursues a master’s degree in Urban Affairs and Public Policy


Zachary Parker- Washington, DC Council, Ward 5

Primary Election: June 21, 2022; General Election: November 8, 2022

Zachary is an educator, former 7th grade math teacher, youngest brother of 3, and public servant. He’s witnessed first-hand the human impact of a system that leaves our most vulnerable behind. Families are working twice as hard in this pandemic and still struggling to make ends meet. Homicides and homelessness are on the rise. Zachary’s own brothers have struggled against inhuman economic and healthcare systems, and his cousins were displaced from the city they helped build. The same old, same old ways of doing things are not working.

He was elected in 2018 by Ward 5 neighbors to serve as their representative on the DC State Board of Education. Zachary is now running to be Ward 5 Councilmember with a simple vision: partner with you to build healthy communities where neighbors have their needs met. We must emerge from this pandemic without repeating the predictable patterns of corruption, violence, and displacement. Together we can reconnect government to people’s real lives to make it easier to live and thrive in DC.


Clay Miller- Florida House, District 100

Primary Election: August 23, 2022; General Election: November 8, 2022

Clay has dedicated his life to turning compassion into action. Clay grew up in a working-class family in Hollywood, Florida, the son of a veteran turned artist and a public library employee. He attended public schools and went to college using Pell Grants. He knows from experience the good that government can do — and what needs to change. He currently serves as Legislative Director to Broward County Commissioner Beam Furr. From 2019–2020, he served as President of the Broward Young Democrats, turning it into one of the largest Young Democrat chapters in America.

Clay is excited to take his record of effective, compassionate leadership to Tallahassee. He knows what this community needs — and how to get it done. He knows how to bring people together to fight climate change, increase affordable housing, improve public education, create economic and social justice, and much more. With your help, Clay is looking forward to getting to work on behalf of the community he loves.

Maranda S. Douglas- Clearwater City Council, Seat 4

Election Date: March 15, 2022

Maranda is a Pinellas County native and USF Business graduate. She was active in YMCA programs, including Teen Leaders and Multicultural Achievers — experiences which taught her the importance of advocating for my community and started me on the path of public service.

Right after graduation, Maranda returned to public service as the Executive Director of FYI Community Partnerships Inc, leading civic engagement and bringing Clearwater’s first painted intersection to life. She has served on several boards including our city’s Marine Advisory Board, District 2s Community Police Collaboration Panel, Clearwater Arts Alliance and on Clearwater Urban Leadership Coalition’s Economic Development task force.

Maranda looks forward to finding ways we can activate and educate the youth in the community on topics including the importance of representative government in municipalities. She wants to create more solutions to preserve our neighborhoods and protect our award-winning natural environment. She is also passionate about finding more productive ways to support small businesses outside of the beaches and downtown.

The three pillars of Maranda’s campaign are to Relate, Educate, and Advocate for all the residents of Clearwater. She is humbled to be a part of connecting communities with the resources they need to become more self-sustainable. Maranda would be esteemed to serve as a member of the Clearwater City Council, seat 4.


Ben Ku- Gwinnett County Commission, District 2

Primary Date: May 24, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Ben was the first person of color and first openly LGBTQ person to be elected to the Gwinnett County board of commissioners. He has worked to improve representation, accessibility, and accountability in government. He issued the first ever pride month proclamation and updated the non-discrimination policy to explicitly include gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

Ben majored in computer science at the Georgia institute of technology after creating some of the first websites on the internet. He went on to create some of the first apps for the iPhone and had some of the first apps in the App Store. For his first campaign, he built and designed his own brand and marketing materials and website and built an entire voter information and engagement platform that helped him defeat a 2 term incumbent. His technology background is rarely seen in elected officials and this has allowed him to make significant changes in modernizing the county government to achieve his goal of having the most satisfying government experience. He hopes that by investing in technology infrastructure, he can significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness and engagement of all governments.

Kim Jackson- Georgia Senate, District 41

Primary Date: May 24, 2022, General Date: November 8, 2022

Kim serves as Senator for Georgia State Senate District 41, representing portions of Dekalb and Gwinnett counties. Kim works every day to build a safer, fairer, and more prosperous Georgia, and bring the diverse voices of her district to the Capitol: immigrants, refugees, and people living on the margins.

In her first year, Kim has defended our voting rights against relentless attacks; authored life-saving legislation for stalking victims (SB 75 “Lease Release”) which passed both chambers unanimously; secured unprecedented funds for Black farmers; started serving as co-chair of the Mental Health Caucus; and earned appointment to the Georgia Commission on Family Violence.

An Episcopal priest from the rural South, Kim made Georgia home over a decade ago. After graduating from Furman University, Kim volunteered as an EMT and led her colleagues at Emory’s Candler School of Theology to advocate for Criminal Justice Reform in Georgia. Upon receiving her Master of Divinity, Kim commenced her vocation as an Episcopal priest. Over the past 10 years of ministry, she has served as a college chaplain, a nationally renowned consultant and preacher, and a parish priest. As the Vicar of the Church of the Common Ground, Kim co-creates Church with people who are experiencing homelessness in downtown Atlanta.

Kim and her spouse live on a small hobby farm in Stone Mountain with goats, ducks, honey bees, and chickens.


Linh Nguyen- DeKalb County Clerk

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Growing up in communist Vietnam taught Linh to cherish Democracy. Fair elections are the heart and soul of the democratic process. Voting rights are sacred to Linh — every eligible voter should have equal access to the ballots.

Her Ph.D. training as a computational scientist and my experience as the President of the League of Women Voters of DeKalb County uniquely qualify Linh to deliver free, fair, and accessible elections and safe, complete, and available records.

Jaylin D. McClinton- Cook County Board of Commissioners, District 5

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Jaylin has always firmly believed in the power of a community coming together. Born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, Jaylin still lives in the same Roseland house he grew-up in. But over the better part of nearly three decades, he’s seen the detrimental effects of neglect and corruption in his neighborhood first-hand.

Jaylin’s running for Cook County Commissioner to raise the level of service residents of the 5th District can come to expect. He wants to address long ignored quality of life issues impacting residents every day. Folks are getting pushed further and further out of Chicago and its suburbs due to the rising cost of living. And despite lip service from establishment politicians, neither public safety nor equity in the justice system have improved.

As a law student and community organizer, Jaylin is ready to bring a fresh face, new perspective, and bold leadership to the Cook County Board that centers the voices of working families and fights to bring long overdue resources to the South Side and Southland.

Kevin B. Morrison- Cook County Board of Commissioners, District 15

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Kevin is proud to be serving his first term as Cook County Commissioner in the 15th District. In November 2018, Kevin made history by becoming the first openly LGBTQ Cook County Commissioner, at 28 years old the youngest in history, and the first Democrat to represent the District. This race was a major upset in Illinois, as Kevin beat the Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party.

Kevin’s priorities include improving access to critical healthcare services, especially in the realm of mental health services, supporting small business development, and pushing for a more fair and transparent home assessment process. As a member of the LGBTQ community, he has already taken steps in expanding equity for the most disproportionately impacted and marginalized communities. Kevin currently sits as Chairman of Cook County’s Technology and Innovation Committee, and the Cook County Forest Preserve District Zoological Committee.

Anthony Vega- Lake County Clerk

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Anthony is an organizer, advocate and public servant who has rooted his career in educating, organizing and empowering historically underserved communities. With experience in organizing around environmental advocacy, and criminal justice reform, Anthony is running for Lake County Clerk to protect our free and fair elections from those that wish to undermine the integrity of our elections.

With attacks on the right to vote across the country, it is critical to elect clerks that can meet the urgency of the moment and who will be a strong advocate for voting rights. Anthony is the candidate that is best prepared to lead the County Clerk’s Office during this critical moment in time. Anthony holds a Master’s in Public Policy from Loyola Chicago, and a B.A. in Political Science. Anthony resides in Grayslake, IL with his husband, Jorge.


Andrea Hunley- Indiana Senate, District 46

Primary Date: May 3, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Andrea is a community leader, mother, teacher, public school principal, adopted daughter, and advocate. For a decade she has been committed to serving children and families as an Indianapolis Public Schools Principal. Now, as an extension of that commitment to our community, she is running for Indiana State Senate.

Prior to her career as principal, Andrea taught high school English in one of the largest high schools in the state of Indiana. Andrea has a PK-12 administrator’s license, a Master’s Degree in Language Education, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education from Indiana University. She also holds a license to teach middle and high school English and a license to teach English as a New Language.

A lifelong Hoosier, she has been preparing for the last several years to run for a state senate seat (in addition to being a mom, principal, and serving on several nonprofit boards). She was in Class 2 of Hoosier Women Forward, a political leadership course for Democratic women. She has volunteered on campaigns offering expertise and insight on education policy as well as boots-on-the-ground phone banking and door-knocking.

Andrea is a proven leader with a bold voice and she is ready to represent Indiana State Senate District 46.

Victoria Garcia Wilburn- Indiana House, District 32

Primary Date: May 3, 2022; General Election: November 8, 2022

Dr. Victoria Garcia Wilburn is an advocate for mental and behavioral health, a leader in community based research and a voice we need in the Indiana State House. Victoria grew up in a working class neighborhood in the Chicago suburbs and was raised in a union family who believed organizing was critical to action. She earned a degree in occupational therapy as a first-generation college student and started her path as a clinician and public health advocate.

In 2005, Victoria and her husband, Christopher chose to make Indiana home. Victoria’s awareness of public safety issues and the need for healthy, accessible communities deepened during this time as her husband served as a police officer. They grew their family, welcoming three beautiful children while Victoria completed her doctorate degree in health science at the University of Indianapolis. Victoria’s dedicated her career to improving the well-being of Hoosiers and advocating for equity and access to mental and behavioral health services. Her work has been instrumental in increasing central Indiana resources for children and families affected by substance use disorders and in training future health care professionals in trauma- informed care.

Now, Victoria’s running to strengthen our public schools, improve our public health infrastructure and advocate for common-sense gun safety laws so we can build a stronger future for all Hoosiers.

J.D. Ford- Indiana Senate, District 29

Primary Date: May 3, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

In 2018, the voters of Indiana Senate District 29 overwhelmingly elected J.D. to the Indiana Senate.

Since then, he was elected as Minority Caucus Chair and appointed to serve as ranking member on a number of important committees.

As the youngest member of the Indiana Senate, J.D. provides a sorely needed perspective and understands the value of hard work. From lowering the cost of life saving medical treatments to strengthening and improving our schools, Ford always stands firmly on the side of Indiana’s working families.

From a young age, J.D learned the importance of hard work and paying it forward from his father, a truck driver and his mother, an assisted living administrator, who worked hard to give him the chance to be the first generation of his family to graduate from college.

He also learned about community leadership from watching his grandfather, a city councilman, and his grandmother who served as city auditor, and those lessons have stayed with him throughout his career in the non-profit sector and they are with him now as continues to legislate for the people who gave him the great honor of serving as their State Senator.

J.D. is the first, and so far only, openly LGBT+ member of the Indiana General Assembly. He is a proud member of Theta Chi Fraternity. He lives in Wayne Township with his dog Stella and cat Sir Aaron Purr and enjoys sports, reading and spending time with his family and friends.


Elinor Anne Levin- Iowa House, District 89

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Elinor wants to live in an Iowa that we can all talk about with pride, as we do when conversations come up about redistricting and gerrymandering, as she did when telling people that she was moving back in 2016. She wants to see Iowans take responsibility for the water and land that we send downstream and that we will leave behind when we are gone. She wants to ensure that people in this state are safe, well, and supported throughout their lives.

She has to be an advocate for compassion and reason in the forward movement of her community. As a communicator, she is eager to consult with experts to make well-considered decisions that improve the lives of her fellow citizens. Her fundamental belief in progress and community has been challenged and strengthened in the past years, and she firmly believes that she must employ her privilege and education to be a dynamic voice in the state’s decision making going forward.

MacKenzie Kay Cecelia Bills- Iowa House, District 40

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

MacKenzie is a 5th generation Iowan, born and raised in Altoona, where she graduated from Southeast Polk High School in 2012. She attended Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa where she received the Culver Fellowship to study Political Science and International Relations with a minor in French and Religion.

After college, she traveled to foreign countries to learn and help others. MacKenzie taught English in rural Malaysia, advocated for clean water initiatives, and against female genital mutilation in Djibouti and Kenya, and currently works with the U.S. State Department to combat human trafficking worldwide.

In 2020, MacKenzie returned home to Iowa in order to help working families receive the support they need. When elected, MacKenzie hopes to take her life experiences to help her community and the state of Iowa.

Megan L. Srinivas- Iowa House, District 30

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Dr. Megan Srinivas grew up in small town Iowa as the daughter of two Indian immigrants. She is an infectious disease physician and public health researcher based in Des Moines, Iowa. Her research focuses on the social determinants of health and using public policy to overcome health inequities. She is leading a NIH-funded study analyzing legislative defunding of family planning health centers in Iowa and works closely with the World Health Organization to improve access to sexual and reproductive health care in resource-limited settings. She also partners with the Iowa Primary Care Association to advance hepatitis C care in underserved populations.

Dr. Srinivas was appointed by Secretary Vilsack as the youngest member on the Iowa State Board of Education. She is an American Medical Association national delegate, an Atlantic Fellow for Health Equity, a board member of Iowa’s National Alliance for Mental Illness, and serves on the Iowa Supreme Court’s Access to Justice Commission.

During fall 2020, Dr. Srinivas chaired President Biden’s Iowa COVID Response Council. She has been an advocate for science-based COVID policies since the start of the pandemic and received InStyle Magazine’s 2020 “Bad Ass Women of the Year,” an award recognizing 50 women making a difference in US healthcare. She was named a National Minority Quality Forum’s 2021 40 under 40 health equity leader. Dr. Srinivas frequently appears on local and national media, including appearances with NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, CNBC, the Associated Press, The Hill, The Guardian, Newsy, and the Wall Street Journal.

Zach Patrick Wahls- Iowa Senate, District 43

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Zach is a sixth-generation Iowan, a longtime resident of the senate district with deep community roots, an Eagle Scout, and an active member of the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Coralville. Wahls is Vice President of Community Investment and Development at GreenState Credit Union, Iowa’s largest financial cooperative.

His testimony before the Iowa House Judiciary Committee about growing up with lesbian parents was YouTube’s most-watched political video of 2011. He is the author of the nationally bestselling memoir My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength and What Makes a Family. Wahls co-founded and served as Executive Director of Scouts for Equality, which successfully led the national campaign to end LGBTQ discrimination in the Boy Scouts of America.

As a Senator, Zach has worked relentlessly for communities he represents, fighting to protect Iowans who live in mobile or manufactured homes against predatory landlords, to expand access to affordable housing across Iowa, to protect and advance renewable energy, and to support public educators from right-wing attacks.

He’s seeking re-election to continue fighting for his constituents, to help rebuild the Iowa Democratic Party, and to ensure that Iowa remains a place that people from all walks of life are proud to call home.

Zach lives with his wife Dr. Chloe Angyal, who is a journalist and author, and their dog Zelda, in Coralville.


Neal Turpin- Kentucky House, District 30

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Neal is a policy expert and an educator, having taught at the University of Louisville, Jefferson Community and Technical College, and Simmons College, Louisville’s HBCU. He also works as a city planner and a policy analyst for a statewide news outlet. He grew up in the district and has a deep love for the community, its history, and its residents, and understands how the needs of the community have changed over the years.

Neal has served on the precinct committee for the district for six years and volunteered for several local, state, and national campaigns, knocking on doors, making calls, and raising money. He is passionate about voting, education, economic issues and will work hard to ensure all residents in his district have the resources and opportunities they deserve. He lives in Louisville with his wife and two kids.

Liz Sheehan- Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council, District 5

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Liz was elected to serve the residents of Lexington, Kentucky’s 5th District in November of 2020, after defeating a long-term incumbent. Since assuming office during the throes of a global pandemic, Liz continues to demonstrate she’s a community builder, hard worker, and fearless advocate for her constituents. She remains focused on the day-to-day needs of Lexingtonians while working to bring the community together to build an even better future. Her perspective as a researcher, college educator, and working mother guide her approach as a Councilmember.

Liz understands the most important job of government is to make sure basic needs are being met in our community. Public safety, housing affordability, food access, and mental and physical health are the most vital parts of a healthy and equitable community. Liz is data-driven, collaborative, and willing to work with anyone that can help move our city forward. She has a proven record of advocating to keep our community safe, housed, fed, and well.

Lexington will continue to benefit from the hard work and leadership that she demonstrated during her first term in office. She will continue working together to preserve the uniqueness of Lexington while shaping our future.

Kate Turner- Kentucky House, District 33

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Kate is running for State Representative in Kentucky because she cares deeply about Kentucky families. She is a strong advocate for affordable and accessible childcare, healthcare, and a living wage.

Kate and the Turner family have deep roots in Pewee Valley. Her family in Oldham County dates back to the late 1800s, with relatives holding valued roles in the community — Fire Chief, Sheriff, Episcopal Priest and trusted daycare owner. Kate’s current extended family includes dozens of grandchildren and great grandchildren, all local to Kentucky. Kate sees first hand that the current policies coming out of Frankfort do not work for Kentucky families, and is ready to make positive change for them.


Reginald Benbow- Maryland House, District 43

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Reginald (Reggie) has dedicated his life to transforming systems and fighting for equity. Raised by a single mother with a father in prison, Reggie defied the odds. He fought to become the first person in his family to graduate from college.

Reggie began his career as a 6th and 7th grade science and social studies teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools through Teach For America. He led his students to great results by implementing data driven instruction. Subsequently, he helped reduce healthcare costs and expand access by managing high impact projects as a business consultant for leading health plans and providers.

Reggie has what it takes to champion and fight for change. He will never stop fighting for the 43rd!

Max Socol- Maryland Senate, District 18

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Max is an educator and community organizer with experience building grassroots progressive power at the state and national level. He was Senior National Organizer and Campaign Manager at Bend the Arc: Jewish Action for seven years, helping progressives win critical federal elections and working on the front lines of the struggle for voting rights and an end to mass incarceration and deportation.

He is running for Maryland state senate in District 18, focusing on the affordable housing crisis, climate change, and racial justice. Max is a cofounder and leader of multiple grassroots organizations in the district, including the Montgomery County Racial Equity Network and the Silver Spring Justice Coalition. He lives in Silver Spring with his wife Allison and their two children.

Eve T. Shuman- Prince George’s County Council, District 3

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Eve is an attorney, first generation American, and young mother of two, who is running for public office to bring a strong new voice and perspective to the Prince George’s County Council’s District 3 seat. Eve grew up in Jamaica, Queens, raised by two of the strongest women she has ever known: her mother and grandmother — Haitian immigrants who taught her what it meant to be of service. After graduating law school at twenty-four, Eve began practicing family law litigation in New York City and eventually Maryland, protecting spouses, parents, and children in emotionally fraught litigation.

In 2016, Eve answered the call for public service, joining the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. In 2017, Eve joined the staff of newly-elected U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen as a caseworker and then as his regional director in Prince George’s County. Eve focused her outreach on people who simply want government to work for them, collaborating with the County Council and the Maryland State delegation to resolve constituent issues and address local concerns. Residents have commended her ability to meet their needs and connect them with State, County, and municipal services. Eve’s motto is “be helpful; be everywhere”. Eve lives in Riverdale Park, Maryland with her husband, Jay, and daughters, Amelia (4) and Blair (1).

Kristin Mink- Montgomery County Council, District 5

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Kristin may be best known for confronting a Trump official in a restaurant, but the community organizer and former public school teacher has spent years fighting for social, racial, economic, and climate justice. She is a first-generation Chinese American, a lifelong Montgomery County resident, and the Senior Legislative Organizer for the Center for Popular Democracy, a nationwide nonprofit working with impacted communities and grassroots organizations to drive policy change.

As the first Asian ever elected to the Montgomery County Council, Kristin will deliver much-needed tenant protections, long-delayed infrastructure investment in our most diverse and most neglected areas, expanded healthcare access for low-income and undocumented residents, a reimagined system of public safety, expedited shifts to clean energy and sustainable development, and much more. Kristin has the policy experience, fearless integrity, and organizing skills and relationships needed to finally make Montgomery County a standard-setter in progressive policy.


Simon Joseph Cataldo- Massachusetts House, 14th Middlesex

Primary Date: September 6, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Simon believes that it is his generation’s responsibility to usher in a more hopeful era of our democracy. He is running to represent the 14th Middlesex District, where he was raised and is raising his own young family, because he wants to rebuild trust in government by delivering effective, accountable representation to his community. The towns in the district are facing significant challenges involving PFAS chemicals in the drinking water supply, traffic congestion, aging school buildings, and a mental health crisis, among other problems, all of which can be addressed through excellent representation on Beacon Hill.

Simon’s track record is predictive of success as a State Rep. In his first job out of college, where he majored in Environmental Science, Simon became a special education math teacher in Harlem with Teach for America. His students earned the highest math scores for special education students in the school’s history, aided by Simon’s founding of the first public middle school lacrosse team in Harlem. From scratch, he founded Harlem Lacrosse, a national school-based non-profit serving over 1,300 inner-city students in Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York. Harlem Lacrosse’s students have earned over $70 million in academic scholarships. The organization employs over 60 people full-time, including several of Simon’s first students.

Later, Simon went to law school at The University of Virginia, became Managing Editor of the Law Review, clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals, and was one of two young lawyers drafted into the U.S. Department of Justice’s Public Integrity Section. There, he prosecuted high profile public corruption cases, including the criminal contempt case of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Roberto Andres Jimenez-Rivera- Massachusetts House, 11th Suffolk

Primary Date: September 27, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Roberto is currently a member of the Chelsea School Committee and Political Organizer for the Boston Teachers Union. After growing up in Manati, Puerto Rico, he left the island to attend the University of Michigan. Roberto has almost a decade of experience in education. Through this work he began to understand and contextualize the educational inequities that he had experienced, which sparked an interest in advocating for racial justice. Over the years, he has advocated for student funding, worker protections, and an equitable COVID response. His advocacy as an elected official and part of the labor movement have guided him to run for State Representative in the newly-created 11th Suffolk district. Roberto lives in Chelsea with his wife Sarah, and their 18-month-old son Robi.

Tania Del Rio- Boston City Council, District 1

General Date: May 1, 2022

Tania is a BPS mother, a Latina immigrant, and a proven community leader running to be District 1’s strong voice for keeping this community together by fighting for attainable and affordable housing, quality schools, and environmental justice. Charlestown, the North End, and East Boston are dealing with an urgent displacement crisis resulting from rising rents, climate change, and the lack of equitable access to quality education in our school.

As the former Executive Director of both Boston’s Department of Women’s Advancement and YWCA Cambridge, Tania has a track record of advancing equity on issues of immigrant rights, access to childcare, pay inequality, and housing. Tania has the lived and professional experience to work alongside District 1 residents to accomplish bold goals while committing to delivering excellent constituent services.


Domonique D. Clemons- Genesee County Commission, District 4

Primary Date: August 2, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Born and raised in Flint Michigan, Genesee County Commissioner Domonique attended Flint Southwestern High School and holds a Public Policy Degree from Michigan State University, as well as a master’s degree in Political Management from George Washington University. In addition to his role as a commissioner, Domonique currently serves as Director of Staff Development and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for the Michigan House of Representatives Democratic Caucus. In this role, he leads initiatives and programming to create a more equitable workplace. For years, Domonique has worked every day to help find policy solutions to some of our state’s biggest issues as a legislative staffer, and non-profit leader.

Domonique wants to continue to work on building a brighter future for Flint and all of Genesee County. He understands the challenges that so many small businesses, families, and residents in our community face on a day-to-day basis and is dedicated to working towards solutions.

Domonique currently serves as Chairperson of the Genesee County Board of Commissioners and sits on the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission, Genesee County Parks Board, Flint Cultural Center Foundation board, and is Co-Chairperson of the Genesee County Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ad-Hoc Committee.

Jaime Churches- Michigan House, District 27

Primary Date: August 4, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Jaime has always cared about her community and had an interest in politics and policy. Her passion grew into an idea during one of her lessons. She gave an assignment to her students to write out three dreams that they had for their lives, and she joined them in the activity. She was inspired by her students and her community to have an even bigger impact than serving them in the classroom. She knew she wanted to go to Lansing and join a team that promotes lasting, positive change for all Michigan families.

Jaime is a longtime resident of Downriver, Michigan. She attended Madonna University and earned her Bachelors in Integrated Science and Elementary Education and her Masters of Educational Leadership. She has been teaching 5th grade for the past ten years, serving in Gibraltar, Woodhaven-Brownstown, and Grosse Ile Township school districts.

Jaime is passionate about serving her community and state. She is progressive, a teacher, a union vice president, a listener, and a creative problem solver. Frustrated that Lansing does not always represent the hardworking Michigander, she is inspired to stand up for change. She has seen how the lack of investment in public education, infrastructure, small businesses, and working families has led to hardships and inequity for Downriver families. As your next State Representative, she will use her skills and experience as an educator, organizer, and advocate to continue to turn up the volume on Downriver voices so that they are heard.

Logan Byrne- Michigan House, District 77

Primary Date: August 2, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Logan is an attorney, dedicated public servant, and alumnus of both Michigan State University College of Law and Eastern Michigan University. Growing up on a small family farm and participating in 4-H, he developed a strong work ethic, an appreciation for community, and an understanding of core American values. While studying Criminology at Eastern Michigan University, he originally planned a career in law enforcement. However, he decided to pursue further education and obtained his law degree to advance the lives of others through impact advocacy, which is now manifesting itself in a run for the 77th House District seat.

Politics has become inordinately divisive in recent years, which has created a deadlock in the legislature and has prevented meaningful progress. Logan is a young professional, not a career politician, and he prides himself in his ability to reach across the political aisle to build meaningful relationships with members of all political affiliations. As such, he is excited to facilitate bipartisan legislation and foster a cooperative State House environment.

Ultimately, Logan has dedicated his professional and personal life to advocating for and helping the underserved. As a result, he understands acutely what Michigan needs and he is eager to advocate for the 77th, a district that has been forgotten by the political elites. Win or lose, Logan hopes that his campaign for state representative will facilitate positive change by bringing attention to the needs of Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton County.

Mai H Xiong- Macomb County Commission, District 2

Primary Date: August 2, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Mai was elected to her first term on the Macomb County Board of Commissioners in November 2020. Mai represents the residents of Center Line and parts of Warren. She is running for re-election in 2022. Xiong earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the College for Creative Studies with a focus on Web Design. She is the owner and designer of Mai&Co, a modern Hmong-American apparel and accessories brand with a storefront in Warren. She currently volunteers for a local chapter of the Lions Club and serves as a Board Member of the Macomb Food Program. She was recently named a 2022 Fellow for the Michigan Political Leadership Program at Michigan State University.

As a member of the Board of Commissioners, Mai’s top priorities include supporting small businesses, advocating for the expansion of broadband infrastructure, and encouraging public health initiatives to protect the County’s most vulnerable populations. Mai speaks fluently in her native tongue, Hmong. As a result, she is also an occasional consultant for a translation and interpretation service organization.

Ranjeev Singh Puri- Michigan House, District 24

Primary Date: August 2, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Ranjeev received his undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance and went on to receive his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2014. After completing his MBA, Ranjeev began his work in Detroit’s automotive industry, helping solve complex business solutions and developing innovative solutions to help prepare Michigan for the economy of tomorrow. He believes in holistic solutions to the challenges facing the automotive industry, from producing the talent required by investing in our public education system, to fixing and modernizing our infrastructure to prepare for mobility solutions, to building a regional transit system to attract and retain the talent of tomorrow.

In addition to his professional experience, Ranjeev has always had a passion for serving his community, working as an organizer in his local communities, and advocating for issues to close the legislative gaps and inequities which exist in Michigan.

The son of immigrants and proud product of the ‘American Dream’, Ranjeev is a strong advocate for inclusion, equity and equality across all walks of life. He brings to Lansing a unique breadth of experiences and a diverse perspective he vows to use in fighting for a better Michigan that works for everyone.

Mallory McMorrow- Michigan Senate, District 8

Primary Date: August 22, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

After flipping a seat against an incumbent in 2018 to help break the Republican Supermajority in the Michigan Senate, State Senator Mallory McMorrow is running for re-election to continue her tireless work to move Michigan forward. She’s been a fierce advocate on some of the most critical issues of our time: fighting back against attacks on our democracy and elections, protecting women’s reproductive rights, and as a leading voice to end gun violence. As one of the few Senators to ever give birth while in office, McMorrow has candidly shared her own struggles — including postpartum depression while taking leave — and has introduced legislation to make it easier for all moms to be empowered and supported in the workforce.


Kimberly Sanberg- Minnesota House, District 46A

Primary Date: August 9, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Kimberly has a track record of leadership in her community and will bring a progressive vision to the Minnesota House. She currently serves on the Golden Valley City Council, where she has advocated for affordable housing, re-imagining public safety, combating climate change, and building an inclusive community. Before being elected to the city council, she served on her city’s Open Space & Recreation Commission and was a founding organizer of Golden Valley Pride Festival, the first suburban LGBTQ+ pride festival in the state.

Kimberly believes everybody deserves affordable housing and healthcare, high-quality education and childcare, a healthy environment, and to feel safe and valued. As a State Representative, she will bring people together and work to make that a reality.

Kimberly grew up in West Texas and graduated from Austin College, a liberal arts college. She worked at environmental and LGBTQ+ organizations in Washington, D.C., before moving to Minnesota. Kimberly has worked at nonprofits and small businesses throughout her career and is a small business owner herself. She lives in Golden Valley with her wife, two children, and two dogs.

Esther Agbaje- Minnesota House, District 59B

Primary Date: August 9, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Esther is running for re-election to build up our collective strength to tear down the barriers of race, class, and gender to give people a true opportunity to lead successful lives. Esther is an attorney with experience in litigation and regulatory work. She is an active volunteer with the Hennepin County Housing Court Project and gives advice to people facing eviction or other housing cases. She also volunteers with a local community coalition to support youth empowerment.

Esther’s campaign is focused on inclusivity and wellness so that everyone has a place to live, fully funded public schools, and living wage jobs in a green economy. In her first term Esther is already a strong advocate for the district and finds common ground with other legislators. As a millenial, a generation that has suffered numerous setbacks, Esther brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to government.

Her goals for the next term are to create policy and increase funding to support workers in the care economy. The pandemic has brought our health care workers, teachers, and other support staff across our economy to the brink. We need to support the next generation of employees by making sure they have safe places to work and living wage jobs. She expects to advance policies in housing and education to benefit workers in her second term.

Zaynab Mohamed- Minnesota Senate

Primary Date: August 9, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Zaynab is a working-class immigrant and policy advocate, running to represent South Minneapolis in the Minnesota Senate. Through her experiences supporting her family and navigating government services, Zaynab is acutely aware of the government’s ability to impact lives.

As a policy aide for the City of Minneapolis and as the Community Advocacy Director at the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN), Zaynab has advocated for stronger protections for renters, public safety and police accountability, and support for small businesses.

As Zaynab runs to be the first black woman elected to the Minnesota Senate, she is focused on eliminating the educational achievement gap, expanding health care, and doing everything we can to combat climate change. She is a strong advocate for the most vulnerable in the community and will push everyday to have a government that works for us all.


Zooey Zephyr- Montana House, District 100

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Zooey is a progressive, bisexual trans woman who has spent her personal and professional life advocating for queer rights.

Zooey was born in Billings, Montana, where she spent the first decade of her life. After graduating from the University of Washington, she returned to Montana to attend graduate school at the University of Montana. Over the last seven years, she has also worked as full-time staff at UM, first in the Biology department, and more recently in the Office of the Provost.

In her work with the university, Zooey has helped programs on campus integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion practices into their faculty requirements. As an activist, Zooey has helped people who have faced discrimination navigate the bureaucratic processes required to access justice, and she has also worked with the city of Missoula, Montana to draft human rights legislation tailored towards making justice more accessible to people who have been discriminated against.

Zooey is running for office because she has seen firsthand the way the rights of marginalized communities are under attack in Montana, and she understands that if you want the legislature to create equitable laws for our communities, you need to have diverse voices in the room where the laws are being written.

Maggie Bornstein- Montana House, District 96

Primary Date: June 7, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Maggie believes in all-hands on deck people power and that a more equitable Montana is possible.

Impatient for change, Maggie’s been fighting for a Missoula that works for all neighbors through advocacy, policy, and the non-profit sector. She’s stood beside children & families experiencing homelessness, fought tooth & nail to maintain access to childcare for the staff, faculty, and students of the University of Montana, and done research to understand extremism in her backyard. Currently, Maggie works to address food insecurity at her local food bank. In her spare time, Maggie serves on the board of the Susan Wicklund Fund, an organization that removes financial barriers to abortion throughout Big Sky Country.

She’s ready to go back to Helena, this time as a policy-maker, with a focus on housing, healthcare, childcare, domestic & sexual violence prevention, food insecurity, reproductive justice, a living wage, climate change, public education, human rights.

Maggie is determined to bring thoughtful, progressive change that her community can see & feel. Her fight for a better tomorrow is inspired by the legacy of her late sister and the perseverance of her mother.

Her fight for a better tomorrow is inspired by the legacy of her late sister and the perseverance of her mother.


Lisa M. Schoenberger- Millard Public Schools Board of Education

Primary Date: May 10, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Lisa believes that education is the most important community good. Lisa is committed to creating an educational environment where all students can be the best version of their unique selves, a priority near and dear to her heart as the wife of a teacher and mother of two young daughters who have blossomed in early childhood special education programs. Her demonstrated commitment to education earned her the trust of Millard voters who elected her to the Learning Community Coordinating Council, where she has engaged with state legislators, the non-profit community, parents and district partners to strategically enhance programming for families and children in Millard and beyond.

Lisa’s priorities for the district include staff recruitment, retention and recognition, acknowledging the exceptional work and adaptability of teachers as they navigated, and continue to navigate, the pandemic. She is also focused on early childhood education, ensuring that our littlest learners have what they need to thrive. She wants to provide solid footing for our students as they enter the world after high school, not only academically prepared for their next steps, but as caring and kind citizens who contribute positively to their community and enrich the lives of others. Lisa believes Millard is a place where everyone is welcome and is committed to listening to the increasingly diverse needs of our school community.

John Fredrickson- Nebraska Senate, District 20

Primary Date: May 10, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

John is a father, husband, mental health professional and educator running to represent District 20 in the Nebraska Legislature. He has spent the last decade helping people overcome challenges through his work as a mental health provider and teaching the next generation of Social Workers as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. After growing up in Omaha, he returned from New York with his husband and son to grow his family in Omaha. He strongly believes that Nebraska is at its best when the Good Life is an opportunity for all Nebraskans — one that includes a strong, fully-funded public school system, quality, affordable mental health services and healthcare, and a strong local economy to support our community.

John’s career has centered around providing evidenced-based treatment to help those in need. He started his career at Callen-Lorde, a Federally Qualified Health Center that serves the LGBTQ community. He later served at NYU’s Student Health Center, and then opened his own private practice, where he currently works with people from all backgrounds. He has consulted businesses to bolster employee well-being and taught advanced graduate degree courses at Columbia University. In his line of work, success is determined by the ability to listen, develop trust, provide advice and drive change. This will be no different from the approach John will take in Lincoln — ensuring all Nebraskans grow and prosper from evidence-based policies.

Rachel Benzoni- Nebraska Senate, District 18

Primary Date: May 10, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Raised in the Midwest, Rachel has called Nebraska home for nearly twenty years. Her education at Creighton cemented her commitment to her core values of service to others, the inalienable worth of each individual, the value of diversity, and the importance of family. She knows we need to invest in our young people, which led her to a career as a public school teacher as well as her graduate studies in education. She is a strong advocate for the safety, health, and success of her students and their families.

Her legislative experience as a Congressional staffer during the passage of the American Rescue Plan empowers Rachel with the necessary experience to ensure our schools stay strong, our families are supported, and we continue to stimulate economic growth through investment and innovation. Her energy and expertise provide her future constituents with a candidate and future lawmaker who will keep her door and her mind open to the values and needs of the people of District 18.


Alana Sivin- New York Assembly, District 65

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General: November 8, 2022

Alana is running to bring community-based solutions to Albany on behalf of Lower Manhattan. As a Jewish Puerto Rican vegan, she has a deep love for her community. It is the only place where she has felt truly at home.

Whether it was at city hall or at public rallies, drafting legislation, or taking to the streets to demand racial justice, Alana has worked on both the inside of government as senior legislative counsel to the New York City Council’s criminal justice committee and on the outside of government as a public defender and advocate.

Alana is running to work together with her community to bring economic justice, criminal legal reform, and dignity for public housing residents in Lower Manhattan — because that’s what she’s been doing her whole career.

Jennifer Lunsford- New York Assembly, District 135

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Jen is a member of the New York State Assembly representing the east-side suburbs of Rochester. In 2020, Jen became the only member of the Assembly to flip a red seat to blue and in her first year she passed 9 bills, more than any other freshman legislator that year.

Prior to taking office Jen was a practicing litigator focusing on labor, tort and disability issues. As a mom to a young child, a lawyer and a long time community volunteer, Jen understands how amazing government can be when it works, and how terrible it can be when it fails. Jen is running for re-election to continue helping us navigate through this pandemic. She wants to get New Yorkers back to work, make childcare more affordable, and fight for our planet!

Jabari Brisport- New York Senate, District 25

Primary: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Jabari is the State Senator for New York’s 25th District and serves as the Chair of the Children and Families Committee. He’s a queer, Black former public school teacher and a third-generation, Caribbean-American resident of Brooklyn. Born in Bed-Stuy and raised in Prospect Heights, Jabari has witnessed firsthand his community’s struggles with rapid gentrification, lack of investment in public schools, and the systemic racism that underlies these issues.

At the time of his election, Senator Brisport was a math teacher at a middle school in Crown Heights and an active member of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) union. As a public school teacher, he saw how chronic underfunding of our schools has created glaring injustices for New York’s students, and how those injustices are compounded by a lack of access to basic needs like housing and healthcare.

These experiences shaped his determination to fight for a just state budget that provides funding for the infrastructure and services New Yorkers need to survive and thrive, especially in times of crisis. Senator Brisport is a vocal advocate of raising taxes on the rich and of policies that place the needs of working-class people above corporate profits, including a Green New Deal, the New York Health Act, universal access to housing, and the cancelation of rent and mortgage arrears accumulated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michelle Hinchey- New York Senate, District 48

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Michelle was born and raised in Saugerties, New York, and is a leading voice in the State Senate fighting to bring equity and stability to upstate and rural New Yorkers.

She made history in 2020 as the youngest woman elected to represent an upstate district when she flipped the 46th from red to blue and has proven to be one of the most active and effective freshman legislators. In just her first year, the Senator had 30 bills signed into law that championed issues spanning environmental protection and climate innovation, food justice, and broadband and healthcare expansion, and all were passed with bipartisan support.

During her first year in office and as Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Senator Hinchey has elevated the issue, authoring historic legislation to bring farmers in as a solution to the climate crisis with the Soil Health and Climate Resiliency Act, and prioritizing food justice with her Nourish New York legislation which ensures all New Yorkers have access to locally-sourced healthy food. Senator Hinchey is a leader who shows up for her community, holding over 40 events tailored to local needs and has helped over 1,200 people access state services. She and her team continue to work on legislative priorities, including affordable housing, clean water access, and utility bill reform.

Earlier in her career, Hinchey cut her teeth as a grassroots organizer for Environment New York and worked to elect Congressman Antonio Delgado, flipping NY-19 blue in 2018.

Senator Hinchey, who comes from a proud union family, graduated in 2009 from the Industrial and Labor Relations School at Cornell University where she studied the importance of collective action in establishing an equitable labor market and economy.

Ryder Kessler- New York Assembly, District 66

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Ryder is a lifelong New Yorker, community leader, and gay man running to represent downtown Manhattan in the New York State Assembly. He founded DipJar, a social impact technology company, which has helped generate tens of millions of dollars in new earnings and donations for low-wage service workers and nonprofit organizations all around the country. Since 2016, he has worked on Democratic political campaigns to take back the House, Senate, and White House, with a focus on voting rights. Ryder is a progressive member of Community Board 2 in Manhattan, where he has advocated against entrenched interests for more vibrant, equitable, sustainable neighborhoods.

Ryder is running because New York is emerging from a once-in-a-century pandemic, facing an existential climate emergency, and continuing to suffer from segregation in housing, schools, and the justice system. The city is bigger than ever, but lost 4.5% of its Black population since 2010 — a reflection of the ways New York’s vitality isn’t available to everyone. New York is a blue state, but fails to fully enfranchise all people: antiquated systems and unaccountable administrators undermine access to elections, excluding too many New Yorkers from the ballot box. New York should be a beacon of equity, sustainability, affordability, and democracy — and downtown Manhattan should be a model for the city — but it’s not living up to its potential. Ryder is running to change that.

Jonathan Soto- New York Assembly, District 82

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Jonathan has dedicated his life to serving people over profits and communities over special interests. Growing up in a working class family that moved between New York and Puerto Rico, Jonathan saw his parents work multiple jobs at a time in order to make ends meet. He realized an inconvenient truth: hard work alone didn’t guarantee access to good public schools in his neighborhood; hard work alone didn’t stop the threat of foreclosure of his family home when big banks crashed the economy.

Jonathan became a community organizer by day and law school student by night. He was appointed by the Mayor of New York City as the Executive Director of the Center for Faith and Community Partnerships. He mobilized served New Yorkers impacted by issues of mental health, LGBTQIA+ discrimination, homelessness, immigration, domestic violence, and domestic workers’ rights.

After Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, Soto was on the leadership team that deployed 150 NYC employees to provide technical assistance to municipalities and the central government of Puerto Rico.

Most recently, Jonathan served as an organizer for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He led a Homework Helpers program and supported mutual aid efforts that provided free tutoring to 500 students and 100K meals to families.

With over 10 years of experience in law, urban planning, human rights advocacy, government administration, academia, emergency response/disaster relief, faith-based organizing and public education advocacy, Jonathan is ready to take on the special interests and fight for his neighbors in the East Bronx.

David Alexis- New York Senate, District 21

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

David is the son of two hardworking Haitian immigrants, a father, a working-class New Yorker, and a candidate for State Senate in District 21 in Brooklyn, NY. For years, David has watched as political leaders repeatedly choose to leave his family, neighbors, and neighborhood behind. After his first daughter was born, he knew he could not stand by while leaders ignored the district. So, he’s spent the last five years organizing for healthcare and environmental justice. Saddled with debt and declining employment prospects, David, with many of his neighbors, turned to rideshare driving. He quickly found that he was unable to make a living wage. So he began organizing fellow drivers, eventually creating the largest employee-owned coop in the country: The Drivers Cooperative.

For the past five years, David has organized his community, even as crisis after crisis threatened his neighbors’ livelihoods, safety, and health. Now, he’s running for State Senate to return this district to the people so that the people are never again left to fend for themselves. David’s organized to take on Goliath before. And he’s ready to fight Goliath again in Albany after having seen how the state’s systems — for healthcare, environmental justice, labor, housing — have failed us. Because he’s lived, not just seen, the struggles common to so many people in our district, he’ll never leave working people behind. He’ll use the powers of the state government to organize the community so everyone can have a better future.

Kaegan Mays-Williams- New York Senate, District 21

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Kaegan is the daughter of Grace Williams, who immigrated to the United States from Trinidad and raised Kaegan on her own. She babysat, worked in fast food restaurants and did whatever necessary to put Kaegan through school and put food on the table. And it was too hard. 40 years later it is still too hard for many of the people in Kaegan’s District to provide for their families, particularly those who were born in another country.

Kaegan is running for New York State Senate because our community deserves more. More resources for small businesses, more protections for tenants and homeowners, and better health care for those who actually survived this pandemic. Kaegan has been fighting for people her entire professional career and has no intentions of stopping now.


Matt Hughes- North Carolina House, District 50

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Matt has been involved in public service, Democratic politics, and progressive causes for over a decade. He currently works for Blueprint North Carolina, a non-profit network of 50+ organizations working together to provide training and resource sharing for civic engagement and fostering a healthy democracy.

A native of Orange County, Matt is running to represent hometown interests in the General Assembly believing North Carolina has suffered a lost decade due to reactionary conservatives in the legislature. He believes that North Carolina is stronger and better when its people are healthier, better educated, safer, and with more money in their pockets and will work every day to ensure North Carolina delivers on the promises it has made regardless of race, gender, zip code, or sexual orientation.

Minu Lee- Raleigh City Council, District B

General Date: November 8, 2022

Minu is a first-generation Korean-American immigrant who currently attends North Carolina State University and is majoring in Political Science. He is dedicated to public service and helping his community. He regularly chooses to volunteer his free time as a Guardian ad Litem — voicing the needs and desires of abused and neglected children during the court process. He also serves as a volunteer radio news reader for the North Carolina Reading Service — reading the news to print-impaired individuals across the state.

Minu’s passion for helping others is apparent through his work as a substitute teacher for the Wake County Public Schools System, and as a Commissioner on the Raleigh Civil Service Commission — ensuring the fair treatment of the City’s employees.

Minu is running for Raleigh City Council, District B, to ensure that everyone has a voice at the decision-making table and to create a Raleigh in which affordable housing options are developed, traffic is alleviated, and a small business economy is promoted.

Sydney Batch- North Carolina Senate, District 17

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

As a mom, family law attorney, social worker and child welfare advocate, Sydney has seen firsthand the difficulties many working families in her community face on a daily basis. They struggle to afford quality medical care for themselves. Some struggle to ensure that their children receive a quality education. And, many find it difficult to find good, well-paying jobs that meet the needs of their families.

Sydney decided to run for office to help improve the lives of the people in her community. Upon taking office, she immediately began working on legislation that will improve the quality of life of her constituents. She has been a tireless advocate for affordable health care, public education, increased access to mental health resources and paid leave.

She is running because she knows the work is not done. If elected, she will continue to work everyday to help her community and to build a government and economy that works for all North Carolinians.

Millicent Rogers- Durham School Board, Consolidated District B

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Millicent is a proud graduate of Durham Public Schools (DPS) and looks forward to leading the next generation of DPS students by running for the Durham Board of Education. From advocating for safe and appropriate playground equipment as PTA President to advocating for greater education funding at the county level in her role as co-President of the Durham People’s Alliance, Millicent has never shied away from a fight for equity, no matter how challenging.

Millicent has the skills, determination, and experience to affect real change in Durham Public Schools and has detailed plans to fight for equity for every family — school employees, families with limited English proficiency, families of children with disabilities, and most especially, nontraditional families just like hers.

Belal Elrahal- Mecklenburg County Judge, District 26

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Belal is an experienced trial attorney at the Mecklenburg County Public Defender’s Office, and also serves in the U.S. Army Reserves as a JAG Attorney. He is running because he is committed to bringing fairness, compassion, and just outcomes for every person and every case.

He was born in Charlotte after his parents immigrated from Lebanon, and his experience growing up as a first-generation American and Muslim led him to dedicate himself to serving the community and those in need. After graduating from Davidson College, he earned his law degree at UNC Chapel Hill School of Law. Initially in private practice, Belal served clients in family, criminal, and civil cases, and was a volunteer attorney for President Obama’s “Clemency Project 2014” preparing and submitting clemency petitions for people sentenced for eligible non-violent federal offenses.

While at the Public Defender’s Office, Belal has participated in pro bono expunction clinics and “Know Your Rights” campaigns with the Mecklenburg County Council of Elders, and serves as a member of the Mecklenburg County Bar Board of Directors and Finance Committee. He has also taught new and experienced attorneys as a volunteer instructor for the UNC School of Government in District and Superior Court practice. As a first-generation American and Charlotte’s first Muslim judge, Belal will bring more representation, significant experience, and a deep commitment to public service and caring for others to the District Court Bench serving 1.1 million people.

Quintin McGee- North Carolina District Court Judge, 13th Judicial District

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Quintin has served as a District Court Judge for Bladen, Brunswick, and Columbus Counties since November 2020. His judicial philosophy is based upon the fundamental principle that each case should be decided based upon two things: the facts and the law. He works diligently to provide a courtroom environment where each litigant has a full and fair opportunity to have their case heard and decided in an objective, impartial manner. Quintin possesses more than a decade of relevant courtroom experience having previously served as a defense attorney, prosecutor, and now as a District Court Judge.

Beyond his career in public service, Quintin believes strongly in the importance of giving back. He serves as a board member with the Cape Fear Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Communities in Schools of Brunswick County, the United Way of the Cape Fear Area, and volunteers with the 13th Judicial District’s Teen Court program. Additionally, in 2021, he was appointed by the Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court to serve on the Chief Justice’s Task Force on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Informed Courts. Quintin is a 2007 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a 2010 graduate of the North Carolina Central University School of Law. He resides in Leland, North Carolina with his wife, Veronica, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker serving as the Director of the Leland Senior Center. The couple is expecting the birth of their first child, a boy, in May 2022.

DeAndrea Salvador- North Carolina Senate, District 39

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

DeAndrea is a fifth-generation Charlottean dedicated to serving her community. The founder of a groundbreaking Charlotte-based organization focused on energy efficiency and sustainability, DeAndrea works to improve the community’s most pressing issues including climate, clean air, and energy affordability. She believes in strengthening our infrastructure, supporting schools, and ensuring teachers are paid a fair, living wage. Currently raising two young boys with her husband, Kirk, DeAndrea graduated from UNC Charlotte with an Economics degree.

While earning her degree in Economics, DeAndrea worked in economic development and government affairs for organizations like the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and the Electric Power Research Institute. When she saw her Charlotte neighbors spending more than 20% of their income on energy expenses, DeAndrea founded RETI, a non-profit focused on helping families sustainably reduce energy costs. RETI also consulted on the City of Charlotte’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan.

DeAndrea serves on the boards of Clean Air Carolina and she was on the Mecklenburg County Air Quality Commission for three years. She is a TED 2018 Fellow and recipient of the UNC Charlotte Young Alumna of the Year Award. DeAndrea currently works for Data Privacy company, DataGrail, where she leads DataGrail’s content strategy, optimization, and creation. Creating research and showcasing stories of how and why data privacy is increasingly vital to help companies build trust with their customers. She’s devoted to building a brighter future for North Carolina and fighting for the issues that matter most to her district.

Aminah M. Thompson- Clerk of Superior Court, 14th Judicial District

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Aminah is running for Durham County Clerk of Superior Court in order to ensure equal access to the court system and its resources. Aminah has dedicated her career to public service, as she has proudly served her county as a Magistrate Judge for the past 13 years. She has presided over countless civil and landlord-tenant cases, performed hundreds of marriages, issued search and arrest warrants, involuntary commitments, ex parte domestic violence protective orders, presided over administrative traffic court, and set conditions of release. Her years on the bench, working closely with the Clerk’s office, have revealed a system in serious need of immediate attention. She has the necessary background, first hand experience, and the dedication to seize the many opportunities for improvement.

The Clerk of Superior Court functions as Administrator, Record Keeper, Comptroller, and Judge over several matters that have a direct, immediate, and long-lasting effect on the lives and legacies of citizens. Aminah’s priorities as Clerk of Superior Court are to focus on decreasing land loss in historically underrepresented communities, establish a Law Library and Resource Center, enhance the effectiveness of court operations, retrain and upskill current staff, and hire additional staff that is more representative of the community they serve. Aminah is committed to leading with compassion, equity, and integrity.

Allen Kwabena Buansi- North Carolina House, District 56

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Allen is a former Chapel Hill Town Council member, and he has been a civil rights lawyer for most of his legal career. He is also a husband and a father of three. He has dedicated his career to fighting for equitable public education, environmental justice, affordable healthcare access and the protection of civil rights. These are also his top priorities as a candidate for State House, and he has successfully driven innovative policies related to these priorities during his time on the Chapel Hill Town Council.

Allen draws his inspiration from his youth in Chapel Hill, when he read about freedom fighters like Justice Thurgood Marshall and Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm. They had a clear vision for what our country should be — equal and equitable for everyone with the resources every person needs to make a living and succeed in life. Allen sees himself in the service of this enduring vision, so everyone in his district and in North Carolina can thrive.

Sarah Crawford- North Carolina Senate, District 18

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Sarah was raised in Eastern Wake County. After attending NC State University, she has dedicated her career to serving the people of Wake and Franklin Counties through her work in nonprofits.

Sarah currently serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as CEO for TLC, founded as the Tammy Lynn Center. Sarah and her husband Dan have two daughters, Emily (12) and Abby (11) and three dogs.


Alissa Riessinger Mayhaus- Ohio House, District 30

Primary Date: May 3, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Alissa is a proud Cincinnatian and a University of Cincinnati alumna. An experienced project manager with a background in retail and product development, she returned to school and earned her MBA in 2019. Alissa has long been involved in community action and non-profit work, primarily for women’s health organizations and domestic violence shelters. She is also active in the Hamilton County Democratic Party, both as a Precinct Executive and board member for her local Democratic Club.

After being laid off from her job at the beginning of the pandemic, Alissa moved back to Cincinnati to start a new chapter. When she did, she found that Ohio was a much different political landscape than when she had moved away. She was extremely frustrated by the corruption in Columbus and the disregard for the needs of everyday Ohioans by some leaders in the Legislature. Always a student, she decided to learn what it would take to run for office. She intends to bring her passion for service and her open-minded collaborative nature to representing Ohio’s 30th House District, and building an equitable, sustainable future for the Buckeye State.

Jennifer O’Donnell- Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas

Primary Date: May 3, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Jennifer is a public defender in Cleveland, Ohio who has dedicated her career to representing thousands of members of her community who cannot afford legal representation. Jennifer will bring a unique and much-needed perspective to the bench. Of the 34 current sitting judges in Cuyahoga County, not one comes from a professional background of being a public defender. This experience has given Jennifer a deep and intimate understanding of the criminal justice system in Cuyahoga County and the need for change. Jennifer sees the urgent need for judges ready to work with county government to improve conditions in the Cuyahoga County Jail, prioritize bail reform, and expand mental health and substance abuse services for defendants.

Jennifer comes from a strong union background. She is a proud member of AFSCME Local 3631 and a delegate to the Northshore AFL-CIO. Jennifer will take her strong union work ethic with her to the bench.

Jennifer has a B.A. in History from Denison University and a J.D. from the Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Jennifer lives in a suburb of Cleveland with her husband, Mike and their 4 year old son, Mitchell.

Bria L. Bennett- Ohio House, District 64

Primary Date: May 3, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Bria is a community organizer who is focused on amplifying the voices of her district. She is running to represent District 64’s fight to bring back quality jobs and business opportunities, improve access to basic needs such as quality grocery stores, and to innovate and increase our healthcare services. Having successfully sued the Ohio Redistricting Commission, she is on the front lines of the fight for voter rights and fair districts. She believes it is critical for our elections to be fair and for voters to choose their representatives, not the other way around.

Bria has worked with various community organizations to bring about neighborhood revitalization, tackle health equity, improve our educational system, and fight racial disparity. Working with these organizations have given her the opportunity to meet people of all walks of life and to understand the unique challenges and opportunities in District 64. She is serving her community as the Vice President of the Trumbull County Young Democrats and Deputy Communications Director of the Ohio Young Democrats.


Kyle Emmett Meraz- Oklahoma House, District 64

Primary Date: June 28, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Kyle is a registered nurse working in the ICU. It is his experience working with critical care patients that compelled him to run for office. Kyle has been working directly with COVID-19 patients since the pandemic began.

As a community activist Kyle knocked thousands of doors in favor of Medicaid expansion in 2020. Every precinct in his district voted to expand Medicaid.

Kyle now serves as Chair of the Comanche County Democratic Party and is working to expand voter outreach to the entire county.


Jackie Leung- Oregon House, District 19

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Jackie is a community leader and public health advocate with experience on the frontlines in COVID-19 outreach and support, ensuring access to affordable health care through enrollment into health insurance and or Oregon Health Plan, and the fight for food access, and housing for working families for Oregon residents.

Jackie is running to represent Oregon House District 19, and will fight for improved mental health care services, more housing options, and education from preschool to college that meets the growing needs of all of Oregon. As a community advocate and Salem City Councilor, Jackie has the experience to get things done for residents of House District 19 and for the state of Oregon. Jackie has lived in Oregon for 11 years with her family.


Katie Muth- Pennsylvania Senate, District 44

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

First elected to office in 2018, Katie is a passionate advocate for change. Grounded in the strong values of hard work, dedication, and commitment to helping others, Katie is determined to be a champion for hardworking Pennsylvanians. she has challenged both her own party and the opposition in her first three years in the Capitol, while dubbing her workplace as the “dome of corruption.”

Never backing down from a tough fight, Katie has stood up to corporate polluters and defended the constitutional right of all Pennsylvanians to clean water, air, and land. She’s taken up arms against the Senate GOP for everything from transparency around judicial appointments to general assistance funding. Her impassioned floor speech while reading the letter of a formerly homeless man produced a viral moment when she refused to back down to then-Majority Leader Jake Corman’s angry objections.

Now the Montgomery County Democrat is closing out her freshman term by taking on the Pennsylvania School Employees Retirement System, where she serves as a trustee. Vowing to uphold her fiduciary duty to ensure that the dollars of hardworking teachers, school employees and taxpayers are invested and spent wisely, Muth is now suing to obtain internal documents being withheld by the same professional staff who report to the board.

Lindsey Williams- Pennsylvania Senatec, District 38

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Lindsey has spent her career fighting for working families. Following her graduation from Duquesne University School of Law, she took a position as the Director of Advocacy at the National Whistleblowers Center, where she worked to promote the passage of bipartisan legislation that protected whistleblowers for reporting waste, fraud, and abuse. However, when Lindsey attempted to form a staff union with her coworkers to protect their rights, she was illegally terminated, she took her case to the National Labor Relations Board and, after two years of litigation, successfully resolved her claim. Following her illegal termination, Lindsey went on to work for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers prior to her election to the state Senate in 2018.

As a state senator, Lindsey’s top priority is serving the constituents of the 38th District through offering one-on-one assistance in her District Office, hosting community events to connect residents with area services, and supporting local organizations and projects. She is also committed to fighting for family-sustaining, union jobs; fully-funded education for all students; and access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Pennsylvanians.

Nick Pisciottano- Pennsylvania House, District 38

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Nick is running for reelection to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives after serving as a State Representative since December 2020. Nick’s first campaign was focused on developing economic opportunities for the communities he represents, protecting workers to ensure a fair economy for all, and ensuring that the places he represents recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

During his first term in office, he advanced legislation benefiting disabled veterans, becoming one of the few members of the Democratic minority to have a bill passed by the full House controlled by a Republican majority. As a member of the House Labor & Industry committee, Nick has fought back against attacks on labor rights and operated a district office that has served nearly 1,000 Pennsylvanians from across the Commonwealth to ensure that unemployment compensation benefits are accessible to all. To date, he has facilitated a funding increase of $4.8 million for local public schools and state grants of over $1.6 million for investments in the local community.

Nick’s family has lived in his legislative district since before the Civil War. Like his parents and grandparents before him, he was raised there, went to public school there, and recently started a family there. Nick is running for reelection to ensure that this community that has given him so much continues to receive the aid it requires from Harrisburg and has an opportunity to thrive in the future.

Paul Prescod- Pennsylvania Senate, District 8

Primary Date: May 17, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Paul is a history teacher and a union activist. His father, also a teacher, emigrated from Barbados and taught him the importance of education and equality.

Paul’s goal has always been to help win power and dignity for working people. As a student at Temple University, he stood in solidarity with Temple Hospital nurses and other union workers. As a teacher in Philadelphia’s public schools, he’s been on the front lines fighting for the schools our students deserve. In 2020, he worked with local labor unions to pass the Essential Worker Protection Act, which prevents employers from retaliating against workers who report violations of COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Before and during the pandemic, Paul has been committed to mobilizing community support for essential workers like UPS drivers, sanitation workers, and postal workers. Through his work in organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America, he’s worked tirelessly to build the broad and diverse coalitions we need to win real change.

As an employee in Philadelphia’s public schools, and a longtime resident of West Philadelphia, he’s witnessed firsthand the deep inequality that affects our state and cities. Young students, families, and educators are facing the highest burdens of unfair policies while wealthy corporations benefit the most, and it’s time for that to change. Working people need more, and he’s running for PA State Senate to fight for the future we deserve.


Harrison Spencer Tuttle- Rhode Island Assembly

Primary Date: September 13, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Harrison has spent his whole life in Rhode Island — attending his local public schools and earning a teaching degree. In May of 2020, as the world was shaken by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the unjust murder of George Floyd, he, like millions globally, took to the streets in peaceful protest. Wanting to make a positive change, Harrison became heavily involved in political organizing. He joined BLM RI PAC, an organization that works to bridge grassroots organizing and electoral politics by supporting progressive BIPOC candidates, elected officials, and policies that will deliver resources and opportunities for our communities. Shortly thereafter, Harrison became the PAC’s Communications Director. In March of this year, he was elected Executive Director and has helped bridge grassroots organizing with electoral politics by working in a coalition with other progressive organizations within Rhode Island and across New England.

Like so many people in this state, Harrison has experienced, firsthand, food and housing insecurity. The burden of affording basic needs such as child care, housing, food, and healthcare has become all too familiar to people who are working to survive. He believes that housing, healthcare, healthy food, and quality education are basic human rights. Harrison knows when we invest in all of our community members, Rhode Island residents will feel valued and empowered. We must enact policies reflective of our community’s values, in order to build a better future where nobody is left behind.

Tiara Mack- Rhode Island Senate, District 6

Primary Date: September 13, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Tiara is a formerly low-income Black, queer, educator and activist. In 2020 she ran and unseated a 30 year incumbent to represent RI State Senate District 6. She understands that we need bold, visionary leaders to center people and stories in every piece of legislation. In her first session she championed legislation in prison justice, criminal justice, housing justice, education justice, and much more. In 2022 she plans to continue to bring activism and people-centered legislation to the state house and continue advocating for change.

Miguel Sanchez- Providence City Council, Ward 6

Primary Date: September 13, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Miguel is a passionate community advocate, who has valuable experience in constituent services looking to represent the 6th Ward on the Providence City Council. Miguel’s family has deep roots in the community. His abuelito moved to Providence in the late 80’s and started the first Mexican small business in Rhode Island.

Miguel has a long history of advocating for marginalized communities, whether that is providing testimony at the State House for Medicare for All or in the streets protesting injustices. Miguel is looking to play an integral role in building compassionate systems that work for everyone in Providence.

Jonathon Acosta- Rhode Island Senate, District 16

Primary Date: September 13, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Jonathon is a father, wrestling coach, educator, PhD candidate, and former two term Councilperson.

In his first term in the General Assembly, Jonathon passed legislation banning discrimination against individuals with disabilities in organ transplants, creating a $15 million statewide body camera program for police departments, and securing a $144 million for school construction in Central Falls. “Isaac’s Law” enshrines protections guaranteed by the ADA into state law and prohibits any individual from being bumped down a transplant list or refused an organ transplant solely based on their disability. The body camera program seeks to increase accountability and help build trust between law enforcement and communities around the State. The school construction funds allocate $120 million for a new state of the art high school in Central Falls and $24 million for repairs to the City’s other school buildings.

Despite these successes, Jonathon feels there is still much work left to do. It is his intention to continue working towards an increase in taxes for households earning above $465K a year, expand access to driver’s licenses for undocumented residents, offer insurance coverage for ALL low-income youth, and create a recreational cannabis framework for Rhode Island.


Michelle Brandt- South Carolina House, District 114

Primary Date: June 14, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Michelle is a wife, mother, and concerned citizen with a heart for service. She is running to become the South Carolina State House Representative in District 114. She wants to make it easier to build and raise families by increasing housing affordability, fixing the flooding, and working to make school choice an actual choice for everyone by funding school buses for the charter schools. Michelle launched her campaign because she believes better decisions are made when there are diverse points of views represented.

She grew up in a home with a legacy of service. As the daughter of a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Michelle learned the value of organization, discipline, and serving our country. She was appointed Commissioner of Charleston County Parks and Recreation in 2021 and she leads monthly food distributions at the Pink House Neighborhood Resource Center in West Ashley, SC. Michelle used her platform as Mrs. Charleston America 2020 to promote financial education and is a member of the school board at her son’s school. She is a team leader and environmental justice steering committee member of the Charleston Area Justice Ministry, a diverse network of faith-based organizations that work together to promote justice in Charleston, SC.


Arriell Quianna Gipson- Shelby County Clerk

Primary Date: May 3, 2022; General Date: August 4,, 2022

Arriell is a lifelong Tennessean who often draws on her Memphis roots to be deliberate and afraid of nothing. As a graduate of Leaders of Color, Organizing for Action, New Memphis Leadership Institute, and The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Arriell has worked in four diverse career fields all across the state of Tennessee that range from small business, non-profit, government, and public health. This unique life path has crafted a rich set of transferable skills, adaptation, and sharpened her ability to succeed in any environment. Arriell is currently a Public Health Coordinator in Shelby County, TN — the largest and most diverse county in the state of Tennessee — with three focal areas; community safety, community resilience, and violence prevention.

Arriell has an undeniable love for service and when she’s not leading and managing winning political campaigns she’s using her innovative mindset and contagious energy to volunteer in her community. You can always find Arriell at the corner where resilience and civic engagement meet as hundreds of Shelby Countians stand behind her. Arriell believes that on the ground you see the raw beauty of human connection and it’s there where change is birthed. This is why the A-Team has already spent months talking to neighbors, employees, and business owners of Shelby County to include their voice in this campaign.

Arriell often shares that the County Clerk’s office may not be the sexiest office on the ballot (it’s second to last on the ballot) but it’s one of the most essential as nearly a million Shelby Countians interact with the services every single year. Arriell was employed by the County Clerk’s office and spent much time learning the history and identifying solutions for the plaguing issues the operations held. She knows what it takes to fix the low morale, decrease the long wait times, and make essential services more accessible to the people.

Arriell is committed to the positive growth of Shelby County. Arriell is The Answer.

Sara Beth Myers- Davidson County District Attorney

Primary Date: May 3, 2022; General Date: August 4,, 2022

Sara Beth is an accomplished civil rights attorney, Vanderbilt Law graduate, statewide nonprofit founder, and community leader running for District Attorney in Davidson County, Tennessee, which includes Nashville. Sara Beth has been fighting for victims of racial and domestic violence, as well as prosecuting public officials, law enforcement officers, and private citizens when they violate people’s civil rights for 10 years.

She is running for District Attorney because Nashville cannot wait another 8 years for change. Her campaign is about modernizing and re-envisioning how we approach criminal justice. To make Nashville safer and our justice system more equitable, Sara Beth will focus on Crime Prevention, Civil Rights Advances, and Restorative Justice. For nonviolent offenses, Sara Beth will champion a restorative approach to heal communities without contributing to mass incarceration.

When elected, she will make history as the first woman District Attorney in Davidson County. Sara Beth lives with her husband and two young children in East Nashville, Tennessee.


Kendall Scudder- Texas House, District 114

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Kendall, a community advocate and small business owner, has served on countless community boards and volunteer organizations within east Dallas and the Democratic Party for two decades. Now, Kendall is ready to take his community engagement to the state legislature where he will fight to fully fund our public schools, expand access to healthcare, reduce property taxes, and roll-back the dangerous right-wing agenda that has done so much damage to Texas that we’re struggling to even keep the lights on. Kendall is running for the Texas House in District 114 to put the people of our community first and to get this state back on track.

Glenda Duru- Harris County 313th Family District Court

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Glenda, a native of Harris County, Texas, is an advocate, mentor, educator, and community change agent. Glenda’s social work foundation led her to a career as a Child Welfare Attorney. Glenda has worked with youth from various backgrounds, economic statuses, races, cultures, and gender for over ten years. Glenda is passionate about improving the lives of children and families in Harris County.

Glenda is a change agent in her legal and social community and stays involved in her local bar and professional organizations. Glenda serves on several committees with the Houston Young Lawyers Association, Downtown Group, Houston Bar Association, State Bar of Texas, and other civic and professional organizations. Glenda is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and a Houston Galveston Board Member for the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.

Glenda is dedicated to the legal process, believes in judicial transparency, and will represent the best interest of justice and the juveniles as the 313th Juvenile District Court Judge.

Benjamin Chou- Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 4

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Ben is an attorney and civil rights advocate. As the Director of Innovation for the Harris County Elections Office, he helped lead the team that created drive thru voting in Texas, resulting in record turnout during the 2020 election. He’s running to represent Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4, which has over 1.2 million people, and fighting to fix our roads, prevent flooding, and tackle violent crime.

Determined to increase young people’s access to government, Ben advocated for policies benefiting young Americans while working for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and later co-founded a nonprofit voter registration organization that registered thousands of young Texans to vote. Ben is a lifelong Houstonian and a proud graduate of Rice University.

Zohaib Ahmad Qadri- Austin City Council, District 9

General Date: November 8, 2022

The firstborn child of immigrants, Zohaib (Zo) moved to Texas at the age of 12 with his parents and two younger sisters — a younger brother was born 5 years later. Upon moving to Victoria, Zo immediately fell in love with the state of Texas and has considered it his true home ever since.

Since finishing his graduate studies, Zo’s worked in advocacy roles and on political campaigns here in Austin, throughout Texas, and across the country. He began his public service-oriented work with a position on Laura Moser’s campaign for Texas’s 7th Congressional District and worked on Beto O’Rourke’s race, helping to direct political outreach during his run for United States Senate. Zo later merged his academic knowledge with real-world experience in the legislative process during his time as a legislative assistant in the Texas House of Representatives. Zo’s leadership skills and love of coaching others on how to reach diverse voters led him to South Carolina during the 2020 Democratic Primary, where he helped lead Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign as a Regional Organizing Director.

Since coming back to Austin in early 2020 after his work in South Carolina, Zo has taken on a number of projects in his daily work life that range from advising activist groups and advocacy campaigns on how best to utilize technology to achieve their goals, to building strategic alliances to accomplish tangible results for progressive campaigns and issue-oriented organizations.

Denise Hernández- Travis County Court at Law 6

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Denise is a lawyer and community advocate running to be the first openly gay Latina Judge to serve County Court at Law #6 in Travis County, Texas. Denise is a first-generation college graduate and the proud daughter of indigenous migrant farmworkers. Inspired by her lived experience, Denise dedicated her career to public service. She started her career as a legal aid attorney helping low-income communities. She now serves as the Deputy Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Travis County Attorney’s Office, working on criminal justice reform.

As an award-winning social justice advocate, equity practitioner, and community organizer, Denise is running to bring true equity, inclusion, and cultural competency to the justice system for all.

Gabrien Gregory- Texas House, District 121

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Gabrien is an educator, Army Reserve officer, and organizer running to bring representation to working families in Texas and HD121. If elected, Gabrien will fight to fund Texas schools, bring a pay increase to teachers, and protect students — whether from the threat of gun violence or a pandemic. Gabrien will sponsor a bill to legalize cannabis and use the $1 billion in revenue in two years to expand healthcare access and lower prescription costs. Gabrien will work to make Texas the leader in clean energy. He will sponsor a statewide non-discrimination bill that covers all Texans. Gabrien lives with his partner Alondra and their two rescue dogs, Luna and Sol.

Staci Childs- Texas State Board of Education, District 4

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Staci is a full-time attorney and educator defined by her commitment to service, defending the rights of others, and success in the classroom. She’s running for the State Board of Education, District 4, a district comprised 1.8 million students, running to address gaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a curriculum that sets students up for success in real life, and ensuring an inclusive classroom experience for all students. As one of Houston Independent School District’s 2019 Teacher of the Year, Staci went on to create GirlTalk University, a now nationally recognized program designed to instill confidence and high academic achievement in girls. Staci lives in Houston, Texas with her Sunday-Funday besties, her significant other, and her fur-son, Boseman.

Monica Lupita Perez- Judge of El Paso County Court at Law, №3

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Monica is an El Pasoan and UTEP graduate who is Day 1 ready to be the Judge of County Court at Law №3. She is a board certified lawyer in labor and employment, which puts her in the top 6% of all Texas lawyers. Monica is also a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), which is the most prestigious organization of civil trial lawyers where you must have a requisite number of civil jury trial and civil litigation experience. She will understand where each case will leave off and what needs to be done in each particular case in order to move it to finality, and in effect, efficiently move the docket. If elected, Monica will ensure all parties have equal access to justice because she will follow the law. It will be a Court of equity and impartiality. She has the right experience and is the right choice for County Court at Law №3.

Alexandra Guio- Texas House, District 114

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Alexandra is the first attorney in her family, a first generation college graduate, and the only woman and Latina in the Democratic Primary race for House District 114. Her life experiences, professional skills, and her decade-long commitment to the community led her to the decision to run for a State Representative seat. She has faced many struggles in her life as an undocumented immigrant from Colombia and she has succeeded in life due to the support of her family and the help of so many from her community.

After becoming a U.S. Citizen in 2013 and graduating from the SMU Dedman School of Law, she served as an ADA in Dallas County for 8 years where she worked on the back-log of the rape kits and served as a Legislative Liaison in 2019. She has also been an advocate for the Dallas community for over a decade: organizing, registering voters, protesting, and testifying in Austin. HD 114 is 54% communities of color, it is time that we have a Representative reflective of that rich diversity, their values, their issues, and has the trust of the community. She wants to be part of the new generation of leadership in Texas which welcomes women and people of color to the table. She will fight for better schools, Medicaid expansion, reproductive justice and a better quality of life for all.

Jonathan David Hildner- Texas House, District 54

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Jonathan is a native and proud Texan. His father served as a Brigadier General in the Army until he passed away in Afghanistan in 2012. Jonathan’s father believed in the power of relationships in problem solving and never hesitated to put his soldiers first. It is in the spirit of these same beliefs–the need to put the people of his district first and work toward collaborative solutions–that inspired Jonathan to run for Texas State House.

Growing up in Killeen provided many invaluable memories and lessons, although it was not an easy journey. Playing football provided community and structure for Jonathan, which helped guide his decision to leave the state for college. While he was away, he worked as a Capitol Hill staffer in D.C, then as a campaign staffer, helping to achieve multiple wins across the country in the 2020 election cycle. He brought this expert knowledge home to co-found a non-profit aimed to advance, expand, and empower our everyday people in Killeen.

Jonathan is now fighting to ensure his community receives representation despite efforts from current elected officials to disenfranchise his community.

Jannell Robles- Harris County Criminal Court at Law №2

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Jannell is a bilingual criminal law attorney and a third-generation Harris County resident. She is running for misdemeanor Judge to represent one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the state and believes we need Judges who understand the intersectionality of immigration law with criminal law.

Jannell currently serves as an Assistant Public Defender representing indigent persons accused of a crime, and previously served as a prosecutor representing victims of crime. She has also represented individuals seeking asylum and facing deportation. Before becoming an attorney, Jannell worked for civil rights and criminal justice nonprofits, including the Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund and the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. She has advocated for immigrant rights, civil rights, and smart-on-crime policies such as the Houston Center for Sobriety, a pre-charge diversion initiative.

Jannell is familiar with the criminal justice challenges of our time, and she hopes to serve as the next Judge for Harris County Criminal Court at Law №2.

Jessica Huynh- Texas State Judge, 331st District Court

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Jessica is a single mom, attorney, and community leader with extensive experience trying felony cases and fighting for a justice system that treats everyone with fairness and compassion. The daughter of Vietnamese refugees, Jessica would make history as the first Asian American elected to serve as a District Judge in Travis County.

Porscha Natasha Brown- Harris County Judge, Criminal Court №3

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Porscha is a first generation American and college student who came from two military veteran parents who taught her the importance of a strong work ethics, as well as, providing respect and showing compassion to others regardless of their background.

She spends her days working as a dedicated Public Servant, Public Defender, and active fighter for indigent persons and marginalized communities. In her work as a Public Defender, she also trains other Public Defenders on the principles of Client-Centered Defense and holistic representation.

Outside of work, Porscha is an active volunteer who works to uplift local organizations and address issues within the Black and LGBTQ+ communities. She plans to bring her hard work ethic, structure, diverse background, and knowledge of the law to ensure the court is fair and just for all. Porscha lives in Houston with her partner and two dogs.

Matt Worthington- Texas House, District 51

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Originally from San Antonio, Matt has called Southeast Travis County home for eight years, where he and his wife raise their two kids. He’s running to provide bold leadership in one of the legislature’s safest blue seats. As someone raised in poverty by a single Latina, his life’s trajectory was transformed by people who stepped up when he needed them most. He grew up utilizing food banks to put food on the table, unsure of where he’d sleep on a given night for parts of time in high school, and knows what it’s like to experience transformative generosity.

It’s why he dedicated his life to public service. He became a special education teacher and data scientist specializing in public policy data, where he helped nonprofits and progressive organizations address complex policy issues through data. Matt has actively served his community throughout the pandemic and winter storm response as Vice-President of the Del Valle Community Coalition and Vice-Chair for the City’s Early Childhood Council.

Matt’s district experiences widespread food insecurity, a dearth of transportation infrastructure, poverty, and growing housing instability on account of record levels of growth in Central Texas. These realities aren’t just part of Matt’s story; there’s nothing safe about them. It’s why he’s running to serve now. District 51 needs leadership that shows up for folks beyond campaign season and won’t settle for safe politics. If elected, he’ll prioritize strengthening public schools, investing in public health, improving infrastructure, and protecting civil rights.

Becca Moyer DeFelice- Texas House, District 121

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

As a middle-class working Texas mom, Becca believes that it’s time for the Texas Legislature to prioritize the issues that are impacting our families every day. As an advocate, she’s proven she can deliver for Texas families through her years of advocacy with Moms Demand Action and her work with State Senator Roland Gutierrez on SB 1380, a rural mental health bill that passed in the legislature last session.

Adopted at 16 months old, Becca grew up on a working family farm in rural Pennsylvania, becoming a naturalized citizen at age 6. In 2006, Becca and her husband moved to Texas as newlyweds and in 2010, their daughter was born in San Antonio. Becca’s working class background and years of community organizing and advocacy at the legislature give her the knowledge of what everyday Texans value and the ability to get those issues addressed.

If elected, Becca will work to pass healthcare access and affordability, fully funded public schools with safe classrooms for students and teachers, the Climate Jobs Program, and lower property taxes to build a Texas future all Texans can thrive in.

Thomas Garcia- Texas State Board of Education, District 2

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Thomas is an educator who has dedicated his life to filling in education gaps for high school students applying to college. As a first-generation, low-income student, Thomas has never forgotten his community in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. Since age 19, he has transformed his curriculum on college access from a summer institute to a high school course to a nonprofit organization. He trains young adults to become near-peer mentors to help high school students go to and through college.

He’s running for the open seat on the Texas State Board of Education, District 2 because he has taught in the classroom throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and sees the change we need from the top. He wants to close the gaps in our K-12 education system by expanding mental health resources, moving away from high-stakes testing, and reducing administrative workload on educators and counselors. Thomas wants to enhance Texas’ learning standards for 21st-century skills like digital literacy, computer science, dual language programs, ethnic studies, and service learning.

Dexter L. McCoy- Fort Bend County Board, Precinct 4

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Dexter, a passionate progressive, is running for Fort Bend County commissioner for Precinct 4, to give voice to and advocate for the most diverse county in America.

In his career, Dexter has been a key player in impacting great change in every organization in which he has served.

Dexter discovered his mission as Student Body President at Boston University, where he expanded the services available to students and assisted the University in its efforts to raise $1 Bil for increased financial aid and academic resources.

During his tenure as an appointee in the Obama Administration, Dexter spent much of his time focusing on college access issues and implementing the administration’s agenda on addressing harassment in our nation’s schools.

Following his time in Washington, D.C. Dexter returned home to Fort Bend County, committed to bringing his experiences back to better serve the community. Dexter was a district leader in Fort Bend ISD, where he empowered students and families with the tools they needed to build stronger, more connected communities.

Dexter also served as a board member on the Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board, overseeing a budget of nearly $400 Mil in regional workforce development funds to uplift and empower the regional workforce.

Most recently, as chief of staff to the Fort Bend County Judge, Dexter successfully fought for a non-profit grant program and created an $11 Mil public-private partnership with Comcast for expanding internet access, among other key priorities.

Dexter and his wife Chelsea live in Richmond, Texas with their goldendoodle Fitz.

Dolores Lozano- Harris County Justice of the Peace (Pct. 2, Place 2)

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Dolores is a native Houstonian running for Harris County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Place 2 in the 2022 primary election. She is running to make her courtroom convenient, compassionate, and community-centered.

Dolores currently manages her own consulting firm that serves nonprofits and small businesses across the country. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she worked in media, sports, and community development upon becoming a first-generation college graduate of Baylor University in 2014. As an alumna and a current member of the KIPP Texas Board of Directors, she supports youth voices to advance communities across the state. Dolores’ passion for Quality Education and Gender Equality led to her appointment to help launch Impact Hub Houston, a locally rooted, globally connected nonprofit organization working to make Houston a role model for how the world solves its most pressing issues.

In her spare time, Dolores serves as a Child Advocate, Young Friend of AVDA (Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence), Houston Area Women’s Center Young Leader, and Junior League of Houston Head Active & Assistant Editor of the Houston News. Her unwavering commitment to the next generation is unmatched, and her rare resiliency remains the greatest resource of all.

Graeson Lynskey- Texas House, District 33

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Graeson is a fourth generation Texan and lifelong resident of Rockwall County running to represent District 33 in the State House.

In May of 2020, in the middle of all the uncertainty at the beginning of the pandemic, Graeson’s father reminded him how important it is to look out for one another and be a good neighbor. Throughout his time working and volunteering on Texas campaigns, Graeson saw first hand how petty, divisive, and small Texas politics have become. He knew it was time for new leadership that rose above all of that and finally put people over politics.

Graeson’s campaign is about putting Texans first. Real solutions to the everyday problems of everyday people that focus on the long term success of our state and our communities. Finally fixing our power grid, protecting the rights of our friends and family members, and supporting our small businesses are just some of the things Graeson is planning to address once he’s elected.

Throughout his life, Graeson has taken a people first approach to the world, volunteering his time to make his community a better place. That lifelong dedication to service, and commitment to helping others, is at the core of his run for HD33.

Atalia Garcia Williams- Dallas Justice of the Peace (Precinct 2, Place 1)

Primary Date: March 1, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Atalia is a bilingual (Spanish and English) attorney, mediator, and real estate professional. She is an experienced attorney of almost 12 years. Her law practice serves the community, and it has allowed her the opportunity to work with clients in many areas of law. She knows the court system and the law. Atalia can hit the ground running from her first day on the bench. As a first-generation college graduate of Mexican immigrant parents, she was taught the importance of hard work at a very early age.

Atalia knows what it is like not to have it easy. She was a teenage mother and survived domestic violence. She pulled herself up with her bootstraps and graduated college and law school. She became a lawyer, all as a single mother. Atalia is knowledgeable in many areas of law.

Atalia wants to make sure that people are treated fairly in our justice system. Atalia understands that the People’s Court deals with real cases that affect real people. She is dedicated to access to the courts, justice, and equity. Atalia believes everyone should have their day in court and have a qualified and experienced person on the other side of the bench.

If elected, Atalia will be the first Latina elected to this court. Atalia understands the community and will listen and respect them. Atalia will bring her real-world experience as an individual and her experience as an Attorney to ensure the law is upheld while being compassionate, just, and fair.

Jamell Johnson- Little Elm City Council, Place 5 (At-Large)

General Date: May 7, 2022

Jamell has proudly served his community on Little Elm Town Council since December of 2021, following a historic, people-powered victory in a Special Election to fill the remainder of the unexpired Place 1 Town Council term through May of 2022.

After years of meeting with the hard-working citizens and community leaders of the town of Little Elm, learning about their experiences and their specific needs of municipal government, he realized now was the time for him to step up and fight for his community. Jamell is proud to declare his only special interests are the honest and loving people of Little Elm, and not powerful corporations or partisan organizations.

​A long time community activist and advocate for human rights, Jamell plans to prioritize environmental protection, public health & Safety, economic growth, and public schools.


Hannah King- Burlington City Council, Ward 8

General Date: April 1, 2022

Hannah is a renter, student, and daughter of a single mother. Her father was a construction worker, and her mother is a healthcare worker and proud union member. The lived experiences of her family have served as the foundation of her commitment to pushing actionable progressive policy forward. Hannah truly understands the struggles so many Ward 8 neighbors face because she lives them herself.

From day one Hannah has been running on a platform that advocates for compassionate public safety that works for all Burlingtonians, a housing-first approach that pushes for rent stabilization, the creation of guaranteed minimum income, and centering climate and racial justice in each and every conversation.

Hannah is running for City Council to be a representative leader that listens and is responsive, is thoughtful in their approach to solving complex problems, and, frankly, just puts real progress before politics as usual.


Alex Joers- Dane County Supervisor, District 9

General Date: April 5, 2022

Alex was born in Madison and grew up on the westside of Madison and Middleton. He graduated from Middleton High School before completing a dual degree program in Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Throughout the past 17 years, Alex worked at his family’s small business, and in progressive politics across Wisconsin.

Alex has been working diligently to support local businesses through the pandemic, promote family-centered policies, and protect our natural resources. He is committed to understanding the real issues his community faces and then finding a way to build consensus in the best interest of the people.

Kristina Marie Shelton- Wisconsin Assembly, District 90

Primary Date: August 9, 2022; General Date: November 8, 2022

Kristina is a Democrat who represents Wisconsin’s 90th Assembly District, containing most of the City of Green Bay along the Fox River Valley. Elected in November of 2020, Kristina’s legislative agenda has included authoring the Economic Justice Bill of Rights and the Healthy School Meals for All Act, coauthoring bills to advance voter education with youth populations and strengthen our universities and technical colleges, and has supported various bills in the efforts of workers rights, affordable healthcare, reproductive rights, and criminal justice reform.

As a former public teacher, Green Bay Area School Board member, and a mother of two, Kristina brings a voice to the State Legislature to protect and fund our state’s public schools and higher education institutions.

Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help? hello@runforsomething.net

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Run for Something

Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help? hello@runforsomething.net

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