The Phenomenal 15: Run for Something’s Final Candidate Endorsements of November Midterms!

Our October Endorsements!

It’s the final countdown! November 6 is less than three weeks away and we are charging full speed ahead to what is shaping up to be the biggest election in US history. Progressive voters finally have the opportunity to elect hundreds of young hopefuls to state and local office.

But before we get to that elusive date, we have 15 new badass candidates we’d like to introduce to you. Run for Something is proud to endorse our latest — and final — crop of candidates for this year’s midterm elections. These 15 candidates represent the values Run for Something holds dear. They are educators, activists, immigrants, and proud progressives who know what it takes to improve their local communities and are making the moves to make those improvements by running for office.

So don’t delay, get to know the Phenomenal 15 and stand with them on November 6 — and in 2019! — as the blue wave finally takes hold!


Eddie Flores
South San Francisco School Board

Eddie is running for South San Francisco School Board because he has been a lifelong advocate for children and families, and believes in restoring our public schools is key to South San Francisco’s future. He is personally committed to ensuring all children get the opportunities that he was fortunate to receive. Eddie has lived in South San Francisco for over eight years and has most recently served as Commissioner of Parks and Recreation. Over the course of his life, he has successfully advocated for safe schools, access to strong academic programs, and increased communication with families. His commitment to educational initiatives stems from his personal journey through public education as a young immigrant child. Eddie’s background proves that hard work and perseverance are essential towards a better quality of life.

On the School Board, Eddie will ensure our district keeps its promises because every child deserves a high-quality education. He will work towards ensuring safer schools and that the educational foundation for each student exists. In his own words, “In order to facilitate positive change in our district, it is important that we all work together, including businesses, parents, teachers, administration, and community members.” Eddie wholeheartedly believes that when our schools are stronger, our entire community benefits.

Ellen Kamei
At-Large, Mountain View City Council

Ellen Kamei is a multi-racial and multilingual candidate running for Mountain View City Council. Ellen is a third generation resident, the granddaughter and daughter of flower nursery owners in the City. She’s planted her own roots in the community as a member of the Leadership Mountain View Advisory Council, Mountain View Public Safety Foundation, Mountain View Historical Association, local League of Women Voters, and Mountain View Firefighters Random Acts. An engaged community member, Ellen has served on the City’s Environmental Planning Commission for two terms, working to make Mountain View the best place to live, work, play and learn.

Eric Joyce
Oceanside Unified School Board Trustee, Area 1

Eric is running to represent his community on the Oceanside Unified School Board in Area 1. As a Special Educator, he understands the tremendous responsibility schools bear in influencing each child’s future. He will focus on bringing the community together and building a shared vision for Oceanside’s schools. Eric is willing to challenge the status quo where necessary and build collaborative efforts when possible in order to further student growth. He will provide vigilant and informed oversight of school leadership. Eric believes in the power of public schools and will work to protect their long-term future in Oceanside.


Tay Anderson
Denver School Board At-Large

Tay Anderson is 20 years old and lives in Denver, Colorado. Tay is a proud union member in Aurora Public Schools serving the Hinkey High School community. In 2017 he became the youngest person in the history of Colorado to seek public office. He has taken a stand to support women’s rights, African American rights, Latinx rights, LGBTQ+ rights, Indigenous rights, Muslim rights, and disabled persons’ rights.

The passion and perseverance he has comes from his grandmother a retired educator of 35 years, who has spent the last six years in the hospital. It has been devastating for Tay not to have her watch him grow and accomplish his goals, but he carries her spirit. through the lessons she has taught him.


Cindy Polo
Florida State House of Representatives, District 103

Cindy Polo is not a politician. She is a mother, citizen and advocate who decided to run for office following the Parkland tragedy. As a lifelong resident of Florida’s District 103, which encompasses Northwest Miami Dade and Southwest Broward, Cindy is determined to give a voice to her community. For too long elected officials in this area have represented special interest groups instead of residents. It is time for REAL representation.


Brandon Woodward
Kansas State House of Representatives, District 30

Brandon is a lifelong Kansan and career fundraising professional working to make college affordable for Kansans. As state representative, Brandon will work to build consensus and bring common-sense solutions to the issues facing Kansas. After the implementation of the failed Brownback Tax Experiment, Brandon chose to remain in Kansas after college and move to Lenexa to dedicate his time to making a difference and fighting the radically conservative ideas coming from Topeka. He has spent the past three years mobilizing, training, and organizing young people to turn their energy into meaningful action on the local, state, and federal levels.


Evan Ross
Amherst Town Council, District 4

Evan is running for Amherst Town Council to bring a new progressive voice to his local government. Amherst is building a new government, and it shouldn’t be all the same people as the previous one. As a first-time candidate, Evan will bring a new voice and fresh face to Town government. As a Millennial, he will bring needed generational diversity. And as a renter, he will ensure that tenants have a seat at the table in government in this majority renter community.


Bill Saxton
Michigan State House of Representatives, District 73

Bill is an engineer, small-business owner, and father of three young children running for State Representative in Michigan. Bill is focused on what really matters to the families in his state: making sure they have safe drinking water, that their public school systems are better funded, and that everyone has access to affordable healthcare and prescription drugs. He will also fight for an actual LONG-TERM solution to the State’s crumbling roads and infrastructure.

New Jersey

Dominique Smith
Jersey City Board of Education

Dominique Smith is running for a seat on Jersey City’s Board of Education. Dominique is a proud native and resident of Jersey City. She owes her passion for reading and writing to spending countless summers in the city’s library program. Today, she is a higher education student development professional, who understands the importance of getting Jersey City’s children prepared for the 21st century, ranging from college to vocational educational programs for today’s emerging industries. Dominique’s passion and calling is to the development of the whole child. She holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Higher Education.

New York

Angela Marinucci
Erie County Clerk

Angela Marinucci is running for Erie County Clerk. Angela has always felt strongly about community involvement and has long participated through volunteer work, but the outcome of the 2016 election spurred her immediate need to be part of local government and be the change she wishes to see in her community. As an attorney, Angela has dedicated her practice to offering first-rate and accessible legal service to those navigating the complex immigration system. Her experiences make her uniquely qualified to excel as a County Clerk focused on service to the people of Erie County. Angela’s background and close connection with Erie County will enable her to make a significant contribution to the office.

North Carolina

Mujtaba A. Mohammed
North Carolina State Senate, District 38

Over the years, Mujtaba Mohammed has been a tireless advocate for children and families, acquiring an intimate understanding of the challenges that everyday families encounter through his work as a former staff attorney and child advocate at the Council for Children’s Rights and as a fighter for indigent people as an Assistant Public Defender in Charlotte.

When he’s not fighting to strengthen our communities, Mujtaba spend his time raising his two young boys Ayub (4) and Hamza (2), with his lovely wife Saba, in Northeast Charlotte.

Wesley Harris
North Carolina State House of Representatives, District 105

Wesley is running for NC House of Representatives in District 105. He is a North Carolina native, PhD Economist, small business owner, and adjunct professor at UNC-Charlotte. Wesley believes that in order to have an economy that works for everyone we have to invest in quality public education, smart infrastructure, and economic mobility. Wesley will go to the NC General Assembly so that all North Carolinians have the opportunity to succeed and to ensure that our economy not only continues to grow, but that growth reaches all levels of our society.


Emma Burke
Lake Oswego City Council

Emma is running for City Council in Lake Oswego, Oregon where she founded her elementary daughters’ Girl Scout troop, is co-chair of Community Events on the local mom’s club and is a member of the school district’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion advisory committee. Emma is proud to be the first female City Council candidate who identifies as LGBTQ. Like many residents who bring their families to Lake Oswego, Emma moved back to LO for the strong public schools. Residents with students in our public schools need representation in municipal matters and Emma will be a great advocate for all families.


Chris Suarez
Alexandria School Board, District A

Chris Suarez is an Alexandria parent, former middle school teacher, and a fierce advocate for educational equity with over a decade of experience in the education sector. As an education nonprofit leader focused on school diversity and equitable access to educational opportunities, and as a lawyer who represents special education and other disadvantaged students, Chris is committed to ensuring that Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) fosters a transformative educational experience for all students. Chris is currently an attorney at a top Washington D.C. law firm, where he litigates patent and technology-related cases, and is the co-founder of an education nonprofit. As a litigator, Chris retains his passion for education and provides pro bono counsel to families who cannot afford representation in special education and school discipline cases.


Lucy Rogers
Vermont State House of Representatives, Lamoille-3 District

Lucy Rogers is a native Vermonter, born and raised in her district. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Vermont with a bachelor’s degree in biology and minors in math and Chinese. Lucy is currently a board member of the land stewardship group Cold Hollow to Canada.

Growing up, Lucy balanced schoolwork with milking her family’s cow each morning, gardening, and sugaring. She has a sense of the common challenges faced by rural places and agricultural workers, and is running out of a desire to make rural places more livable for young people, families, and older Vermonters.

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Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help?