A numbers update for you: In just over five days, more than 700 young passionate progressives have signed up to help us build a Democratic bench.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This number keeps growing! Follow us on Twitter for updates.

Take a breather from the devastating Trump administration for a minute and meet a few of them — then chip in to help these folks run and win.

A young refugee from Montana:

As a refugee who was taken in by this country and afforded all the blessings and opportunities it provides, I feel compelled to give back through service. I am passionate about people and committed to paying it forward, ensuring every one of our citizens and residents has the opportunity to enjoy what America has to offer in the same ways that I did. We can all be better and stronger together and I am committed to working however I can to help make that happen.

A Californian woman ready to step up and lead:

I’m black, I’m female, I’m progressive, and I’m a Democrat that is disappointed in the leadership of my party. This recent election has made it clear that I need to use the power I have rather than continue to rest uncomfortably with the power I don’t have.

A Michigander who loves his home enough to fight for it:

I live in a city that young people flee from like rats on a sinking ship. My wife and I were almost one of them; getting to the part of moving away where we were regularly visiting our potential new home city and decided that we would rather commit to our own community. I want to make my city, (Bay City, MI) into the kind of place where people are excited to come back to after they finish college.

A young progressive from Maine who wants to be a role model:

I want to run for the state house in my three-town district to fill the open seat in 2018 to continue fighting for democratic values in the legislature. As a young person from Belfast, I have deep roots and investment in my community and hope to address issues to improve their lived experiences. If elected, I would be the first openly trans person elected to the state house in Maine, and in such a small state, this representation matters.

And a young woman from Georgia who’s not going to settle for the status quo:

Every time I vote, my options are all old white men. We need this!

This is what the future looks like. Maybe one of these folks will be a state legislator in 2017 or 2018, or a member of Congress in 2022, or president in 2032.

But that work starts now. We’re going to make sure every single person who steps up and wants to run gets a 1:1 conversation with an experienced campaign alum who can help guide them to the best next step. And we’re going to give at least some of these folks as much money and support as we can afford.

Be a part of this. Sign up at



Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help?

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Run for Something

Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help?