Run for Something’s May 2020 Endorsement Class

This endorsement class is huge! Literally, because it’s the biggest round of endorsed candidates so far (141 candidates to be exact) and also because this crop of emerging leaders brings us to the major milestone of endorsing candidates in all 50 states. In case you were wondering, our final state of South Dakota.

This class by the numbers:

  • 54% identify as women
  • 48% are people of color
  • 18% are LGBTQ+
  • Includes a former NBA player, a barrel racer, four social workers, and 23 young mothers — all 141 are inspiring new leaders ready to serve their unique communities.

Check out the bios below to read up on the best of the new wave of young progressives who are rising up to the challenges of our day — one down ballot campaign at a time.


Yassamin Ansari
Phoenix City Council, District 7

Yassamin is an internationally recognized climate leader running for Phoenix City Council, District 7. She is an Arizona native, the daughter of immigrants, a Stanford graduate, and a passionate advocate for economic, racial, and social justice. Yassamin has dedicated her career to combating the global climate crisis. She previously served as the youngest advisor on the United Nations Secretary-General’s climate team, where she worked on the Paris Agreement during Ban Ki-moon’s tenure and the UN Climate Action Summit in 2019 for Antonio Guterres. As a City Councilwoman in the fifth largest and the fastest growing city in the country, Yassamin will be a fierce champion for working people in her community.

Seth Blattman
Arizona State Senate, District 23

Seth’s family moved to Scottsdale when he was ten years old. He went to the University of Arizona on a scholarship and then completed his Bachelor’s in Political Science at ASU. He worked at his father’s furniture manufacturing shop while taking business courses at the community college, and then moved to California to receive his MBA from UCLA. That’s when he got the call. Like so many families, his family’s business was hit hard by the Great Recession. He came home and took a leadership role in the business. That meant making some hard choices. It turns out they were the right ones and they rebuilt their business stronger than before.

Andrés Cano
Arizona House of Representatives, District 3

Andrés is a sixth generation Tucsonan. Raised by a single mom, he saw a path for advancement in Arizona’s public schools, becoming the first in his family to graduate from college. He has spent the last decade working to advance equity, fairness, and opportunity for Southern Arizonans from all walks of life. In 2012, Andrés accepted a position as a senior aide to Pima County Supervisor Richard Elías in Tucson. He became the youngest policy advisor in the County’s history, overseeing the Supervisor’s constituent outreach and neighborhood relations. Six years later, in 2018, Andrés was elected to Arizona House of Representatives. Representative Cano sits on the House Committee on Ways & Means, and the House Committee on Natural Resources, Energy, & Water. He is Arizona’s youngest LGBT lawmaker. He is committed to transforming communities and using our shared diversity and experiences as our greatest assets.

Gabriella Cazáres-Kelly
Pima County Recorder

Gabriella Cázares-Kelly (she/her) is a community organizer, public school educator, and member of the Tohono O’odham Nation. She is running to be the next Pima County Recorder, a position that oversees voter registration and early voting for the county. Gabriella entered this race because she is committed to making voter registration and early voting services as easy, fast and accessible for all. She is especially concerned about the services available to rural voters, those living in tribal communities, elders who struggle with photo ID requirements, college students who are discouraged from voting and people with felonies who may not know their rights. When she wins, she will become the first Native American to hold an elected countywide office in Pima County.

Triné Nelson
Kyrene School District Governing Board

Triné Nelson is running for Kyrene Governing Board because she cares about the teachers, students, staff, and community members in the district. As the mother of two Kyrene children, she has been an active member of the community for eight years and has served in a variety of volunteer roles within the district. Professionally, Triné has built her career working in, and around, education and has a deep understanding of the integral relationship between education and community involvement. She believes that by providing supportive educational environments to our youth, we build a foundation that allows for the development of skills that will serve students and their community well beyond high school.

Billy Peard
Arizona House of Representatives, District 2

Billy grew up in Southern Arizona in the 1990s (back when our public schools were ranked 34th in the nation rather than 46th). Billy is running for state house because (even before COVID-19), Arizona ranked 50th or near-50th on almost every measure of social well-being. Near-50th on K-12 education. Near-50th in labor rights. 50th in unemployment benefit payments. The list goes on. Billy is running because it’s not enough to elect Democrats who merely vote against bad policies without offering anything better. As a civil rights attorney, Billy has fought for DREAMers, won unpaid wages for workers, and sued the Trump Administration. It’s often said that where you stand depends on where you sit. Like many of his generation, Billy does not have health insurance, has a house-mortgage size student loan debt, and is a lifelong renter.

Adam Ragan
Tucson Governing Board Unified School District

As a public high school English and college writing teacher in Tucson, Adam’s classroom experience will bring a fresh perspective to the district. As an openly LGBTQ community leader, Adam continues to advocate for and with his community to ensure all LGBTQ folx have access to the table. Adam served on the committee that wrote the revisions to TUSD’s family life curricula, which ensures inclusive, medically-accurate, age-appropriate sexuality education for students. Adam maintains relationships with education leaders across Arizona to advocate for students and educators. He is a leader with his local association, serving as Site Rep and the executive board. Adam’s activism has seen him take leadership roles with the local democratic party, serving on the executive boards of his legislative district, county and the Arizona Democratic Party State Committee.

Daisy Bonilla
Arkansas House of Representatives, District 93

With a background in social work, Daisy is intrinsically aware of how policy affects the underserved and she wants to use that awareness to be an advocate for the people of our district. In the state house, she will fight for Arkansans to be paid a fair living wage and for our healthcare system to be accessible and include investments in mental and behavioral health programs. When elected, Daisy will become the first Latina in the Arkansas state legislature.

Kelly Krout
Arkansas House of Representatives, District 90

Kelly is a mom, a graduate student in social work, children’s book author and a lifelong Arkansan. Kelly and her husband have fostered and adopted children out of the foster care system. She has seen how poverty impacts Arkansas families’ ability to care for the health and safety of their children. She believes we can do more as a state to strengthen and empower families. As a public school parent, Kelly has seen how often teachers pay for supplies out of their own pockets and how they work with kids experiencing trauma. No teacher should need to provide their students’ supplies, and every teacher needs access to wrap-around services for students in need.

Sean Elo-Rivera
San Diego City Council, District 9

Sean Elo-Rivera fell in love with his community while interning at a free legal clinic. For the first time, he was in a community that resembled his own multi-ethnic, multi-religious family. From providing legal services to community organizing to being elected to the San Diego Community College Board, Sean has been working hand-in-hand with community to create change and his love for the community has grown with each step. Now, fueled by that love, Sean is fighting for the chance to lead San Diego toward a future where everyone has a decent home, climate change is stopped, and there are good jobs and economic opportunity for all.

John Erickson
West Hollywood City Council

John first planted roots in West Hollywood in 2010. While completing his Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate University in American Religious History, he was an intern for the West Hollywood City Council and moved into the city. After the internship, Erickson went on to become Council Deputy to former Councilmember Abbe Land and then the City’s Community Affairs Technician where he worked directly with West Hollywood residents, civic leaders, and organizations across Southern California. At City Hall, Erickson advanced policies and programs to increase awareness around LGBTQ+ rights, women’s rights, the environment, and civic engagement. After leaving City Hall, Erickson went on to work as a Legislative Representative at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), and he currently works as the Director of Public Affairs at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles.

Jackie Fielder
California State Senate, District 11

Jackie is an Indigenous and Latina educator and organizer running for working and middle class people of San Francisco, Daly City, Colma, and South San Francisco. After graduating from Stanford University with a BA in Public Policy and Master’s in Sociology, she joined her Indigenous relatives to resist the Dakota Access Pipeline and Line 3 in her ancestral territories and organized internationally for Indigenous Rights, divestment, and climate justice. She went on to found the San Francisco Public Bank Coalition and worked to pass both statewide legislation and a local ordinance to create the first municipal bank in the country.

Alex Lee
California State Assembly, District 25

Alex (李天明) is a 24-year-old progressive Democratic candidate for State Assembly in California’s Bay Area. While rejecting all corporate money and being outspent 15 to 1 by his primary opponents, Alex’s grassroots campaign advances to the general election in November against a Republican. Alex is a South Bay native who has worked in the California State Senate and Assembly as a Legislative Policy Advisor on issues including public safety, housing, education, and climate change. Alex has called the South Bay home for his entire life and wants to make sure Bay Area families aren’t priced out of their home communities.

Sasha Renée Pérez
Alhambra City Council, District 4

Sasha Renée Pérez is an educator, renter and community organizer running to represent her hometown of Alhambra. Growing up in a pro-union Latino household, Sasha learned early on the power of collective grassroots organizing. She has spent her career leading diverse statewide coalitions, organizing working families, and fighting against unjust policies and systems across California. If elected, she would be the youngest woman to ever serve a municipality in the San Gabriel Valley region and the first renter to ever serve on Alhambra City Council, positioning her to represent over 60% of residents who are tenants. A homegrown leader, Sasha understands the challenges that everyday residents face and has the necessary policy experience to ensure our communities thrive.

Nithya Raman
Los Angeles City Council, District 4

Nithya Raman is an urban planner, community leader, and mother of two running for Los Angeles City Council in District 4. Nithya is running for this seat because she understands the immense powers the city council holds in LA, and wants to use those powers to help all residents, especially the most vulnerable, to thrive. Her platform focuses on increasing access to housing, ending homelessness, and addressing climate change.

Jennifer Bacon
Colorado House of Representatives, District 7

As an African American woman, Jennifer recognized from an early age her duty to fight for the success of disenfranchised communities. While serving on her local school board, Jennifer has seen first hand what policies deeply impact families. From education funding, to issues in social justice or civil rights, and being able to afford to live in Colorado, the State House is where the root of many of these issues can be resolved. Jennifer knows policies typically fail because those impacted by them are not at the table when they are made. Jennifer is a leader that collaborates with stakeholders and listens to their needs and concerns to solve real issues.

Lindsey Daugherty
Colorado House of Representatives, District 29

After high school, Lindsey attended the University of Northern Iowa on a soccer scholarship, where she graduated with a political science degree. Lindsey interned for former Congressman Bruce Braley in the House of Representatives, participated in voter registration drives, and volunteered during the Iowa Caucuses for the 2008 presidential election. Through these experiences, Lindsey recognized the vital role our communities play in our political system, and seeing our democracy in action inspired her to help protect our fragile and unique system. Lindsey returned to Colorado to attend law school at the University of Denver. As a college student, Lindsey clerked for the Obama White House. Lindsey also clerked for former Senator Tom Harkin, where she investigated for-profit colleges as part of his work on the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pension Committee.

Iman Jodeh
Colorado House of Representatives, District 41

Iman is a first generation American and Coloradan who has spent her entire life in HD 41. She is the daughter of refugees, the product of public schools, and a trained political scientist. As the former Deputy Political Director and now Community Advocate and Liaison at the Interfaith Alliance Colorado and as a board member for Colorado’s Women’s Lobby, Iman has spent the last several years working at the Capitol and in the community. Through her social advocacy work, she empowered Coloradans to share their stories and influence policy at the Capitol, worked with legislators to protect the rights of Coloradans, and has been educating people on legislation that will impact their lives through grassroots efforts. Iman is also proud to represent the community through her other memberships and board appointments at the Village Exchange Center, Ready to Work Aurora, Colorado Coalition Against Hate, Drive Project, and as the first female the Spokeswoman for the Colorado Muslim Society, the largest and oldest mosque in the Rocky Mountain region.

Kaitlin Turner
Colorado District Attorney, Judicial District 11

Kaitlin is running for District Attorney in the 11th Judicial District because she cares about our rural district. She lives by the motto “”Service before Self”” and has dedicated her entire career to public service. Kaitlin is a former federal law enforcement officer with the necessary perspective and experience to lead the District Attorney’s Office.

Will Haskell
Connecticut State Senate, District 26

Will was elected in November 2018 to represent the 26th State Senate District in the Connecticut General Assembly. Born in 1996, he is the youngest member of the General Assembly. After graduating from college in 2018, Will returned to his home town of Westport and defeated a five-term Republican incumbent. Now, as the Senate Chairman of the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee, Will is determined to help build an economy that is affordable and appealing to every generation.

Quentin “Q” Phipps
Connecticut House of Representatives, District 100

Q is seeking re-election for State Representative of the 100th District in Middletown, CT. He is excited to continue working for the Middletown community by prioritizing quality education, supporting economic development, and empowering working families. Q currently serves on the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee as Vice Chair; the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee; and the Government Administration and Elections Committee. In his inaugural term, he continues to work collaboratively to pass an array of bills including: early voting, paid family medical leave, raising the minimum wage, and the elimination of state income tax on social security benefits. His office takes pride in providing assistance with Workforce Development, Healthcare Access, Senior Care, Resources for Youth, and Transportation and Infrastructure.

Gary Turco
Connecticut House of Representatives, District 27

Gary is running for re-election for State Representative in the 27th District of Newington, CT. Gary is an effective leader who has delivered for Newington, and he has the results to prove it. Already in his first term, he helped bring over one million new dollars back to the district, worked to lower student loan debt, created an earned family medical leave program, and gave tax breaks to seniors.

Jordan Grossman
Washington, DC Council, Ward 2

Jordan is a fifth generation DC resident and former Obama Administration, Capitol Hill, DC federal district court, and DC Medicaid official. He’s running to represent Ward 2 on the DC Council to end corruption, fight for DC statehood, and equity for our schools. Additionally, he will work to make it easier for residents to afford a home, find high-quality child care, walk, bike, or take public transit, and pay off student loan debt.

Shané Darby
Wilmington Council, District 2

Shané was born and raised in the 2nd district, to an immigrant Jamaican mother and step-father. From a very tender age, she has been outspoken and passionate about inequities in the world ranging from race, politics, animals, and the environment and always explored options to finding solutions to improving people’s lives. After graduating with a master’s degree from Temple University, Shané made a conscious decision to move back here and become a homeowner in the same neighborhood she grew up in. She wants her children to grow up and go to school in the 2nd district. She also wants her children to know that it is their responsibilitiy to fight and challenge systems to make change in their community.

Coby Owens
Wilmington City Council, District 1

Coby is an activist who is committed to building a “”Wilmington for All.”” He is dedicated to advocating for social, economic, and racial justice. As a Community Organizer, Coby will be the leader that 1st District needs on the City Council. He understands the struggles of families living in poverty and knows what hardworking families are experiencing daily. Within his community, Coby serves as an At-Large member to the Delaware Democratic State Executive Committee, Chair of the Wilmington Young Democrats, a member of the Delaware NAACP Executive Committee, and Multiplying Good Board of Selector

Marie Pinkney
Delaware State Senate, District 13

Marie is a Master Level Social Worker. Following graduate school at Delaware State University, she began working at a treatment center for adolescents with mental health and substance abuse problems. She forged connections with the youth in a manner that truly fostered their ability to solve problems, set and achieve goals, improve communication skills, and learn new methods for identifying and managing emotions. She is currently a Trauma Social Worker/Case Manager in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit where she provides advocacy, discharge planning services and emotional support for patients and families. Marie was also a foster parent to a teen mother and her young son for many years. Throughout her career she has seen firsthand how racial inequities, socioeconomic status, criminal history, and level of education negatively impact the lives of underserved populations. She has dedicated her career to advocating alongside families battling those factors which weigh heavily on their ability to receive quality healthcare, access to resources, educational support, and even legislation that is inclusive and supportive of them. Marie remains focused on advocating against a failing system that continues to fail those it is supposed to protect.

Lucia Baez-Geller
Miami-Dade County School Board, District 3

Lucia Baez-Geller has 15 years of teaching experience at Miami Beach Senior High, and has been a part of this community for over 30 years. She is a first generation Colombian-Cuban American, and her parents instilled in her the importance of education. She has been a steward and active member of her teachers union, and has been active with education policy in Miami-Dade County, Tallahassee, and Washington, DC. Lucia is running for School Board because she believes in building our future one student at a time.

Franccesca Cesti-Browne
Florida House of Repersentatives, District 115

Franccesca is a proven leader in our community. She has brought business, government, and nonprofits together to prioritize the things that make our community stronger, like access to health care, affordable housing for veterans, and ensuring at-risk youth complete high school. As a member of the legislature, she’ll put our community first by standing up to special interests.

As an immigrant from Peru and a first-generation college student, Franccesca understands that making our community stronger means bringing people from different backgrounds together in order to close the resource gap between government programs and the needs of our community. She’s a fierce advocate for access to affordable health care working with local nonprofits to ensure that cost is not a barrier to care. As an adjunct professor at Miami-Dade College, she knows that only “teaching to the test” will not necessarily create the types of students that will lead Florida forward in the global economy. In Tallahassee, she’ll be a strong and effective champion for our communities, for our schools, and for access to affordable health care.

Fentrice Driskell
Florida House of Representatives, District 63

Representative Fentrice D. Driskell was elected to the Florida House in November 2018. Her message of bringing common sense solutions to our state’s most pressing challenges allowed her to defeat an incumbent and bring more accessible, passionate representation to District 63. Fentrice has been a tireless advocate for our public schools, criminal justice reform, our small businesses, and equality for all people. Fentrice is an AV Preeminent-rated attorney who currently practices law in Tampa, Florida. She attended college at Harvard University, where she was the first African-American woman to be elected President of the student government.

Travaris McCurdy
Florida House of Representatives, District 46

Travaris is a native son of Orlando and the former chief legislative aide to State Senators Geraldine Thompson and Randolph Bracy. Travaris has worked on several successful political campaigns and holds a bachelors degree in political science. His community involvement includes serving as the founder of the Mobile Library service which provides free books to children throughout Orange County. Once elected to the Florida House of Representatives, Travaris plans to focus on the needs of the community in the areas of housing, criminal justice reform, education, seniors, veterans, and health.

Cindy Polo
Florida House of Representatives, District 103

Mother, advocate, and a proud girl from Hialeah, Representative Cindy Polo flipped a House seat from Red to Blue in 2018, and has long before then been an advocate for her community. As a freshman in the Florida House, Rep. Polo was a champion for everyday Floridians, and now she’s running for re-election to continue to proudly service House District 103. Although Rep. Polo’s political career has recently started, she has been a lifelong advocate for her Northwest Miami-Dade community. Her parents, Carmen and Ramon, left their beloved homeland of Colombia in search of a better future, and she has lived in Northwest Miami-Dade since the age of two. Cindy attended and is a proud graduate of public schools in the Hialeah/Miami Lakes area. She has two degrees, a bachelor’s in Mass Communications and a Master’s in Business Administration from Florida International University. Her professional career includes time with the Miami Heat and the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority as a Communications Director. For the last few years, she has dedicated her time and energy to raising her son, CJ.

Sky U. White
Hillsborough County Commission, District 3

Sky is a mother, nurse, and advocate for the community. Sky is also the founder and Program Developer of REBORN Tampa, a non-profit organization that serves underprivileged youth as well as the Editor-In-Chief of REVIVED: Tampa’s Most Influential Black-Owned Magazine. She will bring fresh, progressive ideas along with an aggressive plan for affordable housing, inclusive transportation, and climate justice for a greener Hillsborough County.

Sarah Beeson
Georgia State Senate, District 56

Sarah is running for Georgia’s 56th Senate District because she believes elected officials should be accessible and transparent in the vein of public servitude. As a mother, Sarah wants to help create a better future for all Georgians by fighting for Medicaid expansion and access to affordable healthcare, improved public education and teacher pay, and better public safety measures including protection from gun violence. Sarah is a Roswell native and mother who operates a 50+ employee family business that has been based in Roswell for over two decades. As an active community member, she has championed transit expansion as a board member for Advance Atlanta, worked for LGBTQ protections and equality with the Human Rights Campaign, and advocated on behalf of small business owners as a Leadership Council Member for the National Small Business Association.

Ebony Carter
Georgia House of Representatives, District 110

Ebony is the daughter of a union steward in a McDonough, GA factory and a United States Postal Service employee. Ebony’s mother first introducer her to civic engagement, taking her voting, volunteering, and accompanying her to protests. Ebony is an alumna Henry County High School and Georgia State University where she studied and received her degrees in Anthropology and Political Science, and is a first-generation college graduate.

Dr. Jasmine Clark
Georgia House of Representatives, District 108

In 2018, Dr. Jasmine Clark ran and won her position in the Georgia State House on the platform that her scientific background could add a unique and refreshing perspective to legislating in Georgia. As a first-time legislator, Jasmine’s agenda has been focused on education, voting rights, reproductive rights, environmental protection, common sense gun reform, criminal justice and healthcare. She is the primary sponsor on HB 133, which seeks medically accurate sex education that includes accurate information regarding HIV prevention. She received her B.S. in Biological Sciences, with a concentration in Microbiology, from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, her Doctoral Degree from Emory University’s Laney Graduate School in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, and then completed a Postdoctoral project at Emory University. Jasmine currently serves as a Lecturer of Microbiology and Human Anatomy and Physiology at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University.

Nicole Love Hendrickson
Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners, Chair

Nicole is running for Gwinnett County Commission Chair because public service has always been her passion. She dedicated her entire career as a social worker serving people, empowering communities, and giving a voice to those who have been historically underrepresented in the decision-making arena.

As the county’s founding director of the community outreach program, Nicole experienced first-hand the role citizens can play in promoting good governance. She wants to continue building on that success while addressing the challenges that lie ahead. She has a vision for our future and the demonstrated leadership to move us forward. Nicole knows that Gwinnett County represents the future of our nation, where diversity and entrepreneurship shine. Nicole knows we need leaders who can think not just about tomorrow but years down the road to envision a healthy, sustainable, and thriving place where everyone is welcome.

Leigh Miller
Georgia House of Representatives, District 30

Leigh is a wife and a mother of three small kids. She was born and raised in Georgia, and attended the University of Georgia and Emory School of Law. She is a successful attorney, who practiced defense and liability litigation. Now, she and her husband are busy co-owners of an agritourism small business in North Georgia. Leigh is running for State House because one of her beautiful daughters was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and is dependent on the life-necessary medication, insulin. Insulin prices have increased 700 percent over the last 20 years, resulting in a person with Type-1 diabetes spending on average $5,700 per year on insulin. That’s completely unsustainable for the average Georgia family. Leaving it up to the insurance companies to fix the problem is not working. In fact, the problem is getting worse.

Mac Sims
Georgia House of Representatives, District 163

Mac was born and raised in Georgia, first hearing the call to public service in high school, and attending the United States Military Academy at West Point. After college, Mac was stationed at Fort Stewart Georgia where he served as an Army Officer. As a civilian, Mac has continued serving his community as a member of the NAACP, the Democratic Party of Georgia, and as an officer in the Chatham County Democratic Party. Today, Mac seeks to return to government as a member of the Georgia General Assembly in State House district 163. Mac is excited to bring fresh representation to Savannah rooted in ethical public conduct and deep understanding of public policy. When elected, Mac will push for the expansion of medicaid, the improvement of dilapidated flooding infrastructure, and for expanded funding for Georgia’s public schools.

Lindsay Terrebonne
Cobb County School Board, Post 7

Lindsay is a mom of two, running for a seat on the Cobb County School Board. Currently, only one of the seven seats is occupied by a woman, and Lindsay champions representation. Being a stay-at-home mom to a preschooler and elementary student, she’s a member of her local school council, a Girl Scout troop co-leader, and a frequent school volunteer making her voice empathetic, yet bold. Lindsay not only sees the issue of equity and the disparity among resource allocation, she has practical plans on how to tackle them.

Darryl J. Terry II
Georgia House of Representatives, District 56

Darryl was born and raised in Atlanta, and was the third generation of his family to graduate from the historic Frederick Douglass High School. Darryl attended Georgia Tech, graduating with a degree in Public Policy with a focus on sports law and politics. He currently teaches American Government at a local high school in Southwest Atlanta where he serves as the Defensive Backs Varsity Football Coach, Head Coach for Junior Varsity Football, and Head Baseball Coach.

Aaron Whitely
Chatham County Commission, District 6

Aaron is a community activist, entrepreneur, and dedicated educational advocate. He is a husband and father of three who understands the importance of family values. Aaron co-founded Madigan LLC, a business development firm that helps startups grow and existing businesses expand operations. He is an army combat veteran (OEF 11–12), a Savannah State alumnus, and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Aaron is running for commissioner to help bridge to connection between government and the community. His platform is: youth engagement, business and job development, and transparency and accessibility.”

Luke Evslin
Kaua’i County Council

Luke is currently serving his first term on the Kaua’i County Council where he introduced and passed more than 10 bills relating to affordable housing. He is the co-founder and managing partner of an outrigger canoe manufacturing shop that has currently transitioned to making 3,000 face shields per week for medical professionals and is currently in his final semester of a Master’s degree in public administration with a certificate in public policy. Luke lives with his wife, two young children, two cats, two dogs, and a chicken.

Trish La Chica
Hawaii House of Representatives, District 36

Trish La Chica is running for Hawaii State House because she believes that it is time for the next generation to lead our communities and to build a better future for our children and grandchildren. Now a mom raising two young kids with her husband in Hawaii, Trish is championing issues that impact Hawaii’s working families. She is committed to helping families navigate the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and to work on solutions to rebuild an economy that truly puts community first.

Chaundra Bishop
Champaign County Coroner

Chaundra is a public health professional and community leader, working in both nonprofit and government organizations. Her work has focused on creating strategies to increase visibility, participation, and the well-being of underserved communities through health education and promotion.She is running for Champaign County Coroner because she believes the office is capable of doing more for the community. Beyond just determining the cause of death, the coroner’s office can play an important role in preventing deaths through outreach and education. The trends of prevention can be applied to that of the Coroner’s office while ensuring duties are performed with efficiency and compassion. In gaining the support of voters, Chaundra will be the first African American woman elected to a county-wide position in Champaign County.

Anthony Magliari
Kendall County Board, District 1

Anthony Magliari grew up in rural Kendall County working jobs like detasseling corn, bailing hay and working at the gas station in Newark, IL. Today he helps develop and patent cutting edge cancer treatments and works to bring rural broadband internet access to the furthest corners of Kendall County (and beyond). Anthony is now ready to represent District 1 on the Kendall County Board. He will bring an open mind and fresh perspective to the board. He approaches issues through the lens of science, technology, a love of problem solving, consensus building , as a person with a physical disability, a local business owner, a medical professional, and a father choosing to raise his daughter here in the district.

Ken Mejia-Beal
Illinois House of Representatives, District 42

As a long-time resident, community activist, and a leader in the financial sector, Ken has spent the better part of his life helping others in his community. As a young professional in DuPage County, Ken worked as a mortgage manager, helping citizens affected by the housing crisis receive a hand up through the government-sponsored HARP program. As an activist and community organizer, he has experience in discussing affordable housing, climate justice, and affordable healthcare with elected members of the Illinois General Assembly. As a member of the Advisory Panel of Equality Illinois and the DuPage NAACP, Ken understands the socioeconomic struggles faced by all communities, and has dedicated a large part of his career towards alleviating these disparities in common-sense, bipartisan ways.

Tim Barr
Indiana State Senate, District 16

Tim is a high school teacher running for the Indiana State Senate to fight for his students. He is an active leader in his local chapter of the Indiana State Teacher’s Association where he regularly advocates for students and teachers. Special interest groups have made education a partisan battleground in Indiana and across the United States. Tim is one of over thirty Hoosier teachers that have answered the call to run for office this year.

Gardiner Bink III
Hamilton County Council, At Large

Gardiner is passionate about his community and wants to do his part to keep Hamilton County a great, family friendly community. The county government has been run by one party for too long. Gardiner will bring a different perspective to the council and greater transparency and insight into the operations and agreements in the council. He plans to do this by running our council with fiscal responsibility to continue to foster growth in our community.

Ben Blohm
Indiana House of Representatives, District 4

Ben is the son of two educators and has over 10 years of experience managing a small business. In Indiana, Republicans hold majorities in the State Senate and House and the governor’s office, and our public schools are underfunded and over-tested, our workforce is being undermined, and our healthcare services are being attacked. We need to bring balance to our state government and that’s exactly what Ben’s goal is.

Monica Casanova
Tippecanoe County Council, At Large

Monica is a first generation immigrant from Mexico whose family was undocumented until Reagan’s Amnesty Law. Monica credits this act of Congress as changing her family’s life; moving them out of the shadows and living a life without fear.She is the first Latinx woman to run for office in her community. She is running because she wants local government to be representative of the community it serves. Currently, she is the Assistant Director of Lafayette Urban Ministry’s Immigration Clinic and she also teaches ESL (English as a Second Language) to adult learners.

Pete Cowden
Indiana State Senate, District 35

Pete grew up on the west side of Indianapolis and is a combat veteran who has worked hard as a community servant his entire adult life. As the son of a small business owner, Pete has seen first-hand how poor government decisions have affected his family friends and community. Pete believes government is best when hardworking people are elected to serve their community instead of individuals serving their own ambitions. As a State Senator, Pete pledges to listen, serve, and unite to fight for his community.

Belinda Drake
Indiana State Senate, District 32

After working and serving in her communities and with families for over a decade as a Family Service Social Worker, Belinda can no longer watch Hoosiers struggle against an inequitable education system, a biased justice system, and a lack of safe and effective resources, and do nothing. Belinda was born and raised in Gary, IN, graduated from IUPUI and has called the far eastside of Indianapolis home for the past 3 years. As a survivor of domestic violence, of discrimination as a black, lesbian, woman, and of the impacts of mental illness, addiction, imprisonment, and poverty on her family growing up, Belinda is also keenly aware of and personally invested in fighting the issues that affect so many Hoosiers every day.

Wendy Budetti
Kansas State Senate, District 23

Wendy is a mother of five kids, a wife, a 15-year Olathe resident, an activist, and an advocate for all Kansans. Wendy is running because she believes all Kansans deserve safe communities in which to live and raise their families, quality public education, and affordable access to healthcare. She has served on the boards of several local community groups for LGBTQ+ rights and local theatre. She and her husband are the founders of Johnson County Pride, a 501(c)(3) organization that supports Johnson’s County’s LGBTQ+ community through outreach, community, and celebration. She has also been an active volunteer with Moms Demand Action for three years and has spent many days in Topeka advocating for causes she believes in.”

Ethan Corson
Kansas State Senate, District 7

Ethan is running for the Kansas Senate because he knows that every opportunity he has had in his life stems from the great public school education he received in Shawnee Mission schools. He wants to make sure those schools remain great for the next generation of students, like his one-year-old son.Ethan was appointed by President Barack Obama to two senior leadership positions at the U.S. Department of Commerce, where he gained invaluable experience with economic development. As an attorney, Ethan has fought against Kris Kobach-style voter suppression laws and for working families as a union-side labor lawyer. Ethan was the Executive Director of the Kansas Democratic Party from 2017–2019, leading the Party through its most successful election cycle in a decade, including the election of Governor Laura Kelly and Congresswoman Sharice Davids. In the Kansas Senate, Ethan will be a common-sense problem solver and work to make sure every child in Kansas can attend a world-class public school, every Kansan has access to quality, affordable health care, and we build an economy where no Kansan gets left out or left behind

Matt Fox
Kansas House of Representatives, District 87

Matt is a teacher, coach, and union member running for the 87th District seat in the Kansas House of Representatives. As an educator, Matt sees how poverty, socioeconomic stressors, and inaccessible healthcare impact his students and their ability to learn each day. That’s why he’s stepping away from the classroom and running for office.

Jo Ella Hoye
Kansas House of Representatives, District 17

Jo Ella is a stay-at-home-mom and committed public servant. She’s held various local government management positions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors; most recently as a Senior Analyst in the Johnson County Manager’s Office. She volunteered for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America for over three and a half years, including as Kansas Chapter Leader. This strategic team of volunteers helped move the needle on gun safety in Kansas with bipartisan support. Jo Ella’s continued presence at the Statehouse influenced the passage of sensible gun legislation, earning her the nomination by Everytown for Gun Safety for the 2018 Professional Women in Advocacy Excellence in Advocacy of a State Issue Campaign Award.

Lindsay Vaughn
Kansas House of Representatives, District 22

Through being a precinct committeeperson, participating in local government, and engaging with her community, Lindsay has learned the importance and impact of local leadership, which is why she is running for state representative. Decisions made in the statehouse directly affect the daily lives of Kansans, and Lindsay believes we need a young woman’s voice at the table in Topeka. Lindsay is running on the principles of equality, education, and opportunity, to ensure all Kansans have a brighter future. Her priorities include increasing access to affordable health care, providing food and property tax relief, and investing in quality public education.

Rachel Willis
Kansas State Senate, District 20

Rachel is a fifth generation Kansan. She grew up on a wheat farm in a small, conservative town in Central Kansas with a dream of attending Washburn University and working at the Capitol in the big city of Topeka to help people. Rachel has proudly called Topeka home for the past 15 years. She fulfilled her dream of graduating from Washburn and went on to the University of Kansas for a Master’ Degree in Public Administration. She also has more than a decade of experience in educational nonprofit management where she spends much of her time getting things done with very little money by bringing people together for the betterment of the whole. In other words, she has the experience needed to be a strong advocate at the Statehouse for the needs of Senate District 20.

Colby Khoshreza
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council Council, District 9

Colby has spent the last 15 years in Lexington and has been involved with many community organizations, both as a volunteer and board member, including DanceBlue, CASA, Family Counseling Service, and United Way. He is committed to making government more accessible, advocating for neighborhood concerns, and being responsive to his constituents.

Kalie Hess
Maine State Senate, District 15

Kalie has spent her career fighting for the health and wellbeing of Maine’s people and communities. As a public health professional, she has worked to build youth resilience, increase the walkability of towns, improve access to healthy foods, address rural transportation challenges, and ensure people can get affordable health care when they need it. Kalie is running to give the people of District 15 a voice in Maine politics. She believes that people have a wealth of professional and lived experience that can help us find innovative ways to address the problems facing Mainers. Kalie is passionate about working with people across the district and state to connect around our shared values to build a resilient Maine that will allow everyone the opportunity to thrive.”

Charles Skold
Maine House of Representatives, District 38

Charles is running for State Representative because he knows our future is not guaranteed. He sees the threats of climate change, unnafordable housing, and rising inequality at our doorstep, and knows it’s time for action. As a young LGBTQ+ Mainer who returned home to fight for our future, Charles will make sure our next generation has a voice in Augusta. And as a resident of Maine’s most densely populated city, Charles will advocate for Portland’s future while working with the entire state to solve our common challenges. Charles previously worked in religious ministry and earned a Master’s degree in Theology alongside his Master’s in Public Administration.

Tamisha L. Civil
Massachusetts House of Representatives, 6th Norfolk District

Tamisha is running for State Representative for the 6th Norfolk District. She is a mother and wife who works as an Associate Probation Officer and a Legal Advocate for a domestic violence shelter. She attended Johnson & Wales University and graduated with a B.S. in Marketing. Tamisha was fortunate to attend and graduate from Northeastern University with a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and Leadership. Tamisha was reappointed on January 1, 2020, as Commissioner for the Eastern Regional Commission on the Status of Women. She’s currently a Girl Scout Troop Leader in Stoughton, a member of the Parent Council Committee at Joseph R. Dawe, Jr. Elementary School, and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Tamisha’s drive and passion for others makes her an ideal candidate to represent your District

Mike Dooley
Massachusetts House of Representatives, 12th Norfolk District

Born and raised in Norwood, Mike is a Democratic candidate for State Representative of the 12th Norfolk District which covers Norwood and precincts 1, 2, 6, and 7 of Walpole. Mike has served as an elected Representative Town Meeting member for District 7 in Norwood since 2018. He has been a member of the Norwood Democratic Town Committee for 5 years and has been active in politics since he was 10. In high school, Mike founded the Neponset Valley Young Democrats and helped elect Democrats all over Bristol and Norfolk County. Mike currently serves as the Membership and Outreach Director for the Young Democrats of Massachusetts. In this role, he oversees membership growth as well as the caucuses of the organization, such as the Black Caucus, Labor Caucus, LGBTQ+ caucus, and Veteran’s Caucus. Mike is a proud K-12 product of Norwood Public Schools and is working towards a B.A in Education Administration from the University of Massachusetts — Boston.

Amber Hewett
Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1st Essex

Amber is an environmental activist running for State Representative to bring bold climate leadership to Beacon Hill. She has worked for seven years as a clean energy advocate for the National Wildlife Federation, fighting for state policies needed to launch an offshore wind power industry in the U.S. A graduate of Massachusetts public schools, Amber has deep roots in her community. The 1st Essex District has been home to her family for four generations. She is eager to gather its strengths and represent her neighbors in the work for enduring and equitable solutions to the pressing issues of our time.

Nichole Mossalam
Massachusetts House of Representatives, 35th Middlesex

She is a mother of three, organizer, and community advocate who knows what it’s like to struggle and live paycheck to paycheck. Nichole overcame growing up in poverty, homelessness, medical debt, and lives with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Nichole is the chair of Malden’s Disability Commission and the Founding Director of the Islamic Cultural Center of Medford. She serves as an Advisory Board member of Voter Choice MA (VCMA) and the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR-MA). She has served as co-chair of Our Revolution, a state-wide progressive advocacy organization, where she helped create a firm foundation in the organization’s first year, build an inclusive environment for activists, and support local chapters in their advocacy of issues that strengthen their communities.

Robert Kull
Frenchtown Township Clerk

Rob is a public administration professional and a 5th generation resident of Frenchtown Charter Township. He is a 2004 graduate of Jefferson High School. Rob attended Eastern Michigan University, where he served as Student Body Vice-President and successfully lobbied for the largest capital improvement in school history. Rob joined the US Navy in 2009 and completed two deployments aboard the USS Harry S Truman in support of the Global War on Terror. He is a 2017 alumni of the University of Arizona, with a degree in Public Management and Policy. He has a proven track record of success in state and local government, including working for the Vice-Mayor of Tucson and Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio.Building upon his extensive experience in economic development, Rob is ready to serve his community as Frenchtown Township Clerk. As Clerk, Rob wants to increase access to voting, increase funding for parks and sidewalks to make Frenchtown more attractive to live and work. Currently serving in the Michigan Army National Guard, Rob lives in Frenchtown with his wife Jessica and their two year old son Jude.

Justin Sheldon
Kent County Board of Commissioners, District 11

Justin is an adjunct faculty member in the Integrative, Religious, Intercultural Studies Department at Grand Valley State University. Justin maintains that history was his first love, it is what led him to school, and it is what he majored in when he went to college. The example set forth by the American Founding Fathers is what is pushing Justin to fight for things he is passionate about in life. As someone who loves to hike, he feels everyone should have access to quality parks that one can enjoy. As a native to the Great Lakes State, he thinks it is embarrassing that there are Michiganders who do not have access to clean drinking water. As a person who experienced personal loss due to mental illness, he believes everyone should have access to the quality healthcare they require.

Christopher Slat
Michigan House of Representatives, District 17

Chris is running for the Michigan House of Representatives to fight for working families and push back on corporate greed in Michigan. As an educator, he’s seen how public budgets are threatened year after year even as working families increasingly depend on them to meet basic needs. Meanwhile, corporate-sponsored politicians in Lansing consistently find room in the budget to give tax breaks and subsidies to the state’s richest companies and individuals. Chris is running to fight for better wages and conditions for workers in the 17th district, to protect union rights, to improve access to healthcare, to improve our schools, to make college affordable, and to preserve our environment and our climate.

Abigail Wheeler
Michigan House of Representatives, District 66

Abigail marks the third generation of her family to grow up in Mattawan. Her family’s blue collar roots and strong work ethic have shaped her perspective. Abigail believes that if you work hard enough, you can get ahead in life. Through her experience as an EMT/Firefighter, she has seen the troubles that plague her community including a lack of governmental transparency, a need to improve the educational system, and care for Michigan’s greatest resource: its freshwater.

Mai Xiong
Macomb County Commission, District 2

Mai is a small business owner with a storefront in Warren, MI, who started her clothing business out of her home while caring for four small children. Mai understands the hard-work and dedication that it takes to raise a family on a limited income. Her family escaped war and persecution in Laos during the Vietnam War era. As a result, Mai was born in a refugee camp in nearby Thailand. In 1987, at the age of 3, Mai and her family were sponsored and relocated to the United States and grew up in Akron, OH. At the age of 12, Mai started her first job at as a web intern. She moved to Warren in 2007 to attend the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and earned her B.F.A. in Graphic Design. If elected, Mai will become the first Hmong American elected in Michigan and the first Asian American elected to the Board of Commissioners in Macomb County.

Cedrick R. Frazier
Minnesota House of Representatives, District 45A

Cedrick is running for Minnesota State House because he believes that our government has a role to play in removing inequities and making sure that every person can reach their full potential. Cedrick believes that access to affordable stable housing, quality healthcare, excellent public education and livable wage jobs, and the dismantling of mass incarceration are necessary to ensure that everyone has a shot at a dignified life.

Nicole Joy Frethem
Ramsey County Commission, District 1

Nicole is a mother, a wife, an early childhood educator, advocate and policy expert and a part-time law student. For more than a decade, she has worked to ensure children in Ramsey County and Minnesota have access to high-quality child care arrangements and parents are able to find healthy and safe child care so they can work. Nicole has previously worked as a child care administrator and early learning coach before transitioning to implementing, developing, and analyzing statewide child care policy at the Minnesota Department of Human Services. In her work, Nicole has seen the importance of all the systems that support families and people beyond the classroom. She is passionate about streamlining human services delivery, partnering with local and state governments to provide better services, and criminal justice reforms.

Brittney Johnson
Minnesota House of Representatives, District 8A

Brittney is a sheep farmer and corn miller running for the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 08A.

Brittney is passionate about ensuring that every person has access to safe, nutritious, affordable food. She has been involved with the food system at most levels and understands the challenges we face as we move towards a future with changing immigration laws, climate, and a new generation of farmers.

Brittney has seen how leading with kindness and compassion has helped her community tackle some of its toughest issues. She plans to bring those values to the state capitol and give her neighbors the voice they deserve.

Justin Aldred
Boone County Commission, District 1 (Southern)

Justin is a commissioned Army officer, having first moved to Boone County to serve with the 175th Military Police Battalion. Justin enlisted in the Army as a teenager and was quickly selected for the Ike Skelton Early Commissioning Program sending him to Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, MO, where he earned his commission as an Army Lieutenant.He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Missouri and accepted a Certificate in American Constitutional Democracy from the Kinder Institute. After working as a news writer and broadcaster, Justin took a role as Special Projects Coordinator with the Missouri State Auditor’s office. He currently resides in Ashland.

Ashley Aune
Missouri House of Representatives, District 14

Ashley is running for Missouri State Representative for so many reasons, but the biggest is that she’s genuinely exhausted by constantly screaming into the void about what’s not working in her community and her state. As a business owner and entrepreneur, it’s not in her nature to simply turn a blind eye to a problem — big or small. And while some days Missouri’s problems feel too big to tackle, Ashley has been inspired by the leadership coming out of the Democratic Caucus — watching party leaders fight for Missourians every single day in the face of incredible adversity made her realize that she could be part of the solution too.

James Shackelford
Missouri House of Representatives, District 16

James is running for Missouri’s 16th State House district, located in the Northland of Kansas City. He was born and raised in and around the 16th district and is a product of one of its public school systems. James served over 6 years with the USO Organization, giving back to the military community and their families. He discovered a passion for giving back and was led to pursue a career in public service. As a full-time MPA graduate student at UMKC, James is running to bring back a more fair and balanced democracy to his home state, through servant leadership and people-first priorities. As a State Representative, James will strongly advocate for Missouri’s public schools, strive to make health care more affordable and accessible, and stand with the many hardworking families of the 16th House district, from union workers to small-business owners.

Barbara Bessette
Montana House of Representatives, District 24

Barbara is a born-and-raised Montanan whose background in reducing substance abuse in her community inspired her to run for Representative two years ago so she could serve her community from the legislature. She was one of the first Urban Native American women to be elected to the Montana House of Representatives. As a Representative, she helped pass Medicaid Expansion, co-sponsored the Firefighter Protection Act, and sponsored the bill that protects the elderly in assisted living. She’s running for re-election to continue to lead in the legislature on behalf of Great Falls.

Hannah Olson
Montana House of Representatives, District 52

Hannah is a 31-year-old woman who was raised a small town in a large family and is no stranger to hard work. Hannah has been in Montana since she moved for college and decided to stay after falling in love with the Billings community. She and her partner, whom she met when she was 12, are committed to creating a better future for their four-year-old daughter. After spending four years on Medicaid, Hannah experienced what social services can do for a family trying to rise up in a world where low wages are the standard and healthcare is a privilege. She is running to represent south and central Billings and the working people who deserve a quality education, affordable healthcare, access to comprehensive mental healthcare, and a safe community to raise their families.

Josh Seckinger
Montana House of Representatives, District 64

Josh chose to make his home in Montana 11 years ago. Florida born and Wisconsin raised, Josh settled in the Gallatin Valley at the age of 23 and has worked a variety of jobs: seismic mapping exploration, food delivery, and working for an environmental lawyer. For the past five years, Josh has worked as a fly-fishing guide on some of Montana’s most precious resources, including the Gallatin, Smith, Madison, and Yellowstone rivers. Frequent travel and a love of the outdoors helped him learn about Montana, while his engaging and extroverted personality helped him learn about its people. Josh has gained a unique perspective about life in Montana, the needs and wants of everyday working Montanans, and the best path forward for the state, based on years of simply talking, listening, and engaging with the people of Big Sky Country. For Josh, one thing is abundantly clear: Montanans believe we must ensure the last best place stays that way.

Jacob Torgerson
Montana State Senate, District 40

Jacob is a life-long Montanan who wants to serve his community. He comes from a middle-class background, living in a family of 7 in Helena’s North Valley. As a legislator, advocate, and public servant, he will continue to fight for your family as hard as he fights for his own. Running for office is Jacob’s way of giving back to the community that raised him. With this race, we have the opportunity to make real change for communities that are left out of the national discussion. Jacob has made history as the youngest candidate for any legislative seat in the United States. But this race isn’t just about making history, it’s about fighting for real people and real families. Jacob is the candidate for the job.

Cecelia González
Nevada State Assembly, District 16

Cecelia González is a Las Vegas native and the daughter of two hard-working immigrant parents. They taught her the values of hard work, persistence, and giving back to the community. Growing up with limited resources in an immigrant family was instrumental in shaping her passion for fighting for social, environmental, and economic justice. She is a Nevada educator, a local community activist, and an organizer. She has organized around interpersonal violence, women’s health, criminal justice reform, education, raising the minimum wage, and many other important issues. Cecelia has received both academic and community awards for her volunteer work and activism.

Alexis Hill
Washoe County Board of Commissioners, District 1

Alexis grew up in Sparks, NV, and after college came back to her hometown to build up and enrich her community. She worked in public policy and city planning for more than ten years in Sparks and Reno, and holds a graduate degree from UNR in public administration and policy. She also worked in the private sector, including at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival and as executive director of a fantastic non-profit for special needs children and adults, Kids & Horses. Currently, she serves as the Arts, Culture and Events Manager at the City of Reno. She also serves on the Boards of the Sierra Arts Foundation, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow Foundation, and Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada Foundation.

Kelli Kelly
Churchill County Commission, District 3

Kelli is running for a position on the Churchill County Board of Commissioners to build upon her foundation of citizen service and in order to bring a fresh perspective to the leadership of the county.Kelli works closely with a variety of organizations that help make Churchill County an amazing place to live. In her role as the Executive Director for the Fallon Food Hub, she connects Churchill County agricultural producers to customers throughout west-central Nevada. Kelli loves working with farmers to grow the reach of their businesses both by educating the community about the values of supporting local farmers and through advocacy at the local and state level.

Kurt Thigpen
Washoe County Board of Trustees, District D

Kurt is running for office to become a voice for all students.Our students deserve a quality education. That begins with feeling safe, included, and accepted so that they can be empowered to be successful in their studies without worrying about things like getting to school safely, being bullied, or having access to equitable resources.Kurt’s platform includes (1) expanding access to mental health to reduce suicide attempts among teens, (2) increasing equity and inclusion so that resources are available to all students regardless of their zip code, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, and (3) rebuilding trust and transparency between the school board and the community.

Selena Torres
Nevada State Assembly, District 3

Selena is an educator that was born and raised in Las Vegas and elected to office in 2018. Her father fled the Salvadoran civil war and her mother left Hawaii to pursue her career as a high school English teacher. Selena’s parents taught her the values of hard-work, education, and the importance of giving back to my community. Her parents eventually made Assembly District 3 their home because the diversity reflected that of their own family.Selena is the product of Nevada public education. She attended Clark County School District for K-12, the College of Southern Nevada, and received her Bachelor’s in English Literature at the University of Nevada, Reno. In December 2019, Selena graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas witha Master’s in Education. During Selena’s first term in office she passed legislation that promoted educational equity, improved the overall quality of life for immigrants, and protected hardworking Nevada families.

Riley Gordon
New Hampshire House of Representatives, Grafton 12

Riley is a Dartmouth College student running for State Representative. He is running to make sure that young, progressive voices are heard on issues like climate change, voting rights, and gun violence in the New Hampshire state house, where the current average age is 61. Riley has been organizing on Dartmouth’s campus to keep students voting and engaged and working with current state representatives to craft legislation addressing issues that matter to young people. Now, he hopes to tackle those issues himself in the New Hampshire state house.

Megan Murray
New Hampshire House of Representatives, Hillsborough 22

Wife and mom to three amazing young kids, Rep. Megan Murray works hard to continue to address the needs of her community as a State Representative. Running for a second term in the New Hampshire House, in the most extraordinary of times, Megan wants to continue to echo the needs of those in her community. She understands that the most immediate needs have changed, but is also aware of what other issues continue to be present and need addressing within the state. Educational policy issues and those within the Environment & Agriculture committee, are important to her. Her work after being appointed to a statutory committee on recycling and solid waste must continue.

Jarret Schumacher
Montvale Town Council

On October 13, 2016, a plucky Millennial made his first appearance on the municipal stage. Jarret came to speak about the town pool closing and the $500 bond owed to families like his that would never be repaid. Over 100 other families in town lost money when the pool closed. He realized at that moment as he looked around at the sea of empty seats that he should start attending more council meetings. And he did just that. Over the last three years, Jarret continued to attend weekly council meetings, working with the Mayor and Council on various ordinances, from vaping to street parking, and becoming a pragmatic voice in the crowd. He was then appointed to the Mayor’s Advisory Committee where he made recommendations on development proposals, charity events, as well as designing a town survey to gather ideas and feedback about the town from residents and later presenting on its findings. The results from that survey became an inspiration for his campaign. There were many ideas, and many people looking for a plan, a design for the future of the town. That is why Jarret is running for council, to lead a plan for the future of Montvale.

Katharine Clark
Santa Fe County Clerk

Katharine Clark is a small business owner with over 10 years of high-level management practice, including building effective teams. She believes that we need to make it easier for people to vote, not harder and protect their access to the ballot. As a tech consultant, she will use her skills to make the County Clerk’s office user- friendly for everyone. Katharine has served in several capacities in New Mexico’s State Legislature, as well as in several elected positions in the Democratic Party. Her MBA from the University of New Mexico is in Public Policy & Human Resources. She also holds a dual BA in Cognitive Neuroscience & Interdisciplinary Studies from UC Berkeley.

Brett Phelps
Mora, San Miguel, and Guadalupe Counties District Attorney, 4th Judicial District

Brett is running to be the next District Attorney for New Mexico’s Fourth Judicial District, an office never held by someone from Mora County, where Brett lives with his wife. When Brett was a teenager he was arrested for marijuana possession. It was the sense of hopelessness he felt going through the legal system that made him want to become a lawyer. Now, as a contract public defender, he represents people in similar situations, but without the privilege that he had as a teen. And seeing how his community’s most vulnerable people are treated by the criminal legal system is what made Brett want to run for District Attorney.

Judge Karen Best
Yonkers City Court Judge

Administrative Law Judge Karen Best is a former public defender and a current public servant. She started her legal career in law school representing criminal defendants in Nassau County District Court. After passing the bar exam, Judge Best joined the Legal Aid Society of Westchester County. For four years, she worked fearlessly for the rights of Yonkers residents in Yonkers City Court. Day in and day out, Judge Best advocated for her clients by challenging the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office to be fair and just. Her dedication and hard work led her to accomplish what many other attorneys could not do, which was successfully securing dismissals of felony cases before the grand jury proceedings. Now, Judge Best is an Administrative Law Judge for the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. Additionally, she serves as the Vice President on the Board of Directors of the Legal Aid Society of Westchester County. In keeping with the spirit of challenging the system and doing what is difficult, she is now running in the Democratic primary because she wants to serve as your next Yonkers City Court Judge.

Jabari Brisport
New York State Senate, District 25

Jabari is a queer, Black, public school teacher in Crown Heights and a third generation resident of Brooklyn (born in Bed Stuy, raised in Prospect Heights). He’s running for office because he saw his community suffering from rapid gentrification, lack of investment in its public schools and other public services, over-policing, and the racist intersections that underlie all of these injustices. He’s a socialist and he believes that when we come together, we’re stronger than the sum of our parts. He’s running for State Senate so that together, we can build a world where housing is a human right, education is guaranteed, and Black lives matter. A world where poverty is not a crime, and every person is treated with dignity and respect.

Jeremy Cooney
New York State Senate, District 56

Born in an Indian orphanage, Jeremy was adopted by a courageous single-mother and was raised and educated in the City of Rochester. He has devoted his career to serving the community that helped raise him — from the YMCA to all levels of government. He got his start working with the late U.S. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter and has gone on to work for two New York Governors and the Mayor of Rochester. With a deep commitment to creating the Rochester of tomorrow, Jeremy is passionate about investing in quality public schools, affordable housing, universal health care, reducing our carbon footprint and helping families find pathways out of poverty.

Andrew Gounardes
New York State Senate, District 22

State Senator Andrew Gounardes represents New York’s 22nd State Senate District, which includes the neighborhoods of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Gravesend, Gerritsen Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Marine Park. He was elected in November 2018. He is Chair of the Committee on Civil Service & Pensions and has passed key legislation to expand services to 9/11 heroes and promote street safety, including the landmark school zone speed camera expansion to protect students and families. He is also a champion of the fight to fix the MTA and fund our public schools and universities. Born and raised in Bay Ridge, Senator Gounardes graduated from Fort Hamilton High School and earned degrees from Hunter College and the George Washington University Law School.

Cameron Alex Koffman
New York State Assembly, District 73

Cameron Alex Koffman is a Democrat running for New York State Assembly on the East Side of Manhattan. He’s running on a platform of full-time representation and is focused on bringing a new generation of ethical leadership to Albany. Cameron is setting out on a history-making campaign, as he would be the youngest NYS Assemblyman since Teddy Roosevelt. Cameron grew up on the East Side of Manhattan and has been listening to community members his entire life. Now, after becoming an award-winning infrastructure reporter, he’s running for office because he understands that the economic and environmental challenges our city and state face demand urgent action — there is no time to waste. To that end, Cameron is running to refill vacant storefronts with bustling local businesses; to expand voting rights for students and recent graduates; to help New Yorkers lead the way to net-zero carbon emissions; and to provide all New Yorkers with a full-time voice in Albany.

Jon Rivera
New York State Assembly, District 149

Jon has dedicated his career to serving Western New York, working in both the private and public sectors to create a stronger, healthier community. From his time in local government, Jon has learned what it’s like to fight for resources to deliver for the public good. Jon is running for the 149th Assembly District to stand up for working people, responsibly developing our local infrastructure, and building on Western New York’s proud tradition as a welcoming and inclusive community. Jon will ensure the community is represented effectively on day one.

Jason Salmon
New York State Senate, District 25

Jason is a life-long resident of Fort Greene-Clinton Hill and an experienced community organizer and activist running for New York’s State Senate District 25. Jason is running on a platform centered around ending mass incarceration, addressing the affordable housing crisis, and fighting for equity in our education system. Jason is running to demand police accountability and reform, fighting to end solitary confinement, and to take on legislation that will end the War on Drugs in the State of New York. Jason is a firm believer that we need more schools not jails, and will fight to make sure the next generation of leaders receive equitable education that emphasizes civic education and comprehensive American history, including the history of indigenous peoples and African Americans.

Amanda Septimo
New York Assembly, District 84

Amanda is a lifelong Bronx resident running for Assembly because she knows that her community needs leaders who will work to end the cycles of poverty and lack of opportunity that have plagued the community for decades. Amanda’s journey in public service began in her teens doing work with environmental justice advocates at The Point CDC, continued in her time working for US Congress, and brings her to running for office today. Watching public policy consistently fail her community is ultimately what led Amanda to run for State Assembly, because she knows that true progress begins with real leadership. At the heart of every crisis plaguing The Bronx is a leadership gap that Amanda plans to change as Assemblywoman in her community.

Brittany Vogel
New York State Assembly, District 107

Brittany grew up in a working-class household living paycheck to paycheck, even as her father worked 80 hours a week and her mother worked full time. Her experience growing up helped Brittany develop a clear understanding of the challenges working families face all across her state. At 23 years old, Brittany started the nonprofit organization Upstate Cakes for Kids delivering birthday cakes to children living in poverty. At her job, Brittany worked hard to make her way up from a bagger at her local grocery store to one of the youngest Assistant Store Managers at 24 years old, usually a position given to those with 4 year college degrees. Now at 28, she is leading 2 store remodel projects while also running for office.

Katherine P. Walsh
New York State Assembly, District 51

Born and raised in her district, Katherine is running for the New York State Assembly to fix the problems that have worsened over the past two decades there: economic injustice, lack of affordable housing, underfunded schools, corruption, and crumbling infrastructure. Katherine will pursue a progressive agenda for all New Yorkers, centered on workers’ rights, a true Green New Deal, universal healthcare, criminal justice reform, affordable housing, protecting immigrants, government transparency, and a taxation system where everyone pays their fair share. Katherine is an urban planner and has spent the past ten years working with city and state governments on developing solutions to the kinds of complex problems that her community faces. She would be the first representative in the New York State legislature with experience working with local governments on climate change action. Katherine was previously a teacher; she has participated in the AmeriCorps National Service Program and was a Fulbright teaching scholar in Taiwan.

Brian Farkas
North Carolina House of Representatives, District 9

Brian is running to be a hometown voice for Pitt County in the State Capitol. He works at a family-run small business where he helps small towns and community colleges craft master plans. He has previously worked in emergency management for a federal agency and for the United States Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina. He earned his Master’s in Public Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill. While representatives play political games with teacher pay, health care access, and job opportunities, Eastern North Carolina gets left out in the cold. Brian will take his experience in both the private and public sectors, as well as his long record of community service with local non-profits, to fight for his hometown in Raleigh.

Clayton Hamerski
New Hanover County Register of Deeds

Clayton is a Seahawk and a lifelong resident of New Hanover County. As a Realtor, he understands the problems with the Register of Deeds and wants to do something about them.As Registrar, Clayton will improve accessibility, modernize the office, and build a culture of respect for all who use it.

Tiffani Koonce-Crawford
Lenoir County Commission, At Large

Tiffani is a wife, mother, friend, and local servant running for Lenoir County Commissioner because she believes in social justice and that governments should represent all of its citizens regardless of their social status, race, or economic background. She grew up in East Kinston, one of the most economically distressed areas in North Carolina where she was raised to value faith, family, and community. She realizes that there is no greater gift and responsibility than being a public servant.

Emily Bunch Nicholson
North Carolina House of Representatives, District 1

Emily is a native of North Carolina’s Chowan County and was born in Edenton to parents that taught her the value of putting service before self. After finishing high school, she went on to attend college at North Carolina State University for her undergraduate degree, and then continued her education at East Carolina University. She went on to become a high school and community college educator, as well as a workforce professional, and now as a parent herself, she wants to put her knowledge and personal experience to use for the people of House District 1.

DeAndrea Salvador
North Carolina State Senate, District 39

DeAndrea is a Charlotte native and founder of a groundbreaking Charlotte-based organization focused on energy efficiency and sustainability. DeAndrea works to improve the community’s most pressing issues including climate, clean air, and energy affordability. She believes in strengthening our infrastructure, supporting schools, and ensuring teachers are paid a fair, living wage.

JD Wooten
North Carolina State Senate, District 24

JD is a former US Air Force officer and engineer, Rhodes Scholar nominee, and now an intellectual property attorney whose family has called North Carolina home for more than twenty generations. He is a candidate for the North Carolina State Senate in an open seat district, which has been targeted as one of the five likely “”flips”” the Democrats need to take the majority in the chamber.

Dara Adkison
Ohio House of Representatives, District 57

Dara is running for State Representative because the people of Ohio House District 57 deserve good public schools, lands that are free of pollution, digital privacy, and equal civil rights and liberties for all. She knows they deserve a representative in Columbus who will be a vocal advocate fighting to make their lives better, both in the present and for future generations.

Phil Robinson
Ohio House of Representatives, District 6

Phil Robinson (D-Solon) currently serves as the State Representative for Ohio’s 6th House District. Additionally, Rep. Robinson serves as a senior vice president for regional and site operations for City Year, Inc., an education nonprofit that partners with public schools to keep students on track to graduate. In 2018, Rep. Robinson successfully flipped District 6 Democratic for the first time in nearly 40 years. In the process, he became the first African-American to represent this suburban district, where the black voting population is less than 7 percent. Rep. Robinson is running for reelection in 2020 to continue fighting to increase investment in Ohio schools, make it easier to start and grow a small business, and protect our healthcare. A Northeast Ohio native, Rep. Robinson is a devoted husband and father of two, raising his family in Solon, OH. He learned the values of family, hard work, and service from his parents, watching them sacrifice to give his sister and him a chance at a quality education and a better way of life. Rep. Robinson believes your zip code should not dictate your destiny.

Alaina Swope
Ohio House of Representatives, District 97

Alaina is a working-class progressive running to represent the people of Muskingum and Guernsey counties in Ohio’s Statehouse. She was born and raised in Zanesville and has become a dedicated and passionate advocate for her home district. She understands that true, sustainable change must happen at a grassroots level and is currently organizing an army of volunteers to deliver a people’s victory in OH-97 on November 3.

Jackie Leung
Oregon House of Representatives, District 19

Jackie has several years of experience in public service — including serving as a City Councilor in Salem, OR; a member of Marion County’s Healthy Advisory Board and the Pacific Islander Coalition in Multnomah County; a Commissioner on the Oregon Commission of Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs; and an active member on the Oregon Hunger Task Force and the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review Committee.

Kevin Branco
Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 131

Kevin is a life-long resident of the Lehigh Valley and the product of a hard working community built on American values. He is a 4th generation business owner and an active member of the community. Kevin attended Saucon Valley High School and Kutztown University where he graduated as a Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Scholar Athlete and the Vice President of the Political Science Honor Society. He was also privileged to be part of the PA House of Representatives Fellowship Program in our state’s capital. As a business owner, Kevin has successfully built his business (Main Street Gym) into a staple of the community serving over 500 members from all ages and lifestyles. In Harrisburg, Kevin will bring the same dedication and work ethic to ensure we support our working class, protect our environment, reestablish quality public education, and defend the rights of ALL citizens.

Andre Del Valle
Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 175

The 175th District is Andre’s home and he loves it, but the residents there are struggling. The opioid epidemic has ravaged Andre’s communities leaving needles and lives lost in its wake. They have schools that can’t open for the fear of poisoning our students with the very air they breathe. Gun violence is on the rise, blue collar workers can’t pay their mortgages, and college graduates are drowning in debt.

Andre is offering his community “”A Better Vision””: a district where they are building bridges not having people sleep under them, a district where students don’t have to use “”safe corridors”” to walk to school or fear school closing due to being poisoned by the very air they breathe. He sees a district that has properly funded school facilities and retains their amazing teachers. Where they close loopholes and create Red Flag laws so those who are a danger to themselves or our community don’t have access to weapons, preventing mass shootings.

Harold Hayes
Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 18

More and more families, right here in Bucks County, are being left behind by policies that benefit the few, but Harold is committed to being a voice for working families. As a Plumber in the Trades Union, Harold has seen the benefits of allowing workers to bargain collectively to fight for better working conditions, enhanced safety in the workplace and healthcare coverage. He believes that it is important to protect workers’ rights to organize and bargain for a better future for themselves and their families. As a father of two young boys in the Bensalem School District, one of Harold’s priorities in Harrisburg would to ensure that local school districts have the resources to provide the best possible education for our children. He has seen how political decisions from Washington and Harrisburg impact the classroom and affect our children’s opportunities to learn.

Kelly McDonough
Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 129

As a woman, mom and teacher, Kelly knows she can offer a fresh perspective not just for the people of the 129th district, but for all of Pennsylvania. Through her role as a teacher, she has seen tremendous change and diversity in her district go unrepresented over the last ten years. She wants to be the voice for all of the people in her district.

Vanessa McGrath
Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 175

The daughter of a hairdresser, Vanessa learned the importance of hard work and perseverance. Vanessa was the first in her family to attend college. After graduating, she worked in immigration law, helping individuals and families navigate the red tape to safely and successfully enter the United States. After attending Temple Law School and clerking on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Vanessa spent her career working as a litigator and a champion for women in leadership positions. She is a tireless volunteer for numerous non-profit boards, focused on education and progressive policy. Through her career as a lawyer and advocate, Vanessa saw the ways government could be used to improve people’s lives, and how it has failed to do so. Vanessa is running for office because she believes that the government has a great capacity and responsibility to listen to what people need and act to make their lives better. The 175th District needs an advocate and a champion that won’t be held accountable to special interests and lobbyists, but will be accountable to the people.

Michelle Siegel
Pennsylvania State Senate, District 27

Michelle is a proud daughter of the rural Central Susquehanna Valley. She was raised in Selinsgrove, PA and still resides there with her family. Michelle was the Class of 2000 valedictorian for Selinsgrove Area High, and is a steadfast advocate for public education. She attended Susquehanna University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Earth and Environmental Sciences. As a state senator, Michelle will be a staunch defender of our state’s constitutional guarantee of clean air, soil, and water. She believes that access to healthcare is a fundamental right and she will be a champion for single payer in Pennsylvania. In the last year, she has also watched two of the largest employers in the region shutter their doors and renege on their obligations to their employees. For Michelle, this underscores the need to pass the Workers’ Bill of Rights now.

Joanna Bryn Smith
Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 120

Joanna is running for Pennsylvania State Representative HD-120 because she believes her diverse service experience has prepared her to be an advocate for the people. As an educator, she has made a lasting impression on hundreds of students and their parents, as a community board member volunteer she has committed her time and worked to better life in the community, and as a public defender she has worked to ensure a voice for all people while advocating in the face of adversity.

Joanna is an ardent fighter for investment in education, especially early childhood education. She is also committed to tackle the problem of the lack of a living wage coupled with an unbearable tax burden. These financial constraints makes it nearly impossible for the average family to make ends meet in a way that should be reachable in Pennsylvania. Finally, Joanna is devoted to ensuring accessible, dignified and affordable healthcare and prescription drug plans for her community. As a public defender, she have personally seen the disproportionately negative effect that our current healthcare system has on specific populations, namely women, people of color, and people living in poverty. Joanna will always put people before profits.

Daniel Brownstein
South Carolina House of Representatives, District 112

After plastic pellets began washing up on the beaches just outside of Charleston, SC, Daniel was concerned about the lack of response by his elected representatives. The 38-year-old father of two is running to protect the coastal environment from off-shore drilling, over-development, plastic pollution and the effects of climate change.He also is passionate about creating a justice system that works for everyone. He has spent the past 11 years working on criminal justice reform efforts, including creating and managing innovative programs for a prosecutor’s office, lobbying the legislature to pass an anti-human trafficking bill, and a term on the Charleston County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, which is changing the way we are using our county jail.Daniel holds an MBA from the University of South Carolina and works as marketing director of the law firm Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman. As the only candidate with school-aged children, he is committed to ensuring all South Carolina students a quality, 21st century education.

Kambrell Houston Garvin
South Carolina House of Representatives, District 77

Kambrell is running for re-election to the South Carolina State House to serve as an advocate leading the way on educational equity, economic development, health care expansion, and criminal justice reform. Kambrell is a true progressive leader that will champion safer neighborhoods, higher minimum wages, medicaid expansion, maternal mortality prevention, and foster constituent concerns. He believes that voters should no longer have to settle for business as usual and promises to continue to be an honest, result-oriented, servant-leader, who will fight to move our district and state forward.

Jermaine Johnson
South Carolina House of Representatives, District 80

Dr. Jermaine Johnson is a community activist, avid volunteer, and public servant who will bring a new era to South Carolina House District 80. At an early age, Jermaine witnessed firsthand the effects of poverty, gun violence, and homelessness. As a gifted athlete, Jermaine used his skills on the basketball court to earn his way to a full scholarship to the College of Charleston. After graduating with a bachelors degree in Communications, he continued his athletic career and was drafted into the NBA’s D-League and went on to play for various teams abroad in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and Portugal. But after years of traveling the world and playing the sport he loved, Jermaine decided that it was time to return home and pursue his other passion of serving others. Jermaine continued his educational pursuits and attained a graduate degree in Project Management and a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership. After working in the community for several years, he noticed there was a gap in access to employment assistance services in the community. Therefore, Jermaine founded New Economic Beginnings Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit workforce development organization that provides employment and life skill building assistance to underserved citizens in Richland County.Jermaine is the owner of Dream Team Consulting and an adjunct professor at Webster University in Columbia, SC.

Beth Moore
South Carolina House of Representatives, District 15

Rep. Beth Moore (D-Peachtree Corners) is seeking re-election in November 2020 for Georgia’s House District 95, located in Gwinnett and Fulton Counties. She first entered politics in 2018 during the “blue wave” that swept the north Atlanta suburbs where she grew up. She made her mark on the Gold Dome in 2019 with her fiery, faith-oriented speech denouncing the legislature’s attempt to severely restrict women’s reproductive rights. Outside of public service, Beth is an entertainment attorney with her own firm specializing in music, film, and television. Her driving political force is to ensure all hard-working Georgians — including entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and small business employees — have access to quality, affordable healthcare.

JA Moore
South Carolina House of Representatives, District 95

JA represents portions of Berkeley and Charleston Counties in the South Carolina House of Representatives. He was elected in November 2018 becoming the first chef to serve in the State House and has been a fierce advocate for improving mental health in schools, nutrition, and ending gun violence during his first term. He owns a catering company in North Charleston and lives in Hanahan with his wife and newborn daughter.

Michael Calabrese
South Dakota State Senate, District 32

Michael is running for South Dakota State Senate because he believes it is time for the next generation to have their voices heard. While he has always been a political junkie, this is his first run for elected office. Michael was called to serve because our leaders should truly represent the people that they serve. He lives, is employed, and owns a small business in District 32. Michael will fight to ensure access to quality healthcare, to protect our waterways and natural beauty from pollution, and to create better economic opportunities for workers and small businesses in the district and across the state.

Jenny Wolff
Madison City Commission

Jenny is running for Madison City Commission because diversity among elected officials is critically important for ensuring all citizens are represented fairly.Studies show gender diverse teams process information more carefully, offer more innovative approaches, and produce better results. In its 107-year history, only three women have served on the Madison City Commission, and it’s been nearly a decade since there has been a female official. Mitigating and controlling crises, managing and maintaining growth in both commercial and residential sectors, and responding to changing demographics in city population are major issues facing Madison. With her previous experience serving on city governing boards, extensive leadership training, and functional expertise in risk management and communications, Jenny is well-qualified to address these issues.

Chase Clemons
Tennessee State Senate, District 14

Chase is running for Tennessee State Senate because he wants rural communities to have access to healthcare, fully funded public schools, and high-speed Internet. A better Tennessee starts with helping our rural communities thrive in these areas. As a fifth-generation Tennessean in a small rural town, he’s seen and lived firsthand the challenges our communities face. Chase has worked on a farm, in a classroom, and now works with a small tech company that helps small businesses grow.

Tamarques Porter
Shelby County Schools Board of Education, District 4

While growing up in Memphis, TN, in the Orange Mound community, Tamarques learned that education would be the gateway to a better life. Tamarques is running for Shelby County School Board because he will be the advocate that understands innovative education, technical education, trauma-sensitive learning, and is not beholden to special interest groups that often support school boards. Tamarques knows the importance of education, community, and having positive male role models in our children’s life. Tamarques wants to help shape our children’s future by improving the literacy gap, teacher administration pay, and the school culture and the classroom learning environment.

Brandon Thomas
Tennessee House of Representatives, District 49

Brandon is running for Tennessee State House because he wants to model compassion for his son, and ensure that the needs of everyday Tennesseans are no longer placed on the back burner. Brandon has worked in retail customer service, non-profit work, and on campaigns. Through this work, he has honed the skills of building consensus, and working with people from many different backgrounds, while still not being afraid to stand up for what’s right and speak truth to power. Brandon would be the first out gay member of the Tennessee General Assembly, and the first Black representative for his county.

Lydia Bean
Texas House of Representatives, District 93

For over 20 years, Lydia has brought people together to solve community problems. Lydia is a community leader who successfully fought for paid sick time. She brought local faith communities together to protect Texas families from payday lenders who trap people in high-interest loans. In Austin, she’ll continue her fight for affordable healthcare, quality public education, and good, safe jobs. Lydia holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Harvard University. She is the author of The Politics of Evangelical Identity (Princeton University Press), and she writes about state policy, religion and politics for major national newspapers and academic journals. Lydia and her husband, public artist Norman Lee, are expecting their first child in May 2020.

Travis Boldt
Texas House of Representatives, District 29

Travis has been operating a Senior Support Agency for the past 7 years. This has given him an up-close look at exactly how broken our Medicare/Medicaid system is and the challenges of fighting age and disability in Texas. He has been involved in advocacy work at the grassroots level and his work with the Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy team was instrumental in developing the first state-wide plan to fight Alzheimer’s disease. Travis is married to his wife Christine, a physics teacher at Shadow Creek Ranch High School, and they live in Pearland where they raise their 2 year old son, Jude.

Gina Calanni
Texas House of Representatives, District 132

State Representative Gina Calanni — an author, cancer survivor, finance director, and mom of three boys in public schools — is running for re-election to continue serving as a strong voice for Texas families. After passing eleven bills in her first legislative session, more than any other Democratic freshman, Gina is ready to return to the Texas State Capitol to fight for critical issues like access to affordable healthcare, addressing rising property taxes, providing all kids a high-quality, public education, defeating the plague of human trafficking, and making sure our community is equipped to handle future catastrophic weather events.

Joanna Cattanach
Texas House of Representatives, District 108

Joanna is a former foster child and a first generation college graduate. A proud public school parent and veteran educator, she is a community advocate who will fight for proper funding in Texas public schools. She knows first hand the challenges working families in Texas face including the need for access to affordable healthcare and prescription drug coverage. She is a former reporter and current journalism professor who sees opportunities for job growth in higher education and vocational and technical certificate programs. Joanna is a longstanding advocate for common sense gun reform and will fight for stronger environmental policies in Texas. Joanna ran for this seat in 2018 and lost by 220 votes in a recount. She closed a 20 point gap and is ready to finish what she started and flip this seat. When she is elected in 2020, she will be the first Democrat in decades elected to this seat.

Bryan J Henry
Texas House of Representatives, District 130

Bryan is a parent, educator, and flood victim running to promote equal opportunity and equal protection for all Texas families. A native Houstonian, he earned his bachelor’s degree in English and History at Texas A&M University and his master’s degree in Political Science from The University of Houston. Bryan is running for the Texas House to protect public education funding, expand access to affordable health care, and reduce gun violence. As a flood victim, Bryan also knows the importance of flood mitigation infrastructure and investing in solutions to the climate crisis. Bryan has spent the last decade cultivating the empathy, critical thinking, and civic empowerment of Houston’s youth. He is currently a professor at Lone Star College and was named the Texas Social Studies Teacher of the Year in 2019 for his service and dedication to Texas public school students.

Natali Hurtado
Texas House of Representatives, District 126

Natali is running for the Texas State House because she’s committed to advocating for those who feel left behind. Natali is the daughter of immigrants and worked her way through college as a young single mother with the support of family and her community. Natali earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Houston and her master’s in public policy and administration from the University of St. Thomas. Influencing public policy for the greater good has been her professional and personal focus. As a business professional, former legislative staffer, wife and mom to three girls — she is prepared with the experience and passion to be a strong advocate in Austin.

Wesley Lawrence
El Paso Council City Council, District 4

Wesley is a born and raised El Pasoan and a strong activist who’s running for office because he believes that it is time to unite El Paso. Wesley is an Eagle Scout, the Secretary of the VFW Auxiliary Post 812, a listener, and an advocate for the people of District 4. Wesley believes that we build an El Paso and a Northeast that works for the people — by ensuring that the people are being listened to, fighting for a truly transparent government, advocating for a environmentally conscious El Paso, creating more walking paths, and fighting for tiny home communities for the homeless.

Celina Montoya
Texas House of Representatives, District 121

Celina was raised by a strong single mother who raised her and her six brothers and sisters in the heart of San Antonio, in House District 121. This is the same district where she is raising her two children and running for office today. Because of her mother’s hard work and sacrifice, Celina got her fair shot: she graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Journalism and became a reporter for Texas Public Radio. Her work led her to establish a nonprofit focused on literacy and education. She currently works for her family-owned small business.

Xochil Peña Rodriguez
Texas State Senate, District 19

Xochil is running for Texas Senate to ensure everyone has access to opportunity by investing in education and has access to affordable quality healthcare and internet. She has been an attorney for over 10 years. She worked as Associate Counsel for UTSA and as Assistant City Attorney for San Antonio writing policy, analyzing legislations, and negotiating and drafting contracts. Xochil earned a J.D. from The University of Texas School of Law and a B.A. from Rice University. She is married to a public school teacher and together they have one daughter. She would be the first Latina to represent this district.

Lindsay Poisel
Canyon Lake Commission County Commissioner, Precinct 1

Lindsay has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Texas State University, and is an award-winning executive recruiter, currently working with the leading national litigation and economic firms. As an experienced negotiator, Lindsay interacts and communicates with various government agencies, including the International Monetary Fund, Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, and the State Department on behalf of her clients. Lindsay resides in Canyon Lake with her husband, Casey, and her 15-year-old daughter, Elyse.

Stephenie “Fe” Mischo
Island County Commission, District 2

Fe is running for Island County Commissioner because over the past five years she has focused her efforts on those most vulnerable and yet has not seen change for the homeless, the elderly, children, and those affected by family violence. Her county has a housing crisis, childcare dessert and lack of renewable resources. Fe has advocated at the local, state and national level on behalf of Save the Children Action Network, Mom’s Rising, Childcare Aware, Indivisible Whidbey and more. She is a voice for those who are underrepresented. Fe envisions a bright future for her county, where community and government are inclusive, effective and benefit them all. She will invest in their residents, their environment, and their community, striving to create and sustain workforce housing, develop and implement sources of renewable energy, build a community center, and offer wrap around services for those struggling with mental and behavioral health.

Colton Myers
Washington House of Representatives, District 35

Colton Myers is running to be the next Washington State Representative of LD 35 because his district has fallen behind by every metric, including disparities in healthcare access and outcomes, a lack of livable wage jobs, and basic access to broadband. Families and business are hurting, while young people are routinely growing up in poverty, and leaving our community altogether because they don’t see a place for themselves to succeed. Current elected leadership has taken the 35th district for granted, and failed to deliver the opportunities and investments needed to help families thrive. Families are tired of partisan soundbites; they are wanting solutions.As a health policy analyst working for the State of Washington and 3rd generation resident of the district, Colton will be a strong voice for improving our healthcare delivery system, and creating jobs in the aftermath of COVID-19. He will fight for the education our kids deserve, the broadband infrastructure that is more critical than ever, address the urgency of climate change, and — as a young, queer individual who grew up feeling like he didn’t have a belonging in this community — Colton will fight to ensure everyone has a chance to be seen, heard, and succeed.

Heather Driscoll
Wisconsin State Assembly, District 76

Heather is running for State Assembly to take on those who are currently doing so much harm to people across Wisconsin. She will use her position in a safe progressive seat to help flip seats to blue in other parts of the state and to give some balance to the legislature. Heather has been a leader in her community, working in the Capitol, with the school board, with her neighborhood association, with the city council, and with advocacy groups on environmental, equity, and gun violence prevention issues. As a local Legislative Lead for Moms Demand Action she has fought against bad gun legislation in Wisconsin and advocated tirelessly for common-sense gun laws that, if enacted, would save lives. Heather has also used her own personal story to advocate for access to healthcare and for survivors of sexual assault. She lives in Madison, WI with her husband and two children.

Nada Elmikashfi
Wisconsin State Senate, District 26

Nada is a longtime resident of Madison, WI, whose candidacy is about progressive change that picks up every member of the working-class and brings their interests to the forefront of Wisconsin’s legislative agenda. As an immigrant, a black Muslim womxn, and a young person, Nada knows first-hand the necessity of true social, political, and economic reform.

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Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help?