Run for Something Celebrates 1000 Endorsed Candidates

In the midst of a pandemic that has laid bare the need for committed and coordinated leaders in our country, Run for Something (RFS) is proud to endorse 81 new candidates running for state and local office in 2020.

This new crop of emerging leaders brings us to the major milestone of 1056 candidates endorsed overall, which we celebrated in this new video!

In fact, the story of RFS is one of taking action at a moment of national anxiety. Amanda Litman and Ross Morales Rocketto launched RFS on Trump’s inauguration date after reflecting on what our country needed upon Hillary Clinton’s staggering defeat. They began with a simple premise: help young diverse progressives run for down-ballot races to build a bench for the future. With more than 1000 endorsed candidates, RFS is doing exactly that — investing in a future where new leaders will take on the new challenges of our time.

Last week, we released our COVID-19 candidate support kit to help candidates navigate building their campaigns from home, and are continually updating it with new resources. We’re so proud to be able to support candidates even in these challenging times.



Jevin Hodge
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 1

Jevin Hodge was born and raised in Tempe, AZ, and has a degree in Public Policy from George Washington University. Jevin spent the last three years traveling across the state as Vice Chairman of the Arizona Democratic Party, mobilizing people civically and learning about the issues that matter most to Arizonans. Professionally, he is a national engagement director for LINK Strategic Partners, a social impact firm focusing on strategic communications and stakeholder engagement. Deeply involved in his community, he serves as the Chair of the Booker T. Washington Child Development Center, is the past President of the Tempe Union High Schools Education Foundation, Arizona statewide advisory board member for the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, and sits on the board of several other non-profit institutions around Arizona.

Armando Montero
Tempe Union High School District #213

Armando is a student at Arizona State University and running for the Tempe Union High School District Governing Board where he recently graduated. After getting involved as a mental health advocate, Armando is running give students and young people a voice as well as focus on suicide prevention, school equity, campus safety, and supporting educators. As a recent graduate, he is ready to bring a unique perspective to the issues that affect Tempe Union families. Armando is the Director of ASU Affairs with the Arizona Students’ Association and has worked as an organizer with March for Our Lives and the Arizona AFL-CIO.


Elisha Crader
Hayward City Council, At Large

Elisha Crader is a tenants’ rights paralegal and advocate fighting for housing justice in the East Bay. She was born and raised in Hayward and is running for City Council because Hayward residents need representatives who put community interests above corporate interests. Elisha is currently challenging incumbent candidates who have held their seats for up to ten years and continuously accepted donations from corporate realtors. Elisha is ready to disrupt the status quo and fight for justice on ALL fronts in her community.

Lacei Amodei
Hayward City Council, At Large

Lacei is a housing rights advocate, a community organizer, a Hayward renter, a mother, and an aspiring public interest attorney. She has been advocating for working families in Hayward in the streets and in City Council chambers. She is running to continue championing working families as a Hayward City Councilwoman.

Sergio Lopez
Campbell City Council, District 2

Sergio Lopez is a community leader who believes in working to ensure local government is accountable and that everyone has a voice in democracy. He is the son of immigrants and was the first in his family to attend college, graduating from Yale University. He has worked at all levels of government, from local politics to the White House, with a proven track record of designing and implementing public policy solutions. A proud California and Campbell resident, he runs marathons and trains along the Los Gatos-Campbell Creek Trail with his rescue dog Pecos.


Jennifer Mitkowski
Colorado State House of Representatives, District 43

Jennifer is running for State Representative in Highlands Ranch because she is passionate about the community and passionate about being a voice for the community. She is a Physician Assistant who has worked in Family Practice for over a decade and is committed to providing affordable and accessible healthcare, including mental health, to everyone. She is also a mom of two and is committed to increasing the funding to our public schools.


Rony Baltazar-Lopez
Milford School District Board of Education

Rony is running for Milford School Board because he believes that our public education system should work for all of us, not just for those who are well-connected. Rony was appointed to the Milford School Board in 2019 and became the first Latino to sit on the board. Rony has worked with students of different socioeconomic backgrounds and has two younger brothers in the school district. As the first high school and college graduate in his family, Rony has experienced first-hand how the school system has failed students and he wants to fix it.

Sarah Fulton
Red Clay School Board, Nominating District B

Sarah is a candidate for Red Clay School Board in Wilmington, Delaware. She’s a product of a K-12 public education, the daughter and granddaughter of teachers, and a proud resident of the City of Wilmington, where she has lived since graduating from what’s now known as the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Delaware.From her time working as a Legislative Aide in the Delaware General Assembly to her current role as Director of Development for a local nonprofit, she has worked closely with many of Delaware’s leaders and community advocates to bring about change.

Sarah McBride
Delaware State Senate, District 1

Sarah McBride is running to be Delaware’s next Senator from the First State Senate District, where she was raised. She has been involved in progressive and community advocacy for most of her life, including working for former Governor Jack Markell, Attorney General Beau Biden, and in the Obama White House. Sarah currently serves as a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ advocacy organization. She’s spent her life fighting for dignity, equality, and a level playing field for everyone — and now she’s taking that fight to legislative hall.

Kyle Gay
Delaware State Senate, District 5

Kyle Evans Gay is a mom, an attorney, and a community advocate who is running for Delaware State Senate to support families and seniors by investing in education, controlling healthcare costs, and protecting our environment. After graduating from Brown University, she attended Boston University School of Law. She first worked as a prosecutor, and then clerked before entering private practice, where she now represents clients in Delaware’s business courts. Kyle has dedicated countless hours to Delaware nonprofits and has served on Delaware’s Public Integrity Commission. She represents children in foster care pro bono.


Amanda V. Linton
Florida State Senate, District 21

Amanda is a public school teacher running for Florida’s 21st State Senate District. As an educator and mother, she feels called to serve her community on a larger scale through fighting for public schools, protection for our environment, and healthcare for all.

Joe Kimok
Broward County State Attorney

Joe is running for Broward County State Attorney to dismantle mass incarceration and build a new criminal justice system that works for all, not just the privileged few. He’s a husband, a father, and a criminal defense lawyer for the poor on the front lines in the battle against mass incarceration. Joe is a former high school English teacher and is now President of the Broward Criminal Defense Bar. He is running a progressive campaign for State Attorney to end cash bail, the war on drugs, and the school to prison pipeline and to bring true justice to the justice system.

Ricky Junquera
Florida State House of Representatives, District 118

Ricky Junquera is the Regional Press Secretary for Sierra Club. He is also a proud Cuban American son and community activist. Throughout his career, Ricky has worked tirelessly to improve the community in which he was born. He is running for better health outcomes for his mother, and better economic outcomes for his working class community. Ricky considers himself blessed to have been raised in Southwest Miami-Dade and be running to represent the people he has spent his whole life looking up to. He often says, “we are our parents’ American Dream, but the American Dream is getting harder to achieve. That needs to change.”

Ben Marcus
Florida State House of Representatives, District 16

Ben Marcus is a small business owner and graduate of Jacksonville University. He lives in the Sunbeam neighborhood of Jacksonville with his wife and three children where they attend Ahavath Chesed (The Temple). Ben believes in the power of community to solve its issues and that legislators should work collaboratively with, not act to subvert, local elected bodies. He doesn’t take money from businesses or PACs, nor does he have a political committee.

Jennifer Jenkins
Brevard County Public School Board, District 3

Jennifer Jenkins is a candidate for Brevard Public Schools Board, District 3.An educator, wife to a teacher, and mother to the next generation of students — Jennifer is invested in the success of public education professionally and personally. She currently serves Brevard Public Schools as a Speech Language Pathologist with Pre-K Exceptional Student Education Services. She works additionally with a government agency, servicing children under the age of three who have or are at risk for developmental disabilities or delays. Jennifer will fight to ensure our students are safe with proven security strategies, work with Space Coast industries to develop a talent pipeline for our students to enter a competitive workforce, and adjust budget priorities to ensure retention and recruitment of quality educators.

Jessica Harrington
Florida State House of Representatives, District 64

Jessica Harrington is proud public school teacher and union member running for State Representative in Florida’s 64th District.For years, Jessica has been a fierce advocate in her community for public education, the environment, equality, and justice. For far too long, Tallahassee has been run by a network of politicians that are funded by corporate donors and lobbyists. Many lawmakers in Tallahassee do not represent hard working Floridians. That’s about to change. Every day, Jessica works in her classroom to educate the next generation of leaders, and now it’s time to educate our lawmakers by sending a teacher to Tallahassee.

Chad Klitzman
Broward County Supervisor of Elections

Chad Klitzman, a Broward County native, is an attorney and screenwriter (“Candy Jar” on Netflix) who served in the Office of Management and Administration in the Obama White House and graduated with honors from both the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia Law School. Chad stepped away from his position at one of the world’s best law firms to come home and run for office. Chad intends to modernize and restore integrity to the Broward County elections operation, and he started his campaign by personally driving 4,000 miles to visit every elections office in Florida to find best practices to bring back home.


Justin Holsomback
Fulton County Commission, District 2

Justin is heavily involved with community organizing and works as an IT Technical Recruiter for a certified woman-owned business in Sandy Springs.He currently serves as Secretary for the Democratic Party of Georgia, Vice Chair of the Judicial Council for the Young Democrats of America, and the National Committeeman for the Young Democrats of Georgia. He is also the former Finance Director for the Young Democrats of America. In his free time, Justin trains for competitive CrossFit six days a week and helps organize youth-focused activism.

Julia Hurtado
Cobb County Board of Education, Post 5

Julia Hurtado is a neurologic physical therapist who is eager to advocate for Cobb County students with the same devotion she brings to her patients. Dr. Hurtado is running for School Board to ensure that every student has access to quality education regardless of sociocultural barriers or learning abilities, and that every teacher has the resources needed to lead students to success. After learning of barriers to equity and transparency within the current Board, Dr. Hurtado decided to step up to champion these issues in order to unite rather than divide, and to build a coalition of community through education.

Dr. Kelly Johnson
Georgia State Senate, District 35

Dr. Kelly Johnson is running to represent Georgia’s 35th State Senate District. As a Navy Vet and PhD, Kelly has always had a passion for advocacy, policy, and community service.

He chose to run because he cares about protecting a person’s right to choose their own path and to provide an example to the next generation. Outcomes like action to combat climate change, legalized cannabis, free school lunch, and the addition of financial literacy to the school curriculum are goals of his tenure in the State Senate. Kelly has been married for 10 years.

Matielyn Jones
Georgia State Senate, District 45

Matielyn is running for State Senate because she wants to see more compassion in politics. As a wife, mother, millennial, and woman of faith, she is deeply committed to using her gifts and talents in service to her community. A native of New Orleans, LA, Matielyn graduated from Georgia State University with degrees in Political Science and Social Foundations of Education. In 2008, Matielyn became a Field Organizer for President Obama’s campaign in North Carolina. Following the historic win, she moved to Virginia, then Ohio, where she worked in education and ministry over the years.


Jackie Gunderson
McLean County Board, District 9

Jackie Gunderson believes community is the most important resource we have, and that is why she is running for McLean County Board in District 9. Jackie has called McLean County her home for the last 10 years, and she is actively dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive community, where everyone feels represented. Collaborating with compassionate individuals to lift up the most vulnerable citizens in McLean County is her purpose. She possesses the commitment, motivation, creativity, and leadership skills needed to be a voice for McLean County residents. She is committed to community, and dedicated to progress.


Mitch Gore
Indiana State House of Representatives, District 89

After spending his entire life on Indianapolis’ East and Southeast sides, Mitch Gore is a recognized community advocate, small business operator, and public safety professional. Mitch worked hard to keep his family’s restaurant afloat during the Great Recession while also attending the University of Indianapolis and marrying his wonderful wife, Brittany. That experience led to a successful career with the City of Indianapolis focused on expanding community services and bringing slumlords to justice. Now, a Captain with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Mitch fights every day to keep our neighborhoods safe and to meaningfully reform our broken criminal justice system.

Amanda Qualls
Indiana State House of Representatives, District 49

Amanda Qualls is running for Indiana State House because it is time for new perspectives and new solutions to challenges at the statehouse. Amanda has worked in mission-driven organizations throughout her career. Most recently, she served as Human Resources Director for Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign. Prior to joining Pete for America, Amanda was the Director of Human Resources at Ballotpedia, a nonprofit organization that strives to connect people to politics.Amanda is currently an at large member of the Goshen Community Schools Board of Education. Amanda is passionate about public education, the environment, and access to healthcare for all Hoosiers.


Vivian Webster
Mansfield (MA) School Committee

Vivian is a social worker, mother of two and a local leader. She is founder and director of a non-profit catering to at risk families running for Mansfield School Committee. Upon graduating with a degree in Business Marketing, she worked as a market research director until she ultimately realized she did not have the greatest work/life balance. Putting family first, Vivian made a career change dedicating her time to those who needed a hand up in life.

Vivian offers a unique perspective on the strengths and weaknesses on how the district helps the neediest kids as a parent of students that have used special education services and as a woman of color who went through the METCO program.

Josh Mason
Massachusetts State House of Representatives, First Barnstable

Youth retention and building a sustainable year round economy is very personal for Josh. Josh has been a tireless advocate for curtailing the decline of the youth population on Cape Cod and creating year round opportunities in a tourist based economy.

Through his work as a Democratic Committee Chairman, local committees, and as a candidate, Josh has developed an intimate understanding of the challenges that young people and families encounter everyday in Cape Cod’s seasonal economy, especially in regards to affordable housing. Josh continues to fight for his community’s public schools, families, and all full time residents that have been left behind.


Dalbin Osorio
Montgomery County Board of Education, At-Large

Dalbin is a former teacher, current Maryland Education Policy Fellow, and current Program Manager running for Montgomery County Board of Education’s soon-to-be vacant At-Large seat.Dalbin is running to close the opportunity gap, recruit and retain quality teachers, partner with the school system to develop culturally-competent curriculum, and implement culturally-relevant instruction. These priorities are set to be tackled under the Three C’s: career, college, and community. Dalbin wants to utilize policy to ensure that each student and family is as successful as they can be within those three pillars. Dalbin’s experience as a ELA and math teacher and school social worker gives him the in-school experience to intimately understand the challenges our schools face. Dalbin’s experience as a Preventive and Foster Care Social Worker has given him the opportunity to hear firsthand from families what their issues within the school system is. Finally, Dalbin’s experience as a Program Manager working on policy has given him the chance to take that knowledge and work on policy that helps these same communities thrive.

Erin Lorenz
Anne Arundel County Board of Education, District 6

Erin is a public school teacher who believes it is time for someone directly from the classroom to have a voice in the Board of Education. She has been teaching English and Theater for the past 13 years while serving as the drama program director. She earned a B.S. in English/Secondary Education from Towson University and went on to complete a Master of Arts in Theatre Education from the Catholic University of America. Active in her teachers’ association, she has advocated at the local and state level for increased education funding after years of shortages.

Dave Heilker
Baltimore City Council, District 12

Dave Heilker has lived in Baltimore City for almost his whole life; it is where he was adopted at four months old. Dave is a community organizer who specializes in digital engagement and communications, and has organized with Baltimoreans for Educational Equity (BEE), Strong Schools Maryland, The Baltimore DSA, and Baltimore vs Everybody. He is a Democrat running for Baltimore City Council, District 12, because he believes that no one we love should have to suffer so that giant institutions can profit. If we start from the bottom and build up, we’ll have a healthier, more equitable city for all.

Phillip Westry
Baltimore City Council, District 12

Phillip is deeply connected to the day-to-day struggles faced by his community. He is a public interest attorney, that has dedicated his career to providing legal assistance to Baltimore City residents facing foreclosure, eviction and consumer debt collection. Before practicing law, he managed youth mentoring and internship programs. Phillip seeks to further equality and economic justice in his City Council District by championing equitable housing development, a fair and living wage, and targeted community-based investment. Phillip and his husband Mike live in the Greenmount West neighborhood in East Baltimore.


Chloe Maxmin
Maine State Senate, District 13

Chloe is running for Maine State Senate in the oldest and most rural county in the oldest and most rural state in the US against the highest ranking Republican in Maine. Chloe’s campaign is about paving a new path for rural politics that brings us together and lasts beyond Election Day.

Her campaign is not about Party. It’s about values: respect, listening, inclusivity, and fighting for each other. It’s also about modeling a new kind of politics that is responsive and transparent, that prioritizes community, and can be held accountable by the people. She is currently a Maine State House Representative, elected in 2018 and was an endorsed Run for Something candidate.


Chokwe Pitchford
Michigan State House of Representatives, District 79

Chokwe is a Michigan native, and a first generation college student. He is running for Michigan’s House of Representatives because he believes this community needs someone who can bring people together; Democrat or Republican from one side of the bridge to the other we need someone who can literally bridge these divides.

Ethan Petzold
Michigan State House of Representatives, District 21

Ethan Petzold is a lifelong Michigander, community organizer, and nonprofit professional running to represent his hometown in the Michigan State House. Raised in a middle class household that lived paycheck to paycheck and the product of public schools, Ethan will be a fierce advocate for public education, lowering the cost of prescription drugs and expanding healthcare, creative solutions to fixing Michigan’s roads, and championing policies that lift up working families in Lansing.

Ranjeev Puri
Michigan State House of Representatives, District 21

Ranjeev Puri started his journey in activism and organizing working under President Barack Obama. He has since championed a wide range of causes, and fought tirelessly for equality, equity, and inclusion in Michigan. Ranjeev’s professional background includes an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and currently he is working in the automotive industry to help craft innovative solutions to prepare Michigan’s economy for the future. As a husband, father, son of immigrants, and a millennial, he is running for State Representative in Michigan to bring missing perspectives to the table and push for urgent solutions to the many challenges facing all Michigan families.

Megan McAllister
Michigan State House of Representatives, District 38

Megan McAllister is dedicated to putting people first in politics. She is running to bring a different background and fresh perspective to Michigan’s House District 38. As a graduate from Michigan State University during the recession, she committed to her home state by putting down roots and starting a family of her own. Megan is connecting across her diverse community through her experiences from retail to business leadership to mental health training. Megan is looking to make history in her district as the first Democrat, Millennial, and Latinx person to win this seat.


Hoang Murphy
Minnesota State House of Representatives, District 67A

Hoang Murphy is an educator and youth advocate running for Minnesota State House of Representatives — District 67A. The child of Vietnamese refugees and a former foster care recipient, he’s committed to having all voices at the policymaking table. Hoang was raised in St. Paul’s Eastside and Greater Minnesota, and is Founder/Executive Director of Foster Advocates. He taught high school English and coached debate, and served in the Obama Administration at the Department of Education.A first-generation college graduate, Hoang earned a B.A. in Policy Studies from Syracuse University and an M.S., Ed. from the Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Jess Garcia
Rochester (MN) School Board Director

Dr. Jess Garcia is running for Minnesota’s Rochester Public School Board because she cares about teachers, students, staff, and community members in her district. Carrying a number of minority identities, being a union worker for the state, and receiving her doctorate in Clinical Psychology with concentrations in Forensic Psychology and Latino Mental Health, makes her uniquely positioned to aid Rochester Public Schools in addressing issues facing the district. Dr. Garcia‘s experience translates to a strong ability to support increasing mental health access in schools, promoting diversity and equity throughout the education experience, and improving physical and cyber security capabilities within the district.


Emily Weber
Missouri State House of Representatives, District 24

Emily is running for MO State Representative, District 24 because she is ready to be the voice our community needs. Emily’s activism and experience promoting women in politics and volunteering for organizations like Planned Parenthood, Climate Action KC, and Moms Demand Action has prepared her to be that voice.The time Emily has spent connecting with voters has taught her a lot about the values we share as a community and the importance of listening to our neighbors. Emily will be working to create a shared vision for Missouri.


Alice Buckley
Montana State House of Representatives, District 63

Alice is running to serve in the Montana Legislature to represent and support Bozeman’s working families and young people. She wants to have a seat at the table in building a future for her community that is resilient, livable, and equitable. Montanans should have access to trails and clean rivers, high-quality public education, affordable housing options, healthcare available to everyone, jobs that pay a living wage, and a strong community spirit and commitment to each other.

Danny Tenenbaum
Montana State House of Representatives, District 95

Danny Tenenbaum is a Missoula public defender running to represent House District 95 in the Montana State Legislature. In his day job, Danny zealously advocates on behalf of working-class Montanans in front of the Montana Supreme Court. Danny is running to bring that same fight to the legislature where he aims to the playing field for Montanans, to ensure that everyone has equal access to housing, health care, education, clean air and water, and a job that pays a living wage.

North Carolina

Sarah Crawford
North Carolina State Senate, District 18

Sarah was raised in Eastern Wake County. After attending NC State University, she has dedicated her career to serving the people of Wake and Franklin Counties through her work in nonprofits. Sarah currently serves at Single Stop, helping families by connecting them to existing resources that help put them on a path to economic stability and prosperity. She serves on the Leadership team at her church and on the Board of Directors Safe Space in Louisburg, working to reduce relationship violence and sexual assault. Sarah and her husband Dan have two daughters, Emily (11) and Abby (9), and four dogs.

Ricky Hurtado
North Carolina State House of Representatives, District 63

Ricky, the son of working-class immigrants, grew up in rural North Carolina and is a product of public schools. As a first-generation college student, he was a Morehead-Cain Scholar at UNC-Chapel Hill and a graduate student at Princeton University. During his educational journey, Ricky found his passion for public service and focused on creating effective public policy to fight poverty and inequality and build strong, vibrant communities. Currently, Ricky is an Instructor at UNC Chapel Hill and the Co-Executive Director of an education initiative supporting first-generation college students break down barriers to educational opportunity.

Liz Ponder
Carteret County (NC) Board of Commissioners, District 5

Liz is running for Carteret County Board of Commissioners to tackle the problems which have plagued the county for too long. Liz is an attorney who advocates tirelessly for her clients; as Commissioner, she will bring the same tireless advocacy to represent county residents. In her free time, Liz volunteers with the Carteret Long Term Recovery Alliance as Vice Chair and Chairman of the Housing Committee. She is also the Treasurer for the local middle school PTO. Liz is a proven leader in the community, a mother to two beautiful children, and wife to a U.S. Army veteran.

Aimy Steele
North Carolina State House of Representatives, District 82

Aimy Steele’s long-standing passion for helping others began with a career as a teacher, and more recently, a school principal. In those roles, she saw the inequities that North Carolina children face every day and knew that there was more she could do to ensure that every

child receives a world-class education. For Aimy, her decision to run for NC House of Representatives, District 82 came when politicians in Raleigh passed a law requiring smaller class sizes but provided no additional resources to fulfill the requirement.

Dayson Pasión
Alamance-Burlington (NC) Board of Education

Dayson Pasion is running for Alamance-Burlington Board of Education in Alamance County, NC. He is a proud alum of Alamance-Burlington schools, a former Alamance-Burlington educator, and currently an educator in the Office of Equity and Inclusion in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. Dayson’s perspective and experience will bring a fresh voice to the Alamance-Burlington Board of Education. He has successfully advocated for students, educators, and families in the Alamance County community and will continue to fight for them to ensure that all students and families have the opportunities needed to succeed.

North Dakota

Tim Hoye
West Fargo City Commission

Tim is running for City Commissioner because he believes he believes in fighting for all citizens and improve the lives of all citizens. Housing, climate change, and parks are a few things that the city can fight for for all citizens of West Fargo.


Allison Heimes
Nebraska State Legislature, District 39

Allison Heimes is running for State Legislature out of district 39 in Nebraska, including Waterloo, Valley, Elkhorn, and part of the Millard area. Allison passionately advocates for public education, mental health reform, and family focused legislation such as parental leave and childcare tax credits. Allison is an immigration and criminal attorney out of the Omaha area, a military spouse, and a mother of 2 young boys.

Terrell McKinney
Nebraska State Legislature, District 11

Terrell McKinney, MBA, is a father, community organizer, activist, and wrestling coach within the North Omaha community. He is a candidate for the Nebraska State Legislature in District 11.

Prior to running, he worked as a community organizer focusing on food insecurity and Medicaid expansion. Once elected Terrell will focus on economic equity and opportunity, criminal justice reform, education, healthcare access, and constant community engagement. Terrell holds a Bachelor of Science in Sport Business Management from Maryville University St Louis, Masters in Business Administration from Midland University, and is currently a law student at Creighton University School of Law.

New Hampshire

Becky Whitley
New Hampshire State Senate, District 15

Becky is running for New Hampshire Senate because she wants to be a voice for all Granite Staters. Becky received a Bachelor of Business Administration from The George Washington University and a J.D. from Vermont Law School. After graduating from law school, Becky worked at the Disability Rights Center — NH (DRC) as a staff attorney, representing individuals navigating New Hampshire’s complicated service delivery system.

During her time at DRC, Becky had a particular specialty and interest in children’s issues and Medicaid policy — working with children and families involved in multiple systems. She worked on issues such as access to appropriate medical, special education, and other community-based services and developed a profound understanding of the programs and services available to New Hampshire children and families — as well as the significant system barriers and gaps.

Becky currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the Rudman Center for Justice, Leadership and Public Service, and is a member of the Christian Education Board at the First Congregational Church of Hopkinton, NH. She formerly served as the Secretary of the Hopkinton Recycling Committee. After many years of living in Concord, Becky now lives in Hopkinton with her husband Steven and their 6 year old son.

Kelly Boyer
New Hampshire’s Executive Council, District 4

Kelly is running for Executive Council in New Hampshire’s 4th district because she knows that serving the community means being a voice for all. District 4 deserves an Executive Councilor who knows the needs of small towns like Goffstown and Barrington, as well as someone who has deep knowledge of the complexities of cities like Manchester. District 4 deserves a leader who knows the future of New Hampshire belongs to the people.

Allison Nutting-Wong
New Hampshire State House or Representatives, Hillsborough 32

Allison Nutting-Wong is a lifetime Nashua resident, dedicated to making her hometown a great place. She cares about education, healthcare, and the rights of others. Allison supports our public schools and rail to Boston. Her bachelor’s degree in Political Science comes from Russell Sage College, and she runs a small machine shop in downtown Nashua. Allison has a strong voting record of supporting women’s and LGBT rights and hopes to make Nashua and the State of New Hampshire a welcoming community. She was first elected to this seat in 2018 as an endorsed Run for Something candidate.

New York

Sandy Nurse
New York City Council, District 37

Sandy is a carpenter and community organizer running for New York City Council, District 37. Sandy is an Afro-Latina, born in Panama to an immigrant father and raised by a single mother. She comes from a multicultural family with siblings who were born and raised in Puerto Rico. She is a proud Auntie to 10 nieces and nephews.Sandy is the founder of BK ROT, a co-founder of the Mayday Space, a direct action organizer, and a carpenter. She has spent nearly a decade working to create the alternative institutions we need for positive social change while confronting power. As your City Councilmember, she will fight to keep people in their homes, create protections for our immigrant neighbors, and help build a healthy, sustainable future.

Jason Klimek
New York State Senate, District 59

Jason was born and raised in Rochester, NY, where he and his wife currently reside. He is currently a corporate and tax attorney working with startup and small companies helping them navigate legal requirements and tax planning.

Michelle Hinchey
New York State Senate, District 46

Michelle was raised in Saugerties, NY, and is a graduate of The Industrial and Labor Relations School at Cornell University. She’s running to be part of a new generation of leadership and an advocate for Upstate New Yorkers. Her father, the late Congressman Maurice D. Hinchey, championed working people and the environment, and instilled in her that there’s no higher calling than public service.Her experience seeing the challenges of our healthcare system, after taking care of her father, showed her that too many people are struggling to access the care they need. She’s experienced friends unable to find good-paying jobs locally, while her retired neighbors struggle to afford to stay in their homes.

Samra Brouk
New York State Senate, District 55

Samra’s dedication to public service led her to join the Peace Corps, help local governments implement recycling education efforts, start a company to improve services for seniors, and address inequalities in the public school system through her non-profit work. Samra will use these experiences and her zeal for progress to earn the voters’ support and serve as the first woman to hold the seat in over twenty years.


A.J. Harris
Ohio State House of Representatives, District 36

A.J. is running for State Representative to change the pace in Columbus. Growing up in public housing, the son of a teacher and a manufacturer, he witnessed how addiction can tear people apart and experienced how a good education and job can lift up families like his. It’s this lived experience, and his work as a substitute teacher and job developer, that’s prepared A.J. to be a fighter for everyday Ohioans. Whether it’s reforming Ohio’s flawed school voucher program, expanding opiate treatment statewide, or passing common sense gun reform, A.J. knows the change Ohio needs because he’s lived it.

Robb Koons
Marion County (OH) Common Pleas Court Clerk

Robb Koons is running for Clerk of the Marion County Common Pleas Court. He holds a BS in business administration with a concentration in HR management. Robb is a lifelong resident of Marion and has given countless hours to local non-profit groups serving on boards and as a volunteer. He is passionate about his community and its success.

Robb is the right choice to fix the lack of direction and poor leadership that has plagued the Clerk’s office for decades. Robb will make it the most efficient, fiscally responsible, and customer service driven office in the county.

Chris Stanley
Ohio House of Representatives, District 59

Chris is a husband, father, educator, and author. He graduated from Ohio Dominican University with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Studies Education and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, which he uses on a daily basis in his job as a 7th and 8th grade social studies teacher for Youngstown City Schools. Chris has an exciting vision for the 59th Ohio House District that includes improving public education, attracting new businesses and good-paying jobs, and making sure our local governments have the resources needed to provide vital services and keep our families and neighborhoods safe.

Rachael Morocco
Ohio State House of Representatives, District 67

Rachael Morocco is running for state representative of Ohio House District 67. She is a physician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and professor at The Ohio State University. She is a hard-working, practical professional who knows how to work with people who bring different beliefs and backgrounds to the table. She believes in bringing honesty and integrity back to the government. Her legislative agenda includes working for stronger schools and better school funding, more affordable college and job training, lower health care costs and better access to care, and reduced risk of gun violence in our schools and communities.


Summer Wesley
Oklahoma State House of Representatives, District 100

Summer is running for State Representative because Oklahoma needs leaders with the right knowledge and expertise to move us forward. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma School of Law and has years of experience as a social worker and community advocate, helping the most vulnerable Oklahomans navigate hardship to take control of their lives. Currently, Oklahoma is at the top of all the lists that no state wants to be on. Our schools are failing, staggering numbers of our citizens are suffering without healthcare, incarceration rates are alarming, and our infrastructure is literally crumbling. We need leaders, like Summer, that understand law and policy, and how they directly affect each of our lives. It’s time we stop make the people our priority and build a brighter future for Oklahoma, together.


Tim Morris
Eugene City Council, Ward 1

Tim is an LGBT Millennial community activist who is running for office because he believes it is time for dynamic and bold change in Eugene. Tim is a founding member of two local non-profits, Our Revolution Lane County and the Springfield Eugene Tenant Association and works at an alcohol and drug recovery center, which gives him valuable perspectives that are missing on our current city council. Tim believes it is time we take control of our future — “build more walkable neighborhoods, focus on addressing climate change with bold radical changes, and to work together as a community on solutions to getting people off the street and into shelter. “


Michael Blichar Jr
Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, District 187

Michael Blichar is a young candidate running for state representative in Pennsylvania House District 187. He is running to bring back transparency and accountability to the state legislature. Michael is a proud resident of Kutztown, PA, and has a record of fighting for the people of his community as well as advocating for the issues that matter to them most. In the past, he has served on the Kutztown University Council of Trustees and worked with the Obama White House on the It’s On Us sexual violence prevention campaign. Currently, Michael serves as secretary of the Kutztown Borough Planning Commission and is a member of the Berks County Democratic Committee. Michael had the privilege of serving as the candidate for State Representative in 2018 (and endorsed by Run for Something), however the fight to restore the peoples’ voice did not end there. He believes that the most important stakeholder in government is you, and he will fight to put the people of his district first.

Shanna Danielson
Pennsylvania State Senate, District 31

Shanna is a public school music teacher, a mother, and a community advocate running for Pennsylvania State Senate, District 31. Shanna believes we need leaders with real lived experiences like those of the people of this district- leaders who will take on the underfunding of public education, unaffordable healthcare, the student debt crisis, and our looming environmental catastrophe, with bold legislation and a clear vision. Shanna ran for State House in 2018 as a Run for Something endorsed candidate, is a founding member of her local democratic club, serves on the State Democratic Committee, is an Emerge PA graduate, and is ready to serve on Day 1!

John Padora
Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 37

John is a husband, father of three, a manufacturing engineer & environmental scientist. He is running for the State House seat in HD-37 (Northern Lancaster County) because his life experiences have inspired him to want to give back to his community. John is a formerly incarcerated opioid addict in long term recovery he and now uses his hardships as a means to inspire those still suffering from substance abuse disorder. John will fight for the treatment of addiction as a public health crisis, advocate for clean air water & soil, alternative energy, marijuana legalization, livable wages, affordable healthcare & will help root out corruption in Harrisburg.

Nick Pisciottano
Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, District 38

Nick is running for the Pennsylvania State House because he understands the common values that are important to working families: dedication, hard work, and service to the community. His campaign is about a vision for the next generation of the Southwestern Pennsylvania that is forward-looking and seeks to identify how we can all work together to improve the places we call home.

Brittney Rodas
Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, District 105

Brittney Rodas is running for State Representative for the 105th Legislative District in Pennsylvania which includes Lower Paxton, South Hanover and West Hanover. Prior to announcing her candidacy, Brittney worked at the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as a policy and research analyst where she was responsible for legislative drafting, analyzing policy and serving constituents and stakeholders from across the Commonwealth. While at the Capitol, Brittney focused on a wide range of policy issues including health and human services and liquor control.

Brittney graduated from Penn State University with a Master’s in Public Administration, focusing on public policy. At Penn State she also earned a graduate certificate in public sector human resources. Her undergraduate studies were in community organization and social services. After graduating from Penn State, Brittney received the Clem E. Gilpin Award for outstanding commitment to her community. In addition, Brittney is a graduate of the Robert J. Thompson Eastern Leadership Academy.

Emily Kinkead
Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, District 20

Emily Kinkead is a Pittsburgh native with a deep love of the area. Emily was first spurred to action in Democratic politics in support of LGBTQIA+ issues and has fought for equality at every level ever since. She is an attorney who has advocated for HIV+ individuals, low-income tenants, criminal defendants, and immigrants seeking asylum. She has over a decade of experience working on policy and advocacy for issues including disability rights, campaign finance reform, gerrymandering, and healthcare research. Emily believes that PA State House District 20 deserves a proactive representative who will fight for progressive policies to make our government work for working people.

Lissa Shulman
Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, District 30

Lissa Geiger Shulman is running for State Representative because she believes Harrisburg isn’t working for working families. As a former teacher, early education advocate, and young mother, Lissa is putting forth bold solutions to the problems working families face every day, with a focus on making healthcare more affordable and accessible, investing in our public education, and creating family-sustaining union jobs. Lissa is running in PA HD-30, just outside of Pittsburgh, which is a top target seat to flip the Pennsylvania State House.

Bernard A. Williams
Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, District 198

Bernard A. Williams grew up in the lower Northwest section of Philadelphia. After matriculating through Cheltenham and Philadelphia public schools, he decided to stay in Philadelphia to attend college, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Currently, Mr. Williams is a payroll consultant for Robert Half International, and serves on the 39th Police District Advisory Council. He also serves as the chairperson for the Youth Aid Panel which is a diversion program at the District Attorney’s Office. Through his knowledge of public policy, public relations, and community event organizing, he decided to run for Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, District 198 in 2018. Although he was not successful, Bernard continues his work in the district since 2018 and is running again in 2020. He believes we need someone in Harrisburg to advocate for education, social justice, and economic development, and that will fight for the issues of the new generation as well as older citizens.

Amanda Cappelletti
Pennsylvania State Senate, District 17

Amanda Cappelletti is an attorney with has a Master’s in Public Health serving as the Vice Chair of the East Norriton Board of Supervisors. She has experience in Harrisburg with organizations like the ACLU of Pennsylvania and Planned Parenthood. After law school, Amanda was accepted into the inaugural William Penn Fellowship Program through the Governor’s Office. Now she’s running for State Senate, District 17, because the incumbent is ineffective. The district deserves a Senator who will push for progressive values, and work with their colleagues to achieve those goals. Amanda will bring back dignity and respect to the office.

Tara Shakespeare
Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, District 88

Tara is running for Pennsylvania State House because she believes that we need more elected officials who understand the struggles of everyday people and are committed to standing up for us, rather than talking down to us. Tara comes to civil service through her own struggles trying to navigate our broken healthcare system. She knows that too many people are one bad month away from losing everything. It doesn’t have to be this way. Tara will ensure that Pennsylvania residents have affordable and adequate healthcare, clean air and water as promised by the state’s constitution, and increased government transparency.

South Carolina

Hamilton Grant
Richland County (SC) Council, District 8

Hamilton Grant is running to represent the citizens of Richland County, District 8 in one of the largest counties in the State of South Carolina. Hamilton is a native of the district and earned a BA from SC State University, where he currently serves on the Board of Trustees. He then earned his MBA from Alabama A&M University and returned home to District 8.

Hamilton wants to restore the trust of the council back to the community. He is committed to improving infrastructure, lowering the number of food desserts in the county, and creating a safer community.


Christian Menefee
Harris County Attorney

Christian is an attorney and organizer running for Harris County Attorney in Houston, TX. Christian has a proven track record of fighting for everyday people, including providing legal advice to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, counseling immigrants and their family members at the local airport during Trump’s “Muslim ban,” and representing an inmate against state department of corrections officials for constitutional violations. The Harris County Attorney is the chief civil legal officer for the county — Christian plans to use this position to bring progressive change to ensure the office fights for all residents, including the marginalized.

James Talarico
Texas State House of Representatives, District 52

Elected in 2018 as a Run for Something endorsed candidate, he currently serves as the youngest member of the Texas Legislature, sitting on both the Public Education Committee and the Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee. In his first term, Rep. Talarico helped write historic school finance reform legislation that infused Texas schools with $11.6 billion in new education funding. Outside of his role as a legislator, Rep. Talarico works for MAYA Consulting, crafting and implementing education solutions across Texas.

Lorenzo Sanchez
Texas State House of Representatives, District 67

Lorenzo Sanchez is running to be the first Latino LGBTQ+ Democrat elected to represent House District 67. Lorenzo has deep roots within Plano; he attended Plano ISD schools, is a small business owner, and has family in the area. Lorenzo has always been a community organizer and leader, having received awards for philanthropy and diversity achievement. Besides his work with his community, Lorenzo is the most experienced candidate on the ballot, having worked for the City of Plano, and the City and County of Denver, which provided him with valuable insight into how local municipalities are properly run.

Clayton Tucker
Texas State Senate, District 24

Clayton Tucker is a beekeeper, educator, former water researcher, and is a progressive organizer living in rural Texas. He strives to create universal healthcare, guaranteed paid sick leave, end childhood hunger, combat the maternal mortality and suicide epidemics, and all around protect the public health and well-being of Texans.


Katy Owens
Utah State Senate, District 19

Katy lives in Summit County with her husband and two kids. She has a bachelor’s degree in international relations, a master’s degree in political science, and has been in the field of election administration for the last ten years. She has worked for the Denver Elections Division, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), The Carter Center’s Democracy Program, and now provides consulting services on election administration policy and management. Katy wants to see a better future for Utah’s kids, which includes affordable healthcare, quality education, clean air and a meaningful voice in the legislature.


Cristina Diaz-Torres
Arlington Board of Education

Cristina Diaz-Torres is an educator and community leader who believes Arlington Public Schools should be the #1 district in the commonwealth for all of its students. She started her career as a part-time preschool teacher, and then taught high school math and worked on federal education policy on Capitol Hill. Today, Cristina helps education leaders design systems that benefit students and empower educators.


Alex Joers
Dane County (WI) Supervisor, District 9

Alex is running for Dane County Board to represent the community he grew up in. Throughout his career, Alex has organized local progressive campaigns across Wisconsin and worked in the Wisconsin State Legislature. All the while, he has helped manage his family’s small business for the past fifteen years. Alex is a passionate advocate for affordable housing, economic fairness, and environmental sustainability. Alex firmly believes that everyone in deserves the opportunity to succeed in their community and hopes to help build a brighter future for all of Dane County.

Lynnsey Erickson
Oshkosh (WI) City Council

Lynnsey is running for Oshkosh City Council because too often policies are made about us without us. Lynnsey is a Community Health Strategist at the Winnebago County Health Department and also coordinates the Wisconsin Women’s Network Policy Institute.

Paul McCreary
Wisconsin State Assembly, District 82

Paul McCreary is a small business owner in Franklin, WI. He has spent most of his career in the healthcare industry, starting off as an EMT, then working as a medical device engineer, and currently consulting for medical device companies. Paul also co-owns and operates a liqueur company. Paul is running for Wisconsin Assembly to end gerrymandering, make healthcare more affordable, and support local businesses. Paul has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and completed his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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