Run for Something 2020 Election Night Results (Updated 11/10/20, 10:32 am)

With over 500 candidates, we have a lot of results coming down the pipe! All week, we’re keeping a running tab of all of our newly elected alumni. Take a look below at all of our November 3 winners (so far!)


** denotes reelection

Andrés Cano **
Arizona House, District 3

Armando Montero
Tempe Union High School District #213

Gabriella Cazáres-Kelly
Pima County Recorder

Jessica Bueno
Phoenix Elementary School Board, District 1

Matthew Taylor
Sunnyside Unified School District Governing Board

Ravi Grivois-Shah
Tucson Unified School District Governing Board

Regional “Reggie” Carrillo
Phoenix Elementary School Board, District 1

Sophia Ramirez
Creighton Governing School Board, District 14

Andrew Collins**
Arkansas House, District 35

Antwan Phillips
Little Rock Board of Directors, At-Large

Alex Lee
California Assembly, District 25

Aliya Chisti
City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees

Ariel Kelley
Healdsburg City Council

Chinua Rhodes
Sacramento Unified School District Board of Trustees, Area 5

Christy Gilbert Holstege
Palm Springs City Council, District 4

James Coleman
South San Francisco City Council, District 4

Jessie Lopez
Santa Ana City Council, Ward 3

Kevin T. Hayakawa
Walnut Valley Water District Board of Directors, Division IV

Marcus Bush
National City Council

Nithya Raman
Los Angeles City Council, District 4

Noelia Corzo
San Mateo-Foster City School District Board

Raul Campillo
San Diego City Council, District 7

Sasha Renée Pérez
Alhambra City Council, District 4

Sean Elo-Rivera**
San Diego City Council, District 9

Sergio Lopez
Campbell City Council, District 2

Terry Taplin
Berkeley City Council, District 2

Alexis King
Colorado District Attorney, Judicial District 1

Brianna Titone**
Colorado House, District 27

David Ortiz
Colorado House, District 38

Dylan Roberts**
Colorado House, District 26

Iman Jodeh
Colorado House, District 41

Jennifer Bacon
Colorado House, District 7

Lindsey Daugherty
Colorado House, District 29

Yadira Caraveo**
Colorado House, District 31

Gary Turco**
Connecticut House, District 27

Quentin “Q” Phipps**
Connecticut House, District 100

Will Haskell**
Connecticut Senate, District 26

Kyle Gay
Delaware Senate, District 5

Madinah Wilson-Anton
Delaware House, District 26

Marie Pinkney
Delaware Senate, District 13

Sarah McBride
Delaware Senate, District 1

Shané Darby
Wilmington City Council, District 2

Andrew Learned
Florida House, District 59

Anna Eskamani**
Florida House, District 47

Ashantae Green
Duval County Soil & Water Conservation District, Group 4

Caprice Edmond
Pinellas County Commission, District 7

Dotie Joseph**
Florida House, District 108

Fentrice Driskell**
Florida House, District 63

Lucia Baez-Geller
Miami-Dade County School Board, District 3

Luisa Santos
Miami-Dade County School Board, District 9

Marco Giron
Miami-Dade County Community Council 5, Subarea 53

Michele Rayner
Florida House, District 70

Michael Joseph**
North Miami Beach Commissioner, Group 7

Nancy Metayer
Broward County Commission, Seat 3

Travaris McCurdy
Florida House, District 46

Aaron Whitely
Chatham County Commission, District 6

Beth Moore**
Georgia House, District 95

Dr. Jasmine Clark**
Georgia House, District 108

Jerica Richardson
Cobb County Board of Commissioners, District 2

Kim Jackson
Georgia Senate, District 41

Marvin Lim
Georgia House, District 99

Matthew Wilson**
Georgia House, District 80

Nicole Love Hendrickson
Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners, Chair

Rebecca Mitchell
Georgia House, District 106

Adrian Tam
Hawaii House, District 22

Luke Evslin**
Kaua’i County Council

Patrick Branco
Hawaii House, District 50

Bob Morgan**
Illinois House, District 58

Cassandra “CJ” Johnson
Champaign County Treasurer

Dagmara “Dee” Avelar
Illinois House, District 85

Daniel Didech**
Illinois House, District 59

DeShawn Williams
Champaign County Board, District 6

Robert Peters**
Illinois Senate, District 13

Bryan Chatfield
Wayne Township Advisory Board, District 3

Fady Qaddoura
Indiana Senate, District 30

Mitch Gore
Indiana House, District 89

Brandon Woodard**
Kansas House, District 30

Ethan Corson
Kansas Senate, District 7

Jo Ella Hoye
Kansas House, District 17

Lindsay Vaughn
Kansas House, District 22

Rui Xu**
Kansas House, District 25

Josie Raymond**
Kentucky House, District 31

Thomas Haggard
Covington Independent Public School Board

Angel Harris
Orleans Parish Criminal Court Judge, Section L

April Fournier
Portland City Council, At-Large

Chloe Maxmin
Maine Senate, District 13

Becca Rausch**
Massachusetts Senate, Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex District

David LeBoeuf**
Massachusetts House, 17th Worcester District

Erika Uyterhoeven
Massachusetts House, 27th Middlesex District

Maria Robinson**
Massachusetts House, 6th Middlesex District

Tram Nguyen**
Massachusetts House, 18th Essex District

Abraham Aiyash
Michigan House, District 4

Amani Johnson
Southfield (MI) School Board, At Large

Domonique Clemons
Genesee County (MI) Commission, District 4

Eli Savit
Washtenaw County (MI) Prosecuting Attorney

Kyra Bolden **
Michigan House, District 35

Laurie Pohutsky **
Michigan House, District 19

Mai Xiong
Macomb County Commission, District 2

Mari Manoogian **
Michigan House, District 40

Meredith Place
Kalamazoo County Clerk/Register of Deeds

Ranjeev Puri
Michigan House, District 21

Stephen Wooden **
Kent County Board of Commissioners, District 18

Travis Radina
Ann Arbor City Council, Ward 3

TyJuan Thirdgill
Delhi Charter Township Board of Trustees

Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn **
Minnesota House, District 48B

Cedrick R. Frazier
Minnesota House, District 45A

Dr. Jess Garcia
Rochester School Board Director

Erik Goebel
Vadnais Heights City Council

Esther Agbaje
Minnesota House, District 59B

Heather Edelson **
Minnesota House, District 49A

Nicole Joy Frethem **
Ramsey County Commission, District 1

Ashley Aune
Missouri House, District 14

Emily Weber
Missouri House, District 24

Justin Aldred
Boone County Commission, District 1 (Southern)

Keri Ingle
Missouri House, District 35

Kimberly-Ann Collins
Missouri House, District 77

Maggie Nurrenbern
Missouri House, District 15

Alice Buckley
Montana House, District 63

Danny Tenenbaum
Montana House, District 95

Eliot Bostar
Nebraska Legislature, District 29

Jen Day
Nebraska Legislature, District 49

Terrell McKinney
Nebraska Legislature, District 11

Alexis Hill
Washoe County Board of Commissioners, District 1

Cecelia González
Nevada Assembly, District 16

Dallas Harris
Nevada Senate, District 11

Howard Watts**
Nevada Assembly, District 15

Jasmin Lilly-Spells
Clark County District Court Judge, Dept. 23

Selena Torres**
Nevada Assembly, District 3

Allison Nutting-Wong **
New Hampshire House, Hillsborough 32

Ariel Oxaal
New Hampshire House, Strafford 15 / Dover Ward 3 District

Becky Whitley
New Hampshire Senate, District 15

Cassandra Levesque **
New Hampshire House, Strafford 4

Israel Piedra **
New Hampshire House, Hillsborough 9

Jacqueline Chretien **
New Hampshire House, Hillsborough 42

Mark Brave
Strafford County Sheriff

Matt Wilhelm **
New Hampshire House, Hillsborough 42

Megan Murray **
New Hampshire House, Hillsborough 22

Melbourne Moran Jr.
New Hampshire House, Hillsborough 34

Tony Labranche
New Hampshire House, Hillsborough 22

Willis Griffith **
New Hampshire House, Hillsborough 18

Katharine Clark
Santa Fe County Clerk

Linda Serrato
New Mexico House, District 45

Alessandra Biaggi **
New York Senate, District 34

Amanda Septimo
New York Assembly, District 84

Chantel Jackson
New York Assembly, District 79

Jabari Brisport
New York Senate, District 25

Jeremy Cooney
New York Senate, District 56

Jon Rivera
New York Assembly, District 149

Judge Karen Best
Yonkers City Court Judge

Kenneth Burgos
New York Assembly, District 85

Khaleel Anderson
New York Assembly, District 31

Samra Brouk
New York Senate, District 55

Ashton Clemmons **
North Carolina House, District 57

Brian Farkas
North Carolina House, District 9

DeAndrea Salvador
North Carolina Senate, District 39

Mujtaba Mohammed **
North Carolina Senate, District 38

Nida Allam
Durham County Commissioner

Ricky Hurtado
North Carolina House, District 63

Sarah Crawford
North Carolina Senate, District 18

Terry Brown
North Carolina House, District 92

Wesley Harris **
North Carolina House, District 105

Kari Bloom
Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas

Phil Robinson **
Ohio House, District 6

Jo Anna Dossett
Oklahoma Senate, District 35

Jose Cruz
Oklahoma House, District 89

Mauree Turner
Oklahoma House, District 88

Merleyn Bell
Oklahoma House, District 45

Amanda Cappelletti
Pennsylvania Senate, District 17

Amen Brown
Pennsylvania House, District 190

Emily Kinkead
Pennsylvania House, District 20

Jennifer O’Mara
Pennsylvania House, District 165

Jessica Benham
Pennsylvania House, District 36

Liz Hanbidge **
Pennsylvania House, District 61

Malcolm Kenyatta **
Pennsylvania House, District 181

Manuel Guzman
Pennsylvania House, District 127

Napoleon Nelson
Pennsylvania House, District 154

Nick Pisciottano
Pennsylvania House, District 38

Nikil Saval
Pennsylvania Senate, District 1

Rick Krajewski
Pennsylvania House, District 188

Sara Innamorato
Pennsylvania House, District 21

Adamaris Villar
Central Falls City Council, Ward 2

Alexis Schuette
Pawtucket City Council, Ward 4

Brandon Potter
Rhode Island House, District 16

Brianna Henries
Rhode Island House, District 64

Cynthia Mendes
Rhode Island Senate, District 18

Jonathon Acosta
Rhode Island Senate, District 16

Karen Alzate **
Rhode Island House, District 60

Leonela Felix
Rhode Island House, District 61

Tiara Mack
Rhode Island Senate, District 6

JA Moore **
South Carolina House, District 15

Jermaine Johnson
South Carolina House, District 80

Kambrell Houston Garvin **
South Carolina House, District 77

Kimberly Johnson
South Carolina House, District 64

Torrey Harris
Tennessee House, District 90

Aurora Martinez Jones
Texas State Court, 126th District Judge

Christian Menefee
Harris County Attorney

Daniella Lopez Valdez
Brownsville Independent School District School Board, Place 5

Erin Zwiener **
Texas House, District 45

James Talarico **
Texas House, District 52

Jasmine Crockett
Texas House, District 100

Joe Carreon
Dallas Independent School District Board of Trustees, District 8

John Bucy III **
Texas House, District 136

Jose Garza
Travis County District Attorney

Natalia Cornelio
Harris County Judge, 351st District Court

Te’iva Bell
Harris County Judge, 339th District Court

Vanessa Fuentes
Austin City Council, District 2

Joél-Léhi Organista
Salt Lake School Board, Precinct 1

Taylor Small
Vermont House, Chittenden 6–7

Cristina Diaz-Torres
Arlington Board of Education

Vernon Tillage
Portsmouth City School Board

Carolina Mejia
Thurston County Board of Commissioners, District 1

Kirsten Harris-Talley
Washington House, District 37, Position 2

Kayla Young
West Virginia House, District 35

Francesca Hong
Wisconsin Assembly, District 76

Greta Neubauer
Wisconsin Assembly, District 66

Kristina Shelton
Wisconsin Assembly, District 90



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Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help?