QAnon candidates are winning local elections — we can stop them

QAnon conspiracy theorists are encouraging each other to run for local office. Run for Something is the only national progressive organization exclusively supporting state and local candidates who CAN stop them.

Read more at Time Magazine:

You will rarely see me slam on the PANIC button — because when I do, I want to make sure this community knows how serious it is. And the latest news about QAnon? Yeah… it’s button time.

The deeply disturbed and violently misinformed cult of QAnon is seeking to build institutional power. Much like Run for Something, they’re starting at the foundational level. They’re running for and winning seats as mayors, state legislators, county commissioners, sheriffs, and school board members.

These are the same people who stormed the Capitol on January 6th, prepared to execute members of Congress and overthrow our democracy. Now, they’re looking to build credibility and power by starting local (it’s a strategy we know works, too).

With all this said, it’s not too late yet — we CAN stop them. We’ll need to continue treating every year like a presidential election is happening, we’ll need to recruit thousands more young progressives to run, and we’ll need supporters like you to get involved on the grassroots level.

This is our fight. We need to step up and keep this dangerous element from winning office. If you’re ready to stop QAnon from gaining one more iota of power, chip in $5 to help recruit, train, support, and elect diverse, young progressives to state and local office.

The days of Democrats neglecting these crucial offices are over. Let’s make sure we have young progressives running everywhere, every year.

Thank you.