Our Largest Class of 2021! Meet Run for Something’s September 2021 Endorsement Class

Run for Something is thrilled to introduce you to our biggest endorsement class of 2021– 86 amazing leaders who stepped up to run for local office and change their communities for the better!

67 of these incredible candidates will be on the ballot in November and 19 of them are running for office in 2022.

These candidates are poised to make a lasting impact in their communities. You may recognize 20 of them as all-stars we’ve previously endorsed — we’re hyped to re-endorse alumni who continue to do stellar work.

The September endorsement class features 86 candidates representing 26 states. Of this group: 55% identify as people of color, 53% identify as women, 2% identify as non-binary, and 34% identify as members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

15% of these candidates are running for state legislature. As we’ve witnessed over the last few months, state legislatures are more important than ever! Between the gross violation of voting rights, the full assault on access to abortion, and the ongoing battle to stave off partisan gerrymandering through the redistricting process, state legislatures are more important than ever.

Take a closer look at our latest endorsement class — their platforms, their candidacies, and how you can get involved!



Dr. Priya Bhat-Patel
Carlsbad City Council, District 3
General Election Date: November 8, 2021

Dr. Priya Bhat-Patel is a Council Member in the City of Carlsbad where she grew up and currently lives with her husband, baby boy, and dog. A daughter of Indian immigrants, Priya is the first Indian American to be elected to City Council in the County of San Diego, and the youngest person ever to be elected to the Council in the City of Carlsbad. She serves on many committees, including the League of California Cities, North County Transit District, City/Schools Committee, and Economic Development Committee, and more.

Priya has been uniquely poised to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with her Masters and Doctorate in Public Health. Along with Council, Priya works for a non-profit as a Policy Analyst and Manager for the California Family Justice Center Network. Family Justice Centers help provide wraparound services to victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and elder and child abuse.

Priya knows the urgency with which we need to address issues Carlsbad faces, from public health and economic recovery in the aftermath of the pandemic to housing/homelessness, climate change, etc.


Hannah Gay Keao
Edgewater City Council, At Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Hannah has spent her career serving marginalized populations, from her first days as an eighth grade language arts teacher on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. After giving birth to her first child in the height of the Covid pandemic, she decided it was time to enter public service and further support working moms and families like hers.

In April 2021, she was the only woman among five applicants for a vacancy on Edgewater, Colorado’s City Council, and was approved unanimously by existing Councilmembers for the appointment. She is running to keep her seat in November 2021’s election, and is using her campaign as a tool to increase voter turnout and engagement in local politics.

In office, she is focused on supporting residents, families, and local businesses through the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic, addressing other supports and services for working families, pushing toward more affordable housing accessibility and tenant support, and doing all she can to build a more equitable and sustainable future for the children in her community.

Hannah is a graduate of Wesleyan University and has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and is the founder and owner of a strategy consulting practice serving nonprofits and mission-driven businesses.

Shenika Carter
Commerce City Council, At-Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Shenika is a community activist, human & civil rights philanthropist, mother, small business owner and Black media truth teller. After the birth of her son Lincoln which was around the time Trayvon Martin was murdered, Shenika began a journey to call out police brutality and to raise awareness of the killings of unarmed black men, women and children across the Country. In 2016, she began connecting with progressive candidates of common interest who were willing to stand and fight for legislation that impacted marginalized communities.

Shenika has overcome obstacles where many failed and is determined to dismantle every facet of White Supremacy intertwined in America’s DNA. Shenika is the founder of Caravan for Racial Justice, a proud board member of Colorado Women’s Lobby and Truth & Conciliation, active in the Colorado Democratic Party, and a national spokesperson for Just Democracy. She’s fighting for Black & brown communities, to end mass incarceration, abolish the electoral college, end the filibuster, expand the courts and fight for DC Statehood.


Eli Sabin
New Haven City Council, Ward 7
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Eli is a lifelong New Havener and community advocate who’s running for a second term on the Board of Alders, New Haven’s city council. The youngest person ever elected to the Board of Alders, Eli (now 21) is focused on building a New Haven where every resident has an affordable place to live, feels safe in every neighborhood, and has access to the good schools and job opportunities they need to support their families.

In his next term on the Board of Alders, Eli will continue the work he’s already done to create more affordable housing, fight gun violence, build safe streets for people who walk and bike, and invest in education and job training programs for New Haven’s youth. As an alder and as the Director of the Connecticut state legislature’s Progressive Caucus, Eli is committed to building and leading local and regional coalitions around progressive priorities including affordable housing reform, educational equity, and tax fairness.


Alaina Reaves
Clayton County Board of Commissioners, District 1
General Election Date: September 21, 2021

Alaina Reaves is a veteran community organizer who is passionate about building connections and engaging with her community. As a lifelong resident of Clayton County, Alaina grew up surrounded by the promise that the County had to offer. Alaina is running for Clayton County Commissioner District 1 — because real change begins at home.

Alaina launched her career in public policy in Washington, D.C. where she interned with the late Congressman John Lewis and at the White House under President and First Lady Obama. Alaina spent more than 10 years as a public servant working in the nonprofit sector and every level of government including the Georgia Assembly under the Capitol’s gold dome. After returning to Georgia, she spent several years as a community organizer advocating for voting rights and civic engagement as the President of the Clayton County Young Democrats.

In June of 2020, Alaina was elected as the youngest Democratic National Committee member for Georgia. Alaina continues to be active in local government, having recently been appointed to the Clayton County Citizens MARTA Advisory Board and serving on the City of Morrow Urban Redevelopment Authority for the past two years. She pledges to use her skills and experience to enact smart policy, invest in the community, and improve the quality of life for the people of District 1.

Brandon Cory Goldberg
Atlanta City Council, Post 1 At-Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Brandon is a graduate of Cornell University and the Emory University School of Law. An attorney and resident of Midtown, he is extensively involved in Atlanta. From the Stonewall Bar Association to the Atlanta Black-Jewish Coalition to the Democratic Party, Brandon has immersed himself in the fabric of Atlanta — striving to help build bridges and working hard to make Atlanta a city for all its residents. He is also a member of one of Atlanta’s oldest synagogues, Ahavath Achim.

Brandon’s family has a long history of public service and community engagement. His maternal grandparents were small business owners. They were also public servants, spending parts of their careers working for the Post Office and the Social Security Administration. His paternal grandparents, both immigrants, persevered to build their American dream. His grandfather ran a poultry business that grew over time to be a thriving wholesale company. His grandmother was a stay at home mom who went on to work in her daughter’s dress shop. Brandon’s father administered a non-profit nursing home, and his mother worked with special needs students. The organizations they volunteered with are too numerous to count.

Brandon’s engagement in Atlanta is reflected in the constant meetings and events that he leads. These gatherings have become all the more important in a virtual setting as we fight hard to maintain our connections during COVID-19. Working with friends, community partners, and people from all walks of life, Brandon’s favorite way to spend his time is helping one of his many organizations better Atlanta.

Alfred “Shivy” Brooks
Atlanta City Council, At-Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Alfred “Shivy” is running for Atlanta City Council, Post 1 At Large because he believes that Atlantans have promise and they can’t wait any longer for leadership that unlocks the potential of the people. After over a year of marching and fighting for social justice, the City of Atlanta does not need more walls for jails, it needs more ladders of opportunities. Atlanta needs affordability, sustainability, and public safety that serves with civility and compassion. There is an emergency for change.

As a husband, father, educator, and entrepreneur, Brooks knows that with new leadership, Atlanta’s best days are ahead. When speaking to residents, local leaders, and influencers, they all voice the same frustrations, rooted in poor leadership by some of Atlanta’s current elected officials. Recognizing a need for change, Brooks was moved to run for Atlanta City Council Post 1 At-Large.

Brooks’ campaign is focused on ending the status quo of Atlanta’s government, which does too little for most of Atlanta, while doing a whole lot for a few in Atlanta. His campaign is centered on ordinary citizens: mothers who have lost their children to police brutality, families who do not know where their next meal is going to come from, the unsheltered, and every Atlantan who has been overlooked and unheard for the past 24 years. Brooks is determined to make Atlanta affordable for everyday citizens, end mass homelessness, and reduce crime by addressing the root causes, not just the symptoms.

Zachery Fuller
Griffin City Commission, District 5
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Zachery has spent their whole life in Griffin and has always been looking for ways to improve the lives of the people who live here. Big money interests have run Griffin for too long, while the needs of the people have gone overlooked. Zachery is dedicated to improving the lives of working people by protecting our environment, funding our school system, and preventing crime by reducing poverty.

Zachery spent four years as a DJ and event organizer filling Griffinites hearts with love and joy at their weddings and celebrations. That joy is what drives Zachery in their political activism. The average American is having a harder and harder time enjoying their lives and living up to their full potential because our government puts profits over people. We can make the government work for us and provide necessary improvements on housing, jobs, healthcare, and education if we elect people who are willing to do it.

Zachery has a plan for how Griffin can tackle these issues without compromising on the people’s pursuit of happiness. There is no reason why our local government can’t provide for its people and protect our planet, and that’s exactly what Zachery Fuller plans to do.


Rebecca Like
Kauai Prosecuting Attorney
General Election Date: December 1, 2021

Rebecca is a progressive candidate running for Prosecuting Attorney for the Islands of Kauai and Niihau because she cares deeply about protecting her island home. She hopes to lead the office where she has worked as a Deputy Prosecutor for the last 11 years.

During her time as Deputy Prosecutor, she has seen firsthand how access to resources can determine someone’s success or failure within the criminal justice system. She hopes to expand access to resources while continuing to pursue justice in every case. She’s proven herself a skilled leader and developed a profound understanding of how the criminal legal system affects everyone in her community, whether a victim, a witness, or a person who has caused harm.

Rebecca knows that a person’s worst action should be viewed as a boundary, not a center line. She will lead her office with compassion and focus on transparency and meaningful accountability, not just mass incarceration. A top priority will be building connections with criminal justice stakeholders, while focusing on victim’s rights.


Brandi Webber
Des Moines City Council, Ward 3
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Brandi is a mother, artist, and advocate from Des Moines, Iowa. She’s running to represent Ward 3 in the Des Moines City Council race and is advocating for strong city council procedure and ethics reform as well a city budget reform to protect our city and our residents from corruption and oppressive policies.

Brandi experienced housing and food insecurity as a child, and has credited those experiences for her deep empathy for others. She is fully committed to being a voice and strong advocate for those marginalized within her community.

Brandi believes that with each decision the city makes, we should be prioritizing the needs of the people in our community first and foremost. Her motto for this campaign is “Compassion Empowers Communities” because she believes that we can meet the problems of today by leading with empathy to make Des Moines a city for all people.


Jeffrey Mendoza
WaterOne Board, District №1 of Johnson County, Seat 4
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Jeffrey is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, a prosecuting attorney, and a new father. Jeffrey is running for the WaterOne board because, as a new father, he wants to ensure the safety of his son and the other children of the water district. Jeffrey wants to ensure that Johnson County continues to enjoy clean drinking water for many years. As an attorney and military leader, Jeffrey is poised to best serve the needs of the WaterOne board. The WaterOne board is a policy board focused on running the water utility. Jeffrey’s training and ready to serve the residents of the water district.

Janeth Vazquez
Liberal City Council
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Janeth is a social justice advocate who has a great desire to see all families thrive in her community. She developed a passion for community organizing at a very young age, and since then knew that she wanted to fight to elevate the needs of the most vulnerable populations. For this reason, she is the first Latina to run for Liberal City Commission. Currently, she works in the healthcare industry. In the past, Janeth’s career has revolved around journalism, social services, education, and serving Liberal through different nonprofit organizations.

If elected, Janeth’s goal is to focus on workforce development and business recruitment to the area, which as a result, will boost Liberal’s economy. She also hopes to create a shared vision of public policy where everyone benefits, the citizens find it easy to be engaged, and small businesses thrive. Janeth is running because she has a deep responsibility to the residents and families of Liberal and wants to make local government transparent and accessible. “You can count on me to listen to diverse perspectives, find workable solutions and advocate for Liberal residents. I will be your voice.”

Holly Terrill
Wichita USD 259 School Board, District 6
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Holly grew up in and around Wichita, attended USD 259 schools, and knows the power good listening has in getting problems solved. She is the mom of a USD 259 student, a wife of nearly two decades, and a businesswoman that is ready for change on the Wichita School Board. Holly’s priorities are recruiting and retaining high-quality educators, USD-wide access to mental health opportunities, and ensuring that all decisions are rooted in equity, inclusion, and empathy.

Nothing is more important to Holly than making sure her child is safe, feels accepted, and knows that he is loved. This love and acceptance extends to all children, especially those who don’t have parents or guardians who love and accept them for who they are, regardless of what society says they should be. Holly is passionate about providing children with opportunities to feel safe and secure while learning; removing this barrier can allow kids to thrive and to become what they choose to be. Holly will strive to bring students, parents, professionals, and educators together to continue making USD 259 the best school district in Kansas.

Andrew Davis
Wyandotte County Unified Government, District 8
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Andrew is a graduate student at the University of Kansas studying Public Administration in the nation’s number one school for local government management. As a Chicago native, Andrew is excited to bring fresh ideas and experiences from various places to better Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas. While Andrew was not raised in the Dotte, his wife (a Sumner Academy graduate), family, and friends are all born and raised Dottonians. Prior to moving to Wyandotte County, Andrew lived in Lawrence, Kansas for 6 years.

After moving to Wyandotte County last summer, Andrew immediately got to work in efforts to help better the community. Some of those efforts include co-founding the Engage WyCo Facebook page, a group that focuses on helping residents of Wyandotte County get involved civically in local government, serving as a judge for the 2nd Annual Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC), and serving as a mentor for the Learning Club.

All of these experiences have shaped and molded Andrew to become the candidate he is today — one that hopes to serve Wyandotte County in meaningful ways. He hopes to bring new ideas to Kansas City, Kansas and Wyandotte County, specifically while supporting the current ideas that are working.

Andrew currently lives on the west side of the 8th district with his wife, Andrea, and their dog, Cocoa. Andrew looks forward to serving the 8th District of Wyandotte County alongside his wife, family, friends, and fellow members of the community.


Katrina Hobbs Everett
Haverhill City Council
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Katrina was born and raised in Haverhill, MA. She is a wife, mother, educator, and business owner who brings her deep faith and experience as a member of a minoritized community demographic to her campaign for Haverhill City Council. Having faced her own struggles to fit into the larger community, Kat has dedicated her career to amplifying the voices of those who are often overlooked and underserved.

Katrina is the Co-Founder of POSE Inc. (Power of Self-Education), a nonprofit whose mission is to inspire people and mobilize resources to strengthen communities. POSE exists to address the social justice and civic engagement needs of the communities it serves. Kat also is the Founder and Curator of COCO Brown, a cultural healing center and co-working space in Haverhill that uses art, music, storytelling and movement to strengthen community relationships and encourage racial, social, and economic equity.

Kat is running for City Council to ensure that every resident of Haverhill is included in the decisions that will affect their futures. Haverhill is a rapidly evolving community consisting of many diverse backgrounds and unique demographic challenges. Her priorities include supporting small businesses, appropriate resourcing of public safety needs, and housing development that meets the needs of residents at all income levels.

If elected, Kat would be the first woman of color to serve on the Haverhill City Council.

Mary Kate Feeney
Framingham City Council, District 3
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

As Framingham emerges in this post-pandemic recovery, it needs leaders who know the challenges it faces as a community can be addressed by empowering its people, thinking creatively, and taking action. This is why Mary Kate running for District 3 Councilor.

Mary Kate is a resident of Pheasant Hill, small business owner, former public servant and pragmatic progressive.

She has spent her life in service to others, first by working for Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and more recently as a voice for change on topics such as public transportation, sustainability and growing the city’s economy.

Working for Governor Patrick put her on the front lines of government by collaborating with advocates, agencies and residents to solve problems, and bringing government to the people through transparency and accessibility projects.

Her work in government and running a small business as a marketing consultant gives her an edge: first-hand knowledge of the needs of residents and businesses, the ability to approach issues differently and analyze every detail.

As Councilor, she will be focused on working to reduce the city’s carbon footprint by 2035; bringing partners together to develop a plan for rail trails and alternative public transportation projects, supporting local small businesses; and advocating for new public and mental health initiatives in our schools and community, and age-friendly community initiatives for seniors.

Mary Kate is the Vice Chair of the Strategic Initiatives and Financial Oversight Committee. She is a graduate of Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Jermoh Kamara
Worcester School Committee
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Jermoh is running for School Committee in Worcester, MA. She believes that Worcester needs more qualified women of color in office.

As a first-generation Liberian-American, Jermoh’s family moved to the USA when she was 11 years old while fleeing the civil war in her country. Quality education was important to Jermoh then, as it is important to her now.

Being elected on the School Committee is personal because she believes that every child deserves the right to quality education and opportunities to help them reach their full potential. She will do whatever it takes to ensure kids have better opportunities.

Burhan Azeem
Cambridge City Council, At-Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Burhan is an MIT-graduated engineer who grew up with housing insecurity. The runner up to the 2019 Cambridge City Council election, he was on the board of A Better Cambridge, and founded a housing nonprofit called Abundant Housing. An engineer by day and a volunteer EMT at night, he has gotten to know Cambridge from inside an ambulance. He was an early employee at Daytoday, a start-up doing COVID work, which is on track to have 800 employees by year end.

Thu Nguyen
Worcester City Council, At- Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

As an infant, Thu’s family sought refuge in Worcester after their father fought for freedom in Vietnam where he was captured and held as a prisoner of war for six years. Their parents overcame poverty working in local factories and taught them the importance of giving back. Thu graduated from Clark University with a Bachelor’s in Studio Art.

Thu has dedicated their life to public service, from working with our young people as a youth worker, they began youth work at Claremont Academy, preparing students for college. Thu co-founded an organization that showed young people how to use art to tell their stories. From there they facilitated after school programming at the Worcester Youth Center to hiring young people for Recreation Worcester to work at our local parks and schools.

Currently Thu works at the Southeast Asian Coalition tackling food insecurity, promoting civic engagement, and supporting small businesses. They helped raise over $75,000 for Mutual Aid Worcester, a platform created in response to COVID-19 where community members serviced struggling families’ needs during the pandemic.

Thu looks to elevate the people of Worcester to be seen and heard, while targeting serious issues that have been impacting the city. Namely, in housing/infrastructure seeking investment in our neighborhoods, not just downtown development. Economic issues that entail holding developers accountable to creating good paying jobs for Worcester residents. And last but not least addressing inequity within the community by supporting reallocation of funds to social, emotional, and mental health services.

Delmarina López, Esq.
Chicopee City Council, Ward 3
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Delmarina is a graduate of Chicopee Public Schools, and native of Puerto Rico. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Bay Path University and a Juris Doctor from Western New England University School of Law. During her time at the WNEU Law, she was Co-President of the WNEU National Lawyers’ Guild, an Associate Justice of the Judicial Advisory Board, and took part in both the Criminal Defense Practicum and in the Immigration/Legal Aid Clinic.

Her civic engagement and social justice background include becoming the youngest person, at the age of 16, to serve as an intern at the Governor of Massachusetts’ Western Mass Office under the Deval Patrick’s administration. Subsequently, she was a Legal Assistant and Law Clerk at the Secretary of State’s Western Mass Office from 2018 to 2021.

Subsequently, she was a Legal Assistant and Law Clerk at the Secretary of State’s Western Mass Office from 2018 to 2021. At Bay Path University, she served the student body as President of the Student Government Association, Council Member of the Diversity and Inclusion Community Council, and Founding Executive Committee Member of A.L.A.N.A. Leaders. Currently, she is a Licensed Attorney in the state of Connecticut and serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the YWCA of Western Massachusetts and was appointed to Chicopee’s Charter Review Commission.


Mikal Goodman
Pontiac City Council, District 3
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Mikal is a lifelong Pontiac resident, teacher, and community activist running to represent Pontiac’s 3rd District on City Council. Despite being only 21 years old, he has become a prominent and reliable leader in the city, county, and state.

Between attending High School and Trade School, working night shifts, and taking care of his grandmother, Mikal dedicated whatever time he could to the betterment of his community. He began to get involved in political-based activism focusing on the issues that affect Black and brown people.

Mikal started college in 2019, and around the same time, became an educator in his hometown.

Soon members of the Michigan Democratic Party took an interest in his abilities to organize and asked him to run to be the Communications Director of the Young Democrats of Michigan (YDM). Since 2019, Mikal became one of the founding members of Pontiac United, helping plan the BLM march in Pontiac. He’s on the Board of Directors for Reroot Pontiac that focuses on environmental justice. An Executive Board member for Oakland County For Racial Justice, Mikal has spoken publicly on racial and economic justice, as well as holding companies and elected officials accountable.

Mikal is now running to bring a voice that advocates for progressive youth oriented change in the city of Pontiac.

Marshall Kilgore
Kalamazoo City Commission
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Marshall is a community advocate serving marginalized communities, such as: people of color, members of the LGBTQIA family, people with disabilities and others in need. He devotes his time working towards equity in civic engagement, education and within our society. Marshall believes that the government should work for the people and has stepped up to run for Kalamazoo City Commission to provide citizens with honest and transparent leadership.

As a Black, bisexual male, Marshall uses his knowledge of personal experiences to provide a view of empathy in every project he is a part of. He is a non-profit leader with roots in the Kalamazoo community. Marshall currently works at OutFront Kalamazoo, serving as their Director of Advocacy. The organization is Southwest Michigan’s leading LGBTQ+ resource center. Marshall enjoys lending his voice and energy towards causes that will provide for a better future for our world. As your next commissioner Marshall will: protect the environment, revitalize, revamp and rebuild our city and create a Kalamazoo for everyone.


Gerard Balan
Hopkins City Council
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Ten-year Hopkins resident and Planning & Zoning Commissioner, Gerard, is running for Hopkins City Council. In his announcement, Gerard noted that he is the son of Haitian immigrants who taught him the importance of using one’s gifts to improve society and help those who are less fortunate. He plans to implement a vision of affordability and equity in Hopkins while promoting the city as a destination.

As a nurse practitioner certified in psychiatry, Gerard is a mental health advocate. He lives with his wife, Kathleen, and their two cats, Lila and Titus. His history of community involvement includes the following:

• Chairperson of the Planning and Zoning Commission for two years

• Zoning Regulations Update Working Group

• Hopkins 2040 Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

• Graduate of the Hopkins Academy

• Founding member of The Hopkins Coalition

• JCI Hopkins

Heidi Garrido
Hopkins City Council
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Born in Chile, Heidi is an adopted Wisconsinite-turned-Minnesotan running for a seat on the Hopkins City Council in Hopkins, Minnesota. Heidi has lived in Minnesota for 19 years, and in Hopkins for 6. She is a political and social justice activist and was a 19-year renter until purchasing her home in July.

Heidi is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee where she plans to graduate in May with a degree in Political Science and a certification in LGBTQ+ Studies. In addition to her studies, Heidi member of Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society, the UWM Latinx Student Union, and the Hopkins Historical Society. She also is member of AFSCME Union Local 9 and serves on the City of Minneapolis Public Works Racial Equity Advisory Team, as part of her employment with the City as a Chief Field Inspector for the Surface Water & Sewers Division.

Heidi is running for City Council to provide diversity that is currently absent from the council and to represent the 40% BIPOC and 60% renter population of her community who feel like their voices are often left unheard. As a member of City Council, she will continue to fight for affordable housing, accessibility, racial equity, and climate justice. She resides in Hopkins with her husband Tony, and 3 children, Jace, Caden, and Dori.

Saul Eugene
Saint Louis Park City Council, Ward 3
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Saul is running for city council in Ward 3 of his hometown of Saint Louis Park. Saul spent his childhood in Saint Louis Park and immediately moved back as an adult. He is an activist and political operative who’s been working in Minnesota politics for the last 7 years, organizing and winning several red to blue races, while working with notable names within the DFL such as Dean Phillips, Amy Klobuchar, and Margaret Anderson Kelliher. In his most recent victory Saul managed a campaign for county commissioner in Hennepin County, flipping the seat blue for the first time in history.

Saul’s highest priority is raising the minimum wage. Saint Louis Park has a strong progressive track record and if Republicans at the state and federal level continue blocking a living wage then it will have to take place at the local level. Additionally, he seeks to partner with neighboring municipalities to all collectively raise their minimum wage together to prevent businesses from escaping living wage requirements by jumping over a municipal line. Furthermore Saul wants to work on issues like renter protections, environmental sustainability and wi-fi access.

Azrin Awal
Duluth City Council, At-Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Azrin was born in Bangladesh and her family immigrated to Minnesota when she was three. Azrin moved to Duluth to attend college at the University of Minnesota Duluth and fell in love with the city and the lake.

As a first generation college student Azrin knows what it is like to push through adversity. As a person who worked her way through college she knows that people who are struggling do not necessarily look like they are. And as a student who never had enough money to live in the dorms she knows about Duluth’s housing crisis, and what families do to keep a roof over their heads.

Azrin helped found the UMD Chapter of the NAACP and currently serves on the Duluth NAACP Board. She worked as an on-campus confidential sexual assault advocate through PAVSA (Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault), and advocated to pass the Homeless Persons’ Bill of Rights. Today Azrin works as a youth advocate where she serves at-risk youth experiencing homelessness, and with Mentor North as a Mentoring Advocate. She is finishing her degree in Public Health.

Dan Olson
Minnetonka ISD 276 School Board
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Dan is the father of twin fourth-graders in the ISD 276 district. He and his wife moved to Minnetonka in 2016 for proximity to work, grandparents, and the schools. Raised in Hastings, Dan earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from Hamline University before moving to California to pursue an MFA in Film & Television from Chapman University. All in all, Dan spent a decade out of state working in scripted, unscripted, and live event programming in both Los Angeles and New York. From MTV to Major League Baseball, he’s worked with some of the country’s largest networks and brands to bring their vision to life on screen.

Since returning to Minnesota, Dan has worked as a freelance line producer for Intuitive Content, among other companies, producing shoots around the world and, occasionally, winning cool awards. Running for School Board is Dan’s first foray into politics, and he can’t wait to help bring a 21st-century educational vision to life for his kids, as well as future generations.


Rod Hickman
Mississippi Senate, District 32
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Rod is a leader, a community advocate, and a candidate for Senate District 32. Rod is in this race because he envisions a District 32 that keeps its best and brightest talents; a Mississippi with an adequately funded education system, expanded access to quality healthcare and Medicaid. Rod envisions a Mississippi his daughter Ari and the next generation of Mississippians can be proud of.

Rod is a founding partner of Hickman Fondren, PLLC, a law firm with offices in Macon and Oxford, MS, an adjunct professor at Tougaloo College and he also serves as the first African American County Prosecutor for Noxubee County.

New Hampshire

Ben Dion
Manchester School Board, Ward 9
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Ben is a former teacher at Manchester Memorial high school, the husband to a current teacher in the district, and the father to a future graduate of the Manchester School District. He cares deeply about the future of our schools and has a vested interest in the future of the district. As a former teacher, Ben brings a unique perspective from inside the classroom that most School Board members cannot. After being appointed to the board a few months ago, Ben decided he would run for the sit to continue the work of moving our school district forward.

Joanna Kelley
Portsmouth City Council, At Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Joanna started working in the service industry in town, developed a solid network of friends and colleagues, connected with genuine community members and finally started my own business — Cup of Joe — on Market Street in the heart of our vibrant downtown.

While many aspects of her Portsmouth life have been extremely rewarding, my journey to this point was not as smooth. She grew up in and out of the foster care system in New Hampshire and had little opportunity to be or feel rooted in one place. Being in the foster system and one of the few minority kids in the seacoast area, it was often a lonely and difficult road.

Since opening her business, she only continued to fall more in love with Portsmouth and its people Every day she strive to have an establishment that is positive for both her employees and the community while offering an environment that promotes inclusiveness.

Joanna is running for City Council because she want further her commitment to the vibrant community by enabling new conversations that can help Portsmouth evolve responsibly and include a broader group of our community members. Navigating conversations to better equal the playing field, and identify areas where we can be more inclusive to various groups in our community — especially getting younger and BIPOC audiences to feel like they truly belong in this citizenry and participate in decisions being made on the municipal level.

Sean Sargent
Manchester City Council, Ward 8
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Sean is a lifelong Manchester resident running for the Ward 8 Aldermanic seat. He loves the ward and loves the city. He grew up in this ward, went to three schools in this ward, and decided to bring his family here when he and his wife bought their first home. It’s truly a great place to live.

It’s important to have leadership in place that is proud to reside in Manchester and wants to be here to help build it up. That’s what Sean wants to do.

It’s time for our community to build together. There is tremendous foundation from which to start, but the right leadership is needed to hit the ground running in the next term with the opportunities that have been provided to the city.

Sean believes that working together will go a long way in bolstering the many attractive qualities of our city and in alleviating some of the problems our city faces like the housing crisis, homelessness, and the drug epidemic.

Sean will focus on making interactions with the government a more positive experience while emphasizing community cohesiveness. He will empower constituents, every constituent, to be involved in helping shape our city and the decisions of our government.

Linnea Nemeth
Dover City Council, At Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Linnea is an arts and social justice advocate seeking an At-Large seat on Dover City Council, and her first time running for office. Linnea currently works as a Product Manager and serves as a member of her employer’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team. She currently serves as Vice-Chair of the City of Dover Arts Commission, receiving the 2021 Governor’s Arts Award for Creative Communities. During her time on the Commission she has collaborated with city departments, listened to community feedback, supported local artists, and worked on the creation of the Arts & Recreation Master Plan.

Linnea is running to bring awareness and new solutions to the rising cost of living and pushing for more racial equity initiatives. She would bring representation to the largest age demographic in the City of 26–34, and be one of the youngest female councilors elected in Dover.

Palana Hunt-Hawkins
Mayor of Rochester
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Palana is a community organizer and LGBTQ advocate, currently serving as a City Councilor for the City of Rochester. She is running on a platform on sustainable revitalization, public health through the lens of harm reduction, and strengthening our city’s commitment to the arts.

Palana has worked for or served on the board of many high impact New Hampshire nonprofits, including the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation, ACLU of New Hampshire, 603 Forward, and the New Hampshire Harm Reduction Coalition.

Robbie Hinkel
Dover City Council, Ward 2
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Robbie is a first-time candidate running for Dover’s Ward 2 City Council seat to fight for an affordable, resilient and inclusive city for all. Having faced housing insecurity, familial substance use and mental health issues, and discrimination for being gay, Robbie is no stranger to overcoming adversity. Graduating college during the 2008 Great Recession, he also knows what it’s like to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, and is all too familiar with the challenge of managing student loan debt. He credits the compassion of his community with getting him through these challenges, and now feels called to pay it forward through public service.

With Dover facing many of the same critical issues such as affordable housing, access to mental health and substance use recovery services, funding quality public education, and building climate resilience, Robbie believes the best way to overcome these issues is with empathy for the lived experiences of our neighbors, and by bringing together the diverse perspectives, skills and talents of all members of our community to develop solutions.

Robbie is a business analyst in software development by trade, with a focus on customer experience. He has a passion for mental health and was recently certified in peer support services. He advocates for the LGBTQ+ community as an At-Large Delegate to the New Hampshire Stonewall Democrats, and serves as Treasurer and Fundraising Chair for the Dover Democratic Committee.

Peter J. Argeropoulos
Manchester School Committee, At Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Peter is a fierce advocate for students and families, who chose to go into the field of education in order to make a positive impact on people’s lives. For that same reason, Peter wants to fight to bring a top quality education to Manchester, New Hampshire’s largest city. Peter will work tirelessly to ensure that Manchester’s public schools create opportunities for all students to reach their full potential. In turn, Manchester’s public schools will be a reason that families want to raise their children in the city. As a lifelong resident of Manchester, Peter is extremely dedicated to the city. He wants to give back to his community in the same way that it gave so much to him.

Jordan Thompson
Nashua Board of Aldermen, Ward 6
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Jordan is a writer, community organizer, and candidate for Alderman in Nashua’s Ward 6. Jordan is running to protect public education, support affordable housing, and to create a safer, more welcoming environment for everyone who calls Nashua their home.

New Jersey

Cricket Denton
Upper Township Committee
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

There are a lot of people who think that those who want to run for public office, should “run on the issues,” which really just means they should run on campaign promises — promises that rarely become a reality. It’s not actually an honest approach to governing, but rather a calculated approach to campaigning. Cricket thinks that character is far more important when it comes to choosing our elected representatives, because we have no way of knowing what the future will bring. What we should be concerned with is who will be making the decisions when the going gets tough. What do they believe in? Are they trustworthy? What motivates them?

Cricket believes too many elected officials run for office because of what it can do for them, rather than what they can do for their community. We’ve all had enough of the egocentricity, of celebrity, and the narcissism of power. We need public servants who are there to make our communities a better place to live. What we don’t need is another politician grandstanding in the public square. As a pastor, Cricket’s life revolves around service to the community, and becoming a public official is the next logical step in her journey. She was born and raised in the township where she is running, and she is now raising her children there. It is her goal to leave her community a better place for those who will follow after her.

Kate Stutzel
Emerson Town Council
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Kate is a healthcare administrator with a passion for community service and problem solving. Her experience efficiently navigating bureaucracy to achieve positive outcomes inspired her to start the Shots for Emerson program in early 2021 to assist Emerson Public School staff with obtaining COVID-19 vaccine appointments. The all-volunteer team made over 200 appointments for Bergen County educators and residents.

Kate has volunteered with countless local groups including the Emerson Environmental Commission, the Emerson Elementary PTA and the Women’s Empowerment Democratic Organization of Bergen County. Kate is also an outspoken advocate for bone marrow donation after donating in 2011 with the Gift of Life Marrow Registry.

Kate moved to Bergen County in 2014 when her husband, the Rev. Marc Almendarez Stutzel, was called to lead a local ELCA church. They are thoroughly enjoying life in Emerson with three children and two squishy cats. Kate understands that Emerson is at a crossroads, with choices to make soon that will affect our tax burden and quality of life for years to come. She is running with fellow Democrats Michael DeOrio and Brian Downing on a platform of fiscal responsibility, increased government transparency, and volunteer retention & engagement. She promises to use good judgment, a listening ear and a strong voice to fight what is best for Emerson.

Anthony Sposato
Sayreville Board of Education
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Anthony is running for Sayreville Board of Education because he is the father of a student, the husband of a teacher, and is committed to the core principles of Collaboration, Appreciation, Representation, and Education. (C.A.R.E.)

Anthony believes that representation saves lives, that there is a place at the decision-making table for everyone, and that an intelligently-funded school district with a committed and collaborative administration will attract, hire, and retain a diverse staff and faculty, mirroring the community we are lucky to serve.

New York

Sid Bahl
Webster Town Board
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Sid is a proud Webster resident, husband, father, and attorney running for Webster Town Board. He and his wife, Tori, moved to Webster in 2016 and purchased their first home in Webster in 2019. He’s originally from the Boston area but now considers Webster “home.” Sid and Tori have two daughters — Rowan (2) and Callan (newborn).

Sid has a BS/BA from Suffolk University (2010), an MBA from the University of Massachusetts — Amherst (2013), an MS in public relations from Syracuse University (2016), and a JD from Syracuse University College of Law (2016). He’s served as a volunteer for Make-A-Wish Foundation since 2012. He also has a robust pro-bono legal practice through Volunteer Legal Services Project of Monroe County, where he has the privilege of representing indigent litigants in a variety of matters. Sid is very active with the Monroe County Bar Association and New York State Bar Association, where he’s served on various boards and committees.

Based on his legal, business, and public relations background in addition to his experience serving on boards, he’s uniquely equipped to handle the issues the Town may face efficiently, effectively, and with attention to detail.

Caitlin Ogden
Otsego County Board of Representatives, District 3
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Caitlin is running for Otsego County Board of Representatives, District 3 which includes her town, Laurens, and the neighboring Town of Otego. She is running because she believes that active engagement from the whole board will be required to help her community navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the economic impact it has had across the county.

Caitlin knows that it is vital to the growth of her community that work continues to expand access to cell service and high-speed internet so that no child is left behind in school because they can’t do their homework. She also will work with her neighbors on strategies to diversify the local economy away from the tourism heavy model that not only crumbled under COVID, but that has consistently continued to drive up the cost of living in the community without providing a living wage, year-round employment.

Destiny Hallenbeck
Chatham Town Council
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Destiny is running for Chatham Town Board to create a town that is accessible for all residents. Destiny, like so many young and old families alike, can no longer afford to live in Chatham. She is running to start the conversation about issues like affordable housing and rural broadband with the Chatham Town Board.

She grew up in Chatham as a product of a dedicated and resilient single mother. From her mother’s example, she learned the meaning of hard work and the importance of family. She graduated from Chatham High School in 2018 and lived briefly in New York City while attending Baruch College. After a bit of soul searching, she missed her home in Chatham. She transferred to Union College where she will be graduating with a bachelor’s in History in June of 2022. During her time at Baruch and Union, she rose to the position of President of College Democrats of New York, where she led an organization of 30 college chapters through the 2019 and 2020 election cycles. She also currently serves on the Columbia County Democratic Executive Committee.

Service has always been a strong part of Destiny’s life. Whether through waiting tables in various local restaurants or community service organizations, she is passionate about making positive, substantial change in her community. In May of 2020, she was elected to the Chatham School Board of Education.

Lindsay Gottorff, LMSW, MPH
Evans Town Council
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Lindsay is running for Councilwoman in the Town of Evans, NY. Lindsay, her husband Brad, and their four rescue animals, are lifelong residents of Evans. Lindsay earned her Master’s Degrees in Social Work and Public Health from the University at Buffalo. Lindsay is a licensed social worker and is currently employed full-time as a Forensic Mental Health Supervisor. Lindsay is a proud CSEA Local 815 union member.

Lindsay is an active member of the Evans Democratic Committee where she serves as Secretary. Over the past several years, Lindsay has been involved in local political campaigns where she worked to help get democratic candidates elected to local and state offices.

Sparkle Anthony
Utica City Council, At-Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Sparkle has been a resident of Utica for over 7 years. She is the mother of three adolescents, two sons and a daughter. Her eldest son recently graduated from the Utica Academy of Science, where Sparkle was also a member of the PTA.

Sparkle is a 2017 graduate of Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) and served as president of the Black Students Union (BSU) from 2015–2017. She is an active member of Citizen’s Action of New York, and her work there has included advocating for better community -school relations, diversity in staffing, and more equity and inclusion in the Utica School District.

As a parent of young children. Sparkle is familiar with all the challenges of juggling work, family and education issues in today’s environment. She understands the need for available, affordable and safe programs and activities for our young people to help them to reach their full potential as productive citizens in our city.

Sparkle is an advocate for enhancing and improving the quality of life for our seniors and protecting the rights, and quality of life of Utica’s special needs population.

Sparkle’s diverse interest in people has led her to participate broadly in the civic life of Utica. She is a regular volunteer at Hope House; and she is on the advisory board of the Uptown Theatre; she also serves on the Board of Directors of: ‘For the Good, Inc.’ and Rebuilding the Village, Inc.

Sparkle’s keen interest in the multi-racial, multi-ethnic, immigrant and refugee populations in Utica has led her to be a regular volunteer at the Midtown Utica Community Center (MUCC).

Olena Nicks
Hempstead Town Clerk
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Olena began her career in public service at the age of 14. Her experience includes administration in both the public and private sectors and community outreach. She currently works for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, advocating for equity in healthcare services.

Olena attended CUNY Baruch, where she received her degree in business operations and was elected as the Secretary of GLASS, the LGBTQ Community group. Olena then received her MBA from American University and is finalizing a degree in Social Work.

Olena Nicks serves as 1st Lieutenant of the Uniondale Fire Department and vice president of the Uniondale Public Library Board. Olena also holds a trustee position on the Uniondale Community Council board. She is also the founder and CEO of a non-profit assisting individuals with mental health challenges.

Her core values include hard work, transparency, and service to the community. While residents are experiencing turmoil, Olena seeks a future that promotes small and local businesses, supports our first responders and union workers, and provides open communication of all resident’s needs.

North Carolina

​Michael Careccia
Lenoir City Council
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Michael is a working-class advocate running to serve on the Lenoir City Council. Michael moved to Lenoir with his family in 2012 and immediately became involved in the community, working to increase youth engagement in politics and organizing to protect our mountain environment. Despite moving to Lenoir just 9 years ago, Michael feels a deep connection to the Appalachian mountains, as much of his family are from Western North Carolina and other parts of the Appalachian region.

Michael’s path has been one marked with struggles and perseverance. He understands the problems of everyday working-class folks because he is one of us. Michael has worked in various blue-collar jobs, most recently as an apprentice electrician. He has also been on the front lines of worker’s rights issues and has worked to protect our mountain communities.

AJ Williams
Durham City Council, Ward 3
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

AJ is a Durham local with several years of community organizing experience. Most recently, his political work includes organizing to expand holistic investments in community-led safety and wellness with Durham Beyond Policing, bailing out Black women, femmes, and gender non-conforming caretakers, striving to end the cash bail system and pre-trial detention with Southerners on New Ground (SONG); and organizing with BYP100 Durham Chapter to address gender-based violence and interpersonal harm.

He’s serving his second term as an appointed member of The City of Durham’s Participatory Budgeting Steering Committee and is on the movement board of The Cypress Fund. He has worked in non-profit finance for 4 years at Southern Vision Alliance and serves on the Program Design Team of the We Are The Ones Fund, a municipally-funded project aimed at addressing gun violence in Durham through funding community-authored solutions.

His vision for Durham is for our communities to be empowered and supported in self-determining needs and solutions that hold us in our full dignity. His platform serves to honor the historic legacy of the city, while building the future for generations to come.

Bryan Haynes
Fuquay-Varina Town Commission
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Bryan s a lifetime resident of Fuquay-Varina. He a community leader, minister, non-profit executive director, and small business owner. Fuquay-Varina is the heart of who he is as a person now because of the great citizens, teacher, and peers that helped write his story.

During an unprecedented year, we saw Fuquay-Varina come together to feed children, clothe the homeless, feed families, fight for change, and most recently vaccinate those against the virus that started it all. We witnessed here in our town that we can be greater together. The future still holds inequities and disparities for many if we do not plan strategically now.

Bryan’s campaign is focused on diversity and inclusion, affordable housing plans for seniors, teachers, first responders, and young families, collaborating on regional traffic solutions, eliminating food deserts, advocate for our growing senior population, strategic economic development plan focused on small businesses, committing to a heathy environment by preserving and plating trees, and encouraging citizen input.

He has committed himself to the betterment of this community as a whole, and He hopes to continue his work for Fuquay-Varina as your next Town Commissioner.

Leonardo “Leo” Williams
Durham City Council, Ward 3
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Leonardo is a former teacher, school administrator, and current small business owner. He is running for Durham City Council so that everyone in Durham is able to create their own legacy through economic mobility, community safety, a thriving local economy, and access to opportunity. A two-time graduate of North Carolina Central University, Leonardo possesses a broad portfolio in education policy, community development, mental health, and business development across North Carolina. He eventually transitioned from full-time educator to full-time small business owner. Sacrificing everything, he and his wife opened the only full-service authentic Zimbabwean restaurant in the United States.

Housing, community safety, and the pandemic are top priorities in Durham. However, Leonardo believes that we must understand how economic mobility affects all of these issues. It is increasingly difficult for residents in Durham to find financial prosperity. Without it, people cannot access basic necessities like food, healthcare, and shelter.

Leonardo believes that we have a responsibility to ensure that Durham residents should not merely live to survive but they should prosper and succeed. Leonardo has focused on a holistic approach to issues facing Durham. He is a grassroots practitioner and will continue to value all perspectives and ideas of his city in his work. Leonardo was called by his community to seek this position, and he would be proud to represent the people of his great city.

Raphael Morales
Hendersonville City Council, At-Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Raphael is a Community Equity Advocate, LGBTQIA+ Advocate, Political Activist, Organizer, author and performing/recording artist in Hendersonville, NC. Raphael is running for Hendersonville City Council to bring the informed concerns of communities left out of important conversations amidst a historic period of commercial growth, economic volatility, concentrated gentrification, housing crises and the increasingly disparate regional impacts of climate change.

Raphael is working to equitably improve the quality of life for Hendersonville residents by advocating for the city to adopt modern, informed community consent and data driven, well-measured and sustainable responses to the unique obstacles we face.


Stacey Smith
Cincinnati City Council
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Stacey is a Licensed Professional Counselor running for Cincinnati City Council. She is a passionate advocate for expanding mental healthcare access, including creating Mobile Crisis Units to respond to local mental health emergencies. Stacey understands that as Cincinnati tries to address issues such as crime and poverty, leadership needs to begin prioritizing mental healthcare resources to see real progress. Stacey is fair, compassionate, and a truly hard worker.

Precious Singo
New Albany Plain Local School Board of Education
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Precious is running for New Albany Board of Education because she believes in her gut that we can do better. She believes that there is an opportunity for our Board to have stronger connections with the students, teachers, and community at large. After reading a student-led Instagram account, which spoke to a myriad of micro-aggressions the students were experiencing, and listening to parents and teachers, Precious got the resounding sense that there were groups that didn’t feel seen, that felt like they need a special password to be heard, that didn’t feel represented.

As a UX Designer by trade, Precious gets paid to listen and find solutions for a living, so this felt like a huge gap. She saw the need of having someone in the room that can say “but what about (insert group)?” She saw the need for having liaison groups with the main stakeholders- the families, students, and teachers. Instead of sitting on the sideline waiting for someone else to step up, Precious did what her mother taught her. She became the change she wanted to see in the world. At the end of the day Precious is a parent who is passionate about her community, its families, its teachers, and its students and will bring them all together.

Riley Alton
Olmsted Township Trustee
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Riley is running for the Olmsted Township Board of Trustees as a homegrown public servant ready to listen and lead with a fresh perspective. He is a multi-generation Olmsted native who cares deeply about his community. The Township is unique, ranging from manufactured homes and mansions to horse barns and kid-friendly neighborhoods.

Riley is passionate about making government work better for everyone. He attended the Ohio State University, interning for US Senator Sherrod Brown in the process, and brings extensive experience in state and local government to the table. As the aide to Representative Bride Sweeney whose district borders Olmsted, Riley has cut through red tape for small businesses and fought for workers in a broken unemployment system. He is also a 2019 Cuyahoga County Public Policy Fellow and a 2021 LEAD Ohio graduate.

As one of the fastest growing communities in Cuyahoga County, Olmsted’s public safety forces are constantly being asked to do more with less. Riley will fight to make sure first responders have the resources they need to keep our community safe. With his experience and education in state and local government, Riley will form better relationships with the county and the state in order to better serve residents, secure funding, and address long-term issues. Riley is also committed to preserving greenspace in the Master Plan and having sustainable economic development that works for us.

Keara R. Dever
Kettering Municipal Court Clerk
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Keara was born and raised outside of Buffalo NY. Her father worked construction and her mom worked as a secretary. Keara attended college at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, where she received her bachelor’s degree in political science. She then went to law school at the University of Dayton School of Law (UDSL), where she graduated and starting practicing as an attorney in 2017.

Keara met her wife, who is also an attorney, at UDSL. They reside in Centerville with their two dogs, Bader and Kagan.

After working at a small immigration law firm for a few years and running her own law firm, Keara is now working as a litigation attorney at The VanNoy Firm, in Dayton, Ohio. She mainly practices in the areas of immigration, criminal defense, and domestic relations. Keara regularly engages in pro bono service and has participated in several free law clinics, partnering with the Dayton branches of the Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) and Advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE), to help local residents with domestic relations and immigration legal issues.

Keara is running for Clerk of Kettering Municipal Court in the November 2nd election. Kettering Municipal Court serves the areas of Kettering, Centerville, Moraine, and Washington Township. She wants to ensure the court runs efficiently and there are no wasted taxpayer dollars. Keara also wants to increase accessibility and expand services offered to the public.

AJ Harris
Cuyahoga Falls Board of Education
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

AJ is a jobs advocate working to help students and adults with disabilities find and maintain employment throughout Summit County, Ohio. He was a long-term substitute teacher for the Akron Public School district, where he got to experience first-hand the struggles students and teachers face in the classroom. AJ is also pursuing a Master’s degree in education, with a focus on curriculum and instruction, at Kent State University.

As a product of the public school system, and son of a public school educator, AJ understands the importance well-funded schools play in the success of student learning, a teacher’s job, and the community as a whole.

Amy Smith
Whitehall City Council, Ward 3
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Amy is running for Whitehall City Council — Ward 3. As a proud child of deaf parents Amy has seen first hand how often the people whose voices need to be heard the most are missed. Too often the families and groups in our communities that would most benefit from community action don’t have the time, ability, or resources to participate. Amy knows she can be that leader who can hear the diverse needs in our community, understand them, and translate it into action for the people that most need it.

As a community experiencing growth and rising house prices, even as one of the county’s affordable communities, there is still a need for income inclusive housing to raise all residents. Families who will most benefit by reduction of their rent burden are rarely represented or speak at community forums, and projects that will benefit their lives receive harsh community backlash. As a member of the Whitehall Planning Commission with a background in Architecture, Amy seeks to advocate for affordable housing projects, policies, and work to get creative in seeking new solutions and partners in this critical time.


Erin Ward
East Brandywine Township Supervisor
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Erin is an engineer and project manager with over 10 years of experience. She is running to become the first female and first Democrat to represent her township’s residents on the East Brandywine Township Board of Supervisors. Her township is seeing a substantial growth rate and needs leadership that will plan for a sustainable future. Erin resides in the township with her husband, sons, and dogs and can often be found with her family at a local park.

Terrence Casey
Springfield Township Commissioner, Ward 6
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Terrence is a father, communications professional, and volunteer. In 2014, he and his wife moved to Springfield, where they are now raising three beautiful children. During business hours, he oversees communications and outreach efforts for the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Before that, he was a journalist and media technology strategist at Digital First Media, parent company of the Delco Times. He volunteers as a member of the Philadelphia Financial Exploitation Prevention Task Force and the Together for West Philadelphia Senior Well-Being committee. Locally, he can be found attending Mass at St. Francis, exploring the Springfield Trail, or leading den meetings for Cub Scout Pack 503.

The Democratic candidate for Commissioner of the 6th Ward, Terrence hopes to utilize his skills in communication and technology to benefit the residents and business owners of Springfield. Commissioners work for the people of Springfield, but far too often residents are left uninformed about the issues that impact them the most. An outdated website and occasional, partisan newsletters are not the answer. A longtime communications professional, Terrence will transform how the Board of Commissioners talks to and with residents and business owners.

Adrian Serna
Conshohocken Borough Council, 2nd Ward
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Adrian is running for Conshohocken Borough Council, Ward 2. Adrian is a small business owner, former educator, and has a passion for helping people. He wants to engage the community and empower residents to have a say in the future of their borough.

Conshohocken is in a development boom, and Adrian wants to make sure residents have a voice in the process. He serves on the Board of the Conshohocken Community Garden and is a member of the Green Conshy Business Program. He wants to preserve green spaces, transition the borough to sustainable energy, increase tree planting, and ensure clean riverfront access.

Adrian wants to serve the people of his ward by modernizing and enhancing constituent services, and improving traffic and pedestrian safety for all of his walking, biking, and four-legged neighbors. He plans to partner with local community groups to create borough-wide education and mentorship programs for youth. Adrian wants to increase Borough support for local, small businesses to help them thrive.

Samantha Kaag
Mayor of West Reading
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Samantha is a community advocate that is fully invested and involved in West Reading. Samantha is current a borough council woman and sits on numerous committees such as; Recreation, Environmental Advisory Council, Personnel, Town and Gown, along with being the West Reading Community Garden Manager. She is also committed to protecting and serving her community as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT at the West Reading Fire Department.

Samantha is currently running for Mayor of West Reading where her goal is to keep traditions in place while also being flexible enough to expand with the times and handle concerns head on before they spiral into issues. She is focused on continuing to help to move West Reading forward in a positive direction by keeping communication open between the borough administration, business owners, and residents by informing them of things that directly effect them and continuing to be involved in the community.

As a Certified Borough Official, along with the roles / committees she has been able to learn from, be involved in, and be hands on with, including her time on Borough Council, and her Emergency Services background, Samantha is fully confident and prepared to take on the role of Mayor of West Reading and will be ready on day one to continue to serve her community, and those who reside in it, effectively and efficiently.

Lauren Holt
Magisterial District Judge, District 15–4–01
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Lauren has dedicated her entire legal career to public interest work. She spent over a decade at the Chester County Public Defender’s Office as a trial attorney, representing indigent clients during all stages of the criminal process. She litigated complex misdemeanor and felony cases, including drug trafficking and first degree murder. Lauren gained valuable experience working with diverse clients, district attorneys, probation officers, members of law enforcement and Judges at every level the criminal justice system.

Prior to joining the Public Defender’s Office, she worked as a Law Clerk to the Honorable Penny L. Blackwell of the York County Court of Common Pleas. Lauren is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and The Penn State Dickinson School of Law.

Rebecca Beres
Ephrata Borough Council, Ward 2
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Rebecca is running for the 2nd ward seat of Ephrata Borough Council. While balancing her roles as mom & wife, she also is a business woman, philanthropist, and very involved in multiple business and community organizations.

Rebecca feels it is important for the borough council to operated transparently, be fiscally responsible, and most importantly treat members of the community like the friends and neighbors who they are.

Rhode Island

Geena Pham
Rhode Island Senate, District 3
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Geena was born in Arlington MA to a single mother who emigrated from Vietnam. Her mother — a refugee — worked seven days a week to ensure that she and her brother had food on the table and a high-quality education. Geena learned through her the value of hard work, integrity, and humility.

After growing up in public housing, she became the first in her family to attend college and earned a degree in education at UMass Boston. Geena works as a public high school English teacher. Inspired to run by her students, she is dedicated to ensuring that each of them have a safe and dignified future. If elected she would become the first Asian American to ever serve in the RI General Assembly.

Geena is committed to centering racial and climate justice in every piece of legislation passed, from education, to housing, to criminal justice. In her free time, she volunteers as a board member of Cozy Rhody Litter Clean-up — an organization that brings people together to keep parks and neighborhoods free of litter. When elected, she will continue to work with her neighbors to build safe and livable communities.


Jamell Johnson
Little Elm Town Council Place 1, At-Large
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Jamell is a father, husband, community activist, a United States Army officer, and currently serving as a corporate compliance manager for a major financial services firm. A man of faith, Jamell is a member of the local Potter’s House of North Dallas, where he attends service each Sunday with his family. Jamell is also a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

Jamell proudly serves on the Little Elm Board of Adjustment and is a graduate of the town’s Citizens Government Academy.

During his nearly decade tenure in the Army, Mr. Johnson has learned how to lead a team and power through with any task, even when the task at hand gets tough and uncomfortable.

Jamell holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Ball State University and is currently attending Loyola University Chicago School of Law, through their distance learning program, with the ultimate goal of attaining a Juris Doctor to practice business law.


Jason L. Inge
Norfolk City Council, Ward 7
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Jason is a community leader, social justice advocate, and philanthropist with a proven leadership record fighting for Jobs, Justice, Education, Housing, and Healthcare for all Virginians. He is running to represent over 125,000 residents in Superward 7 on the Norfolk City Council. Superward 7 is one of Hampton Roads’ most vulnerable and economically diverse communities.

Jason is the son of union workers, a first-generation college graduate, and a leader in his community. Since the onset of the global pandemic, he has been on the frontlines ensuring seniors and low-income families have their basic needs met. Prior to the pandemic, Jason has worked on initiatives to bring better jobs to his community, policing reform, access to quality educational programming, and housing programs that promote homeownership and prevent evictions. He has dedicated his work to empowering others and uplifting his community in all aspects of life.

Jackie Glass
Norfolk City Council, Superward 7
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Over the past year and a half, Jackie watched women hold this city together and families make a way out of no way. From the health and education systems, to the service industry and everything in between, very little local policy has been enacted to support those who have kept Norfolk operating.

For two years, Jackie worked on a childcare entrepreneurship program where lack of funding stalled her efforts. When CARES money hit, Jackie saw it as an opportunity to creatively solve the childcare crisis and to create small business owners. She found local leadership to be resistant to her efforts and dismissive of improving human infrastructure, and it hurt.

That’s when it hit her. Her city needs a foresighted city council that can creatively solve problems and builds bridges. Literally and figuratively. This requires a value of our public infrastructure, our human infrastructure, and our care infrastructure. Our concerns and solutions are to not be met with unlimited red tape or avoidance. But with the ABC of local governance: accountability, boldness, and coalitions.

When Jackie thinks about the post-COVID road to recovery from the crises of affordable childcare, educational gap, or quality of life in the City of Norfolk (which were already present before COVID), she wants someone on council to think critically, collaborate, and problem-solve with empathy. Jackie is running to improve the quality of life through governance that fosters the empowerment and independence of women and families.

Corrie Cring
Chesapeake City Treasurer
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Corrie is running for City Treasurer because she believes Chesapeake deserves better. Corrie worked for the current Treasurer, 30-year Republican incumbent Barbara Carraway, for 8 years and witnessed first hand how the incumbent lacks empathy, is out of touch and created policies which only benefitted herself. The current Treasurer has refused to update the city’s mainframe program which is decades old and poses a security risk. She has used her office to not only profit personally but to create an atmosphere of fear. The city has lost numerous, talented employees over the years due to the toxic workplace and her mismanagement.

Corrie plans to modernize the current software programs, update online payment methods, and create easy to read bills. She will work to fully staff the office and retain current talented employees while providing them the equipment they need. This will reduce call wait times, transfers and delays for taxpayers. She also plans to implement common sense programs such as streamlined financial assistance for EMS bills and prepayment of taxes to aid those on a fixed income.


Liz Olhsson
Lakehaven Water & Sewer Commissioner, Position 5
General Election Date: November 2, 2021

Dr. Liz Olhsson is proud to be a product of Pacific Northwest public schools, kindergarten through doctorate. She’s an experienced climate scientist and IT Systems Engineer with a PhD in Environmental Science, Policy and Management, who focused on computer models of coastal oceans, rivers, and watersheds.

As a queer, Jewish woman, Liz is committed to the principle of Tikkun Olam — “healing the world.” She hopes to localize that ideal together with the community as Lakehaven Water and Sewer District Commissioner by helping to chart a path forward into the rapidly changing future of South King County’s climate; a path that centers environmental justice every step along the way, beginning with the principle of universal access to water and sanitation, which are ultimately not commodities, but basic human needs. The grotesque practice of threatening struggling families with water and sewer shut-offs can and must end. Liz would extend the existing (and expiring!) COVID-19 shut-off moratorium into a permanent climate emergency moratorium.

Seeking bold, structural approaches to access, affordability and sustainability of Lakehaven’s services, Liz will pursue climate-resilient infrastructure like wastewater recycling and rainwater collection; partner with Lakehaven’s employees to create a pro-worker, pro-union, and pro-workplace-diversity institution; and actively seek out new opportunities for her community to become better connected and more efficient.

2022 Candidates


Casey Clowes
Tempe City Council
General Election Date: May 10, 2022

Casey is a caring and passionate Tempe advocate who has spent her personal and professional life working to improve the lives of others. Casey is running for Tempe City Council to pursue more equitable solutions to modern challenges and foster healthy, sustainable communities.

She is an organizer with Sunrise Movement, on the advisory board of the Tempe YMCA, and works as an attorney.

Elaissia Sears
Justice of the Peace, West Mesa Justice Precinct
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Elaissia took office in January 2019 as Justice of the Peace for the West Mesa Justice Court.

Elaissia is an Arizona native and a proud product of Mesa Public Schools. She is an active member of her community, served as a mentor to international students, the Youth & Education Assistant for Phoenix Sister Cities, and as Arizona House of Representatives staff. She is a global professional who was privileged to represent Arizona as a student ambassador through Congress to Germany, and was later selected for an internship with the U.S. State Department at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin.

A graduate of Arizona State University, she holds a B.A. in Global Studies, a minor in German, and certificates in Political Entrepreneurship, Women and Gender Studies, and International Relations. As a strong advocate for education, Elaissia taught English in rural communities in the Dominican Republic and South Korea as well as elementary education in the Mesa/Gilbert area. She is a social entrepreneur and non-profit founder who focused on issues of food insecurity and lack of education funding.

Elaissia believes in administering justice with liberty and fairness to create equitable solutions within our court systems, fostering a positive relationship with the community in which she serves.


Christy Holstege
California Assembly, District 42
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Christy works as a civil rights attorney and community leader and currently serves as the Mayor of Palm Springs. She was first elected to serve on Palm Springs City Council in 2017 as part of the first all-LGBTQ city council in the country. Christy was re-elected in a landslide in 2020, serving as the city’s first ever female mayor, the city’s first millennial mayor, and the first openly bisexual mayor in America.

As an attorney, Christy has represented hundreds of local residents, often helping people facing the most serious issues of their lives: tenants facing eviction, victims of discrimination losing their livelihoods, disabled clients thrust into poverty, domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, low-income workers, local non-profits and businesses, homeless clients, LGBTQ clients, seniors, veterans, Spanish-speakers, and minority groups seeking legal advice and assistance.

Christy earned a Juris Doctorate from Stanford Law School and a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from UC Santa Barbara. Christy is proud to live in Palm Springs with her husband Adam Gilbert, a small business owner and third-generation resident of Palm Springs, their new baby Aden born in October 2020, and their dogs Ollie and Layla in a home that their family has resided in for over 50 years.

Dulce Vasquez
Los Angeles City Council, District 9
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Dulce is a formerly undocumented Mexican-American immigrant, educator, and community leader who is running for Los Angeles City Council in District 9. If elected, Dulce would be the first Latina to represent the district and would be the youngest member currently serving on council, ushering in a new generation to City Hall.

Dulce is running in one of the poorest districts in the entire city. She’s running to increase access to housing, provide better access to public transportation, and to support small businesses and entrepreneurs of color. Dulce pledges to bring bold, new leadership to make Los Angeles a more liveable and equitable city for everyone and to bring transformative, progressive policies to the local level.

Helen Tran
Mayor of San Bernadino
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

The daughter of Vietnamese refugees in search of the American Dream, Helen was born in San Diego, CA and has lived in San Bernardino, CA since age 6. She graduated from Cajon High School in 2000. Helen is the first person in her family to graduate from college and received a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies with a minor in Education from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

With a lifelong passion for civic engagement, Helen began her career as an organizer for candidates for local, statewide, and Congressional offices. As a teenager at Cajon High School in 1999, Helen walked into a campaign office with her fellow Key Club members to volunteer. By the time she left for college, Helen had become a canvass director. After working throughout Southern California as an organizer, Helen moved back to San Bernardino in 2006 to be closer to her family. In 2006, Helen began working for the City of San Bernardino as the Executive Assistant to the Director of Human Resources. Ten years later, Helen became the youngest Director of Human Resources for the City of San Bernardino. She persevered through challenging political climates in City Hall, the financial crash in 2008, the dissolution of the City’s redevelopment agency, a newly adopted City Charter in 2016, and bankruptcy. Helen faced the City’s challenges head-on, and never stopped looking forward to what San Bernardino could be, while so many others focused on what it had been.

Alex Lee
California Assembly, District 25
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Alex (李天明) is the State Assemblymember representing California’s 25th District. Alex is a progressive Democrat who serves on the Assembly Committees on Budget, Education, Privacy & Consumer Protections, Public Safety, and Transportation. He has a proven track record working on affordable housing crisis, healthcare for all, and reinvesting in our schools & social services.

Prior to his election in 2020, he served as a Legislative Policy Advisor in the California State Senate and Assembly. Alex has called the South Bay home for his entire life. His family arrived in California when they migrated from Hong Kong. They found a new place to call home in Silicon Valley, welcomed by the bountiful opportunities and a strong Asian community.

In 2020, an election unlike any other, Alex’s grassroots campaign made history. Despite not taking any corporate, police union, or fossil fuel campaign dollars and despite being outspent 15 to 1, he won the Assembly race to represent nearly half a million Bay Area residents in his home community. He has the honor of serving as the youngest state Asian American, first openly bisexual, and first Gen-Z legislator state legislator in California history.

On day one of Alex’s first term in office, he challenged the entrenched special interests that block progress. He remains committed more than ever to make the systemic, bold changes we deserve to combat one of the greatest issues facing the Bay Area: the housing affordability crisis.


Allison Miller
Florida State Attorney, Sixth Judicial Circuit
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Allison is running for State Attorney for Pasco and Pinellas Counties (Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida) because we can do better. We have learned a lot about criminal justice over the last 40 years. We know better; therefore, we should do better. And we can certainly do better than the business-as-usual current State Attorney’s Office.

Allison is a career public defender who has been a tireless advocate for the last 15 years, fighting to uphold the integrity of the criminal justice system. She sits on the Board of Directors of Suzerain Capital Defense, a nonprofit organization working to support and defend indigent individuals facing death penalty prosecution. Allison has coauthored bipartisan legislation to prevent the death penalty’s application to people with serious mental illness. She is recognized by the Florida Bar as an expert in criminal trial law. She is a mom, wife, daughter, victim of violent crime, victim advocate and Catholic.

Allison is going to keep the community safe, keep the community prosperous, and provide a pathway to redemption by transitioning away from a carceral criminal justice system and to one that focuses on prevention, diversion and treatment. Allison will intentionally and systematically work to dismantle the processes that have undermined racial justice for far too long.


Adrian Tam
Hawaii House, District 22
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Adrian was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is a proud graduate of Kalani High School and received his bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University. After graduating, he returned to Hawaii and became a licensed real estate agent. In 2016, he worked as a temporary hire at the Hawaii State House of Representatives before moving to the Hawaii State Senate to work for Senator Stanley Chang from 2017- 2020. In 2020, he was elected to serve as Representative for District 22, Ala Moana — Waikiki.

Adrian serves as Vice-Chair for the Committee on Health, Human Services, and Homelessness and of the House Committee on Culture and the Arts and a member on the House Committee on Finance.


Ashanti Martinez
Maryland House, District 22
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Ashanti is a son of Prince George’s County, MD. Growing up in New Carrollton, attending school at St. Mary’s Landover Hills, and graduating from Parkdale High School he knows the challenges and triumphs District 22 has faced. Throughout his career as a nonprofit lobbyist, legislative staffer, and community advocate, he has brought people together to deliver results. As an elected official, he will fight economic and housing inequality, stabilize rising rents, deliver higher wages, and invest in green jobs of the future. As our community steps back in the ring to battle the economic inequities of COVID-19, they’ll need someone in Annapolis in their corner. Ashanti will be on the side of working people, who haven’t had a champion in a long time.


Justice Horn
Jackson County Legislature, District 1
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Justice is running to serve Jackson County’s first district on the Jackson County Legislature. He’s a young Missourian running to be the first openly gay person of color elected to local office in Kansas City, Missouri. Justice is planning to bring equity, accountability, and community to Jackson County, Missouri. He believes that the path forward to achieve equity in Jackson County is to empower everyone in our community.

Justice believes that it should be easy to hold elected officials accountable- that’s why he wants to bring transparency to the County through technological updates to keep the community informed, as well as increasing the transparency and oversight of spending. He also believes that community organizing is a cornerstone of social change. If elected, Justice would become the first openly LGBTQ+ Jackson County Legislator, as well as the first Black representative of the first district. Justice is also of Pacific Islander and Native Blackfoot heritage.

Kendall Martinez-Wright
Missouri House, District 05
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Kendall is a resilient woman, community organizer, and a statewide LGBTQ and Human Rights legislative strategist. As a child, Kendall, along with her mother and younger sister, made the move from Chicago, IL where she was born, and moved to Palmyra, MO for a better quality of life. Upon graduating from Palmyra High School in 2012, Kendall relocated to the Missouri State Capitol, Jefferson City, to attend Lincoln University.

During her tenure at Lincoln University, she became a critical advocate for policy and legislative action that impacted funding for education and civil rights. She has served as the leader for social justice marches, fundraising campaigns, and statewide initiatives.

In serving as a leader in various organizations and organizing bodies, Kendall understands the power of utilizing data to inform decisions and establishing options that disrupt binary narratives. Her focus is to create opportunities that provide District 5 residents with the agency and access to contribute to a community designed by the people, for the people. Kendall currently resides in her hometown of Palmyra.

Emily Weber
Missouri House, District 24
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Emily is running for re-election for MO State Representative, District 24 because after finishing her first session, she knows how important our community’s voice needs to be heard. Emily’s activism and experience promoting women in politics and volunteering for organizations like Planned Parenthood, Climate Action KC, and Moms Demand Action prepared her to use that voice.

The time Emily has spent connecting with voters has taught her a lot about the values we share as a community and the importance of listening to our neighbors. Emily will continue working to create a shared vision for Missouri.


Jacob Torgerson
Montana House, District 81
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Jacob is a 19-year old candidate running for House District 81.

In 2021, Montana’s republican supermajority state legislature trounced the rights of minorities, municipalities, and individual freedoms at large. Jacob is running because he knows he has the energy to go up to the capitol every single day — champion the issues of working families, local governments, Women, and LGBTQ2S+ folks — and fight hard to stop his state’s tyrannical republican supermajority.

Helena needs a fighter now more than ever — someone who truly understands the struggles of working people. That is why Jacob is running for House District 81.

Jacob is a gay urban Native American, who grew up in a working-class, blue-collar family of 7. He was born and raised here and is a graduate of Helena’s public schools, as well as an active organizer in the Helena community. Jacob comes from a family of small business owners and is a food service industry employee at a small business. Jacob is also in his second year as a student at Helena College.

As a legislator, Jacob will fight for:

1. Universal Childcare and Pre-K

2. Affordable Housing

3. Protections for LGBTQ2S+ Folks

4. a clean and healthful environment for future generations

and so much more

Jacob knows how much of a battle getting these things done will be, but he has dealt with obstructionists all his life — people who told him to go home early, to stop fighting because the fight looks too hard, or to bruising.

Jacobs message to those detractors: You don’t get what you don’t fight for, and He is fighting for Helena’s Working families.

New York

Andrae Mitchell
New York Assembly, District 89
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Andrae is a first-generation American of Grenadian heritage. He grew up in New York City, where he entered the Gifted and Talented program, received a rigorous education, and participated in the Fresh Air Fund.

These opportunities served as the roots for his future endeavors working with Mariah Carey as an ambassador for the Fresh Air Fund and as a student at Howard University. While at Howard University, he commuted back to New York City to intern for a Council member where he grew up.

After graduation, Andrae served several nonprofits focused on youth programming like Oasis Children and Good Shepherd Services. He worked to open up more opportunities and unlock the potential for children like himself. He was recognized as a strong community leader for listening to people to identify their needs. Time and again, he has defied the odds by building programs from scratch to address those needs.

Today, Andrae lives with his family in Mount Vernon, where he recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Long Island University. Andrae laid down roots in Mount Vernon and considers the City to be the jewel of Westchester.

He is running to serve the 89th Assembly District and is committed to ensuring everyone who lives here gets the quality of life they deserve.

North Carolina

Brian Farkas
North Carolina House, District 9
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Brian is running for re-election to keep a hometown voice for Pitt County in the State Capitol. He works at a family-run small business where he helps small towns and community colleges craft master plans. He has previously worked in emergency management for a federal agency and for the United States Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina. He earned his Master’s in Public Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Some representatives play political games with teacher pay, health care access, and job opportunities, leaving Eastern North Carolina out in the cold. Brian takes his experience in both the private and public sectors, as well as his long record of community service with local non-profits, to stand up and fight for high speed internet, expanded and affordable healthcare, environmental protections, and more for his hometown.

Franca Jalloh
Greensboro City Council, At-Large
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Franca is the peoples’ advocate for all citizens of Greensboro! She is proud to call Greensboro home today and is committed to serving, protecting and improving our communities as an At-Large representative, putting our beloved city first because our children deserve better. Franca, is a mother of 3 beautiful daughters, she is the Founder and Executive Director of a grassroots non-profit organization. She is an educator, an advocate and most of all, a well-respected member of our Greensboro community. Franca has over 15 years of immigration legal experience as a Department of Justice Accredited Immigration Legal Representative. She has used her skills and expertise to liaise with, advocate for and assist community members with the tools they need to become self-sufficient, productive members of society.

Franca was the first female Chair of the City of Greensboro’s International Advisory Committee (I.A.C.). Additionally, she is currently serving as a City Commissioner with Greensboro’s Criminal Justice Advisory Commission (GCJAC), and she also serves as a Board member of the City of Greensboro’s Police Community Review Board (P.C.R.B). Just recently, Franca was appointed to serve on the City of Greensboro’s Ad-Hoc Committee for Disparity Studies . She is a graduate of Greensboro’s City Academy as well as the Police Citizens Academy.

She is committed to working to make Greensboro more effective and to serve as a voice for our vulnerable underserved community members particularly when it comes to safe & affordable housing, education equity, public safety & social justice, as well as access to better quality of life for all residents of Greensboro. Franca believes that Greensboro should be more inclusive and truly represent our diverse communities so that together, we can develop as a city creating opportunities for everyone who calls Greensboro home.


Rick Krajewski
Pennsylvania House, District 188
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Rick is the State Representative for the 188th district representing West and SouthWest Philadelphia. Rick was elected in 2020 on a bold progressive platform of ending mass incarceration, fully funding schools, and investing in a Green New Deal for Pennsylvania. Rick won his primary election in June of 2020, and even though he didn’t take office until January 2021, he began leading and serving the community right away.

In July 2021 Rick announced he was continuing his campaign’s mutual aid program that assisted hundreds of families for months in gaining access to weekly fresh food boxes and other essential goods and services. In the fall of 2020 Rick teamed up with Councilmember Jamie Gauthier to launch an unprecedented voter turnout effort across West and SouthWest Philadelphia.

Since taking office Rick has continued to use his campaign apparatus to serve and organize across the 188th district. In the spring of 2021 Rick and Jamie teamed up again to launch #VaccinateWestSouthWest and turned the campaign door knocking program into a informational vaccine canvas going door to door to speak with neighbors about the Covid vaccine.

In his first term, Rick and his legislative office have worked tirelessly to serve the people of the 188th district. In his first term, Rick’s team served hundreds of constituents assisting community members with State related issues. Rick is determined to continue his work both in the district and in Harrisburg and is running for re-election to build a community where all of us can thrive.


Emily Randall
Washington Senate, District 26
General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Emily is a third generation Washingtonian and the daughter and granddaughter of union workers and veterans who taught her the importance of service. The older sibling of a sister born with complex disabilities, a queer Chicana, and a first generation college graduate, Emily understands the barriers so many families face. For over a decade she worked as a fundraiser and advocate for healthcare and education nonprofits — building community support and life-changing solutions for women, children and LGBTQ folks across the country. In 2018, with a democratic majority at stake, Emily stepped up to flip a red seat blue. She won by 104 votes. Now it’s time to defend this hard-won seat.

In her first term as State Senator, Emily helped pass some of the most transformative financial aid policy in the country, invested in FAFSA completion programs, and worked with faculty and administrators to require anti-racism and equity training on our public college campuses. She has worked tirelessly to expand postpartum Medicaid coverage from 60 days to 12 months, establish the Universal Health Care Commission — the strongest universal healthcare policy any state has passed in the last decade, and require equity curriculum in med schools and continuing medical education. Emily was a key vote in passing a capital gains tax, the Working Families Tax Credit, and the landmark Climate Commitment Act. As Majority Whip, Emily is well-positioned to continue putting the needs of everyday people before corporations and special interests, but only if she’s re-elected.

Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help? hello@runforsomething.net

Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help? hello@runforsomething.net