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How it’s all going:

Incredible. Overwhelming. Inspiring!

Fun fact: At least 15 people who signed up with Run for Something have told us they’ve filed to run for office in 2017. Win or lose, their candidacies will make a difference in public debate, in expanding what a politician looks like, and will help create a new generation of leaders.

Let’s keep that number growing.

So far, nearly 1,000 of those folks have joined a conference call, and almost all of them have opted in to have a 1:1 with a Run for Something volunteer.

  1. Candidate recruitment: We’re up with Facebook ads in particular doing targeted ads asking people to run in some specific Virginia House of Delegates districts. Our targeting is structured to make sure we’re reaching diverse communities and women. We’re also doing a lot of traveling, speaking, and outreach to individuals recommended to us — we spend 80% of our day on the phone.
  2. Legal fees and a compliance firm: We’re not risking any FEC violations or skipping any steps on paperwork. Setting up a 527 is tricky. Setting up the state-specific PACs we’re going to need is even trickier. We’re trusting the experts on this.
  3. Organizational tools, like NGP VAN, ActionNetwork, Maestro, and more: We’re using free software wherever possible, but sometimes you have to spend a little to get this right.
  4. Grassroots fundraising: We’re running direct response advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to make sure we‘ve got an email list of people who want to help build a bench. We’re hoping to be around for a while. This means investing now for a return later.
  5. Staff support: We’re bringing on experts who can help us. Welcome our newest consultant, Brian Zuzenak, a Virginia expert with a long resume in supporting local candidates. He’s beginning the process of working alongside the state caucuses to fill in gaps in candidate recruitment along with going through the list of potential candidates we’ve got for 2017 municipality races. We’re also working to bring on a finance consultant, who will help us plan out a long-term fundraising plan and make sure we’re able to keep up with the interest.

What’s next:

CANDIDATE RECRUITMENT: Our recruitment efforts are ramping up. We’re working to find the candidates already running who we want to support plus a few we want to run in the Virginia House of Delegates races this fall — the filing deadline is March 31st, so we don’t have too much time.

What you can do to help:

A few things:



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Run for Something

Run for Something

Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help?