No Years Off: October Endorsement Class Caps RFS Slate of Candidates in Lead Up to 2023 General Elections

Run for Something
55 min readOct 11, 2023


Run for Something (RFS) is thrilled to introduce our latest endorsement class, featuring 62 remarkable candidates from 22 states nationwide! This class includes 8 RFS alumni who are back on the ticket and ready to continue championing their communities.

“This is our last endorsement class before the 2023 November elections, when races like those in Virginia show us once again there truly are no “off-year” elections,” said co-founder and co-executive director Amanda Litman. “This year, we’ve endorsed hundreds of candidates nationwide from school boards to state legislatures. These leaders are ready to fight far-right extremists seeking to extinguish our freedoms and dismantle civil rights. ”

“The leaders we elect this fall will determine the rights some Americans will have access to for the next two and four years. Virginia is the only remaining state in the south with some access to abortion,” said co-founder and co-executive director Ross Morales Rocketto. “The only thing standing between a state ban on abortion and a GOP trifecta in Virginia, are the progressive candidates fighting to maintain and expand access to reproductive care. Young progressive candidates like the slate of 43 RFS-endorsed candidates in Virginia fighting for a more equitable and just society.”

Learn more about our candidates below!


Eddie Anderson

City Council, District 10, Los Angeles, CA

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Reverend Anderson, also known as “Pastor Eddie”, is an ordained minister and community advocate who is running for LA City Council District 10. He currently serves as the Senior Pastor of McCarty Memorial Christian Church in West Adams, a historical location that played a significant role in civil rights organizing within his district. Reverend Anderson has been an influential figure in local and state-wide reforms surrounding transformative justice, having been arrested for justice purposes on multiple occasions. With over a decade of experience as a community organizer with LA Voice, Pastor Eddie has dedicated himself to building and leading coalitions that fight for affordable housing, fair wages, union jobs, immigrant rights, Black Lives Matter, and policies aimed at lifting families out of poverty.

In 2020, Reverend Anderson co-founded the Partnership for Growth LA, a pioneering Black and Jewish Community Development Corporation that seeks to enhance the quality of life and provide economic empowerment for underserved residents in our community. His campaign platform prioritizes addressing homelessness and affordability issues, advocating for economic justice, and reinvesting in neighborhoods. As an LA resident, Reverend Anderson is well aware of the challenges faced by renters, including himself and his wife. Through his work and personal experiences, he brings a deep understanding of the needs of the community and a commitment to creating positive change.

Sade Elhawary

State House, District 57, CA

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Sade is a committed community leader, organizer, and educator who has dedicated herself to making a positive impact in South Los Angeles. Coming from a background as the daughter of immigrants and belonging to the Black and Brown community, Sade places a strong emphasis on fostering community solidarity and amplifying the voices of everyday individuals.

With a passion for justice and equity, Sade aims to address systemic disparities by authoring and advocating for legislation that promotes racial equality, safety, and dignity. Her legislative priorities encompass a wide range of issues, including universal healthcare, equitable funding for public schools, affordable and accessible higher education, long-term solutions for the housing and houseless crises, workers’ rights, and creating a greener and more sustainable environment that nurtures healthy, vibrant communities.

Through her unwavering dedication to championing these causes, Sade seeks to ensure that the residents of South Los Angeles have an equal opportunity to thrive. By advocating for policies that uplift and empower individuals from all walks of life, Sade is committed to creating a brighter future where everyone can access the resources they need to succeed.

Christian Shaughnessy

City Council, Ward 3, San Bernardino, CA

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Christian is a dedicated community organizer and anti-violence youth mentor born and raised in San Bernardino. As a staff liaison for the San Bernardino County Youth Advisory Board on Homelessness, he commits his full-time efforts to supporting the community. Additionally, Christian chairs San Bernardino County’s Youth Coordinated Entry System on Homelessness and holds a position as a City Commissioner on the General Plan Advisory Committee.

With a passion for social advocacy, Christian has an extensive background in working with diverse groups. He served as a paid staffer for the 2020 Bernie Sanders campaign, organizing immigrant workers and young voters. He also gained valuable experience as an English Teacher’s Assistant abroad for a year and contributed as a volunteer organizer for the Inland Empire’s first Starbucks union at La Quinta. Christian’s involvement in the community continued through his tenure as Co-Chair of Mecha, a Chicano advocacy group at San Bernardino Valley College. Recognized for his exceptional leadership qualities, he was unanimously elected as the President of the San Bernardino County Young Democrats in 2023.

Standing out from other candidates, Christian has made a principled decision to reject contributions from Corporate PACs, developers, and billionaires. His unwavering commitment to bringing about positive change in San Bernardino is fueled by his personal experiences and a genuine desire to address the pressing issues faced by the community.


Obi Ezeadi

State Senate, District 19, CO

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Obi is an influential leader who is committed to making a difference in his community. With a strong focus on family and a background as a first-generation American, Obi’s dedication to serving others runs deep. Growing up in challenging circumstances with a hardworking mother and a public school teacher, Obi’s journey from poverty to economic self-sufficiency is an inspiration that has shaped his entrepreneurial spirit.

As a City Councilor for Westminster, Obi achieved remarkable milestones. Not only did he become the second Black councilor in 110 years, but he also received the highest number of votes ever recorded for a city councilor in the city’s history. His impact is tangible through his work in implementing transformative change. By securing approval for a new water treatment plant, Obi has ensured that future generations will have access to clean drinking water. Moreover, he has passed legislation promoting economic growth and spearheaded the largest-ever investment in road infrastructure, housing, and behavioral health services for firefighters.

With an extensive leadership background in housing, healthcare, transportation, and technology, Obi’s pro-union stance reflects his commitment to fostering positive change. Additionally, he serves as an active board member for several influential nonprofits that are making a significant impact in their respective fields. Obi Ezeadi’s authentic and transformative leadership has undoubtedly made a lasting impression on his community.

Shawna Ambrose

City Council, District 2, Arvada, CO

Primary Date: Nov 7, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Shawna is an accomplished non-profit leader with a strong background in public service. With over 20 years of experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Shawna’s dedication to serving her community began at a young age when she joined the military at just 17 years old. Since then, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Not only is Shawna a respected union leader, but she also boasts the endorsement of esteemed policy makers such as Congressman Ed Perlmutter, State Representative Brianna Titone, and State Representative Lindsey Daugherty, among others. These endorsements speak volumes about Shawna’s ability to effect positive change and tackle the pressing issues facing Arvada’s City Council.

With a keen focus on housing affordability, infrastructure improvement, public safety, and climate change resilience, Shawna is well-equipped to lead Arvada into the future. Her comprehensive understanding of these critical areas will undoubtedly contribute to the city’s ongoing progress and ensure its preparedness for the challenges that lie ahead.

Shawna’s diverse background and extensive experience make her an ideal candidate for Arvada’s City Council. Her proven track record of leadership and unwavering dedication to public service set her apart, making her the clear choice for those seeking a brighter future for Arvada.

Chris Russell

City Council, Ward 4, Thornton, CO

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Chris is a candidate running for Thornton City Council in Ward 4. With a background as a DOD Firefighter in the United States Air Force and a successful career in sales and management, Chris brings a wealth of experience to the table. As a local business owner in the real estate industry, Chris has established strong roots in Thornton and is dedicated to serving his community.

In addition to his professional achievements, Chris has a deep passion for public service. He currently serves on the Development Permits and Appeals Board (DPAB) for the City of Thornton, where he actively contributes to the decision-making process. Chris and his wife Nicole are also proud volunteers with a veteran group that focuses on promoting community projects. Given his own military background, Chris holds a special reverence for the community that supports veterans.

Chris and Nicole, parents to their daughter Maliyah, embrace the values of family and community. Their commitment to making a positive impact in Thornton is evident in both their personal and professional lives. As Chris continues his campaign for City Council, he brings a unique blend of leadership, business acumen, and a genuine desire to serve his constituents. With his dedication and proven abilities, Chris Russell is well-equipped to make a significant difference in Thornton’s Ward 4.

Bryan Lindstrom

State House, District 36, CO

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Bryan, a dedicated Aurora history teacher and lifelong resident of Aurora, CO, is a passionate advocate for housing justice, economic justice, and education justice. Understanding that addressing societal issues requires action beyond the confines of his classroom, Bryan has expanded his activism to the Colorado State Capitol.

A family man, Bryan’s commitment extends beyond personal interests. With his wife also working as a teacher, Bryan recognizes that his fight encompasses not only his own aspirations but also those of his family, profession, and the community he has been a part of throughout his life.

With unwavering resolve, Bryan is determined to champion the cause of housing for all citizens, promoting an equitable education funding mechanism, and fostering an environment where Colorado becomes a leading pro-union state in the nation. By taking his convictions to the State Capitol, Bryan seeks to instigate positive change that will benefit the greater community.

Through his extensive experience as a teacher and his longstanding involvement as a union leader and activist, Bryan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. He believes in the power of collective action and aims to leverage his skills for the betterment of society.

Drawing from his deep emotional ties to Colorado, Bryan Lindstrom is poised to make a substantial impact by advocating for causes that resonate deeply with him and his community.

Shayana Dabney

School Board, At-Large, Colorado Springs, CO

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Shay is a passionate advocate for accessible education and an alumna of Colorado Springs School District 11. Growing up in a military family, Shay witnessed educational disparities across different regions, which fueled her determination to ensure every student has access to quality learning, regardless of their background.

During her time at Mitchell High School, Shay thrived under the guidance of dedicated educators. Now, she aims to collaborate with community leaders, parents, and teachers to shape policies that break down barriers and make her exceptional educational experience available to all District 11 students.

Shay’s commitment to education is evident through her involvement in various organizations. She is an active member of the District 11 Leadership Team for Neighbors for Education and Mitchell High School’s School Accountability Committee (SAC). Additionally, Shay holds the role of Program and Operations Manager at Citizens Project, a local nonprofit dedicated to promoting civic inclusivity in the Pikes Peak region.

With a clear goal of elevating the Colorado Springs School District 11 to the forefront of education in Colorado, Shay aspires to serve on the Board of Education. Through her passion, dedication, and collaborative approach, she is determined to make a lasting impact and ensure that every student in District 11 has the opportunity to thrive academically.

Amber Hott

City Council, At-Large, Westminster, CO

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Amber is a dedicated advocate and committed community leader who is running for Westminster City Council. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many in their community, Amber is determined to make a positive impact.

Having experienced financial hardship themselves, Amber is well aware of the opportunities that are often lacking for individuals living below the poverty line. It is this empathy and firsthand knowledge that drive their passion for change. Amber’s involvement as president of the Southern Poverty Law Center Club during their time in community college, as well as their studies in mental health at Regis University, have equipped them with valuable insights and a strong foundation to address pressing issues.

Amber’s commitment to serving others extends beyond their education, having volunteered with organizations such as The Denver Rescue Mission, Project Angel Heart, and Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, as a member of the Jefferson County IDEA Task Force, Amber has actively contributed to initiatives promoting inclusion and equality.

Professionally, Amber works as a legislative aide in the Colorado State Senate, where they have gained invaluable experience in policy development. This occupation has taught them the importance of collaboration and the need to consider diverse perspectives when finding effective solutions.

Throughout their campaign, Amber aims to prioritize key areas such as food accessibility, the housing crisis, and conservation. Their comprehensive understanding of these issues, combined with their educational background and policy expertise, will enable Amber to bring a much-needed and unique perspective to the City Council.

With their unwavering dedication, Amber is prepared to serve the residents of Westminster and work tirelessly to create a more equitable and prosperous community for all.

Lindsey Daugherty

State Senate, District 19, CO

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Lindsey is an experienced attorney with a passion for public service. With three years of experience in the State House, Lindsey is ready to take on the role of State Senator for District 19. As a working mother herself, Lindsey understands the challenges faced by working parents when it comes to issues like paid leave, affordable childcare, and stable housing. Her goal is to address these challenges and bring about positive change.

Lindsey’s journey to public office started when she worked as a legal advocate for abused and neglected children. This role allowed her to see first-hand the shortcomings of our support systems for vulnerable children and their caregivers. In the State Legislature, Lindsey has proven herself to be a skilled consensus builder, successfully passing bills aimed at reducing youth recidivism and modernizing our criminal justice system.

As Chair of the House Health & Insurance Committee, Lindsey has been at the forefront of important legislation. She has worked tirelessly to increase transparency, reduce costs, and prioritize patient care. Lindsey brings a track record of turning aspirations into accomplishments, and she is committed to bringing that same dedication to the Colorado State Senate. In a world where women are still underrepresented in politics, Lindsey is ready to step up and make her voice heard.

Alison Coombs

City Council, At-Large, Aurora, CO

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Alison serves as an Aurora City Council Member, making history as the first openly LGBTQ+ individual elected to council in the city. With her dedication and passion for public service, she has been actively serving since 2019.

Aside from her role on council, Alison is also a devoted working mom who takes joy in raising her wonderful and inquisitive toddler. Professionally, she works in case management, focusing on adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who reside in host homes and family caregiver settings. As a member of the Colorado Care Workers Unite! Union under SEIU Local 105, she actively supports the rights and welfare of care workers across the state.

As a policymaker, Alison is committed to championing economic and social justice, as well as environmental stewardship. She firmly believes in addressing public safety concerns by relying on evidence-based approaches that tackle the underlying causes. In pursuit of these goals, Councilmember Coombs has taken the initiative to sponsor various legislations aimed at raising minimum wages, securing funding for affordable housing, protecting immigrant communities, and establishing resident committees to enhance civic engagement and promote environmental sustainability. Furthermore, she has consistently opposed legislations that contribute to the traumatic displacement of homeless encampments, enforce mandatory minimum sentences for property crimes, or withdraw city funding for social support programs.

With her drive and determination, Alison continues to work tirelessly toward improving the lives of Aurora residents, striving to create a safe, inclusive, and thriving community for all.


Roberto Alves

Mayor, Danbury, CT

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Roberto, a resident of Danbury since the age of five, has a deep-rooted connection to both his community and his personal values. Raised by hardworking immigrant parents from Brazil, Roberto was taught the significance of perseverance and lending a helping hand to others, even in the face of adversity. Growing up undocumented posed its challenges, but Roberto’s family always managed to find ways to overcome obstacles.

Professionally, Roberto has established himself as a successful Technical Sales Engineer. It was during his years in the local school system that he met his wife, Robyn. Recognizing the importance of staying true to their roots, Roberto and Robyn decided to build their family in Danbury. Remaining in their hometown meant a commitment to active community involvement, which led them to participate in local organizations, the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), and Roberto’s service on the City Council.

Now, Roberto is seeking the role of Mayor, driven by a desire to reintroduce transparency, accountability, and honesty to City Hall. He aims to restore representative government, responsibly manage the city’s finances, and ensure adequate funding for schools. Having witnessed the positive impact of taking action for the betterment of others, Roberto envisions a Danbury where the government fosters equity and remains accessible to all residents.

With his steadfast determination and passion for making a positive difference, Roberto embodies the qualities necessary for an effective and empathetic leader.


Terrell Williams

State House, District 9, DE

Primary Date: Sep 10, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Terrell is an accomplished individual who brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his work. With over 20 years of service in the U.S. Army, including Active Duty, the Reserves, and National Guard, Terrell has developed a strong sense of discipline and commitment to serving others.

Terrell is a graduate of Western Michigan University, where he earned a law degree. He also holds two degrees from Cheyney University, a Masters in Public Administration and a Bachelors in Social Relations. Terrell’s educational background has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the legal and social aspects that shape our communities.

Currently, Terrell focuses on bringing awareness and hope to the members of the 9th District who share his passion for equity and equality. He actively advocates for issues that directly impact our everyday lives, working tirelessly to ensure that the voices of distressed communities are heard.

In addition to his advocacy work, Terrell utilizes his extensive legal expertise as a lawyer serving distressed communities. He is deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those who are facing difficult circumstances.

Furthermore, Terrell serves as a part-time adjunct professor, teaching political science. Through his teaching, he aims to inspire and educate the next generation of leaders, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to create meaningful change.

With his background and dedication to public service, Terrell is a true advocate for justice and equality. He continues to make a meaningful impact both in his professional and personal life, working to build a better future for all.


Madeline Smith

State House, District 158, GA

Primary Date: May 21, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Madeline is a Georgia native, business owner, and dedicated advocate for social justice. With firsthand experience within the disabled community, she has been a tireless fighter for accessibility to healthcare, education, and employment.

Madeline’s educational journey includes obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Science, both from Georgia Southern University. Her academic background has equipped her with a deep understanding of the human mind and society, enabling her to approach the challenges of her advocacy work with empathy and insight.

In recognition of her passion and dedication, Madeline was elected as the Disability Caucus Chair for the Democratic Party of Georgia in January. Additionally, she holds the position of Bulloch County Communications Chair, further solidifying her commitment to making a difference at both the state and local levels.

Looking ahead to 2024, Madeline has set her sights on running for House District 158. Her goal is to bring new life and progress to rural Georgia by focusing on critical issues such as funding public education, expanding healthcare access, and advocating for livable wages for all Georgians. As the first woman with a disability to pursue this seat, Madeline offers a unique perspective that can enrich Georgia’s legislature and benefit the entire community.

With her unwavering dedication, Madeline is determined to create positive change and make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals facing various challenges. Through her experiences and strong ties within the community, she strives to amplify the voices of those often marginalized, championing equal opportunities and a more inclusive society for all.

Domonique Cooper

School Board, District 3, Gwinnett County, GA

Primary Date: May 21, 2024; General Date: May 21, 2024

Domonique is an accomplished Educational Strategist and a dedicated School volunteer. Currently, she is a candidate for the esteemed Gwinnett County school district, the 11th largest district in Georgia and the 8th most diverse in the entire United States. Within this district, Domonique oversees 31 schools and diligently serves almost 218,000 residents.

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Domonique has been a proud resident of Gwinnett County for 12 years. Her personal journey as a warrior battling Multiple Sclerosis for the past 8 years has inspired her to champion the representation of all individuals. As an active board member, Domonique lends her expertise to various organizations that advocate for disability rights, educational access, and raising awareness among children.

Building upon her relatable energy, Domonique is determined to cultivate strong relationships with schools and stakeholders within her district. Furthermore, she aims to extend her advocacy efforts by collaborating with organizations such as CASA, PTA, and other Nonprofit Organizations.

At the heart of Domonique’s campaign lie the key pillars of safety and security, mental wellness initiatives for both students and staff, student achievement with a strong emphasis on literacy, and active parental engagement. With unwavering passion driving her success both personally and professionally, Domonique expertly balances her roles as a wife and a devoted mother to her three sons, aged 9 to 19.


Jeremy Eltz

City Council, Southeast District, Carmel, IN

Primary Date: May 2, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Jeremy is the Director of Rural Education at the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning at the University of Indianapolis. In this role, he travels across the state to assist school districts in various communities, ensuring that students receive high-quality education and equal opportunities.

Dedicated to providing a voice for the citizens of Carmel, Jeremy is committed to giving back control of the City Council to the community. Unlike other candidates, he does not have any ties to special interests or big money donors, allowing him to make decisions solely in the best interest of the people. He believes that it is time to hold candidates to higher expectations and to advocate for more transparency in politics.

Creating a safe and supportive community is one of Jeremy’s top priorities. He aims to improve the safety of local roads, roundabouts, and trails to benefit all residents. Additionally, he recognizes the importance of providing adequate resources to the police, fire, and EMS departments, enabling them to effectively carry out their duties and ensure the well-being of the community.

Moreover, Jeremy is passionate about sustainable development that addresses the community’s needs while also considering the impact on the environment. He believes in responsible and responsive growth that benefits both the residents and the planet.

Lastly, Jeremy is a strong advocate for public schools and believes that city leaders should support and prioritize education. He is determined to fight for the rights and needs of public schools to ensure that every student in Carmel receives a high-quality education.

Megan Rogers

City Council, District 1, Plymouth, IN

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Megan, a resident of Plymouth, IN for the past 9 years, has established herself as an active member of the community. She graduated from Bethel University, majoring in Sociology and Criminal Justice. With a career spanning 18 years, Megan has dedicated her professional life to working with mental health agencies, aging and disabled populations, as well as in the fields of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Megan is extensively involved in the community, holding positions on the Leadership Marshall County, Honoring Choices, and Aging Connections boards. She has also taken on the role of caregiver for her parents and grandparents in recent years, currently serving as the primary caregiver for her father. In her leisure time, Megan enjoys quality family moments, engaging in board games and sharing her love for baseball with her husband, Ian, a lifelong resident of Plymouth.

Blythe Potter

City Council, At-Large, Bargersville, IN

Primary Date: May 2, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Blythe, an OIF veteran and resident of both Bargersville and Franklin Township throughout her childhood, holds a bachelor’s degree in Massage Therapy and an MBA from Siena Heights University. As the co-owner of Bargersville Wellness, Blythe is deeply committed to promoting self-care, placemaking, and enhancing the Bargersville community. Her husband, Michael, a Center Grove graduate and geologist specializing in emergency response, shares Blythe’s passion for sustainability and together, they became the first residents in Bargersville to embrace solar power. Blythe, a dedicated mother to her three-year-old daughter and stepdaughters, is a multi-talented professional who works as an esthetician, massage therapist, and yoga teacher at Bargersville Wellness.

In addition to her roles at Bargersville Wellness, Blythe actively contributes to her community by serving on the Bargersville Police Merit Board. Moreover, she is currently participating in the Emerging Leaders and Center Grove Ambassadors programs. If elected to the Bargersville Town Council, Blythe plans to collaborate with her fellow council members to enhance the safety of existing trails and sidewalks. This includes implementing prominent signage and road markings to improve visibility for vehicular traffic. Furthermore, she aims to ensure seamless connectivity between these pathways and future community expansions, as well as the established old town and downtown community. Blythe’s comprehensive vision for the town also encompasses a range of other beneficial changes designed to enhance the quality of life for current Bargersville residents.


Chelsea Lepley

City Council, Ward 1, Des Moines, IA

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Chelsea is a dedicated individual committed to making a positive impact on her community. Growing up in Des Moines, she has firsthand experience with the various neighborhoods, allowing her to understand the diverse needs of the city.

Coming from a hardworking union household, Chelsea has always been motivated to improve Des Moines. Her passion for community service is evident through her involvement in numerous boards, including Parks and Recreation, affordable housing, neighborhood groups, and leadership training programs.

During her time as a student, Chelsea embraced causes and issues close to her heart. She actively supported initiatives related to voter turnout, economic fairness, gender equality, LGBTQ+ civil rights, criminal justice reform, environmental sustainability, and campaign finance reform.

With a strong work ethic that began at an early age, Chelsea embarked on her professional journey at the age of 14 and has been continuously employed since then. As a first-generation college graduate, she holds degrees in education (BA) and public policy (MPA). Her extensive work experience spans various fields, including healthcare policy, healthcare IT, software, technical writing, legislative affairs, project and bid management, political campaigns, nonprofit fundraising, and hospitality.

Now, Chelsea is running for City Council with the goal of bridging the gap between the community and its leaders. She is determined to tirelessly dedicate herself to creating a brighter, more inclusive, and safer future for all residents of Des Moines.


Ngoc Vuong

School Board, District 3 USD 259, Wichita, KS

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Ngoc is an accomplished educator, researcher, and nonprofit leader who is currently running for District 3 of the Wichita school board. With vast experience in the field of education, Ngoc teaches general psychology and co-teaches a leadership class at Wichita State University. Aside from teaching, Ngoc’s expertise lies in behavioral health, drug policy, and education reform, making him a well-rounded candidate for the role.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Ngoc has also made a significant impact in the community as a nonprofit leader. He played a pivotal role in launching Wichita’s free naloxone and fentanyl test strip program, demonstrating his commitment to combating the opioid epidemic. Ngoc’s involvement extends even further as he actively serves on various nonprofit and advisory boards, furthering his dedication to the betterment of society.

As a proud graduate of Wichita Public Schools, Ngoc’s passion for education shines through in his mentorship and funding initiatives that have benefited numerous students. By running for the District 3 seat, Ngoc hopes to represent the values and lived experiences of the students, employees, and families of USD 259. His primary goals include ensuring student success, improving school discipline, fostering family and community engagement, and enhancing the strength and protection of public schools.

Ngoc’s stance on various issues reflects his commitment to the betterment of education. He supports initiatives such as living wages, community schools, and applied learning/service-learning opportunities for students. Moreover, Ngoc firmly opposes censorship, micromanagement, lack of transparency/accountability, and the systematic defunding of public schools.

With his extensive background, passion, and dedication to education and the community, Ngoc Vuong is a promising candidate who is well-equipped to contribute positively to the Wichita school board and make a lasting impact in the lives of students and families in District 3.

Chad Carroll

City Council, Ward 1, Olathe, KS

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Chad is an advocate for quality education and understands its importance firsthand. After completing high school, he pursued his associate degree at Longview Community College. Recognizing the need for continuous learning, Chad took advantage of the recent pandemic to further his education and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Columbia College.

Having grown up with a deep fascination for the banking industry, personal credit, and finance, Chad made the strategic decision to relocate to Kansas in 2013 to advance his career in the financial services sector. Drawn to Olathe by its sterling reputation, excellent school system, and high quality of life, Chad found his ideal community. Married to his wife Ashlee for over five years, they are proud to share a blended family of three children and have cherished Olathe as their home for more than a decade.

Chad’s commitment to giving back is unwavering, as demonstrated by his active involvement with local organizations such as Kansas City Scholars, Friends of JCDS, and Prep-KC. His dedication to community service extends beyond running for office; Chad is eager to work diligently to earn your vote and continue serving you once elected.

Ian Long

School Board, USD 373, Newton, KS

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

As a dedicated laborer with a strong work ethic, Ian has cultivated a reputation for being willing to go the extra mile to assist others. Having resided in the local community for nearly a decade, he possesses a deep appreciation for its beauty and is invested in its well-being. Ian’s personal connections to the education system are noteworthy, with his spouse having served as a paraeducator for students with special needs at Chisholm, and his father-in-law retiring after a 30-year teaching career.

Ian’s passion for community involvement is evident in his two years of service on the PTO, where he has thrived and developed his skills as an effective collaborator. Newton is the foundation of Ian’s family, and he takes pride in his children’s enrollment within the esteemed 373 educational system. With a belief in the transformative power of transparency, open dialogue, and community engagement, Ian strives to foster unity and drive positive change not only within USD 373 schools but also within the broader communities of Newton, North Newton, and Walton. By prioritizing a deep understanding of one another and making decisions in the best interest of students, he believes in achieving realistic, sustainable, and long-lasting improvements.


ReAzalia Allen

Judge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Baton Rouge, LA

Primary Date: Oct 14, 2023; General Date: Nov 18, 2023

ReAzalia is a candidate running for Judge of the 19th Judicial District Court, Division J, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a background in English from Louisiana State University and a Juris Doctor from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University, ReAzalia has a strong educational foundation. Currently, she is an Associate Attorney at Dudley Debosier Injury Lawyer and an Associate Adjunct Professor of Law at Southern University Law Center. Additionally, ReAzalia owns and operates a boutique firm specializing in intellectual property.

Prior to her current roles, ReAzalia served as the Staff Attorney to Division J, ES 1 at the 19th Judicial District Court from 2016 to 2022. This valuable experience has provided her with extensive knowledge of the administration of criminal and civil justice.

As a Judge, ReAzalia is dedicated to collaborating with local churches and community organizations to offer alternatives to incarceration. She firmly believes in prescribing appropriate punishment when necessary to ensure public safety. ReAzalia’s commitment to treating every individual who enters the court with dignity and respect is unwavering. She vows to uphold fairness and impartiality for all individuals who come before the court. With her expertise and compassionate approach to justice, ReAzalia Allen is poised to make a positive impact on the 19th Judicial District Court, Division J.

Mckinley James

State House, District 39, LA

Primary Date: Oct 14, 2023; General Date: Nov 18, 2023

McKinley, a Partner at The James Firm LLC, hails from New Iberia, Louisiana. Together with his wife, Taylor James, he co-founded this renowned law firm. McKinley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, as well as a Juris Doctorate degree from the Southern University Law Center.

As an experienced Attorney, McKinley has dedicated his career to advocating for the rights of children and parents entangled in the state’s foster care system. His expertise also extends to facilitating numerous real estate transactions, frequently assisting first-time homebuyers.

In addition to his extensive legal credentials, McKinley is an esteemed member of the Louisiana Bar Association. He assumes the role of President for the Louis A Martinet Legal Society Greater Lafayette and proudly belongs to Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

When he’s not immersed in his professional endeavors, McKinley cherishes quality time spent with his beloved wife, Taylor James, and their son, Mack James. An avid reader and traveler, he also indulges in playing pickup basketball as a recreational pursuit.

Pearl Ricks

State House, District 23, LA

Primary Date: Oct 14, 2023; General Date: Nov 18, 2023

Pearl, a Philadelphia native, grew up with a deep understanding of the disparities in treatment among individuals. Their experience as a student in the Philadelphia public schools highlighted the unequal access to resources, as they often had to share books and make do with outdated materials. This eye-opening experience continued when Pearl moved to a more affluent suburb, where they witnessed firsthand the stark contrast in educational opportunities available to different communities.

Motivated by their belief in equal opportunities for all, Pearl has become a dedicated activist. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring that every young person has the chance to thrive continues to drive their advocacy work.

Now, Pearl has set their sights on a new challenge: running for State Representative. Recognizing the importance of having a champion who truly understands the needs and concerns of the community, they are stepping up to represent District 23. By leveraging their personal experiences and unwavering dedication to equality, Pearl aims to address the pressing issues faced by their constituents and fight for a fair and inclusive society.

Pearl’s vision for a community where everyone can call it home requires bold and compassionate leadership. With their unique perspective and dedication to leveling the playing field, Pearl is poised to make a lasting impact as the representative for District 23.


Andrew Zarro

Mayor, Portland, ME

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Andrew is a dedicated community leader in Portland who is passionate about his city. With a focus on climate action, community-building, and sustainable economic development, Andrew has made a significant impact. As the founder of a successful business, he has created a vibrant space where locals and visitors can connect. Andrew’s priority has always been to foster inclusivity and create a welcoming environment for all.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Andrew serves as a member of the Portland City Council, representing District 4. His advocacy for climate action and sustainability initiatives has been instrumental in positioning Portland as a leader in carbon emissions reduction and a more sustainable future. Throughout his tenure on the council, Andrew has been a driving force behind several important policy changes. These include securing increased funding for the sustainability department, spearheading the city’s first municipal mask mandate during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and championing the implementation of a composting program.

Andrew’s dedication to public policy and economic justice stems from his academic background and personal experiences. His diverse skill set allows him to approach challenges with a well-rounded perspective and make informed decisions for the benefit of the community. Through his unwavering commitment to public service, Andrew Zarro continues to make a positive difference in the lives of Portland residents and contribute to the city’s growth and sustainability.


Preston Thomas, III

City Council, At-Large, Bowie, MD

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Preston is a candidate for City Council At-Large in Bowie, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to his campaign. He holds an Associate of Applied Science in Cybercrime Investigation from Prince George’s Community College, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland Global Campus, and a dual Master’s of Science in Government Organization & Leadership and Juris Doctor from Creighton University School of Law. With a background in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, Preston is currently working to create community engagement and improvements throughout the City of Bowie.

He serves on the City of Bowie’s Community Outreach Committee and Green Team Executive Committee, along with his role as the Newsletter Editor and a member of the Community Affairs Committee in his Homeowner’s Association. Preston is dedicated to fostering sustainable economic development, maintaining public safety, promoting community engagement, and supporting green programs. He is committed to serving his community and helping shape a brighter future for Bowie.


Robert Preciado

City Council, Ward 3, Marlborough, MA

Primary Date: Oct 10, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Robert is a first-generation Mexican American who has called Marlborough home for the past six years. Robert is a community builder, a dedicated husband and father of a one-year-old daughter. With a degree in mechanical engineering from Ben Franklin Institute Tech and a strong background in the culinary industry, Robert brings a unique set of skills to the table. If elected, he will make history as the first Chicano to serve on the Marlborough City Council.

Creating a sense of community is a top priority for Robert. He has worked tirelessly with his neighbors to establish Marlborough Makers, an art collective that celebrates local talent. Additionally, Robert is a co-founder of One Marlborough, a group dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within the community.

Robert firmly believes in the accessibility of local government and the importance of representation. He strives to be an advocate for the residents of Marlborough and ensure that their voices are heard. Moreover, Robert is committed to supporting green initiatives and finding the balance between the city’s rapid growth and sustainable practices. His goal is to implement smart and forward-thinking resolutions that benefit all members of the community.

With Robert’s unique background, passion for community, and commitment to effective and inclusive governance, he is a candidate who truly understands the needs and aspirations of the people of Marlborough.

Yonnie Collins

School Board, Ward 6, Haverhill, MA

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Yonnie is a dedicated Nurse Practitioner focused on enhancing the mental health of Haverhill students using evidence-based practices. As a proud alumna of Haverhill Public Schools, she is passionate about empowering the future leaders of her community to reach their full potential. Recognizing the importance of integrating community, healthcare, schools, and families, Yonnie is committed to fostering well-rounded and globally prepared children. Her dedication to leadership and transparency is unwavering.

Yonnie brings a wealth of leadership experience to her role, cultivated throughout her educational journey. From her formative years in Haverhill’s educational system to her leadership positions at Umass Lowell, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in exercise science, and her Master’s degree in nursing, Yonnie has honed her skills. Additionally, she has assumed leadership roles in her nursing program at MGH Institute of Health Professions.

Thanks to her extensive training by Emerge Massachusetts and MassAlliance, Yonnie has received endorsements from prominent organizations such as the Massachusetts Nursing Association (MNA) and the Haverhill Education Association (HEA). With a deep-rooted commitment to public service, she intends to continue serving the patients of Haverhill and its surrounding communities.

Andrew Pemberton

Town Council, At-Large, Randolph, MA

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Andrew is a 20-year-old political organizer vying for the Town Council At-Large position in Randolph, Massachusetts. If successful, he would become the youngest Town Councilor in Randolph’s history. With a background deeply rooted in political activism, Andrew aims to infuse the Town Council with his distinct perspectives. Among his key priorities are implementing a fare-free shuttle bus system to expand public transportation accessibility, thus saving local residents substantial sums of money. In addition, he plans to establish a graduated fine system for housing violations to hold corporate landlords accountable and address housing issues more effectively. Furthermore, Andrew seeks to revitalize local schools within Randolph.

Notably, Andrew is not solely defined by his young age; he possesses significant experience garnered from his work with various political organizations. For instance, he has honed his skills through his role at Progressive Victory, where he successfully managed teams of volunteers, nurtured communities, and spearheaded strategic planning initiatives alongside campaign coordination. With a unique blend of youthful energy and professional acumen, Andrew aspires to prompt positive change in Randolph as he continues his dedicated pursuit for a better community.

Emily Lazzaro

City Council, At-Large, Medford, MA

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Emily is a dedicated candidate vying for a position on the Medford City Council. Having found her home in Medford, she is determined to enhance the city and its quality of life for all of its residents. With a strong educational background, including a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Boston University, as well as a graduate certificate in Gender, Leadership, and Public Policy from UMass Boston, Emily possesses the necessary expertise and qualifications to serve effectively on the Medford City Council.

Her previous experiences have provided her with valuable insights into the workings of local government. As an intern for Representative Christine and as an employee of Senator Kathleen O’Connor-Ives at the State House, Emily gained hands-on experience in understanding the intricacies of legislative processes. Furthermore, her involvement with the Superintendent of Schools, School Committee, and Mayor’s office in Medford has given her a holistic perspective on what is required for the city’s government to function optimally and represent its residents fairly.

Emily’s dedication, combined with her educational background and practical experience, makes her an outstanding candidate for the Medford City Council. Her vision for a better Medford, coupled with her commitment to serving the community, positions her as a capable leader ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Cynthia Rivas Mendes

School Board, Ward 5, Brockton, MA

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Cynthia is an experienced educator and passionate advocate for social justice. With a background in Special Education, she has spent significant time on the front lines, supporting and empowering students with unique learning needs.

Currently, Cynthia serves as a coach for new teachers, providing them with guidance and motivation to thrive in the classroom. Through individual mentoring and coaching, she helps these educators deliver the highest quality instruction to their students.

In addition to her work in education, Cynthia has dedicated the past four years to serving on the School Committee Ward 2. During this time, she has authored crucial policies to ensure the sustainability of the Brockton Public Schools.

Now, Cynthia is running to represent Ward 5, with a strong commitment to advocating for families and ensuring that every student receives a high-quality education. Her focus is on fostering consistent partnerships between families, schools, and the community.

Cynthia believes in the importance of continuous learning opportunities for educators. She emphasizes the need for teachers to develop and grow their cultural responsiveness, promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion. As a representative, Cynthia will advocate for increased funding and resources for schools. Simultaneously, she is dedicated to ensuring transparency in the school budgeting process, effectively utilizing the city’s resources.

Through her extensive experience and unwavering dedication to education and social justice, Cynthia Rivas Mendes is poised to make a positive impact in Ward 5 and beyond.

Adrienne Klein

City Council, At-Large, Cambridge, MA

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Adrienne is a dedicated public servant with a passion for advocating for inclusive access to infrastructure and services. With a background in community organizations focused on food access and education, Adrienne brings a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience to her role as the Mayor’s Director of Constituent Services.

Having advised local governments around the world on public health and justice issues, Adrienne made the decision to return to her home state of Massachusetts to raise her family. Living in subsidized housing in North Cambridge with her husband, an immigrant and small business entrepreneur, and their son, Adrienne understands the diverse range of challenges faced by Cambridge residents.

As a member of the “sandwich generation,” Adrienne also takes on the responsibility of caring for her aging parents. These personal experiences have only fueled her passion and drive to ensure that Cambridge remains a city where families can afford to stay and thrive, where every resident has a voice, where small businesses can flourish, and where the environment is protected for future generations. With a deep commitment to making a positive impact, Adrienne aims to lead Cambridge towards a more equitable and sustainable future.

Aaron Olapade

School Board, Medford, MA

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Aaron’s journey is a testament to the power of education and community. Since arriving in Medford in 2013, he has dedicated himself to driving progress and unity in the area. Aaron has taken on various roles, including community liaison, team captain in Medford, legislative aide in the Massachusetts State House, and serving underrepresented youth with City Year Boston. His work has highlighted his determination to make a positive difference through service.

As a Medford native, Aaron understands the importance of respecting the area’s heritage while envisioning a future filled with growth and innovation. With his experience in Medford schools, as an advocate for youth, and as someone intimately familiar with the struggles faced by the community, Aaron is uniquely positioned to shape a better tomorrow. By supporting Aaron for school committee, we are sending a message that every student, teacher, and resident’s voice matters. Together, we can elevate dreams and aspirations, and celebrate the vibrant diversity that makes Medford truly exceptional.

Henry Santana

City Council, At-Large, Boston, MA

Primary Date: Sep 12, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Henry is a first-generation college student and immigrant from Bani, Dominican Republic, who moved to Boston during his childhood. Growing up in the Alice Taylor apartments, he attended Boston Public Schools and developed a love for baseball at Marcella Park. As an individual who personally experienced the challenges of navigating civic institutions, Henry recognized the inequities and barriers faced by those seeking resources and support.

Motivated by his own experiences, Henry worked as a field director on City Councilor Kenzie Bok’s campaign and later served as Councilor Bok’s Director of Operations and Mission Hill and Fenway Liaison. Additionally, he played a crucial role as the inaugural director for Mayor Michelle Wu’s Office of Civic Organizing. Advocating for residents in various neighborhoods, including Mission Hill, East Boston, Dorchester, and Hyde Park, Henry strongly believes in the inclusion of every Bostonian in our vibrant democracy.

With a deep connection to the city and representing the next generation of Bostonians, Henry is running for a position on the Boston City Council. Through his campaign, he aims to bring a fresh perspective and uplift residents in each neighborhood. Henry’s ultimate goal is to create a more accessible and fair system that reflects the needs and aspirations of all Bostonians.

Eunice Zeigler

Governors Council, District 5, MA

Primary Date: Sep 12, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Eunice is a first-generation Haitian American woman who is proud of her roots. As the daughter of Evelyn and Ed, who met and grew up in Delmas, a rural town in Port-au-Prince Haiti, she understands the value of hard work and perseverance. In 2017, Eunice decided to enter the world of politics and ran for public office. Since then, she has dedicated herself to making a difference in her community as a City Councilor.

During her time in office, Eunice has been focused on improving her city. She recognized the need for economic development and established the Economic Development Committee to address this issue. In addition, she was instrumental in organizing the Methuen Day celebration, a community-wide event that attracts over 5,000 participants each year.

Eunice is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in her city. She successfully championed a diversity and inclusion policy, ensuring that all residents feel welcome and valued. Additionally, she has collaborated on grants to support small business owners and local artists, recognizing their importance in the community.

Before entering politics, Eunice gained valuable experience in community development. She has worked in the Community Development Department for the City of Haverhill and is currently employed at the YWCA in Lawrence.

Eunice’s dedication to her community and her passion for making a difference are evident in her achievements. She continues to be a strong advocate for her constituents and is committed to creating a vibrant and inclusive city.


Kristine Crook

City Council, At-Large, St. Clair Shores, MI

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Kristine is a dedicated candidate running for St. Clair Shores City Council. With a genuine passion for ensuring equal representation, she firmly believes that all individuals should be valued and feel safe in their community. Kristine is committed to bridging the gap between the citizens and the council, acting as a strong advocate for their concerns and needs. With a wealth of experience in community-based initiatives, she possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to make positive changes in St. Clair Shores. By electing Kristine to the City Council, residents can be confident in having a dedicated leader who will work tirelessly to promote inclusivity, fairness, and security for all.

Nicole Miller

City Council, At-Large, Portage, MI

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Nicole, a dedicated resident of Portage for 38 years, has announced her candidacy for Portage City Council. With a background as a Physical Therapist Assistant, Nicole brings a unique blend of compassion, empathy, and determination to make a positive impact on the community she loves.

In addition to her professional experience, Nicole has also served on the Kalamazoo County Aeronautics Board for the past seven years. Her appointment by county commissioners is a testament to her commitment to public service and her ability to bring valuable insights to the table.

Nicole’s platform focuses on fostering responsible growth, preserving green spaces, and promoting transparent communication within the community. She believes that by actively listening, understanding, and leading the citizens of Portage, she can help build a city that residents can be even prouder to call home.

With a fresh perspective and a passion for making a difference, Nicole aims to bring new momentum to Portage. Her vision for the city is one of inclusivity, collaboration, and progress. Through her dedication and leadership, she is committed to creating a vibrant and thriving community for all residents.

As a candidate for Portage City Council, Nicole is ready to roll up her sleeves and work tirelessly to represent the interests of the community. With her experience, compassion, and drive, she is well-prepared to make a lasting and positive impact on Portage.

Alonzo Wilson

City Council, At-Large, Kalamazoo, MI

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Alonzo, a proud native of Kalamazoo, is deeply passionate about his city and the well-being of its residents. He firmly believes that the key to personal success lies in having a stable home environment. Regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, Alonzo believes that every family deserves an equal opportunity to thrive.

To ensure that every family can share in the wealth of prosperity within the community, Alonzo is committed to advocating for access to quality housing, education, and career opportunities. As an elected city commissioner, he plans to make it his mission to fight for equity in these vital sectors, working on behalf of all individuals and families in Kalamazoo.

With his candidacy for office, Alonzo hopes to inspire the next generation of local leaders to actively engage in their community, taking action to make Kalamazoo an even better place for everyone. He understands the importance of collaboration and inclusive leadership, and he is dedicated to fostering a city where all residents can thrive.

By focusing on promoting equal opportunities, Alonzo strives to create a more equitable and prosperous future for Kalamazoo and its residents.


Katie Cashman

City Council, Ward 7, Minneapolis, MN

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Katie is an accomplished policy advocate, non-profit leader, and community organizer. Her dedication to environmental justice and equity has led her to run for City Council member in Minneapolis’s Ward 7.

Throughout her impressive career, Katie has worked tirelessly for positive change, both locally and globally. During her time at the United Nations, she focused on helping cities develop and implement effective policies to improve urban health and environmental standards. Recognizing the importance of education, Katie founded the Climate Action Academy, where she leads initiatives to integrate climate education into schools and empower individuals with leadership skills.

Currently, Katie lends her expertise to the Minnesota Center of Environmental Advocacy, where she works closely with partners to protect laws and regulations that ensure clean water and air for all residents. With an unwavering commitment to her community, Katie aims to guide Minneapolis through a sustainable and environmentally conscious transition. Her vision is to create a safer, healthier, and more vibrant community that fosters the well-being of all citizens.

Katie strongly believes in progress and understands the need for greater equity in policy-making. She is prepared to deliver on these aspirations and not settle for complacency. With her extensive experience and unwavering dedication, Katie is the candidate poised to lead Minneapolis towards a brighter and more equitable future.


Kameron Neeman

State Senate, District 27, NE

Primary Date: May 2, 2024; General Date: Nov 4, 2024

Kameron is a passionate Nebraskan who deeply resonates with the words of civil rights leader Ida B. Wells: “The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.” With a strong commitment to community organizing and activism, Kameron recognizes that the key to fostering social change starts at the local level. That’s why he is dedicated to representing District 27 in the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature.


Glory Mukendi

Selectman, Ward 9, Manchester, NH

Primary Date: Sep 19, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Glory, a native of DRC Congo, is a dedicated mother of two boys and currently serves as the program director at Victory Women of Vision. With a deep passion for advocating for immigrant and refugee populations, Glory has embarked on a new endeavor by running for the office of Selectman. Her ultimate goal is to create a sense of belonging for all individuals, particularly young BIPOC from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they have equal opportunities to advocate and participate in the decision-making process at the municipal level.

Driven by her desire to improve education and create better opportunities for special needs children within the immigrant community, Glory is pursuing a master’s degree in special education. Additionally, she is participating in a Trauma Informed Policy and Practice program, as well as obtaining a certificate in the NH Leadership series. These endeavors aim to empower individuals with disabilities and their family members, bringing about positive changes in disability policy and systems, particularly within the often overlooked BIPOC community.

Glory’s unwavering commitment to social justice and inclusive policies is evident in her extensive efforts to make a difference in the lives of marginalized populations. With her impressive academic pursuits and on-the-ground experience, Glory is poised to effect meaningful change and promote equality within her community.

Stephen Meno

Selectman, Ward 3, Manchester, NH

Primary Date: Sep 19, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Stephen is an experienced educator and urban planning professional with a strong background in municipal government and election administration. Currently, he is a candidate for the position of Selectman for Ward 3 in Manchester. Stephen has previously served as a dedicated Ballot Inspector for Ward 3, where he ensured a fair and transparent voting process. In recognition of his expertise, he was also appointed as an Alternate to the Planning Board.

Stephen’s commitment to his community extends beyond his professional endeavors. He resides in the eastern side of Ward 3 with his partner, Colin, and together they are actively involved in restoring their charming old house. Stephen’s deep investment in his neighborhood drives his passion for effective and responsible urban planning.

With his extensive knowledge, experience, and dedication, Stephen is well-equipped to represent the residents of Ward 3 as their Selectman. His forward-thinking approach and ability to navigate the complexities of municipal government make him a valuable candidate for this important role. Stephen’s commitment to fairness, transparency, and community engagement make him an excellent choice for Ward 3 residents who are seeking a progressive and empathetic representative.

Alex de Geofroy

City Council, Ward 5, Rochester, NH

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Alex is an engineering and technology professional, as well as an Army veteran, who is currently running for City Council in Rochester, New Hampshire. With a strong commitment to family values, he aims to maintain Rochester’s status as a thriving city that offers excellent opportunities for raising a family, including access to quality schools, job prospects, and affordable housing.

To further contribute to his community, Alex volunteered to serve on the City Council in the summer of 2022. Since then, he has effectively established himself as a trusted and rational voice, gaining support from fellow councilors and city staff through his advocacy for pragmatic solutions and a data-driven approach to decision making. It is his unwavering determination to prioritize the needs of Rochester families that sets him apart.

During his first term, Alex assumed important responsibilities within the Public Safety, Public Works & Buildings Committees, and the Planning Board. In addition to these roles, he was appointed to serve on the Joint Building Committee for the new elementary school. Through his involvement, Alex has made it a priority to uphold effective governance and increase transparency, ensuring that residents are fully informed.

Alex’s wealth of experience in engineering, technology, and the military, combined with his dedication to serving the best interests of the community, make him an outstanding candidate for City Council in Rochester, New Hampshire.

Crystal Paradis-Catanzaro

City Council, Ward 4, Somersworth, NH

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Crystal is a candidate for the Somersworth City Council representing Ward 4, where she resides with her wife and three dogs. Recognizing the need for enhanced value for the citizens of Somersworth, Crystal is fueled by a bold vision and a commitment to keeping residents informed and inspired. Ensuring an inclusive and quality education for all students is among her top priorities. Crystal advocates for providing resources to support the school district in creating an environment that fosters academic excellence.

Crystal also emphasizes the importance of a proactive community development approach. She aims to implement smart zoning strategies that prioritize safety and contribute to the overall well-being of the community. This entails advocating for streets and sidewalks that are secure and accessible to all residents.

Additionally, Crystal acknowledges the significance of resident engagement. She is dedicated to making it effortless for individuals to participate in the civic life of Somersworth. From offering easy access to information regarding trash pickup to opportunities to serve on boards and committees, Crystal aims to create an environment where residents feel empowered to contribute to the city’s growth.

Beyond her political aspirations, Crystal is an avid supporter of various community activities. Her interests range from library usage to dog parks and pollenator gardening. Crystal is excited to resume serving the people of Somersworth, and her passion for this endeavor is palpable.


Kristen Dart

City Council, At-Large, Saratoga Springs, NY

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Kristen, a native of Saratoga Springs, NY, is a dedicated advocate for equality and justice. Coming from a family with a strong legacy of civil rights activism, Kristen’s passion for public service runs deep. Currently, she holds the position of chairperson for the Saratoga Springs inaugural Civilian Review Board and actively participates in the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee. In the past, Kristen served on the esteemed Police Reform Task Force, further solidifying her commitment to fostering positive change within her community.

In addition to her civic engagements, Kristen has made significant contributions in both nonprofit and government sectors. She previously served as the director of Legislative Affairs for Mayor Jorge Elorza and held the position of Deputy Director of Policy for the RI House of Representatives. Currently, she holds the role of Vice President of Political Affairs at Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts.

Kristen’s involvement in her community extends beyond her professional life. She has demonstrated a strong dedication to political activism and has invested her time in coaching youth sports. Kristen also contributes her expertise as a board member of Public Wise, a non-profit organization focused on promoting equity in democracy. Additionally, she holds the position of Corresponding Secretary for the Albany Chapter of The Girl Friends, Inc., a renowned social organization committed to empowering women.

With her rich family background and diverse experiences, Kristen brings a unique perspective to her work in advocating for civil rights and justice. Her desire to create a more equitable and just society continues to drive her unwavering commitment to public service.

Keith Gurgui

County Board, District 3, Ulster County, NY

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Keith, a lifelong resident of the Town of Ulster, possesses an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities within Ulster County. Despite a spinal injury that altered his trajectory just before embarking on a Physician Assistance Studies program at Philadelphia University, Keith remained undeterred in pursuing his goals. Displaying unwavering determination, he earned a BS in political science from SUNY New Paltz, achieving magna cum laude honors.

Drawing upon his resilience and academic achievements, Keith is dedicated to bringing his passion and drive to the legislature. By doing so, he aims to foster an environment within Ulster County where fairness prevails, and individuals are provided with equitable opportunities to unlock their full potential. With his vision and commitment, Keith is an asset in shaping a vibrant future for the community.

Justin Chaires

State House, District 111, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Justin, a lifelong resident of Schenectady, is a dedicated educator and successful business owner. Coming from a loving and supportive family, Justin is the youngest of five children. With a strong passion for sports and an inherent sense of humor, Justin had a happy upbringing filled with love and laughter. Today, he not only excels as a loving father, but also actively contributes to his community, always ready to lend a helping hand.

Claire Cousin

State House, District 106, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Claire, the daughter of a taxi driver and a speech pathologist, comes from a working-class background. As a single mother at the age of seventeen, she faced numerous challenges, including dropping out of high school and relocating to public housing in Hudson. To support herself and provide for her family, Claire took on various odd jobs such as afterschool programs, domestic violence services, and home healthcare. Despite these obstacles, she managed to obtain her GED and an AmeriCorps fellowship. Balancing community college alongside her responsibilities as a full-time worker and mother proved to be a difficult juggling act.

Claire’s life took a significant turn during a Hudson Common Council meeting in 2013. On this night, she passionately spoke against reducing basketball court hours for teenagers, which led to her crossing paths with members from a local organization focused on assisting Hudson’s Black youth. Recognizing her dedication and drive, they swiftly welcomed her as one of their most active leaders. Inspired to tackle the housing crisis in her community, Claire co-founded the Hudson/Catskill Housing Coalition. Serving as its executive director, she tirelessly advocates for affordable and stable housing options for all residents.

Currently, Claire is proudly serving her second term in the Columbia County Board of Supervisors, a monumental achievement as the first Black woman to be elected to the body. In this role, she has successfully secured additional funding for affordable housing initiatives and played a pivotal role in passing crucial criminal justice legislation. Claire’s unwavering commitment to her community and her tenacity in the pursuit of equitable opportunities make her an inspiring and influential figure within Columbia County.


Kris Rixon

City Council, At-Large, Wendell, NC

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Kris is a dedicated college educator with a deep-rooted commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Wendell. Having grown up in Eastern North Carolina, Kris is well acquainted with the challenges faced by growing communities. Seeking a position on the Wendell Board of Commissioners, Kris is actively dedicated to fostering a sense of togetherness and seeking effective solutions that will drive the continued prosperity of Wendell.

Recognizing the tremendous potential stemming from the area’s rapid growth, Kris is keen on harnessing this momentum while simultaneously addressing the pressing infrastructure needs and prioritizing the community’s safety. Kris is resolute in the conviction that Wendell must be a place that caters to every family, ensuring that housing remains affordable and that individuals can continue to proudly call Wendell their home.

With an unwavering focus on community building and a holistic approach to inclusive growth, Kris Rixon brings a wealth of experience and a sincere desire to cultivate a thriving and harmonious environment for all residents of Wendell.

Elizabeth Parent

City Council, At-Large, Fuquay Varina, NC

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Elizabeth is a dedicated individual who wears many hats in her daily life. She is a loving mother to three boys, a passionate honey beekeeper, and the supportive wife of a US Army veteran. On top of all that, she is deeply involved in her community as a dedicated advocate.

Elizabeth has a strong background in community service, having served as the Secretary of the Artists Alliance of the Triangle and the President of MOMs Club of FV-HS. Additionally, she previously ran as a candidate for NC House District 37, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact on her community.

When she’s not actively engaged in community work, Elizabeth spends her time working part-time as a hostess at a popular breakfast restaurant in town. This allows her to connect with people from all walks of life and brings a unique perspective to her endeavors.

Elizabeth’s personal journey has shaped her views and fueled her desire to help others. Growing up on a small family farm in Poulbso, Washington, she understands the values and perspectives of a conservative upbringing, but has evolved to embrace a progressive mindset. Her experiences, including being a childhood sexual abuse survivor, have made her a resilient and tireless advocate for those in need.

Elizabeth is deeply invested in the well-being of her community and actively participates in Fuquay-Varina town hall meetings, attending both in-person and online sessions since April 2020. With a focus on smart growth, affordable housing, and securing federal and state funding for necessary infrastructure improvements, she is determined to make a difference.

With her diverse background and unwavering dedication, Elizabeth is a formidable force for positive change in her community.


Joanna Lopez Inman

Judge, Cleveland, OH

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Joanna is a dedicated individual with a strong passion for the judicial system. With a background as a victim of crime, an assistant prosecutor, a client representative, and a magistrate, she fully understands the crucial role that judges play in the lives of those involved in the court process. Aspiring to be a Cleveland Municipal Court Judge, Lopez Inman aims to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals who interact with the court.

Having begun her career as an assistant prosecutor for the City of Cleveland, Lopez Inman has gained invaluable insights into the inner workings of the Cleveland Municipal Court General Division during her three-year tenure as a magistrate. With her extensive experience in litigating and arraigning cases in this court, she possesses the most relevant qualifications for this seat.

Recognizing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, she is committed to promoting these values within the court. Aiming to prioritize community engagement, she ensures that she remains attentive to the needs and challenges faced by individuals. Through her voting for inclusive policies and her focus on fairness and equity, she strives to create an environment that is sensitive to cultural differences, thus fostering inclusivity within the courtroom.

Joanna’s dedication to serving others, coupled with her comprehensive experience in the legal field, makes her an exemplary candidate for the role of Cleveland Municipal Court Judge. With her vision of a court system that is fair, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of the community, she aspires to make a lasting and positive impact on the lives of individuals involved in the justice system.

Lizett Schreiber

School Board, Olentangy-Lewis, OH

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Lizett is an attorney, mother of 4, and a passionate advocate for public education. Raised in Houston, Texas, by Mexican immigrant parents, Lizett understands firsthand the transformative power of a good education. Her own educational journey provided her with the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful career in law and public policy.

As a 15-year resident of Lewis Center, Lizett has witnessed the growth of the Olentangy area. With this in mind, she is committed to ensuring that there is sufficient building space to accommodate the influx of families while maintaining small class sizes. Lizett firmly believes in the importance of fighting for fair school funding from the statehouse to achieve this goal.

Furthermore, Lizett recognizes the potential for collaboration between the booming business sector in the area and the education system. By leveraging these opportunities, she aims to enhance workforce development programs and assist students in choosing the path that aligns with their individual strengths and interests.

Above all, Lizett celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of each student and family in the community. She is dedicated to fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and mutual understanding within the One Olentangy community.

With her valuable experience, unwavering dedication, and passion for education, Lizett Schreiber is committed to making a positive impact on her community.

Carrie Hartman

City Council, At-Large, Toledo, OH

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Carrie, the newly appointed member of Toledo City Council, brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to driving economic prosperity in her community. Carrie’s primary focus on the council revolves around fostering business growth while simultaneously addressing poverty reduction, with the ultimate goal of creating more opportunities for all residents of Toledo.

Before her appointment to City Council, Carrie served in various capacities within the City of Toledo, demonstrating her expertise in policy and legislation. Following her graduation from law school, Carrie began her career as the Executive Assistant to former Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson. Subsequently, she assumed the role of the City’s Public Information Office, where she honed her skills in effectively communicating with the public. Carrie’s journey continued in the Finance Department, where she played a pivotal role in the creation of the City’s Employee Engagement Committee, development of key performance indicators for the administration, and management of the joint city/county Census Committee.

Alongside her professional accomplishments, Carrie takes pride in her community involvement. She resides in the Historic Vistula neighborhood, conveniently located adjacent to Downtown Toledo, with her husband Steve. As a product of public schools herself, Carrie values the importance of quality education. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from Iowa State University and a law degree from the University of Toledo College of Law.

With her diverse background and dedication to enhancing the prosperity of her fellow Toledoans, Carrie Hartman is poised to make a significant impact on the City Council. Her vision for a thriving and inclusive Toledo brings a fresh perspective to the table, and her commitment to serving the community is unwavering.

Anna Albi

City Council, At-Large, Cincinnati, OH

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Anna is a native of Southwest Ohio and has a strong background in athletics and teamwork. Her soccer career taught her the importance of collaboration, communication, and hard work. Anna continued her education at Carnegie Mellon University, where she played on the varsity team and earned a B.A. in creative writing and a Masters in professional writing.

After spending some time away, Anna returned to Cincinnati in 2020. It was there that she discovered her passion for advocacy, specifically in addressing gun violence prevention. Anna became a local lead with Moms Demand Action, using her voice to make a difference in her community. This experience motivated her to run for a position on the Madisonville community council, where she currently serves. Anna firmly believes that building a strong Democratic Party starts at the local level, which is why she was elected as a Precinct Executive and appointed as the Ward Chair for her area. In 2023, she was honored with the position of Vice President of the Hamilton County Young Democrats.

Professionally, Anna works as a strategic communications consultant. With her wealth of experience in leadership roles, she is now running for City Council to bring her lived experience and expertise to the table. Anna is passionate about ensuring that all citizens have a voice and that their needs are addressed. Throughout her career, she has consistently excelled in leading teams, branding, and advancing organizations to new heights. Now, she is ready to take Cincinnati to the next level.


Evan Ashby

School Board, Mechanicsburg, PA

Primary Date: May 16, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Evan, a lifelong resident of Mechanicsburg, is dedicated to making a positive impact on his community. With a strong belief in the importance of maintaining a safe and extremist-free learning environment, Evan is committed to supporting the interests of both students and teachers. He actively listens to the opinions of parents and experts, striving to find common ground and make informed decisions.

Driven by the values of honesty, compassion, and reason, Evan is determined to contribute to the betterment of society. He understands the need for adaptation in education, especially in a rapidly growing district like Mechanicsburg. Over the past decade, Mechanicsburg has experienced significant growth, presenting both newfound challenges and opportunities.

Evan’s objective is to ensure that the Mechanicsburg Area School District remains progressive in the face of the ever-changing educational landscape. By staying abreast of current trends, Evan aims to offer effective solutions that address the unique needs of the district.

Through his dedication to his community, Evan is passionate about creating a long-term impact that benefits Mechanicsburg and its residents.

Montana Hartman

State House, District 199, PA

Primary Date: Apr 23, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Montana, a 22-year-old progressive, is running for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on a platform of unity and bipartisanship. Frustrated with the current officeholders who have held their seats for years and failed to deliver for the people, Montana aims to be a voice for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

With experience as a poll worker, Judge of Elections, and five years of working for a leading retail corporation, Montana has demonstrated their ability to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds and ideologies. This includes managing difficult personalities, a skill honed while working in the retail world.

Montana’s campaign places a strong emphasis on bipartisanship, recognizing the need to work across party lines to effectively address the needs of the people. Additionally, Montana advocates for supporting local businesses, artists, authors, musicians, and other content creators, highlighting the importance of nurturing and promoting local talent.

In terms of policy priorities, Montana is committed to safeguarding the rights of individuals and ensuring that policies are enacted to protect rather than curtail their freedoms. This includes a focus on investing in mental health resources and advocating for the abolition of the Troubled Teen Industry.

By bringing together a dedication to unity, support for local talent and businesses, protection of individual rights, and investments in mental health, Montana’s campaign seeks to usher in a new era of effective representation for the people of Pennsylvania.

Anna Thomas

State House, District 137, PA

Election Date: Nov 5, 2024

Anna, a native of Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania, is an accomplished individual with a passion for public service and lifelong learning. She proudly embraces her roots as a former student of the Bethlehem Area School District, where she excelled academically and actively participated in student leadership as a representative on the Bethlehem Area School Board. Anna’s commitment to education continued through her undergraduate studies at Wellesley, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Recognizing her drive to effect positive change in her community, Anna pursued further education and earned a Master of Public Administration from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania.

In 2022, Anna embarked on a noteworthy political journey, running for State Representative in Pennsylvania. Standing out as the sole woman under 30 to contest a state office in the area, she demonstrated her tenacity and determination to make a difference. Anna’s diverse experiences and qualifications have also led her to serve on the Planning Commission in Bethlehem Township, where she brings her expertise and keen insight to the table.

With a business casual demeanor, Anna embodies a unique blend of academic acumen, dedication to public service, and a steadfast commitment to her community. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to others and exemplify the many remarkable qualities she possesses.


Christian Menefee

County Attorney, Harris County, TX

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Christian, the current Harris County Attorney, holds the distinction of being the youngest person elected to this role as well as the first African American. As the chief civil lawyer for the largest county in Texas, Christian has actively taken on Texas Republican leaders, including Governor Greg Abbott, in the legal battle to safeguard voting rights, public health, and the environment.

Christian is committed to advocating for the most vulnerable populations in Harris County. He has demonstrated his dedication by taking legal action against scammers who specifically target seniors, pursuing companies that unlawfully pollute underserved neighborhoods, and standing up against Texas Republican leaders in defense of local elections.

In his continued pursuit to protect democracy in Texas, Christian has declared his candidacy for re-election. He pledges to further his efforts in upholding the principles of democracy and amplifying the voices of the people in his community.

Elizabeth Rodriguez-Ross

City Council, District 3, Mesquite, TX

Primary Date: Oct 23, 2023; General Date: Nov 7, 2023

Elizabeth is a dedicated wife, mother, and community advocate. With a strong commitment to fostering an inclusive community, Elizabeth strives to create a safe city where residents can thrive and enjoy a high quality of life. In her civic involvement, she has served on the planning and zoning commission for her city, contributing her expertise to shape developmental decisions. Additionally, Elizabeth takes great pride in being an active board member for various non-profit organizations. Beyond her professional engagements, she indulges in her passion for gardening and spearheads her neighborhood crime watch group, ensuring the safety of her fellow residents. Recognizing the importance of giving back, Elizabeth regularly volunteers at the community food bank and actively participates in her children’s school PTA. Driven by her genuine concern for the well-being of others, Elizabeth strives to make a positive difference in her community, embodying the spirit of Mesquite.


Robert McDaniel

School Board, At-Large, Fairfax County, VA

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Kyle is a dedicated resident of Fairfax County, known for his strong commitment to community service. He holds degrees in public policy, budgeting, and finance from George Mason University and American University, showcasing his deep understanding of these fields. With his extensive experience in Virginia state and Fairfax County local government, Kyle has developed a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of governance.

After a successful career in the public sector, Kyle made a compelling transition to the private sector in 2015. Within the corporate startup realm, he has worked in three different startups, demonstrating his adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, Kyle is the proud owner of an aviation services company and is himself an accomplished airline transport pilot and flight instructor. His passion for aviation is evident as he also owns a flight school with multiple locations across the DC region.

Kyle and his wife, Katie, have chosen to make their home in Herndon, where they are raising their two wonderful daughters. Amidst his various professional roles, Kyle finds the most joy in being a dedicated dad.

Motivated by his deep belief in equality and the power of education, Kyle has decided to run for the school board. His primary goal is to ensure that all children in his community have access to a top-notch education that encourages excellence and embraces diversity. With his background in finance and policy, combined with his commitment to community service, Kyle’s candidacy promises a fresh and well-informed perspective in creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for every student.

Blaizen Bloom

Director, Dare District, VA

Election Date: Nov 7, 2023

Blaizen is a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Ocean & Earth Science, with minors in Political Science and Sustainability & Conservation Leadership. Throughout their academic journey, Blaizen has actively engaged in research projects related to the impact of climate change. They have worked with the Planning Development Authority of Grenada, focusing on preparing the built environment, society, and economy for sea level rise and extreme precipitation events. Additionally, Blaizen collaborated with the City of Norfolk to address historic inequities in the urban canopy caused by past redlining, utilizing funds provided by the Inflation Reduction Act.

Driven by their passion for public service, Blaizen is currently running for a position on the Virginia Dare Soil & Water Conservation Board. By leveraging their experience in governmental research and out-of-the-box thinking, Blaizen aims to contribute to the board’s efforts in preparing local farmers and residents for the challenges we may face in the future within our region. With a strong focus on working within the board’s jurisdiction, Blaizen is committed to promoting sustainable practices and ensuring the well-being of the community.



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