It’s been just over four months since we launched — time for an update.

Chip in right now to support all our Virginia candidates.

Some other updates from the 4-month-ish mark…

Our partnerships are expanding.

Ross Morales Rocketto, our co-founder and campaigns director, has been building out our formal partnerships program to make sure our candidates have access to every possible resource available to them, and that we’re supporting other groups with talent whenever we can.

Some stats updates…

9,555 people have signed up to say they want to run for office. By the middle of next week, we’ll have done half-hour calls with more than 1,000 of those folks — that’s 500+ hours of conversations with potential candidates.

What update would be complete without something to make you smile?

When the day-to-day of this work gets tough, or when the world seems to be utter garbage, we dip back into the stories of the people who are deciding to DO something about it: Our candidates.

Don’t lose hope. Our candidates aren’t wasting time talking about solving problems or writing think-pieces about “What Democrats Should Do.” They’re just doing the work, and we’re going to help them. Join the team.



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Run for Something

Run for Something


Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help?