Countdown To Election Day: Meet Our Candidates!

Run for Something
44 min readOct 16, 2019


On November 5, 155 RFS-endorsed candidates are up for 155 seats across 26 states. These candidates have put in the hard work: knocked on thousands of doors, spoken to hundreds of constituents, and sacrificed for the opportunity to have a much-deserved seat at the table.

Win or lose, their efforts are not in vain. Each of these candidates has opened the door and made it possible for another young progressive to run for something; they’ve forced the issues most important to their friends and neighbors, and they’ve held their representatives accountable. They’re engaging voters in new and meaningful ways, and making democracy feel good again..

That’s why we want to support them in every way possible. Leading up to Election Night on November 5th, we will introduce a new crop of RFS-endorsed candidates for you to support. Volunteer, donate, hell, just retweet their posts — — anything you do to help build the Democratic bench is a step in the right direction. So check out our candidates and make sure you come back every day for a look at another down-ballot progressive to support.

Who knows, one of them may become your next City Council representative, or senator, or president one day.


Leif Dautch, San Francisco District Attorney
Leif is a California Deputy Attorney General running to be the youngest District Attorney in San Francisco history. Having represented the People in more than 400 criminal cases, Leif has seen the failings our criminal justice system first-hand and has the experience and ideas to fix it. A graduate of Yale and Harvard Law, Leif has served as the President of the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Commission, Vice-Chair of the California State Bar’s Criminal Law Section, and as a delegate to the California Democratic Party. He is running with a focus on homelessness, police accountability, and environmental justice.


Jordan Hohenstein, Arvada City Council, District 4
Jordan Hohenstein is running for Arvada City Council District 4 to fight for the better deals and leadership that his city deserves. Run For Something previously endorsed Jordan in 2017 when he ran for the At-Large seat, receiving a record-breaking amount of votes as a first-time candidate.

Jordan is the former Political Director of Jeffco Young Dems and a former Executive Board Member of Colorado Young Dems. A Colorado native, Jordan has spent the last decade studying political science at the University of Colorado Boulder while volunteering and working on local and national political campaigns.

Lauren Simpson, Arvada City Council, District 2
Lauren is seeking the open seat for City Council, District 2 in Arvada, Colorado. A passionate advocate for women, young people and families in her community, Lauren brings broad experience to her campaign, having honed her skills in professional roles spanning the public, private and non-profit sectors for more than a decade.

Within her community, Lauren serves as President of the Jefferson County Young Democrats, is a board member for the Jefferson County Public Schools District Accountability Committee, and volunteers with the ‘Keep Olde Town Beautiful’ litter clean-up group. A wife and mom of one, she drinks lots of coffee and wears comfy shoes to get it all done!

Juan Marcano, Aurora City Council, Ward 4
Juan is the proud son of Puerto Rican migrants, a brother, a husband, an architectural design professional, and an unapologetic advocate for his community. He believes Aurora should be a place where working-class people should be able to afford a dignified home, raise a family, and retire with security. He is running for Aurora city council to put people over profit and ensure Aurora becomes the gold standard for dignity in the state of Colorado.

Bryan Lindstrom, Aurora City Council, Ward 6
Bryan Lindstrom is a lifelong Aurora resident, union organizer, and teacher. He sees first hand everyday the impact that the decisions made at City Council has on students and their families. He is running for City Council to tackle the issues that impact our community like affordable housing, public health and safety, our crumbling infrastructure, campaign finance reform, and local government corruption. We need a leader like Bryan who will prioritize our neighbors, our environment, and our future over the profits of developers.

Tommy Butler, Greeley City Council, Ward 1
Tommy Butler is running for Greeley City Council — Ward 1 because he believes that we need more leaders that will fight for working people. From managing field offices on the Obama campaign, to running a hunger study with Feeding America, and now working in healthcare at North Colorado Medical Center, Tommy Butler has lived a life of public service. He will fight for you on the Greeley City Council.

Kyra deGruy, Lakewood City Council, Ward 1
Kyra is a community and health advocate and a candidate for City Council. She has directed campaigns that have secured millions of dollars for public schools, park space, police, and transportation infrastructure. As a government affairs professional for the most diverse and affordable institution of higher education in the state, she advocates for students who would otherwise not have a voice at the state capitol.

In her free time, she mentors women in recovery from substance abuse and eating disorders, rock climbs, skis, practices yoga and bikes. She lives with her wonderful fiancé and their menagerie of animals.

Tay Anderson, Denver School Board
Tay Anderson is 20 years old and lives in Denver, Colorado. Tay is a proud union member in Aurora Public Schools serving the Hinkey High School community. In 2017, he became the youngest person in the history of Colorado to seek public office. He has taken a stand to support women’s rights, African American rights, Latinx rights, LGBTQ+ rights, Indigenous rights, Muslim rights, and disabled persons’ rights.

The passion and perseverance he has comes from his grandmother a retired educator of 35 years, who has spent the last six years in the hospital. It has been devastating for Tay not to have her watch him grow and accomplish his goals, but he carries her spirit through the lessons she has taught him.

William Lindstedt, Broomfield City Council, Ward 2
William Lindstedt is running for Broomfield City Council. William grew up in a broken household that struggled to make the bills. William put himself through college working multiple jobs and eventually started working in the state legislature as a senior leadership staffer. He has also worked for many progressive causes in Broomfield including his advocacy for better public transportation and his service as the Vice Chair of the Broomfield Democratic Party.

During his free time, you will find him with his significant other, Bria, and their retired racing greyhound, Pax, in Colorado’s beautiful open spaces.


Eli Sabin, New Haven Board of Alders, Ward 1
Eli was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut and is running for the Board of Alders (the city council) in Ward 1. Eli currently serves as the Director of the Progressive Caucus in the Connecticut state legislature, where he helped win passage of a $15 minimum wage, paid family and medical leave, and criminal justice reform. Eli is also a member of the New Haven Homeless Advisory Board, a volunteer reading and writing tutor for recently-immigrated kids in the city, and a sophomore at Yale University.

At 19, Eli would be the youngest person ever elected to the New Haven Board of Alders. On the Board, Eli plans to fight for more affordable housing, better jobs, and stronger public schools in the community he loves. Eli strongly believes in the power and importance of public service, and he is looking forward to collaborating with local leaders to support New Haven’s working families.


Jonathan Grieder, Waterloo City Council, Ward 2
Jonathan Grieder is running for Waterloo City Council Ward 2. He is a husband, father, and high school educator. As an educator and a father Jonathan is constantly working towards building brighter futures for all. Jonathan is running to amplify the voices of everyday citizens and seek common solutions to community issues.

Jonathan’s campaign is focused on addressing the affordability and accessibility of childcare across Waterloo, working to raise wages to a livable level, investing in Waterloo’s infrastructure, ensuring quality city services, and fighting to ensure equitable economic development that lifts up all people in Waterloo.

Rachel Junck, Ames City Council, Ward 4
Rachel Junck was born and raised in the college town of Ames, and currently studies chemical engineering at Iowa State University. On the city council, Rachel will strive to make Ames the best it can be for life-long residents and the student population alike. She believes we must fight climate change on a local level, protect tenants’ rights, lower the cost of living, and make Ames a city where young people want to start their lives. When elected, at age twenty, Rachel will be the youngest woman elected to any office in the history of Iowa.


Jorge Flores, KCK/Wyandotte County Commissioner, District 4
Jorge Luis Flores files for 4th District Commissioner. “My parents moved to Kansas City, Kansas in the 80’s. My father is a welder and my mother was a tailor. The community resources helped guide my parents towards a better life including residency and citizenship. My parents sacrificed so much to make sure that I had every opportunity to succeed. I decided to run for public office because it’s my turn to GIVE BACK. I am determined to pay it forward and serve the amazing community who made it possible for my family to have the life that we have today”. Mr Flores Is a former police officer and current business owner.

Nathan Dominguez, Harvey County Board of Education USD 373
Nathan Dominguez is a student at Newton High School running for school board. Nathan hopes to bring his unique perspectives and experiences to the board in an effort to address mental health, establish a safe learning environment for all students, and ensure all voices are represented in USD 373. Nathan Dominguez understands the needs of our students and faculty with mental health and plans to address the issue by expanding mental health services and hiring additional support staff. Nathan plans to reach out to all communities and ensure all students are covered by the district anti-discrimination and bullying policies.

Whitney Wilson, Johnson County WaterOne Board, At-Large
Whitney is the only candidate who is a Certified Public Water Official running for the WaterOne Board. She has community board leadership experience through The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City and ReDiscover Mental Health. Whitney filed for office because climate change poses increased risks to water quality, quantity, and the infrastructure delivering water to the community’s faucets. She believes it is vital to protect the water supply and to offer community communication about using water wisely. Whitney is also a Population Health Executive and has her Executive Master of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis.

Gary E. Bradley-Lopez, Kansas City Unified School Board, District 500
Gary E. Bradley-Lopez is running for USD 500 Board of Education in Kansas City, Kansas because he believes his progressive platform will help the future of success for schools. Gary attended the Kansas City Kansas Public Schools from Pre-K to 12th grade, and was hired as an Assistant Debate and Forensics Coach in the district because he didn’t want to leave what he called home. After being away from the district to attend college, he is running to give back to the district that helped make him.

Jessica Hembree, Shawnee Mission School District USD 512, Seat 3
As a mother to three sons and long-time children’s health advocate, Jessica is uniquely suited to serve her community as a member of the Shawnee Mission School Board. Jessica spent fifteen years as an advocate for children’s health, including projects focused on school-based mental health services. Jessica holds her Master’s in Public Affairs from Princeton University. She believes in positive whole child outcomes — including academic achievement and social-emotional well being — for all the diverse students in Shawnee Mission. She also knows that teachers are the most important factor in student success, so her support begins with quality teachers and leaders.


Safiya Khalid, Lewiston City Council, Ward 1
Safiya Khalid who is from Lewiston, Maine is running for Lewiston City Council for Ward 1. She wants to bring the changes Lewiston deserves, advocating for a vibrant community where everyone can thrive.

Kiernan Majerus-Collins, Lewiston School Committee, Ward 3
Kiernan is a writer and activist running for the Lewiston School Committee in Ward 3. A Bates College graduate, Kiernan currently serves as chair of the Lewiston Democratic Party and a member of the Lewiston Voter Registration Appeals Board. As a School Committee member, Kiernan will work to reduce class sizes, support extracurricular activities, and make Lewiston schools carbon neutral by 2030. In his free time, Kiernan directs his church children’s choir. He also enjoys reading American history and watching the Red Sox.


James Hedrick, Rockville City Council
A career civil servant with a deep commitment to public service, James wants to bring a new vision to the Rockville City Council. With an extensive background in affordable housing and economic development — including serving on the board of Rockville’s public housing authority — James has seen just how important safe, secure, and affordable housing is to people’s lives. James wants to serve on the Rockville City Council to expand those efforts and create a more unified and equitable community for all residents.

James holds a Ph.D. in political science from Rice University and lives in Rockville, MD with his wife and two daughters.


Ty Chum, Lowell City Council
Ty Chum is running for Lowell City Council to give back to the community that supported him and his family through homelessness, hunger and other struggles they faced after moving to Lowell in 1990 as refugees from Cambodia.

His quote to the Lowell community “You guys helped me out when I was down, when I was kicked on the floor, when I was really down on myself and now I’m OK,” he said. “I can do things now and I want to give back.”

He is looking forward to bridging his skills as an entrepreneur and Community Organizer on violence prevention to better his hometown as a city council.

Jack Eccles, Melrose Alderman, At-Large
Jack Eccles is seeking a seat on the Melrose Board of Aldermen because he knows right now the community he has always called home is at an inflection point.

With the certainty of a new mayor and seven new aldermen in Melrose he knew now was the time to step up and bring fresh ideas to the board. Jack would like to see a focus on 21st century government, sustainability, and improving Melrose’s public safety infrastructure starting right out of the gate. Please vote for Jack to help move Melrose forward.

Jimmy Pereira, Mayor of Brockton
Born and raised in the City of Brockton, Jimmy has dedicated his personal and professional life to the people of our city. As a father, urban & regional planner, youth advocate, homeowner, and dedicated community activist, Jimmy has a deep connection to the challenges our community is facing and a demonstrated commitment to working on behalf of all families.

Growing up in the Department of Youth Services, Jimmy transformed his life after personal experience with systemic inequity. Jimmy’s personal experience has not only informed his leadership, but motivated him to engage with proven-risk youth that consistently fall through the cracks.

Jimmy is running for Mayor of Brockton to continue his lifelong public service and commitment to the City of Champions. With growing income inequality, worsening health disparities, increased homelessness, gun violence, and poor educational outcomes, Jimmy is running to create opportunity and prosperity for all families.

Bryan Barash, Newton City Council, Ward 2
Bryan is a graduate of Boston College Law School and in his day job serves as the General Counsel to State Senate President Emerita Harriette Chandler, where he provides legal advice and manages the Senator’s policy agenda & strategy. Here in Newton, he serves on the Newton Human Rights Commission and formerly served on the Newton Charter Commission, and is a board member of the Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action (JALSA) and the Bay State Stonewall Democrats, an LGBTQ+ organization. Bryan is running for City Council because he has a deep commitment to public service and the experience to use the tools of government to make a positive impact on the lives of his constituents, especially those who are most in need.

Cinda Danh, Lynn City Council, Ward 6
The daughter of Cambodian Genocide survivors who immigrated to the US in 1988, Cinda and her three brothers grew up in Lynn. Thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of her parents, including her dad’s working as a union machinist and her mom taking on various jobs to support the family, they would buy their first home in Ward 6.

In 2011, Cinda got her first exposure to the power of advocacy when their home was going to be foreclosed. She was approached by local organizers who informed them of their rights as homeowners which allowed them to stay in their home. Through sharing her family’s story with elected officials, Cinda got her first exposure to how government works and how it can better serve all of us.

Advocating for residents going through foreclosure ignited a passion for public service that led her to the Massachusetts State House where she served as an intern, legislative aide, and then as chief of staff to a state representative. Currently, Cinda is a government relations specialist at Preti Strategies. She is the creator of Faces of Lynn magazine, co-founder of Voices of Lynn festival, a member of the Lynn Rotary Club, a board member for Arts After Hours and Community Path Coalition of Lynn, a volunteer for Kakrona Center of Lynn, Raw Art Works alumni and a graduate of Lynn Classical High School. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in human services from UMass Boston, Cinda moved back to Lynn to work for and serve her community.

Dimple Rana, Revere City Council, At-Large
Dimple is a first generation Indian-American and lifelong Revere resident whose advocacy for Revere residents spans her city’s diverse neighborhoods and generations. Dimple began her career as a community organizer, working with people in Cambodia and Massachusetts on immigrant, youth, women, and public health issues. Over the last decade in Revere, she has broken barriers, becoming the first person of color and one of the only women to become a city department head. Dimple is running for City Council because to create a future for everyone in Revere the city needs bold leadership and new ideas.

Jermoh Kamara, Worcester School Committee
Jermoh Kamara is running for School Committee in Worcester, Massachusetts. She believes that Worcester needs more qualified women of color in office.

As a first-generation Liberian-American, Jermoh’s family moved to the USA when she was 11 years old while fleeing the civil war in her country. Quality education was important to Jermoh then, as it is important to her now.

Being elected on the School Committee is personal because she believes that every child deserves the right to quality education and opportunities to help them reach their full potential. She will do whatever it takes to ensure kids have better opportunities.

Burhan Azeem, Cambridge City Council
Burhan Azeem is running for Cambridge City Council in Massachusetts. His family immigrated from Pakistan and growing up he struggled with housing instability. His parents worked long days at a deli and Dunkin. He is running because he understands what it’s like to struggle and fight to survive. He’s studied sustainability firsthand at MIT and seen the irreversible climate damage it’ll cause. He knows the tough challenges we face, but that is why he is running in Cambridge. Cambridge is the most progressive, prosperous, and educated community in the Commonwealth. He knows progress can and should start in Cambridge.

Samantha Perlman, Marlborough City Council, At-Large
Samantha Perlman is running for Marlborough City Council to advocate for the community that raised her and help envision the city’s future. By witnessing youth mobilization and the capacity to be a change agent early on in her life, Sam greatly values public service and understands the unlocked potential of authentic civic engagement.

A proud graduate of Emory University and Marlborough High School, Sam works at a nonprofit dedicated to evidence-based policy and is Chair of her city’s Cultural Council. As Councilor, Sam will be a tireless advocate for an accountable and innovative local government that engages the diverse resident population and vibrant community assets. If elected, Sam will be the youngest woman to serve on the Council. With her passion for civic engagement as well as experiences in collaborative community building and systemic policy change, Sam is ready to serve as a voice for our future for the residents of Marlborough.

Etel Haxhiaj, Worcester City Council, At-Large
Etel is a single mom of two boys and a community organizer. After immigrating to Worcester with her parents, she has fought for every member of the community and taking on some of the biggest issues her community faces- from youth opportunity and education to homelessness. Now, as a Massachusetts community organizer with Mothers Out Front, she helps mobilize mothers to fight climate change and create a livable future for all kids. She is running because she believes that working families, young people and those who have lived in Worcester for generations deserve to benefit from Worcester’s economic growth.

Tyson Moultrie, Mayor of New Bedford
Tyson Moultrie is a Veteran, Business Mentor and Entrepreneur, and he’s running for Mayor of New Bedford.

He’s not a politician — he’s a creative pragmatic problem solver, and he’s running to solve the biggest problems of New Bedford’s pipeline to progress into the future. New Bedford is merely seeing the symptoms around the city of the lack of revenue, from slow answers. So, Tyson wants to jumpstart the progress by pledging up to 25% of the Mayoral salary to funding initiatives to push the city forward.

Ayesha Wilson, Cambridge School Committee
Ayesha Wilson is running for School Committee in Cambridge, Mass. Being the oldest of three girls, in a single parent household in Cambridge Public Housing, Ayesha witnessed first hand the socioeconomic barriers that families face. Ayesha is the product of the public school system graduating from Cambridge Rindge and Latin and later attending Wheelock College attaining a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Social Work.

With 18 years of public service, Ayesha is committed to make an impact through the combined efforts of students, parents, educators, and the community at large, and is dedicated to being a servant leader who assists students in realizing their abundant potential. Ayesha feels honored to be back at CRLS currently working with students through the Cambridge Housing Authority’s ‘Work Force’ program, which Ayesha is also an alumna of, developing and implementing programs focusing on life skills, job readiness, career awareness, and post-secondary opportunities.

Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler, Cambridge City Council
Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler is a renter, an organizer, a democratic socialist, and an environmentalist. He works at a land-policy think tank in Cambridge with environmental programs and has volunteered as a tenants’ organizer with City Life/Vida Urbana and Boston DSA supporting residents who face eviction, steep rent increases, and poor living conditions like mold. He is a member of Cambridge Bike Safety, Sunrise, and Our Revolution and has advocated at Council meetings for tenant protections, climate resiliency, and the Cycling Safety Ordinance. He is the son of an immigrant father and a mother from Iowa and speaks Portuguese.


Sara Habbo, Southfield City Council
Sara is running for Southfield City Council. She is a product of Southfield Public Schools. She is a legal aid attorney and serves as the Director of Operations of a nonprofit in Southfield. She is on the Commission on Senior Adults and the board of the National Lawyer’s Guild Detroit Chapter.

She learned the importance of service as a student and took those lessons to make a career in serving others.

Sara isn’t running to be the voice of her community, but the microphone to address residents’ concerns. She is running because there is no greater work than serving others.

Amani Johnson, Southfield City Council
Amani is a life-long resident of Southfield and proud graduate of Southfield Public Schools. He knows how government works because of his experience as a member of the Southfield Parks & Recreation Board as well as in the offices of Southfield City Administrator Fred Zorn, former Mayor Brenda Lawrence, Representative Vanessa Guerra, and former Representative Jeremy Moss. Amani holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Public & Nonprofit Administration from Central Michigan University and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Urban Planning from Wayne State University.

Theresa Brooks, Troy City Council
Dr. Theresa Brooks is a doctor, small business owner, and mom of three children. Theresa is running for Troy City Council to keep Troy beautiful for future generations and promote healthy living for all residents. Theresa attended the University of Michigan for her undergraduate degree and Michigan State University for her medical degree. She’s a physician in a private practice affiliated with Beaumont Hospital specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. During her residency at Mayo Clinic, she became involved in grassroots campaigns to elect those who share her values. She is running for local office to continue her life’s work of helping others with a focus on improving senior services, supporting our library and community spaces, and restoring trust in government.


Kimberly Sanberg, Golden Valley City Council
Kimberly Sanberg is a founding organizer of the Golden Valley Pride Festival, Minnesota’s first suburban LGBTQ pride festival, and serves on Golden Valley’s Open Space and Recreation Commission. She has worked at small businesses and nonprofits dedicated to LGBTQ+ equality, environmental health, and peace and justice. Kimberly is running for Golden Valley City Council because we need collaborative, forward-looking people on city council who will take action and move Golden Valley forward. She believes, together, we can build a better Golden Valley. Kimberly lives in Golden Valley, Minnesota with her wife, two children, and two dogs.

Nelsie Yang, St. Paul City Council, Ward 6
Nelsie is a daughter of Hmong refugees, a renter, young progressive leader, organizer and union steward at TakeAction Minnesota.

Nelsie is running for city council as a young progressive leader who’s ready to build a future in Ward 6 that’s built by all of us, not just some of us. Since her launch in 2018, Nelsie’s campaign team and allies have built a movement of people-power in the Twin Cities and raised over $80,000 in grassroots donations. She and her team will only continue to work harder from here on out; uniting across race, class, income, and age.

Nicole Frethem, Ramsey County Commissioner, District 1
Nicole is running for County Commissioner in Ramsey County, Minnesota, District 1. Nicole has been working on behalf of families for over a decade in direct service as a child care provider, as an advocate for access to affordable, quality child care, and as a policy specialist setting state-wide policy in human services and child care. Nicole wants to bring a whole-family lens to public policy at the county level to better support families and children.Nicole is running for County Commissioner in Ramsey County, Minnesota, District 1. Nicole has been working on behalf of families for over a decade in direct service as a child care provider, as an advocate for access to affordable, quality child care, and as a policy specialist setting state-wide policy in human services and child care. Nicole wants to bring a whole-family lens to public policy at the county level to better support families and children. Nicole has a master’s degree in early childhood education and is pursuing a law degree. Nicole is married and has two daughters.


Zakiya Summers, Mississippi House of Representatives, District 68
Zakiya is a community activist running for House District 68 in Mississippi. District 68 is Zakiya’s home. It’s where she grew and where she is raising her family. She believes that District 68 can be a community where families can grow and thrive in a safe environment, where all of our children receive a state of the art education, and where every single person has equitable access to good-paying jobs, healthcare, and the ballot box. As a former Hinds County Election Commissioner, Zakiya worked to increase voter education and engagement, and created opportunities for students to understand the elections process. Zakiya will use her 10 years of community advocacy experience, work ethic, and leadership to execute a vision of transformation for District 68. Zakiya is a broadcast journalism graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Kegan Coleman, Mississippi State Senate, District 8
Kegan Coleman is running for Senate District 8 in Mississippi. He is an attorney practicing across the state. Kegan has been a Mississippian and involved in his community all of his life. He has been involved in politics since age 12 and has decided to not only stand, but run to make a difference.

Kegan believes the next generation of Mississippians need to have a voice in shaping the state and be inspired to create change through public service. Kegan desires to use his knowledge of policy creation, and the rule of law to be a vocal advocate for the people of District 8 and Mississippi.

Brandon Rue, State House of Representatives, District 102
Brandon is running for House District 102 in Mississippi. Brandon is currently a student at the University of Southern Mississippi. Brandon decided to run for office because he believes that being an elected official is the most effective way to create change. Brandon wants his candidacy to inspire other young people to stop waiting on other people to fix the problem but instead become part of the solution themselves.


Crystal Paradis, Somersworth City Council, At-Large
Crystal Paradis is running for Somersworth City Council. A fierce advocate for progressive values, Crystal is a community organizer, small business owner and dog enthusiast. She is the founder of Feminist Oasis, coordinator of New Hampshire’s largest annual Pride event and Vice Chair of the Somersworth Democratic Committee. In 2019, New Hampshire Young Democrats named her Progressive of the Year, recognizing her contributions to the Granite State on issues including reproductive justice, gun violence prevention and feminist community building. A native Granite Stater, she is running on a platform to expand what it means to be a good neighbor.


Vanessa James, Pitman Borough Council
Vanessa James is running for Pitman Borough Council. As a member of the Pitman community, Vanessa is excited to see her town thrive. She currently volunteers on Pitman’s Memorabilia and Economic Development Committees, coaches youth soccer, and serves as the President of the Greater Pitman Chamber of Commerce.

Through her experience as an attorney, Vanessa has seen firsthand how local governments can impact the lives of everyday people. It is her desire to play a larger role in that process, and ensure that Pitman remains the best place in South Jersey to live, work, and raise a family.


Zackary Quintero, Albuquerque City Council, District 2
Zackary Quintero is running for City Council District 2 in the heart of Albuquerque New Mexico. If elected Zack would be the first Latino to represent the District since redistricting in 2009 and would be the only economist on the city council. Zack is focused on issues of mental health, chronic poverty, public safety, and human rights. He is committed to applying his background in both economics and law to empower historic communities that are facing serious struggles to survive and live in the District.


Austin Morgan, New York State Senate, District 57
Austin is running to make sure his corner of rural Western New York isn’t left behind. A graduate of Cornell University, an educator, former business manager, and former legislative analyst for the NY State Senate, Austin is committed to putting people over politics. As a State Senator he would bring a much-needed rural perspective to the new Democratic majority in Albany, tackling issues important to NY like agriculture, small business, infrastructure, and population loss.

Austin believes his district needs a representative with a vested interest in our future, ready to not only fix the problems of today, but plan for a brighter, greener, more prosperous tomorrow.

Caitlin Ogden, Otsego County Board Representative, District 3
Caitlin Ogden is running for Otsego County Board, District Three. She moved to the area in 2014, completing her M.A. in Museum Studies, focusing on nonprofit fundraising. Falling in love with the region, she purchased her first home and works as the grant writer for an area museum. Caitlin seeks to address issues in her region such as implementing a rural public transportation system, funding support resources for family farmers, and growing rural Main Streets. After 16 years of incumbent representation in the district, Caitlin feels the time is ripe to bring fresh perspective, energy, and insight to District 3.

Delvin Moody, Utica City Council, Ward 5
From an early age, Delvin felt called to the service of helping others and empowering his community. He is a compassionate young leader who understands the importance of unity and progressive leadership. Throughout his life, Delvin has been active in numerous organizations on various topics. From the NAACP to being a delegate to the United Nations. He also co-founded the National Black Action Committee and served as Chairman for 2 years. Delvin currently serves as Northern Vice President of the New York State Young Democrats and is an unapologetic progressive. When elected, Delvin will be the Youngest Black Elected Officials in the State of New York.

Dom Pascual, Brookhaven Receiver of Taxes
Dom Pascual is running for Receiver of Taxes in Brookhaven, Long Island. Dom is a financial crimes attorney, bank compliance officer, patriot, and a commissioned military officer. Dom believes that government should be open, transparent, and accessible. Dom will bring integrity back to the Town of Brookhaven. As Receiver of Taxes, he pledges to educate the public so eligible senior citizens, veterans, and new homeowners get that tax relief they are entitled to under the law. No one should have to pay a penny more than what they have to; so they can take care of their family.

Elizabeth Smith, Mount Pleasant Town Justice
You might already know Elizabeth from her substantial professional and community leadership roles: Associate Court Attorney in the New York Unified Court System; Vice President of her union, the Ninth Judicial District Court Employees Association; Catechist and Parish Council Member of Holy Name of Jesus and Cub Scout Co-Den Leader.

Elizabeth’s interest in public service began in childhood, leading her to earn her degree in Criminal Justice from Marist College (Poughkeepsie, New York) and later her Juris Doctor from Quinnipiac University (North Haven, Connecticut).

She has practiced law for fifteen years , the last twelve of which in the highest volume court within the Ninth Judicial District (comprised of Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange and Dutchess counties). She has written over 2,000 decisions in various areas of law and successfully settled hundreds of cases. She believes in the prompt and fair administration of justice and will bring her honesty, experience and commitment to the bench while keeping Mount Pleasant a safe place to live, work and raise a family.

Jenn Puja, White Plains Common Council
Jenn is running for White Plains Common Council. Jenn is a leader, a professional, a mother, a union member, an activist, a PTA parent, an advocate and a middle class, dedicated, hard worker. She currently is the Executive Director of the WPCLB AFL CIO representing over 100,000 working families in Westchester and Putnam Counties. Jenn will create opportunities for families, seniors and youth, continue the progress of our city and be your voice on the common council.

Jill Basile, Otsego County Board of Representatives, District 14
Jill is running for Otsego County Board, District 14. Jill has lived in Otsego County since childhood and after attending college, choose to stay and raise her family here. She completed her Masters in Higher Education Administration and has worked in higher education and social services fields since then; and is now eager to give back to the community that has provided her with so much. Jill aims to implement a County Manager position, seek and fund effective ways to serve unwanted and neglected companion animals, support opportunities for low and middle income housing and grow our community.

Joash Ward, Mayor of the City of Poughkeepsie
Joash started his career as an intern at the White House under the Obama Administration. He went on to become the highest efficiency analyst in the history of the Office of President Correspondence. After the White House, Joash joined the US Mission to the United Nations in New York as part of the Management Reform Team.

Joash was raised in public housing on the North side of the City of Poughkeepsie. Joash is one of seven siblings. At sixteen years old, he graduated from the Poughkeepsie High School as the youngest Valedictorian of any public high school in the United States in 2012. Joash graduated from Syracuse University with honors at age nineteen. In January, 2019, age twenty-three, Joash graduated with honors from the law school at King’s College London.

Joash is running for Mayor of the City of Poughkeepsie, the Historic Capital of the State of New York. He believes public servants have the responsibility to remind us that we, before anything else, are neighbors who are responsible for looking after one another.

Megan Thompson, Monroe County Legislator, District 8
Megan Thompson is a devoted mother, wife, and IT manager who is running for Monroe County Legislator District 8. Megan’s love for her community can be seen in her volunteer activity. When she realized how the opioid crisis was affecting Webster, she organized training sessions on how to administer life-saving Narcan. She leads her youngest daughter’s Girl Scout troop which builds their confidence and character. Megan co-chaired an event for the Susan B. Anthony House encouraging millennials in the organization. She volunteers at two of Rochester’s major universities and her alma maters, Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Rochester.

Rachel Klein, Oyster Bay Clerk
Rachel Klein has a long history of service and dedication to others. In 2008, Rachel was accepted to the NYC Teaching Fellows program, which recruits and trains educators to serve in high need neighborhoods and subjects. She taught Special Education in Queens.

Rachel is currently a full-time mother, class mom, and enrichment teacher. As a concerned parent and citizen, Rachel founded the grassroots group, Long Islanders for Gun Safety, in response to Parkland. Her advocacy resulted in the passage of numerous gun violence prevention laws, making NY a safer place.
Rachel earned a BFA from NYU, an MA from Columbia, and an MAT from Queens College.

Sarah Deonarine, Brookhaven Town Council, District 2
Sarah Deonarine is running for Brookhaven Town Council in District 2. Sarah was trained as a marine scientist and has since worked in State and local government for more than a decade. She believes that government should be open, transparent, and accessible and that these traits determine the quality of life for the residents. Sarah will bring integrity back to the Town of Brookhaven. She has the knowledge and experience to make her a great councilperson who works diligently for the people of Brookhaven.

Zachary Niemiec, North Tonawanda Alderman, 2nd Ward
Zachary Niemiec is a current sitting School Board Trustee and is Running for 2nd Ward Alderman of North Tonawanda. He believes we can all stand to learn from change and that the residents of North Tonawanda want to see growth and reasonable change, not just tax increases and cuts, with nothing to show for.

Niemiec is striving for unity in the community and wants to invest in providing more services helping those just starting out and those enjoying retirement. This means working for a fair budget for our community as well as seeking development and growth.


Victoria Watlington, Charlotte City Council, District 3
The City of Charlotte is changing rapidly, and it’s time to get proactive. District 3 deserves a community-led vision that addresses residents’ challenges: affordable housing, transportation, and economic mobility.

As the Land Use Chair for the West Blvd Neighborhood Coalition, Victoria is spearheading this work with city staff and other neighborhood leaders. An engineer and operations manager, Victoria has applied her strategy development and data-based problem solving skills to advocate for and build capacity in the community for the last decade. Victoria is committed to servant leadership, empowering residents to lead the way towards a connected, inclusive, and responsible future.

Aaron Wolff, Holly Springs Town Council
Aaron is a father, small business owner, veterinarian, and community advocate who is running because he believes that, to better manage growth, Holly Springs needs a new vision, inspired by what already makes it special. To do this, Aaron will work to diversify the neighborhoods being built to make Holly Springs more accessible, affordable and connected, make green investments and encourage environmentally conscious development, and help small businesses to get off the ground and thrive. Aaron believes this new vision will allow Holly Springs to reach its full potential and create a stronger, healthier, more prosperous town.

Matt Hughes, Hillsborough Board of Commissioners
Matt is running for Commissioner in his hometown of Hillsborough, NC. Hillsborough needs folks who are able to bridge the gaps in the community and confront tough issues small towns face. As a young professional, life long resident, and LGBTQ person of color, Matt plays a critical role in solving Hillsborough’s challenges and seizing new opportunities. Whether is economic development, affordable housing, equity, public safety, or water services, Matt’s committed to making Hillsborough a welcoming, safe, and affordable community for everyone.

Kelvin Stallings, Goldsboro City Council, District 2
Kelvin Stallings is running for the District 2 City Council seat in the city of Goldsboro. Kelvin Stallings may be a newcomer to the world of running for political office but not to the world of professional politics. In terms of prior employment, Kelvin served as a political and nonprofit professional with years of experience raising money, coaching teams, and running electoral programs to create a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Kelvin moved back home and answered the call to serve because he hopes to cut through the divisive nature of the current leadership in order to pass policies and ordinances will help push all districts of Goldsboro forward in an equal and equitable way.


Brad Presutto, Lakewood (OH) City Council, Ward 2
Brad is a 15-year Lakewood resident. He’s running for city council to represent neighbors in Ward 2, and work toward a city that’s welcoming, affordable, and safe for everyone.

Inclusion and representation are goals Brad works on each day, whether as a volunteer or in his career. He helps match job-seekers with employment opportunities, and works with people across different time zones and cultures, finding ways for everyone to be heard and respected. On city council, he will apply that experience to represent Ward 2 faithfully.

Melanie Farkas, Liberty Township Trustee
Melanie Farkas is a marketing manager who is passionate about protecting her community while planning for the future. A former journalist, she also has experience working in the non-profit sector and handling federal grant budgets totaling $2 million. Melanie has been married to her husband, Dan, for 12 years. They have two children, Leah, age 9, and William, age 6. She is very active in her church and is a proud co-leader of her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop. She plans to bring new leadership to Liberty Township, the fastest-growing area in the state of Ohio, by protecting the township’s services and planning strategically for the future.

Sheena Barnes, Toledo Public Schools Board
Sheena is a committed advocate, mother, and community member. Sheena is a Community Health Worker for Lucas County, working with youth to serve as a bridge between the community and the healthcare, government, and social service systems. Sheena has experience with public policy and youth crisis intervention advocacy.

Sheena moved to Toledo from Flint, Michigan about 10 years ago and made Toledo a home for herself, and her three children. Sheena quickly became involved in the community here, she is a board member for Advocates For Basic Legal Equality (ABLE), a Coordinator For The Equality Toledo Food Pantry, and a Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization (BRAVO) trainer. All three of Sheena’s children attend Toledo Public schools and her daughter is a recent graduate of Bowsher High School.

Sam Melden, Toledo City Council, District 5
Sam Melden, 35, grew up in the Toledo area and currently lives in West Toledo with his wife Lindsey and their three young daughters. Sam has built his career in leadership roles with various non-profit organizations, including as the Executive Director of Food for Thought, Executive Director of the Servant Leadership Center, and Director of Growth and Advancement for Leadership Toledo. Currently Sam serves as the Director of Strategic Engagement for The Ability Center of Toledo.

Carrie Hartman, Maumee City Council
Carrie Hartman is a dedicated civil servant running for Maumee City Council. She has worked in the public sector for the last four years and has a range of experience in governing. Her knowledge and experience is exactly what is needed to move Maumee forward!

Carrie is running for Maumee City Council because she cares about the future of Maumee and believes that her neighbors deserve to have safe and clean drinking water, sustainable and livable neighborhoods, and a government that listens to and works for them. She values collaboration and innovation, and will take action to ensure Maumee is the best suburb in the area.

Laura Rodriguez-Carbone, Lakewood (OH) City Council, Ward 1
Laura Rodriguez-Carbone is running for Lakewood City Council, Ward 1, in Lakewood, Ohio. As a community advocate for over 17 years, Laura believes strongly in transparency, inclusion, and community-centered governance. She seeks to facilitate increased communication and outreach to residents and city departments, develop equitable policies that address needs that are most pressing to Lakewood residents. Laura is also dedicated to prioritizing community services and seeking smart solutions for bridging access gaps to community services for elderly and disabled residents. If elected, Laura will become the first person of color to sit on Lakewood City Council.

Liliana Baiman, Columbus City Council
Liliana Rivera Baiman is running for Columbus City Council to provide a voice for working families. She is an immigrant from Mexico, labor activist, and a mother. She is running a campaign for and with the people that creates One Good Job, affordable housing, and reliable public transportation. With her 13 years in labor, immigration, and community organizing she wants to create a Columbus for the many; not the few. She is a Resistance Democrat for a Resistance City!

Kimberley Mason, Columbus City School Board of Education
As a parent, resident and advocate, Kimberley is focused on being the change the school board needs. Kimberley believes that our school board should be the most relentless advocates for quality public and be a reflection of the population serve. Kimberley is striving to improve community and classroom relationships and focus on dismantling the school to prison pipeline.

Seth Dobbelaer, Newark (OH) City Council, At-Large
Seth Dobbelaer is running for Newark City Council At-Large. A Newark native, Seth is committed to serving the community that he has always called home. Seth’s background is unique, and his experiences provide him with intimate knowledge of the challenges faced by citizens of Newark and Licking County. His deep drive to help others enables him to balance multiple public service commitments while laboring as a farmer, general contractor, and most recently as a Loaned Executive to the United Way of Licking County. Seth believes all people should have a fair chance to build a good life, and this is what he wants most for his fellow citizens.


Deanna Philpott, North Hills School Board
Deanna Philpott is a school wellness advocate, a parent, and a North Hills graduate running for North Hills School Board. Working to improve school meals, recess, gym and health curriculum, and mental health programs every day has inspired Deanna to bring the amazing things that are happening in school districts across the country to North Hills, too. With a BA from Penn State in Human Development and Family Studies and a MA from American University in Sociology, Deanna is also ready to make community and parent engagement a priority in North Hills.

Gregory D’Elia, Upper Moreland Township School Director
Greg D’Elia and his wife, Laura, have called Upper Moreland home since 2009. He is the father of two sons, who currently attend Upper Moreland schools, and one daughter, who is a future UM student. He grew up nearby in Langhorne, and attended Penn State, receiving his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2005.

Greg is running for because he believes in the importance of education, and the responsibility for the entire community to educate the next generation. He will bring his perspective as an engineer to gather data to make decisions and most effectively use resources.

Jen Partica, Moon Area School District Director
Jen is running for School Director in her Pittsburgh suburb to combine her professional experience as an educational administrator with her success as a fierce organizer & legislative advocate for gun violence prevention. The daughter of two public school teachers, Jen spent a decade in college admissions and enrollment management, jobs that afforded her the opportunity to work with and visit hundreds of school districts across the country. She now owns her own business counseling high school students and their families through the college application process. She’s a true believer in the power of competent, incorruptible governance and knows her community will benefit from having her fresh voice on an established School Board.

Jessica Carswell, Abington Township Commissioner
Jessica believes that local government is where real impact happens and often goes unnoticed. The opportunity to make a difference for her fellow neighbors in stewarding the Township resources and planning for the future called her to step up and run in a special election in 2019. Jessica is a career fundraiser having worked for Philadelphia area nonprofits for the last 14 years. She is a volunteer with Abington Hospital, cub scouts, and a local professional development organization. Jessica is married to Dane and has two young boys.

Jon Panofsky, Centennial School Board Director, Region II
With a BSEd and Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Secondary Education from Temple University, an MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and a JD from the University of Richmond School of Law, as well as 10 years of classroom experience, Jon will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position of Centennial School Board Director.

Jon is running for Centennial School Board Director because he is tired of seeing the majority raise taxes year after year, while the educational quality in the district suffers. In the past decade, the board has raised taxes 41%, the highest in Bucks County. Furthermore, under the current majority, Centennial went from a well regarded district to no longer ranking in the top 100 in the state. If elected, Jon will be the first openly LGBTQ+ official in Warminster Township. He lives in Warminster with his boyfriend and his father.

Lydia Laythe, Washington Township Council Member
Lydia Laythe is running for Washington Township Council in Erie County, Pennsylvania. Before she decided to run for office, Lydia worked as a trauma therapist, working with children and adults. In her work as a social worker and therapist, Lydia saw the impact systemic and community-level decisions were having on the individual lives of her clients, and she realized that many decision-makers didn’t realize the impact they were having. So she became involved in local organizing groups like French Creek Indivisible, Erie County United, Erie County Young Democrats, Fair Districts PA, and People for a Livable Erie. Lydia is the youngest person to run for Washington Township Council, but she hopes her campaign will help other young people in the township see themselves in elected office!

Sarah Calvin, Trappe Borough Council
Sarah is running for Trappe Borough Council. Sarah, her husband and two children, chose Trappe when they moved to Pennsylvania. Sarah is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, who has run her Photography business. Currently Sarah works with her local state representative which allows her to serve her community.

Rebecca Mirra, Bensalem Township School Board Director
As an attorney and mother of two boys enrolled in Bensalem public schools, Rebecca is uniquely qualified to serve her community as school board director. She is devoted to ensuring Bensalem kids receive the education they deserve while guiding the district to financial stability. Rebecca’s legal practice is dedicated to estate planning and administration. She is an active member of BADGE (Bensalem Association Dedicated to Gifted Education) and the Valley Elementary PTO. She attended public school in her hometown of Brockport, NY, college at State University of NY at Binghamton and earned her law degree at Villanova University in 2007.

Daniel Wood, Doylestown Township Supervisor
Dan Wood is long time Doylestown resident and active member in local government running to be supervisor in his hometown. He is a member of the Public Water and Sewer Advisory board where he helps oversee sewer projects and water safety. He is also a member of the Environmental Advisory Council where he helps improve the environment and move Doylestown to 100% renewable energy.

Dan lives with his wife and three year old son. He hopes to give his son and future generations the same great opportunities he had growing up in Doylestown and more as the next Township Supervisor.

Anna Payne, Middletown Township Supervisor
Anna Payne is running for Middletown Township Supervisor to give back to the community she has called home for over 20 years. Anna currently serves as Chair of the Board of Auditors, overseeing township finances and promoting transparency. As Supervisor, she will work to strengthen public schools, support small businesses, and preserve open spaces — all while protecting taxpayer dollars.

Anna lives with Cystic Fibrosis and fights to bring awareness to the challenges of living with a rare disease. A member of the Pennsylvania Rare Diseases Advisory Board, she is a tireless advocate for affordable and quality health care for all.

Ben Weldon, Upper Makefield Township Supervisor
For ten years Ben has run a successful photography business working with clients who are drawn to his enthusiasm, creativity, and his ability to manage a diverse array of projects. He works regularly across multiple fields, including for Fortune 500 corporations, universities, ad agencies, magazines and small businesses.

Ben and his wife both grew up in Bucks County got married in the house where they live in Upper Makefield. They have four young children and proudly chose this community as the place they wanted to raise their kids. Ben is optimistic, has a talent for seeing the larger picture, and a willingness to do the day-to-day work to achieve that long-term vision. He’s demonstrated it in his business and is excited to bring that experience and skillset to local government.

Bethany Hallam, Allegheny County Council, At-Large
While playing varsity lacrosse for North Hills High School, Bethany Hallam tore both of her ACL’s, one immediately after recovering from the other. At the time, the overdose epidemic was not as well known as it is today. She was over-prescribed Vicodin, and as a result, became addicted to prescription opioids. She began her recovery in 2016, and is fortunate for the support systems that helped make that possible.

Due to her struggles with addiction, she has spent time in our county jail and has temporarily lost her driver’s license. She has seen first-hand the problems in our jail, and she also understands how critical public transit is to so many Allegheny County residents, especially herself. Her background would bring a unique insight to council, and that’s exactly what we need in order to move council forward.

Luke Verdes, Northampton County Council
Luke has spent his career working in the nonprofit and public health sectors managing and implementing programs that empower communities. As a member of Northampton County Council he’ll support investment in renewable energy and protect the local environment. He’ll work to build partnerships with our local schools to make sure they have the resources they need. And I’ll renew our commitment to social services and ensure the seniors and those fighting opioid addiction get the care they deserve

Jessica Rothchild, Scranton City Council
Dr. Jessica Rothchild works as a physical therapist and is a graduate of the University of Scranton. She has been a dedicated LGBTQ activist and community leader, serving in leadership positions of non-profit organizations locally and statewide. She currently serves on the Pennsylvania Commission for Women and the Scranton Human Relations Commission. In May 2018, she was elected to serve as a Democratic State Committeeperson and became Secretary of the LGBT Caucus for the PA Democratic Party. She is running for Scranton City Council to bring a new voice and a new vision to local government.

Katherine Gilmore Richardson, Philadelphia City Council, At-Large
A consummate community servant, Katherine is running for Philadelphia City Council At-Large because Philadelphia is soaring to new heights and leaving too many people behind. After spending more than a decade working behind the scenes in Philadelphia City Council, Katherine will be ready on day 1 to serve the people of Philadelphia. Katherine knows how to navigate City Government to make it work for others, build broad based coalitions to pass legislation and fight for the future of Philadelphia. Katherine was born to a teenage South Philly girl and adopted from birth by her loving parents, James and Pastor Lorraine Gilmore, who taught her the values of hard work, perseverance and always reaching back to help others.

Katherine serves as committee person in the 52nd Ward, 17th Division. She is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and most recently served as Vice President of the Philadelphia Young Democrats. She is a graduate of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale and holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Olivia “Liv” Bennett, Allegheny County Council - District 13
Olivia “Liv” Bennett is a community activist running to represent District 13 for Allegheny County Council. Growing up, Liv saw the detrimental effects of violence and economic hardship. Witnessing the painful outcomes of poverty and the crack epidemic in her community shaped her vision to create a better society. Liv graduated Magna Cum Laude from Carlow University in May of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in business management and a minor in information technology. She will fight for environmental safeguards, demand paid sick days county-wide, advocate for affordable fares in public transportation, expand LGBTQIA+ protections, and relentlessly pursue policies that benefit people from all walks of life in Allegheny County.

Emily Holmes, North Strabane Township Supervisor
Emily Holmes is running for North Strabane Township Supervisor because she wants the best future for her community. Having children has inspired Emily to work towards ensuring a safe and healthy township, with ample and accessible educational, recreational, and community resources, for all residents. As a citizen who formerly didn’t understand the gravity of municipal elections and decisions made at the township level, she is now informed, engaged, and passionate about educating voters and encouraging them to participate in local government.

Emily has a unique combination of career experiences in the fields of education (children through adult), non-profit, legal, consulting, and defense contracting. She earned a B.A. in Advertising & Public Relations from Penn State University.

Sarah Avra Grosik, Central Bucks School Board - Region 2
Sarah is an educator and mom who believes passionately in public education. She holds an Ed.D. in Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology in Education and is an administrator and instructor at the University of Pennsylvania. Previously, Sarah taught in the Peace Corps, the School District of Philadelphia, and Bucks County Community College.

A mother of two young sons receiving special education; Sarah will be a decision-maker who advocates for all children and families. Sarah is running for Central Bucks School Board to ensure that the district’s schools, education professionals, and families are given the resources necessary to meet students’ diverse needs.

Tom Duerr, Allegheny County Council - District 5
Tom Duerr is running for Allegheny County Council, District 5 in Southwest Pennsylvania. He decided to run after speaking with thousands of voters spread across the region while working with the Hilary Clinton, Conor Lamb and Pam Iovino campaigns. As part of the generation of people who moved out of Southwest PA because the opportunities afforded to past generations aren’t what they used to be, he decided to stay here and give back to the community that made him the person who he is today. Loyal, hardworking, and passionate, Tom Duerr is the type of person County Council needs to advocate and fight for the people of Allegheny County and District 5.


Ashley Peele, Mayor of North Charleston
Ashley is a homegrown product of North Charleston, where she currently lives with her wife, Jess, and their dog, Cooper. She was born and raised in North Charleston, went to public schools in North Charleston and later settled in North Charleston after graduating from Clemson. Growing up poor in this city provided her unique experiences and perspective, and she intends to use this perspective to fight inequality, injustice and indifference as Mayor of North Charleston. She’s a political newcomer proud to be running as a servant of the people who will ensure the rising tide lifts all ships in her community.

Greg Perry, North Charleston City Council-District 7
Greg Perry is a native of North Charleston, SC. He has been involved in several mentoring programs since 2008, and has long worked for positive change in North Charleston. His desire to see less crime and more investment in his community has motivated him to seek elected office. Greg would like to bring fresh ideas and positive solutions to North Charleston City Council.

John Loveday, Columbia (SC) City Council, District III
As a first-time candidate, John is running for City Council (District III) in Columbia, South Carolina. John has witnessed firsthand that service to others can change not only one person’s life, but an entire community. John is running for Columbia City Council because he’s tired of individuals that are more interested in being in elected office, versus working hard and getting the job done. As a first-generation college graduate and public school educator, John is ready to put public service back into politics. John is also a proud husband and father of two sons.


Amelia Parker, Knoxville City Council, At-Large Seat C
Amelia Parker is a human rights advocate and community organizer who is running for an at large seat on the Knoxville City Council. Amelia is committed to seeing her hometown of Knoxville, TN become a city where the human rights of all are respected and upheld, where the gap between the haves and the have nots does not continue to grow, and where the residents of Knoxville are empowered to build a prosperous city with robust public services, living wage jobs, housing options that meet the needs of residents, neighborhoods that are healthy and resourced, and just, equitable budgets that address historical disparities in our communities as well as emerging needs.

David Hayes, Knoxville City Council, At-Large Seat B
David Hayes is an activist and working-class Knoxvillian who is committed to building a Knoxville for All; a Knoxville where all families, workers, and communities can thrive.

David is running for office and building a progressive majority on city council to work with Black, Brown, and working class communities to make the institutional changes needed for all people to survive and thrive. His experience in politics and community organizing informed his belief that Knoxvillians deserve new political leadership that is accountable to communities. David is committed to improving the daily lives of Knoxvillians and fighting for good jobs with living wages, affordable homes, safe and healthy communities, and real democracy in our local government.


Anthony Nelson, Houston City Council, District F
Anthony is a dedicated and passionate advocate for social, economical, and environmental justice issues. He understands the struggles of families living in poverty. Anthony knows what hardworking families are experiencing daily, dealing with the increasing costs of housing and groceries, to the skyrocketing costs of education. He believes in solving the crisis of housing affordability and food insecurity in Houston. As a Community Organizer, Anthony will be the leader that District F needs on the City Council. Recently, he founded a non-profit organization called Five, thats focuses on food insecurity and poverty in Houston.

Christel Bastida, Houston City Council, At-Large 4
Dr. Christel Bastida is running for Houston City Council, At-Large, Position 4. She is a scientist and a mom, a community organizer and a Latina. Dr. Christel is running because she believes that every Houstonian deserves a great quality of life, opportunities for growth, and a voice. Dr. Christel earned her doctorate in neuroscience in 2011, and has also worked in the fields of cancer medicine, reconstructive surgery, and community health.

But before her research career, she grew up poor in Aldine, moving from apartment to apartment. Her family later moved to the Heights where she spent most of her childhood. She did not grow up with many advantages. Her parents were not college educated and she did not always have a lot to eat. The one advantage that she did have was access to a high-quality public education in HISD, then at the University of Texas at Austin. Her access to a great education allowed her the opportunity to choose a career that her parents never dreamed was a possibility for her.

Eliz Markowitz, Texas House of Representatives, District 28
A native Texan, Dr. Eliz Markowitz is running to be the next State Representative of Texas House District 28. Eliz received her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Trinity University, master’s degrees in both Management and Healthcare Informatics from the University of Texas system, and a doctorate in Education from the University of Houston. Eliz currently works at The Princeton as a teacher, corporate trainer, content developer, and author. Due to her diverse educational and professional background, Eliz will offer a unique perspective on the myriad of issues facing Texas. Eliz hopes to work with all the diverse communities within the district in order to create a more equitable Texas.

Raj Salhotra, Houston City Council, At-Large 1
Raj is a native Houstonian running for Houston City Council At-Large 1. He is a native Houstonian who attended Rice University, then became a high school math teacher in Houston’s Hiram Clarke neighborhood. After teaching, Raj launched two educational non-profits (Students With Ambition Go to College and One Jump). He then completed law school at Harvard and returned to Houston. He is running for City Council to Build One Houston by increasing economic opportunity, improving quality of life, and strengthening flood mitigation.


Natalie Pinkney, South Salt Lake City Council, At-Large
Natalie Pinkney is an advocate and leader dedicated to justice and change. Natalie’s personal experiences have spurred her efforts to promote equity, increase representation, and act as an advocate for those members of our communities who have too long been ignored.

Growing up experiencing the same realities as many families in South Salt Lake, Natalie has dedicated her life to activism on the streets, within politics, and with policymakers. Natalie understands the real needs of South Salt Lake and knows what policy and community change is needed so we can thrive to have fundamental needs.


Kevin Schilling, Burien City Council
Kevin Schilling is running for Burien City Council, Position 4. Growing up in Burien was Kevin’s American dream. He attended St. Francis of Assisi School (where he still attends church and works as the Youth Minister), Aviation High School in the Highline School District, and completed his B.A. at Washington State University and MA/MSc at Columbia Unviersity/London School of Economics. Kevin believes in building trust between our law enforcement and neighborhoods to keep us safe, incentivizing more business creation and home ownership, and better city services for our most vulnerable communities. As a locally grown resident, Kevin also knows the value of new residents and lifelong ones. Join Kevin in building a brighter Burien!



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