All eyes on 2024: Meet our December 2023 Endorsement Class

Run for Something
44 min readDec 13, 2023


As we set our sights on 2024, Run for Something (RFS) is proud to introduce its December endorsement class. These 49 candidates and 10 alumni are running for essential elected positions in state legislatures, municipal offices, and education positions responsible for protecting reproductive freedoms, fighting senseless book bans, providing fair access to the ballot, and so much more.

“While 2023 was Run for Something’s best year ever, we’re already looking ahead to the new year. Republican extremists are still running for office and pushing their far-right agendas up and down the ballot in 2024,” shared RFS co-founder and co-executive director Amanda Litman. “Run for Something is proud to champion these diverse, forward-thinking leaders standing up against the rising tide of Republican extremism.”

RFS co-founder Ross Morales Rocketto shared, “2024 will be the year in which our democracy will be on the ballot. As we look ahead to 2024, Run for Something is proud to stand with this latest class of progressive trailblazers. They will be instrumental in defending our democracy, creating change for their communities, and building a robust Democratic foundation for the future.”

Of our December endorsees:

  • 55% are women and non-binary people
  • 61% are people of color
  • 22% identify as LGBTQIA+
  • 22 states are represented
December 2023 Endorsement Statistics

Learn more about our candidates below!


Carl Jacobs

School Board, Anchorage, AK

Primary Date: Apr 2, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Carl, a resident of Anchorage since 2008, is a dedicated family man. He and his wife Alicia have raised their son Devin, who has started his own family with his wife Nicole, an educator in the Anchorage School District. Over the past decade, Carl and Alicia have provided a caring and stable environment as licensed treatment foster parents for numerous at-risk adolescents from diverse backgrounds. This invaluable experience has inspired Carl to run for office in 2021 and informs his priorities as a member of the ASD School Board.

Throughout his two-year tenure, Carl has been committed to enhancing the academic experience for every student in the Anchorage School District and ensuring that the hard-working employees of the District receive the support they deserve. While progress has been made in terms of increasing transparency, accountability, and community engagement, there is still much work to be done.

Anchorage, Alaska faces several challenges in public education and is at a critical junction. Limited budgets present an annual obstacle, and achieving academic equity remains an ongoing endeavor. Moreover, the retention of skilled and qualified educators has emerged as a crucial need. These issues necessitate collaboration between the Anchorage School Board and the Alaska Legislature, and Carl remains resolute in his commitment to addressing these concerns during his second term and beyond.


Eric Stafford

State Senate, District 29, AZ

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Eric is a born and raised Arizonan whose upbringing instilled in him a critical view of the political landscape. Growing up in a MAGA household and witnessing corporate corruption and inaction on climate change, Eric felt disheartened by the state of politics. After completing technical training and becoming a certified Airplane Mechanic & Machinist, he decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, driven by a desire for a more ethical and environmentally conscious path.

Through his varied experiences, Eric gained firsthand insight into the challenges faced by blue-collar workers, witnessed workplace injustices, and encountered the conservative leanings of the aviation industry. Additionally, his exposure to healthcare services deepened his compassion for others and their struggles.

These encounters fueled Eric’s determination to effect change and drive progress. He envisions a political landscape that prioritizes unity and leads to prosperity across all policies. Eric firmly believes that politicians have a responsibility to reject dark money, uphold public service, and safeguard America’s climate, safety, and overall well-being. Considering corporations’ obligations to their shareholders, he emphasizes the importance of politicians prioritizing the best interests of the American people.

Eric’s background and passion have prepared him to make a meaningful impact on the political arena. With a pragmatic approach and a commitment to unity, he seeks to create a government that works for all Americans, addressing the issues that matter most to everyday citizens.


Alex Mohajer

State Senate, District 37, CA

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Alex is a candidate for California State Senate in the 37th Senate District. Born and raised in Orange County, CA, Alex is the son of Iranian working-class immigrants and has deep roots in his hometown. He received his education from Irvine K-12 public schools, UC Berkeley, and Chapman University School of Law, where he earned his law degree.

Over the past decade, Alex has dedicated his career to civil service advocacy, with a focus on investigating and trying cases related to workplace protections under Title VII. In addition to his legal work, he is an accomplished independent political writer and organizer, and has been recognized with awards for his contributions in these areas. He has also served as President of the Stonewall Democrats, further demonstrating his commitment to advancing progressive causes.

In his campaign for State Senate, Alex is running a grassroots movement that prioritizes the economic dignity of working-class families. Key issues he is focusing on include affordable housing, access to single-payer healthcare, expanding mental health resources, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and combatting climate change. Notably, he is the only candidate in his race who has accepted the no-fossil fuels and no corporate PAC money pledge.

If elected, Alex will make history in multiple ways. He would become Orange County’s first openly LGBTQ+ legislator, the only Iranian serving in the California legislature, and globally, the first openly gay Iranian man elected to public office. These groundbreaking achievements will further enhance his ability to advocate for diverse communities and bring positive change to the State Senate.

Maggie Cornejo

County Board, District 4, San Mateo County, CA

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Maggie is a first-generation Latina with aspirations of becoming a Supervisor in San Mateo County. She is driven by her personal experiences with disparities, and is committed to addressing urgent issues like affordable housing, support for children and families, public safety, climate change, and mental health services. Maggie’s campaign is centered around a message of hope and a steadfast dedication to her community.

Ari Ruiz

State House, District 52, CA

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ari, a native of Mexico City, relocated to Los Angeles at the age of 10 in pursuit of a better future. Unfortunately, his father’s battle with cancer led to his untimely passing, compelling Ari, his mother, and siblings to immigrate to the United States in search of new opportunities. To provide for their family, Ari’s mother resorted to cleaning homes, while they have remained tenants since their arrival in 2001.

Throughout his career, Ari has garnered invaluable experience working alongside notable figures in federal, state, and local government. Notably, he has collaborated with influential leaders such as Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Retired Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio, and former LAUSD Board Member Steve Zimmer. Lending his expertise to nonprofit organizations, Ari has demonstrated his commitment to community development. He served as a valuable asset to El Sereno’s Barrio Action, a nonprofit dedicated to aiding at-risk youth and their families. Additionally, he contributed to The Laurel Foundation, offering assistance to families affected by HIV/AIDS.

In 2016, Ari embarked on his journey with Assemblywoman Burke’s office, initially as a dedicated Field Deputy. Demonstrating his determination and capability, he steadily climbed the career ladder to eventually assume the position of Deputy District Director. During his legislative endeavors, Ari focused on a range of important issues, including advocacy for small businesses, environmental conservation, facilitating access to unemployment benefits, and safeguarding the rights of both the LGBT and immigrant communities.

Pamela Campos

City Council, District 2, San Jose, CA

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Pamela, a proud Chicana and second-generation immigrant, is a dedicated advocate for the San José community. Raised in San José, Pamela attended local public schools and graduated from San José State University with a Bachelor’s degree in child development. With a passion for nurturing young minds, she is committed to prioritizing the needs of children and families in the decision-making process for a brighter future in San José.

Pamela’s background as a former preschool teacher has uniquely positioned her to make a difference. She played an instrumental role in securing $350.5 million in funding for licensed center and home-based childcare providers throughout California, leading to improved learning environments and expanded access to high-quality child care for countless families.

Having worked closely with community partners, analyzed policies, and spearheaded initiatives, Pamela has consistently advocated for the issues that directly impact working families and individuals, including affordable housing, child care, and equitable transportation systems. As a lifelong resident of San José, she deeply understands the significance of decisions made at City Hall and is determined to empower the community members who are most affected by these decisions.

With her experience and unwavering dedication, Pamela is poised to be a strong voice for positive change in San José.

Jessica Caloza

State House, District 52, CA

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Jessica is a candidate for Assembly District 52 in Northeast L.A., East L.A., and Glendale. As a dedicated public servant, immigrant, and daughter of working-class parents, Jessica is committed to advocating for working families in the district. Previously, Jessica worked alongside President Obama, assisting underfunded public schools in securing additional resources. Her role as L.A. Public Works Commissioner involved expanding good-paying union jobs, increasing wages for workers, and implementing equal pay for women.

Jessica’s tenure also emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability within the organization. Furthermore, serving as the California Attorney General’s Deputy, Jessica actively contributed to efforts aimed at reducing crime and gun violence, ensuring that victims of sexual assault received the justice they deserved. Jessica’s platform includes protecting a woman’s right to choose, tackling the climate crisis head-on, and working towards a reduction in the homeless population. Moreover, her campaign has garnered significant support from teachers, nurses, and labor unions, who see her as a champion for investing in affordable housing, safer communities, and opportunities for children in the district.

Jonathan Horton

City Council, District 4, Pasadena, CA

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Jonathan is a proud resident of Pasadena with a deep connection to his community. With a strong passion for service, Jonathan has dedicated his career to advocating for the residents of Pasadena and California’s 28th Congressional District. As a federal caseworker, he has assisted countless families with various issues, ranging from housing to immigration to veterans affairs.

Throughout his years, Jonathan has actively engaged with District 4 residents, actively seeking out solutions to the problems that affect them. His commitment to his community has driven him to run for office, aiming to be an active leader who brings positive change.

With a growing concern for issues like homelessness and affordability, Jonathan has developed a clear vision for Pasadena. His vision focuses on ensuring housing for all residents and creating a city that is inclusive and affordable. He hopes that District 4 residents will share his vision and support his pursuit of a thriving and prosperous Pasadena.

Mario Enriquez

City Council, District 4, Stockton, CA

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Mario is a dedicated leader with a strong commitment to Stockton and the Central Valley. With a passion for bringing best-practices and solutions to his community, Mario’s extensive experience and unique perspective make him a valuable asset. With over a decade of professional experience in Latino civil rights advocacy, youth leadership development, and working for progressive Members of Congress on Capitol Hill, Mario is well-equipped to make a positive impact.

As a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs and a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute alumnus, Mario has participated in top-tier leadership programs, further enhancing his ability to serve his community effectively. Mario’s dedication to learning and improving is evident in his repeated applications to the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy, where he was eventually accepted, allowing him to gain a deeper understanding of the policy-making process. With an impressive track record that includes over 10 leadership fellowships, 6 candidate trainings, and the training of over 3,000 LGBTQ+ leaders from around the world to run for elected office, Mario is ready to lead and be a fierce advocate for Stockton.

Rigel Robinson

Mayor, Berkeley, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Rigel is a dedicated public servant currently serving his second term on the Berkeley City Council. With a focus on affordability, sustainability, and safety, Rigel is committed to shaping a better future for Berkeley. Throughout his time at Berkeley City Hall, Rigel has taken on pressing issues such as the housing crisis and the climate crisis. With a reputation for attentive listening and forward-thinking ideas, he has become a respected leader who can rally our community behind important work.

In an unprecedented achievement, Rigel was elected to the city council in 2018, making him the youngest councilmember ever in Berkeley’s history. His overwhelming re-election in 2022 further solidified his position as a trusted representative. Now, Rigel is setting his sights on the mayor’s office with a vision to unlock Berkeley’s potential and ensure a city that embraces and supports all its residents.

To support this worthy endeavor, you have the opportunity to make a difference by contributing up to $60 to invest in Berkeley’s future and help elect Rigel as the leader who will guide Berkeley forward.


Yara Zokaie

State House, District 52, CO

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Yara is a dedicated advocate and tax attorney running for House District 52 in Fort Collins, Colorado. As a first generation Iranian American and a mother of three, Yara is determined to create a better future for families and working individuals in her community.

Yara’s passion for improving the lives of others is fueled by her own experience as a parent. She has been a strong advocate for paid family leave, understanding the importance of allowing new parents the necessary time off work to bond with their newborns. Yara has actively supported this cause by knocking on thousands of doors in Northern Colorado, raising awareness and promoting policies that benefit families.

Additionally, Yara co-founded the nonprofit organization, Latino Coalition, with a focus on increasing representation for people of color and underserved communities. Through her work with this organization, Yara has witnessed the continued underrepresentation of these communities, and she is committed to changing this narrative. If elected, Yara will prioritize bringing vulnerable communities to the forefront of her decision making, ensuring their voices are heard.

With her professional background as a tax attorney and County Deputy Assessor, Yara possesses a wealth of tax expertise that would greatly benefit the Capitol. Her unique skill set would bring a fresh perspective to the table and enable her to effectively address tax-related issues.

Yara’s campaign relies on the support and engagement of the community. To get involved and join Yara’s movement in Fort Collins, Colorado, please visit By supporting Yara, you are endorsing a candidate who is dedicated to creating a better Colorado for all.

Lisa Feret

State House, District 24, CO

Primary Date: Apr 1, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Lisa is an accomplished and dedicated individual who has made significant contributions in various areas. With a background as an Air Force Veteran, Social Worker, and humanitarian, she brings a unique perspective to her role as an Arvada City Councilmember in Colorado. Now, she is taking her commitment to public service even further by running for the Colorado House of Representatives District 24.

Lisa’s campaign platform centers around three crucial areas: housing, older adults, and natural disasters. Recognizing the importance of stable housing for all individuals, she aims to address the current housing challenges faced by many in her district. In addition, Lisa is passionate about advocating for the needs of older adults, who often require specialized care and support. Lastly, she understands the devastating impact that natural disasters can have on communities and aims to strengthen disaster preparedness and response.

With her wealth of experience and her genuine dedication to making a positive impact, Lisa is well-equipped to serve the people of Colorado House District 24. Her tireless efforts and commitment to her community make her an exceptional candidate for this position.


Branden Fletcher Dominguez

State House, District 3, DE

Primary Date: Sep 10, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Branden is an accomplished Afro-Latino organizer and advocate based in Delaware. With a strong track record in fighting for housing rights, fees & fines reform, and ending gun violence, he is now seeking to represent the third district in Wilmington. Branden’s top priorities include advocating for open streets, promoting environmental justice, pushing for universal health care, and investing in young people.

As a committed community organizer, Branden has excelled in bringing people together to hold those in power accountable. He has played a pivotal role in the passing of basic tenant protections, which has been crucial in safeguarding the interests of vulnerable individuals. Branden’s dedication to his community extends beyond his grassroots efforts. He established a successful advocacy non-profit that effectively serves the Westside community through the Americorps’ Public Allies program. This organization continues to rally the community to drive positive change throughout the 3rd District.

In 2021, witnessing the unfortunate displacement of his neighbors in his building, Branden took it upon himself to provide much-needed support. He began organizing tenants to help them navigate the complex eviction system. His tireless work with the Eviction Defense Project and policy advocacy resulted in a groundbreaking milestone: the Delaware Supreme Court’s decision allowing Qualified Tenant Advocates to represent tenants in eviction cases. This ruling has significantly improved tenant access to legal aid, ensuring fairer outcomes for those facing housing instability.

Branden’s passion for creating a brighter future for all is deeply rooted in his personal experiences and unwavering commitment. Through his advocacy, he strives to turn these aspirations into reality.


Elizabeth Barker

School Board, District 2, Sarasota County, FL

Primary Date: Aug 20, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Liz is a dedicated advocate for our public schools, prioritizing the success of the school system in Sarasota County. As a mother of four young children currently enrolled in the Sarasota County Public Schools, Liz has a personal and vested interest in seeing the system thrive.

Her career as a school psychologist equips her with the knowledge and expertise to implement data-driven interventions and supports that bridge the achievement gap and foster student achievement. Going beyond her professional experience, Liz actively contributes to the education community by volunteering in classrooms, serving as the PTO president, and participating in the School Advisory Committee. She attends school board meetings to advocate for the best interests of staff, students, and families alike.

Liz understands the significance of safeguarding public schools from any disruption or division that may hinder the shared goal of student success. She firmly believes that all students deserve a fact-based, high-quality education in a safe and inclusive environment, with access to a wide range of educational resources. Equally important, Liz recognizes the importance of creating a supportive climate for teachers to teach fearlessly, honoring their professionalism.

If elected, Liz will leverage her experience to build community consensus and explore innovative approaches to address teacher retention. She is committed to preserving the dignity and respect of all students and families, ensuring that their voices are heard. With Liz on the School Board, the interests of parents with children in public schools will be represented, guaranteeing a well-rounded perspective and a commitment to excellence in education.

Nancy Metayer Bowen

City Council, At-Large, Coral Springs, FL

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Nancy is a trailblazing environmentalist who has made history as the first Black and Haitian-American woman Commissioner of Coral Springs. With an unwavering commitment to social, environmental, and reproductive justice, she has become a passionate advocate for positive change.

One of Nancy’s notable accomplishments has been the appointment of a Sustainability Manager in Coral Springs, ultimately leading to the establishment of a dedicated Sustainability Office within the city. As an accomplished Environmental Scientist, she tirelessly advocates for causes that promote water quality, sanitation, and public health.

Nancy’s dedication to advancing sustainability and resilience in Coral Springs extends beyond environmental concerns. She actively supports local businesses and works towards promoting clean energy technologies. Bowen’s unwavering leadership has made a significant impact in the community, inspiring others to take action and contribute to creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all.


Natalia Hussey-Burdick

State House, District 5, HI

Primary Date: Aug 10, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

State Representative Natalia is seeking re-election to Hawaii’s 50th House District, where she has already made a significant impact in a short amount of time. Throughout her tenure, Rep. Hussey-Burdick has been a strong advocate for government transparency and accountability, particularly in the complex Budget process, which has often been needlessly chaotic and convoluted.

In addition to her work on government reform, Rep. Hussey-Burdick has been a vocal champion for reproductive rights and correctional justice reform. Her dedication to these issues has helped drive meaningful change and ensure that all individuals have access to the rights and support they need.

During her time in office, Rep. Hussey-Burdick also served as Vice Chair of the House Tourism Committee. In this role, she played a vital part in addressing the negative impacts of overtourism on Hawaii’s residential communities and delicate island ecosystem. Her efforts have been instrumental in finding sustainable solutions that balance the needs of the tourism industry with the preservation of Hawaii’s unique environment and way of life.

Furthermore, Rep. Hussey-Burdick’s commitment to addressing the effects of climate change led to her involvement in the House Wildfire Prevention Working Group. In the aftermath of devastating wildfires on Maui, she contributed to a progressive report that recognized the link between climate change and the increasing frequency and severity of wildfires. The report also proposed innovative solutions, including disincentivizing land banking for large landowners who neglect proper land management.

With the support of constituents, Rep. Hussey-Burdick aims to continue her important work in the legislature and build upon her previous achievements. Her dedication and vision for a better future make her an excellent choice for re-election. Join the #RepNHB campaign and help bring about larger and more impactful changes next year.


Nikson Mathews

State house, District 16 Seat B, ID

Primary Date: May 21, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Nikson is a dedicated resident of Boise, Idaho, with a strong background in advertising and a deep commitment to community advocacy. With over a decade of experience in the field, Nikson is a leader in a small local business, focusing on problem-solving and collaboration to drive meaningful action.

Nikson’s passion lies in creating a more equitable Idaho, and they actively participate in statewide outreach efforts. Working alongside organizations such as the ACLU of Idaho and Add the Words, Nikson advocates for the LGBTQIA+ community, supporting housing protections, healthcare access, and community education on engagement in the legislative process.

Driven by a vision of inclusivity and progress, Nikson is dedicated to pursuing policies that address Idaho’s key challenges. This includes supporting public education, ensuring affordable housing access, and advocating for climate action. With a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise, Nikson exemplifies the spirit of service and is committed to driving positive change for Idaho.


Nabeela Syed

State House, District 51, IL

Primary Date: Mar 19, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Nabeela proudly serves as the representative for the 51st District of the Illinois State House of Representatives. Comprising Palatine, Inverness, Barrington, Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, Lake Zurich, Hawthorn Woods, Kildeer, Deer Park, Vernon Hills, and Long Grove, these communities benefit from Nabeela’s dedicated service and leadership.

Prior to becoming a legislator, Nabeela gained valuable experience in the nonprofit sector, specializing in digital strategy. This role provided her with the opportunity to support various civic engagement initiatives, such as voter mobilization, combating sexual assault on college campuses, and promoting gender equity.

In her time in office, Nabeela has prioritized crucial issues that directly impact her constituents. She is a strong advocate for prescription drug affordability, striving to ensure that essential medications are accessible and affordable for all Illinois residents. Additionally, Nabeela is passionate about improving healthcare accessibility, working towards a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system.

Gun violence prevention is another area where Nabeela directs her attention, seeking comprehensive solutions to address this pressing issue plaguing communities across the district. Alongside this, she is dedicated to advocating for reproductive healthcare rights, offering her full support for policies that protect and empower individuals when it comes to making choices about their own bodies.

Nabeela’s commitment to her constituents and her drive to effect meaningful change in areas like prescription drug affordability, healthcare accessibility, gun violence prevention, and reproductive healthcare make her an exceptional representative for the 51st District. Her dedication to public service ensures that the voices of her community are heard at the state level.

Graciela Guzman

State Senate, District 20, IL

Primary Date: Mar 19, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Graciela (she/her/ella) is an Organizer for the Chicago Teachers Union. With a strong background in policy and organizing, Graciela has made significant contributions to various advocacy campaigns centered around healthcare, child welfare, economic justice, and immigration. One of her most notable achievements was playing a pivotal role in securing a groundbreaking victory in Illinois. Her efforts led to the state becoming the first in the nation to expand healthcare to low-income seniors aged 55 and over, regardless of their immigration status. This achievement opened doors for future healthcare wins through her involvement with the Healthy Illinois Campaign.

Driven by her passion for community empowerment, Graciela is now running for the position of Illinois’ next 20th district state senator. Her goal is to bring about positive change by combining grassroots organizing, policy reforms, and mutual aid initiatives. Through hyperlocal work and a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of the people of Chicago, Graciela aims to reimagine a better future for the city. With her dedication, expertise, and commitment to her community, Graciela Guzmán is eager to serve and lead with a vision for a more equitable and prosperous Chicago.


Matt Blake

State House, District 22, IA

Primary Date: Jun 4, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Matt is a dedicated public servant with a strong commitment to improving Iowa’s communities. As a candidate for Iowa State Senate in District 22, Matt’s focus is on protecting public education, preserving Iowa’s natural resources, and supporting a woman’s right to make choices regarding her health. With his race being one of the most targeted legislative campaigns in Iowa, Matt aims to unseat the longest-serving Republican State Senator in a district experiencing significant suburban growth.

Having served as a Council Member for the City of Urbandale since 2019, Matt has already established himself as a community leader. During his tenure, he demonstrated his advocacy for important issues such as climate change, stormwater infrastructure, affordable housing, human services, and economic development. Additionally, Matt’s military background brings valuable experience and leadership skills to the table. He is a Major in the Iowa Army National Guard, serving as a Judge Advocate (JAG) and having completed a 2021 deployment in the Middle East.

Matt resides in Urbandale with his wife and two beloved children. His strong sense of family values and dedication to public service make him an excellent candidate who will work tirelessly to represent the needs and concerns of District 22 constituents. Matt’s common sense approach, combined with his decency and commitment to his community, positions him as the ideal individual to bring positive change to the Iowa Capitol.


Maria-elena Olcoz

County Board, Buckland, Franklin County, MA

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Mariel is a candidate for Select Board in Buckland, Massachusetts for the upcoming 2024 election. She holds a degree in Humanities with a focus on Political Science from the University of Central Florida. With a commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of the Buckland community, Olcoz is running on a platform that reflects the results of resident questionnaires.

Affordable housing, education and school safety, as well as access to healthcare and senior resources rank among the top priorities for Buckland residents. Recognizing the growing frequency of flooding in the area, Olcoz aims to proactively address climate change as well.

In her current role as a member of the Planning Board, Olcoz is actively involved in efforts to update the floodplain and manage issues related to short-term rentals. By addressing these challenges, she hopes to make long-term housing more attainable for the residents of Buckland, ensuring a sustainable and thriving community.

With her strong educational background, dedication to the needs of the community, and experience in local government, Mariel is a promising candidate who is fully committed to serving the residents of Buckland.


Christina Hines

District Attorney, Macomb County, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Christina Hines is a dedicated advocate for justice, with a career spanning numerous accomplishments in the legal field. Beginning her professional journey as a prosecuting attorney at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, Christina later assumed the role of Chief of the Special Victims Unit and Appeals at the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office in 2021. Throughout her tenure, she has exhibited unwavering commitment to prosecuting a diverse range of criminal cases such as murder, human trafficking, kidnapping, and child abuse, to name a few.

Notably, Christina spearheaded the creation and implementation of the innovative Restorative Justice Diversion Program, collaborating closely with key stakeholders in Washtenaw County. By placing the community at the forefront, this groundbreaking initiative aims to foster healing and rehabilitation for those involved in the criminal justice system.

A proud member and former president of a union, Christina Hines is now poised to amplify her extensive expertise as Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney. She pledges to prioritize restoring integrity to the office and curbing the departure of experienced attorneys, a trend that has defined the current administration. Recognizing the wider responsibilities of a prosecutor, Christina envisions building stronger bonds between the community and law enforcement. Additionally, her plans include introducing or bolstering community programs that address mental health and substance use disorders.

Educated at Warren Woods Tower High School, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University Law School, Christina, together with her husband David, has chosen to raise their three children in Warren, Michigan. To her, public service is not simply a job, but rather a lifelong calling that she wholeheartedly embraces. Christina’s unwavering commitment revolves around safeguarding our values, preserving our freedoms, and protecting our families.

Jaime Churches

State House, District 27, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Jaime is an esteemed educator and respected member of the Downriver community who currently serves in the Michigan Legislature. Born and raised in Downriver, she has deep roots in the area and a personal commitment to its growth and prosperity. With an impressive background in education, including 11 years of teaching fifth grade, as well as serving as her union’s vice president, Jaime is well-equipped to address the needs of her constituents with unwavering dedication.

In her role as a legislator, Jaime has made significant contributions to critical issues facing the state. Her extensive knowledge and experience in labor matters, education policies, and infrastructure have positioned her as a valuable asset in Lansing. Serving on notable committees such as labor, ethics, energy, elections, and education, she has shown a remarkable ability to navigate complex matters and advocate for positive change.

Jaime’s noteworthy achievement in her first year of service was successfully sponsoring a bill for universal background checks on firearms. Understandably driven by the safety concerns faced by educators and the undeniable need to protect students from potential school shootings, she has been instrumental in advancing the conversation surrounding gun legislation in Michigan. Her tireless efforts have made a lasting impact on the education sector and beyond.

Recognizing the ongoing infrastructure challenges within the Downriver community, Jaime has been actively collaborating with the local senator to address this pressing issue. Focusing on the community’s well-being and access to essential services, she has been diligently working towards resolving the infrastructure obstacles that have burdened residents, especially in emergency situations requiring timely access to hospitals.

Jaime is a dynamic and dedicated legislator who prioritizes the needs of her community and diligently works towards sustainable solutions. Her passion for public service and commitment to making a tangible difference shines through in all aspects of her work. With her comprehensive understanding of key issues, Jaime is undoubtedly a valuable advocate for the Downriver community in the Michigan Legislature.

Layla Taha

State House, District 25, MI

Primary Date: Jan. 30, 2024; General Date: April 16, 2024

Layla, an experienced community organizer and public health advocate, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her work. Growing up in suburban Detroit with a single mother, Layla developed a strong work ethic and an appreciation for the importance of family. These values propelled her to pursue a Master of Public Health from Columbia University and embark on a career in public health advocacy and health policy reform.

During her career, Layla served as a health policy analyst, focusing on evaluating Medicare reimbursement and nursing home quality. Alongside her work in the health sector, Layla also dedicated her efforts to organizing for voting rights and reproductive freedom. She played a vital role in the Michigan Reproductive Freedom for All campaign, working with Catholic voices to advocate for abortion rights. This successful endeavor resulted in the inclusion of abortion as a constitutional right in Michigan.

Layla’s commitment to community and organizing continued to flourish when she served as the Program Director for Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s Youth Civic Engagement Fellowship. In this role, she skillfully coordinated organizing training and provided instruction on social justice issues to empower the youth in her community.

Currently, Layla is running to represent Michigan’s 25th House District, where she aims to protect public health and champion the well-being of her constituents. With her extensive experience and dedication, Layla is poised to make a positive impact on the community she serves.

Trevis Harrold

State House, District 55, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Trevis, a dedicated public servant, is currently running for the Michigan State House in District 55. A proud native of Michigan, Trevis was raised by a single mother who worked at a local public school to support their family. He earned his degree from Eastern Michigan University and later received a prestigious fellowship to the Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan, where he stood out as one of the youngest scholars in the program.

With a strong sense of duty and commitment, Trevis joined the U.S. Diplomatic Corps, representing our nation in various embassies abroad. Furthermore, he felt compelled to serve his country by becoming an Army officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, achieving the rank of First Lieutenant. Through his military service, Trevis contributes to keeping both the United States and Michigan safe and resilient.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Trevis actively volunteers in Rochester, focusing his efforts on improving the lives of veterans through the American Legion. His work involves assisting veterans in acquiring essential job skills that facilitate a smoother transition into the civilian workforce.

Running for office, Trevis aims to serve the people of Michigan by ensuring a prosperous future for the state. He is dedicated to investing in public education, safeguarding the well-being of veterans, and advocating for accessible healthcare for all citizens. With Trevis as their representative, the residents of Rochester can trust that he will consistently deliver on behalf of their interests.


Alfred Montgomery

Sheriff, Saint Louis, MO

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Alfred is a dedicated individual who has worked tirelessly to improve his community in St. Louis. Coming from a background of poverty and crime, Alfred understands the challenges faced by his fellow citizens and has made it his mission to be the change that his community desperately needs.

Through his work with local elected officials, Alfred has taken on projects to enhance the city, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of those around him. From addressing vacant and abandoned buildings to tackling high poverty and crime rates, Alfred has shown that no challenge is too big when it comes to creating a better future for all residents.

One area where Alfred focuses his efforts is on building strong relationships between law enforcement and the community. He recognizes the importance of trust and unity in creating a safe and prosperous environment. Alfred has taken it upon himself to bridge the gap between troubled youth and law enforcement, working to foster understanding and dispel negative perceptions.

With his dedication, passion, and ability to tackle tough issues head-on, Alfred is making a significant impact in his community and inspiring others to do the same.


Kristin Christensen

School Board, Lincoln and Lancaster County, NE

Primary Date: May 14, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Kristin is a passionate advocate for students and teachers throughout Nebraska, firmly believing in the significance of a robust education system. She has set her sights on representing District 1 on the Nebraska State Board of Education, with the ultimate goal of ensuring her own children, as well as all children in the state, have access to a top-tier education.

Throughout her career, Kristin has dedicated herself to making a difference as a special education and academic intervention teacher. This role has provided her with invaluable opportunities to work closely with diverse students and families, honing her understanding of the needs and challenges they face in the educational sphere. Leveraging this firsthand experience, she brings a unique perspective to her future role as a member of the State Board of Education.

In her new position, Kristin will draw upon her extensive knowledge and expertise to drive positive change within the education system. She is committed to advocating for policies and programs that promote academic excellence, individual growth, and inclusivity for all Nebraska students. With her unwavering dedication and strong background, Kristin is poised to make a profound impact on education in District 1 and beyond.


Claire Valdez

State House, District 37, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Claire is a Latina, a democratic socialist and she is dedicated to creating a better future for all. With a strong background in union organizing and a deep commitment to the rights of workers, she is driven to challenge the inequalities and hardships faced by many in our society.

As the unit chair of her UAW Local 2110 shop, Claire has firsthand experience of the struggles faced by workers and the constant attempts by employers to undermine their collective power. She actively organizes campaigns not only to uphold the hard-won rights and benefits outlined in their contracts but also to empower her coworkers to believe in the possibility of positive change within their workplace and their community.

Claire has played pivotal roles in numerous campaigns aimed at addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time. This includes advocating for progressive tax reforms to ensure that the wealthy contribute their fair share and fighting for the strengthening of union power in Queens. Additionally, she has been instrumental in the successful election of local socialist candidates who are committed to challenging the current status quo.

Notably, Claire was also involved in a significant organizing effort to democratize the UAW and elect reform-minded individuals to union leadership. This transformative campaign not only revolutionized the UAW but also played a crucial role in initiating a new era of labor militancy across the nation.

With a deep understanding of the realities faced by working-class individuals and a firm belief in the power of collective action, Claire is determined to enact meaningful and lasting change in her pursuit of justice and equality for all.

Jonathan Soto

State House, District 82, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Jonathan is a dedicated public school parent with a background in law and urban planning, running for office in the East Bronx. His main focus is advocating for a New Deal on Education, as well as addressing other pressing issues in his community.

One of Jonathan’s goals is to address the presence of the Trump Golf Course in his neighborhood. He believes it should be shut down, as the incumbent supported it and even received a $6,000 donation from Trump himself. In addition, Jonathan aims to create a comprehensive climate resiliency plan for his coastal district, ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents.

Jonathan has made significant contributions to his community in the past. He previously served as an organizer for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, where he played a key role in leading the Homework Helpers program and coordinating mutual aid efforts. These initiatives provided free tutoring to 500 students, distributed 100,000 meals to families, and prioritized workers’ safety during the pandemic.

With a diverse background spanning law, urban planning, human rights advocacy, government administration, academia, emergency response/disaster relief, faith-based organizing, and public education advocacy, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience to the table. He is committed to challenging the special interests that have diverted resources from the Bronx’s communities and to effectively representing the people of the Bronx’s 82 Assembly District, ultimately striving to restore and maximize democracy at the local level.


Dante Pittman

State House, District 24, NC

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Dante, a proud native of Wilson County, has deep roots in the community, with his family having a long-standing presence in the area. After completing his education in the Wilson County Public Schools, Dante pursued higher studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, where he was able to capitalize on the immense opportunities provided by public education.

Driven by his desire to give back to the close-knit small town community that nurtured him, Dante assumed key leadership roles in the City of Wilson. Serving as the Assistant to the City Manager and Human Relations Director, he actively contributed to the development and growth of the city. Furthermore, Dante’s commitment to service extends beyond his local community, as he currently holds an officer position in the North Carolina Army National Guard.

Dante’s dedication to making a positive impact in Wilson is evident through his involvement in various initiatives. As the Chair of the Wilson County Department of Social Services Board of Directors, he actively works towards fostering a stronger, more inclusive community. Additionally, Dante is an active participant in the Wilson Education Partnership, striving to enhance the quality of public education in the area. His engagement in his faith community at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church further reflects his commitment to building bridges and promoting positive change.

Looking ahead, Dante has set his sights on improving the lives of individuals in eastern North Carolina. With a focus on advocating for affordable housing, strengthening public education, and fostering economic opportunities, he aims to be a champion for the diverse needs of the region.

As a driven and community-oriented individual, Dante is dedicated to leveraging his skills and experiences to create a brighter and more prosperous future for all residents of eastern North Carolina.

Millicent Rogers

School Board, Consolidated District B, Durham, NC

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Mar 5, 2024

Millicent is an experienced and dedicated advocate for public education currently serving on the Durham Public Schools Board of Education. With a strong background as a single mother and a deep commitment to equity, Millicent has made significant contributions during her two-year tenure. She played a pivotal role in passing a comprehensive LGBTQIA+ policy, championed the creation of a Black and Hispanic student achievement plan through a proactive resolution, and ensured classified staff received well-deserved raises.

In her bid for a full four-year term, Millicent aims to continue her impactful work and pursue new initiatives to create an even more sustainable community. She plans to leverage federal funding to provide training opportunities for youth, preparing them for the emerging field of green jobs. Millicent also prioritizes strengthening school culture and fostering stronger connections between schools and families. By working towards educator retention and recruitment, Millicent intends to provide a stable and supportive environment for educators to thrive and make a lasting impact.

With her proven track record of advocacy and dedication, Millicent is well-equipped to take on the challenges facing Durham’s education system. Her vision for a more equitable and sustainable future, along with her focus on strengthening connections and supporting educators, will undoubtedly benefit the entire community.

Tanneshia Dukes

State House, District 59, NC

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Tanneshia Dukes believes that we can make a better future for North Carolina by working together. Having served as an assistant principal and a teacher with Guilford County Schools, she is no stranger to public service.

Tanneshia has a deep commitment to serving the community and is running on a platform of ensuring our public schools receive equitable funding, protecting our voting rights, ensuring that the progress in economic developments of District 59 is continued, and a state focus on women’s health particularly the maternal mortality rate of women of color during childbirth. She believes that the NC Legislature has the power to make a real difference in the lives of all Guilford County community members and is committed to fighting to ensure that the true essence of the working class has a voice. She is proud to call North Carolina her home and is running for House District 59 because she wants to make sure that her community is a place where everyone can thrive and a place where our children don’t have to leave to find a measure of success.


Matthew Ahn

District Attorney, Cuyahoga County, OH

Primary Date: Mar 19, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Matthew is a candidate running for Cuyahoga County prosecutor with a strong passion for justice and equality. With a background as both a law professor and former public defender, Matthew understands firsthand the impact that the criminal justice system can have on individuals and communities.

Motivated by the alarming rates of racial disparities and poor outcomes in Cuyahoga County, Matthew is determined to reverse this trend and ensure justice for all. His approach includes targeting crimes that directly harm the community, advocating for the interests of the people, breaking the cycle of trauma, and providing rehabilitation services to those in need.

Matthew’s journey into law was inspired by his experience teaching low-income and first-generation community college students in Cleveland. This passion led him to study law under the guidance of the founder and director of the Equal Justice Initiative. Throughout his career as a special education attorney and public defender, Matthew has achieved numerous wins at all levels of the justice system.

In addition to his legal expertise, Matthew has dedicated the last few years to teaching at Cleveland State University College of Law, where he was honored by his students as the Faculty Member of the Year in 2023. Outside of his professional achievements, Matthew has also showcased his knowledge on the popular TV game show, Jeopardy!, and holds two Guinness World Records. As an avid fan, he supports the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With his extensive experience and commitment to justice, Matthew is determined to make a positive difference in Cuyahoga County.


Mercedes Evans

State House, District 103, PA

Primary Date: Mar 16, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Mercedes is a dedicated public servant and community advocate, currently serving as a Camp Hill Borough Councilwoman and running for State Representative of Pennsylvania House District 103. If elected, Mercedes would make history as the first Latino from Central Pennsylvania to hold this position.

Mercedes was instilled with the values of service and community from a young age. Growing up with limited resources, her parents taught her the importance of fostering connections and supporting others. These early lessons continue to guide her as she seeks to make a positive impact through political leadership. Mercedes initially ran for Camp Hill Borough Council, aiming to bridge the divides between different communities in House District 103.

As a State Representative, Mercedes is determined to champion issues that affect the lives of all residents. She recognizes the pressing need to address the affordable housing shortage, ensuring that everyone has access to safe and affordable homes. Additionally, Mercedes is committed to advocating for fair funding of public schools, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to receive a quality education.

Furthermore, Mercedes firmly believes in protecting women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions. She understands the importance of safeguarding reproductive healthcare choices and empowering women to have control over their own bodies.

With her extensive community involvement and passion for service, Mercedes is well-equipped to represent the diverse needs of House District 103. She is a candidate who strives to unite communities and work towards a better future for all residents.

Cristain Luna

State House, District 13, PA

Primary Date: Apr 23, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Cristian is a passionate first-generation college graduate with a strong dedication to public service. With experience in aiding domestic violence victims through the legal process, Luna has established himself as an advocate for those in need. As a Deputy Prothonotary in the Chester County Prothonotary’s office and a bilingual Legal Advocate, he has demonstrated his commitment to serving the community.

Luna’s main objective is to bridge the gap between citizens and their government, acting as a voice for marginalized individuals. He has identified several key priorities, including robust funding for public education, safeguarding voting rights, expanding healthcare accessibility, preserving local agriculture, and combating climate change.

With his extensive experiences and unwavering dedication, Luna is well-prepared to create positive change in the community. His ultimate goal is to ensure the safety, vibrancy, accessibility, and affordability of the community for present and future generations.

Makenzie White

State Senate, District 45, PA

Primary Date: Apr 23, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Makenzie is a graduate of Franciscan University and the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Public Health. Starting her career in the nonprofit sector, Makenzie worked as a Compliance Coordinator, supporting adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. She then transitioned to a role as Program Director in a mental health residential facility, where she championed a housing-first harm reduction model.

With a passion for environmental public health, Makenzie dedicated herself to serving communities in southwestern Pennsylvania and the Appalachian region that were disproportionately affected by oil and gas development. As the founder and executive director of Public Health Partners, she continues to collaborate with local organizations and national groups, working towards a greener economy that prioritizes community-centered solutions.

Makenzie’s advocacy work is inspired by her direct experiences working with individuals, families, and communities impacted by corporate greed and exploitation. These experiences shape her policy priorities, which include advocating for fair and just wages for all, regardless of background. She is also a strong proponent of immediate action to address the pressing issues facing our society. Makenzie is committed to creating a more equitable and sustainable future for all.


Allie Phillips

State House, District 75, TN

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Allie, 28, is a dedicated mom, wife, and influencer. Motivated by her personal experiences, she is actively advocating for improved access to reproductive healthcare and fighting for the well-being of all Tennesseans. In 2023, Allie encountered a deeply challenging situation when she was denied a medically necessary abortion.

Determined to create positive change, she has channeled her energy into raising awareness and working towards restoring reproductive healthcare rights in her state. With a heartfelt commitment to making a difference, Allie is tirelessly fighting for a better future where every individual can access the care they need. Through her advocacy efforts, she aims to ensure that the lives of all Tennesseans are improved, no matter their circumstances.


Stephanie Morales

State House, District 138, TX

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Stephanie, an experienced CPS and Criminal Defense Attorney, is dedicated to advocating for the rights of families. With a background as an Assistant District Attorney at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Stephanie has developed a deep understanding of the legal system and is well-equipped to protect the rights of her clients.

Currently, Stephanie is running for HD138 with the aim of safeguarding the rights of families and children. Being the daughter of a teacher herself and having worked as a substitute teacher, she places great importance on fully funding our public education system. Stephanie is committed to bringing good paying jobs to our community and ensuring the smooth functioning of the power grid.

With her firm belief in community involvement, Stephanie aims to be a strong voice for the people in Austin. Her professional experience and passion for justice make her a reliable and trustworthy candidate who will strive to make a positive impact on the lives of families and children.

Perla Bojorquez

State House, District 93, TX

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Perla, an educator and former paralegal, possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of law and justice. Through her experiences, she has solidified her belief in fairness, equality, and strong family values, which continue to guide her work in public service. Committed to amplifying the diverse voices of her communities, Perla actively engages with organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Latina Outreach & Leadership, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Currently, Perla is running for Texas House of Representatives — District 93, driven by a vision to cultivate a thriving community where families and small businesses can prosper together. By acknowledging the distinct challenges and opportunities present, she remains dedicated to developing effective solutions that will benefit all.

Natalia (Nata) Cornelio

Judge, State District 351, Harris County, TX

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: May 11, 2024

Nata serves as the 351st Criminal District Court Judge in Harris County, Texas. With a proud bilingual Mexican American heritage, she is the first attorney in her family to hold the esteemed position of judge. Having been elected in November 2020, she is currently running for re-election in 2024.

Since taking the bench, Judge Nata Cornelio has remained committed to her campaign promises. With the needs of the community always at the forefront, she ensures that all individuals receive equal justice under the law. Additionally, she strives to incorporate a restorative approach whenever possible.

Over her tenure, Judge Cornelio has effectively resolved a notable 7,500 felony cases. Furthermore, she presides over a competency restoration docket, focusing on providing resources and restorative justice to defendants dealing with severe mental health needs. Notably, she also chairs the Courts’ Community Engagement Committee, facilitating opportunities for her colleagues to engage in outreach and provide service to community members.

Judge Cornelio’s dedication to accessibility is evident through her efforts to welcome countless students and community members to the 351st District Court. By organizing visits, internship programs, community events, and engaging conversations, she ensures that anyone seeking to learn more about the Court can easily do so.

Before ascending to the bench, Judge Cornelio had a successful career as an assistant federal public defender and civil rights lawyer. These experiences have undoubtedly honed her skills and shaped her knowledge of the justice system, enabling her to effectively serve the community as a judge.

Derek Avery, Sr

County Board, District 3, Dallas County, TX

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Derek, a dedicated resident of Dallas County Commissioner District 3 for almost ten years, is passionate about enacting positive change in housing, economic development, and transportation. With a background as a community-based real estate developer, Derek brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his campaign.

As a proud father of three children, Derek understands the importance of creating a strong and prosperous community for future generations. He has actively served on the boards of four community nonprofit organizations: NTARUPT (North Texas Alliance to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy in Teens), Faith in Texas, Green careers Dallas, and The Friends of Juanita Craft Civil Rights Museum. Derek’s commitment to these organizations showcases his dedication to improving various aspects of the community.

Furthermore, Derek currently holds the position of chairman of the Homeownership stream for Project Reach, a federal initiative led by the office of the Comptroller. Through this role, he collaborates with key stakeholders to promote and support homeownership initiatives, recognizing its significance in fostering stable and thriving communities.

Derek’s candidacy for Dallas County Commissioner District 3 represents his desire to make transformative changes in housing, economic development, and transportation. With his extensive community involvement and real estate development background, Derek has the experience needed to address the unique challenges faced by the district. By voting for Derek, residents can trust that their concerns will be heard and effective solutions will be implemented.


Hoang Nguyen

State House, District 23, UT

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Hoang is a remarkable individual whose personal journey embodies the essence of the American Dream. As a refugee fleeing post-war Vietnam with her family in 1983, they sought safety and a better life in the United States. However, their dreams were shattered when their father tragically lost his life during a robbery shortly after their arrival. Undeterred by the immense challenges they faced, Hoang’s mother courageously forged ahead, navigating language and cultural barriers to provide for her seven young children.

Growing up on the west side of Salt Lake City, Hoang experienced firsthand the disparities that existed in her community compared to those in more affluent areas nearby. These stark contrasts fueled her determination to effect positive change. Today, Hoang is a successful entrepreneur, business owner, and co-founder of Sapa Investment Group, making her a prominent figure in Salt Lake City. Through her unique perspective, she recognizes that progress has been made, but there is much more to be done.

With an unwavering desire to inspire and uplift the residents of Salt Lake, Hoang is committed to building a sense of community and fostering equity in education. She is determined to create accessible opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries. Hoang’s decision to run for House District 23 is driven by her strong belief in the power of meaningful conversations that lead to action. By working collaboratively towards a brighter future, she envisions a Salt Lake where the American Dream is attainable for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or appearances.

Embracing the notion that our differences only make us stronger, Hoang firmly believes in the collective capacity to initiate positive change. With unity and determination, she envisions a community that stands together to build a better future for our city, our state, and most importantly, our children. By ensuring that equity and inclusivity are at the forefront, Hoang aspires to make Salt Lake a shining example of what can be achieved when we come together to pursue a shared vision.


Matthew Lehner

County Board, District 22, WI

Primary Date: Feb 20, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Matthew is a candidate for the Eau Claire County Board of Supervisors, seeking to represent the 3rd Ward and South Barstow Street Neighborhoods. With a background that includes being the proud queer son of working-class parents, a grandchild of an Indian immigrant and public school teachers, and a service worker and student, Matthew understands the need for diverse representation in government.

Matthew’s campaign is driven by the desire to be an unwavering progressive advocate for the 3rd Ward and South Barstow St. Neighborhoods. If elected, he is committed to working tirelessly on behalf of the community, championing key issues such as reproductive rights, affordable housing, LGBTQIA+ equality, climate change solutions, and government accountability.

With his passion and dedication, Matthew aims to bring about positive change at the local level, ensuring that the voices and perspectives of all residents are heard and represented in decision-making processes. As a County Supervisor, he will strive to address the pressing needs of the community and make a meaningful impact on the lives of residents.

Support Matthew’s candidacy for County Supervisor and help bring progressive values and fresh ideas to the Eau Claire County Board. With his leadership, the 3rd Ward and South Barstow St. Neighborhoods will have a strong and devoted advocate fighting for their interests each and every day.

Sabrina Landry

School Board, Kenosha, WI

Primary Date: Feb 6, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Sabrina is a dedicated advocate for mental health awareness, transparency, and special education. She brings a calm and reasoned approach to her work, prioritizing the well-being of students and educators. As an ardent supporter of fair education, Sabrina firmly believes in making difficult decisions that safeguard the interests of every student, without bias towards any particular demographic.

Understanding the significance of community involvement, Sabrina actively works towards fostering greater transparency within the school board. By engaging the community in crucial decision-making processes, she strives to ensure that the interests of the entire community are fully represented and prioritized.

With a strong commitment to mental health awareness, Sabrina is passionate about creating an environment that supports the well-being of students, teachers, and staff. She firmly believes in open dialogue and collaboration to address mental health concerns and improve access to resources for those in need.

Sabrina’s advocacy efforts also extend to special education, recognizing the value and unique needs of students with disabilities. She champions their right to receive equal opportunities and a high-quality education, making sure that they are not left behind.

In her pursuit of equitable education, Sabrina’s dedication and leadership shine through. She strives to create an inclusive educational landscape where every student can thrive, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Stephanie Knezz

County Board, District 2, Kenosha County, WI

Primary Date: Feb 20, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Dr.Knezz, an advocate for diversity and inclusion, has officially declared her candidacy for Kenosha County Board Supervisor in District 2. With a focus on diversity, representation, and collaboration, Dr. Knezz believes that combining different backgrounds and experiences leads to strength and innovation. She recognizes that the current Kenosha County Board of Supervisors lacks sufficient diversity. Dr. Knezz believes that inclusive decision-making processes, akin to those found in scientific innovation, are crucial in governance. Building trust with the community is a priority for Dr. Knezz, and she believes that open and honest conversations lay the groundwork for effective governance. Drawing on her creativity and problem-solving abilities, Dr. Knezz is committed to addressing the needs of Kenosha’s residents and ensuring responsible use of county resources. She considers serving as an honor and pledges her dedication to the improvement of Kenosha County.

DJ Nichols

City Council, At-Large, Oshkosh, WI

Primary Date: Feb 20, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

DJ is an employment and compliance lawyer for a Wisconsin-founded hotel and waterpark company. After relocating to Oshkosh with his husband, Lee, DJ wasted no time getting involved in the local community. Currently, he serves on the Oshkosh Plan Commission and dedicates his time as a Board Member for the Winnebago Area Literacy Council. Additionally, he volunteers with Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services.

With a strong belief in the potential of Oshkosh, DJ recognizes its ability to accomplish great things while still maintaining a focus on individuals and neighborhoods. As a member of the Oshkosh Common Council, he will concentrate on promoting government transparency, fostering responsible spending practices, and advocating for equitable opportunities.

Having personally experienced the transformative power of education, DJ places great importance on ensuring everyone, regardless of background, race, gender, or whom they love, has access to the resources necessary to achieve their goals. Drawing from his own upbringing, where he was the first in his family to attend college and then law school, DJ understands the significance of hard work, community support, and a little bit of luck.

DJ firmly believes that the role of government is to provide a helping hand to those who are willing to put in the effort to succeed. By offering support instead of handouts, he aims to ensure that luck doesn’t become the sole determinant of individual success.

Andres Gama

County Board, District 6, Kenosha County, WI

Primary Date: Apr 20, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Andres, a seasoned Research and Development (R&D) Engineer, brings a wealth of experience in data analysis, laboratory testing, and quality collaboration to his candidacy for Kenosha County Supervisor, representing District 6. With a Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering, specializing in nanomaterials and nanoengineering from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Andres is well-equipped to lead and serve the community.

As a candidate, Andres seeks to provide fresh leadership in the Kenosha County government by leveraging his diverse skill set and experiences. His platform centers around key pillars: Transparency & Accountability, Emergency Services, and Veterans Services. By prioritizing these areas, Andres aims to create a more open, responsive, and supportive government that addresses the specific needs of the community.

In addition to his technical expertise, Andres is fluent in both English and Spanish, a testament to his commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that all voices are heard and represented.

“I am thrilled to embark on this journey of serving the people of District 6. My background and experiences have equipped me with the analytical skills needed to tackle challenges and find practical solutions. Together, we have the opportunity to build a stronger and more vibrant community,” says Andres.

Andres’ candidacy promises a fresh perspective and a commitment to transforming Kenosha County for the better. With his analytical approach and dedication to inclusivity, he aims to create positive change that benefits all residents of District 6.

Rodolfo Abarca

County Board, District 12, Rock County, WI

Primary Date: Apr 2, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Rodolfo Abarca is a blue collar worker who is heavily involved in his community. His advocacy is centered on poverty, climate change, racial justice, and immigrant rights. He is running to represent district 12 on the Rock County Board and would be the first Hispanic and youngest member on the board.

Andrew Meindl

Mayor, Wauwatosa, WI

Primary Date: Feb 20, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Andrew is a passionate advocate for strong and healthy communities, with a particular interest in urban planning. His childhood fascination with the intricacies of community development led him to spend countless hours immersed in the SimCity video game, where he tirelessly built and fine-tuned the ideal city. Andrew’s virtual metropolis embodied his vision of a walkable, adaptable, equitable, socially connected, and secure community, complemented by transparent and accessible governance.

Driven by this deep-rooted passion, Andrew pursued his educational path in the field of urban planning. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Urban and Public Affairs, followed by a master’s degree in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois Chicago. With this solid foundation, Andrew embarked on a lifelong career dedicated to public service.

Throughout his professional journey, Andrew has served in various impactful roles. He has worked as a program specialist and project manager for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, contributing to environmental initiatives. Andrew also served as a grant specialist for the U.S. Forest Service and a project manager for the General Services Administration, where he facilitated the successful completion of critical projects. In addition to his professional endeavors, Andrew actively participates in volunteering efforts, including Habitat for Humanity’s home-building projects and serving on the National Veterans Art Museum Board. Furthermore, he has been an elected member of his local city council, actively championing the needs of his community.

Outside of work and volunteering, Andrew finds immense joy in his personal life. He cherishes spending quality time with his wife and two young sons, engaging in various activities that allow them to explore nature and create lasting memories together.



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