When we launched Run for Something on January 20th, 2017, it was nothing more than a wild idea to recruit young people to run for office.

Four years later, we’ve identified 67,000+ young people who want to run for office, endorsed nearly 1,500 and elected nearly 500 — mostly young women and BIPOC leaders, and 21% LGBTQIA+.

Our alumni have passed Medicaid expansion in Virginia, brought ambitious climate policies to New York, expanded access to the polls in Harris County, TX, gotten police officers out of schools in Denver and Minneapolis, tackled the housing crisis in Pennsylvania, helped tens of…

On June 22, Run for Something has the opportunity to make history. In New York City, 35 candidates are up for City Council across all five boroughs. It is absolutely possible that come 2022, the majority of NYC’s Council will be made up of Run for Something elected officials!

This signals a new era in NYC politics. All of our candidates are progressives who are looking to implement impactful changes across the city. …

June is bursting with primary and general elections across the country and on June 8, 17 Run for Something candidates are on the ballot in California Maine, New Jersey, and Virginia!

While many lament the “death of democracy,” thousands of smart, young progressive candidates are still fighting to secure critical seats at the state and local level. There is no such thing as an “off-year.” Every election — at every level — helps build a strong Democratic infrastructure that has the ability to last for decades to come.

Get to know our endorsed candidates running for office on June 8…

Unfun fact: While the AAPI community is the fastest growing demographic in the country, it has the least amount of political representation across all elected offices. As the political voice and power of the AAPI community grows, it is our responsibility to support and amplify young progressive Chinese, Korean, Samoan, Thia, Fillipino, Japanese, Vietnamese, and the many many many other AAPI leaders running for office.

This month we have partnered with New American Leaders Action Fund to encourage and uplift 2021 AAPI candidates that are running for office at the state and local levels.

Meet 18 amazing state and local…

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to 50 new RFS endorsees running in 18 states across the country.

In 2021, RFS’ endorsement consist of:

On May 18th, 29 Run for Something candidates are on the ballot in Pennsylvania and Oregon! While some may think we’re in an “off-year,” dozens of local hopefuls are running for municipal seats across the country, hoping to make a difference in their community. Check out our May 18th candidates and make sure to follow us on Twitter for election results!



A. Tom Hasani
Upper Moreland Township Board of School Directors, At Large

Tom is an educator, a social, economic, and environmental justice advocate, and a community leader. A first-generation American, born to Central Asian immigrants, Tom has successfully founded…

No sleeping in 2021! Today, six Run for Something endorsed candidates have elections in Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Check out them out and make sure to follow us on Twitter tonight and tomorrow for minute-to-minute election updates.


We’re not taking any breaks this year. On May 1, 25 RFS-endorsed candidates are running for local office in the great state of Texas. Among them are 8 School Board candidates, 16 City Council candidates, and 1 candidate running for mayor!

There’s still time to support their campaigns — learn about them below and find a way you can help them get out the vote before polls close.


Adam Bazaldua
Dallas City Council, District 7

Adam Bazaldua was elected June 2019 as the youngest person to ever serve on the Dallas City Council. For the past two years, he has…

We’re back again with another round of 2021 endorsements! Today, we’re pumped to introduce you to 53 young progessive state and local candidates running for office in 15 states this year, bringing our grand total to 192 endorsements in 2021 so far.

This month’s class includes 3 veterans, 20 parents, 11 first-generation immigrants, and 6 candidates that identify as members of the disabled community.

2021 is not an off-year — the elections happening right now are more important than ever. As thousands of municipal races take place across the country, we’ll continue to inform you of the superb RFS-endorsed candidates running for office and how you can help their campaigns.

On April 6, thirty-one candidates are running in Illinois, Alaska, Massachusetts, Missouri, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Learn about their races, their goals, and what you can do to support their candidacy, in-person or virtually.



Carl Jacobs
Anchorage School District School Board, Seat G
How To Help

Carl is running for Seat G on the…

Run for Something

Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help? hello@runforsomething.net

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