The chaos-fueled year of 2020 hasn’t ended, but we’re already looking towards a brighter, better 2021. We’re endorsing 25 candidates running in New York, Florida, Virginia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Of those candidates: 75 percent are women, 71 percent are BIPOC, and 29 percent are LGBTQIA+.

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As with all of our endorsed candidates, our December hopefuls are deeply engaged with the needs of their constituents and have put in the work building strong grassroots infrastructures to help create change within their communities. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of this month’s endorsees:

  • New York City Council candidate Jaslin Kaur got involved in local politics after the 2014 taxi-medallion market crash devastated hundreds of immigrant families (including her own) in her Queen’s district. Today, she is fighting to improve conditions for working class laborers across NYC. …

While we’re still tracking more than a dozen 2020 races that have yet to be called — and have at least four candidates who’ve moved on to runoffs — we’re already looking to 2021 and beyond.

(In fact, for the last few months, our team has been simultaneously hustling hard before Election Day and doing long-term strategic planning. Walking & chewing gum at the same time is both hard and necessary!)

So far, a recap: In our first four years, Run for Something has elected 479 people to state and local offices across 46 states — 54% of whom identify as women and 56% of whom identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color. …

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With over 500 candidates, we have a lot of results coming down the pipe! All week, we’re keeping a running tab of all of our newly elected alumni. Take a look below at all of our November 3 winners (so far!)


** denotes reelection


Andrés Cano **
Arizona House, District 3

Armando Montero
Tempe Union High School District #213

Gabriella Cazáres-Kelly
Pima County Recorder

Jessica Bueno
Phoenix Elementary School Board, District 1

Matthew Taylor
Sunnyside Unified School District Governing Board

Ravi Grivois-Shah
Tucson Unified School District Governing Board

Regional “Reggie” Carrillo
Phoenix Elementary School Board, District 1

Sophia Ramirez
Creighton Governing School Board, District…

There are more than 500 RFS-endorsed candidates on the ballot on November 3 and each of them has an incredible story to tell. Get to know more about our first and second-time hopefuls before you head to the polls (or hand in your ballots early.)


Julie Gunnigle
If Roe v. Wade is Repealed, we Need Prosecutors Who Won’t Interfere in Women’s Health

Race for County Attorney: Closer look at Julie Gunnigle

Juan Marcano
Aurora Lawmakers Wrangle Police Raids, Campaign Reform, Homeless, Vicious Dogs and More


Marni von Wilpert
2020 Election: Q&A with Marni von Wilpert, Candidate for San Diego City Council District…

We are proud to introduce our final endorsement round of 2020, featuring 37 candidates running both this November and in 2021.

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With our latest round of endorsements, Run for Something will have 523 candidates on the ballot this fall. Here’s a quick breakdown of RFS in 2020:

Every Friday from now until polls close, we’ll post specific opportunities to volunteer in a couple states you might be interested in.

Help support other RFS candidates in their November 3 elections! Find all remote volunteer opportunities on the RFS Candidate Map and select “Volunteer Now.” Over 100 candidates are looking for remote volunteers.

With one weekend left until Election Day, our focus for your volunteer time and effort is on states important for down-ballot elections and the electoral college: Ohio and Kansas. Like we’ve said before, where we have the opportunity to get more Democrats excited about voting for local candidates, we can also make sure to get more votes in for federal office/top of the ballot races.



Democrats need 8 seats to the flip the state senate and 12 seats to flip the state house — doing so would undo decades of voter suppression laws and particularly harsh anti-abortion laws. …

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This is it: The final primary day of 2020!! Today, six RFS candidates are on the ballot in Delaware, with the hopes of moving to Election Day on November 3. Throughout the year, our candidates have kept their foot on the gas helping create structure amidst the chaos of 2020.

Campaigning in any environment is tough, but in the past eight months it has felt almost insurmountable. …

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We’re in the home stretch for the 2020 cycle and while the presidential race takes up the majority of airtime, Run for Something wants to introduce you to 109 new faces who will inspire and remind you of the big work being done in state and local positions.

The importance of down-ballot elections in 2020 is crucial. Our communities are under siege, and conservative legislators — at every level of government — continue to push regressive and dangerous policies. It is going to take strong, dedicated progressives in state capitols and city councils to make sure our rights and lives are protected. …

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While everyone’s focus has been on the presidential race (hello DNC and RNC) primary season is still underway and dozens of states are determining which down-ballot candidate will represent them this November.

On Sept. 1, eleven RFS candidates are on the ballot in Massachusetts, ready to shake up the status quo and bring new progressive leadership to office. While Massachusetts is traditionally seen as a fairly progressive state, these new crop of talented hopefuls are looking to push the envelope, emphasizing burgeoning issue areas like gentrification, student debt, police reform, and voter suppression. Here are a few examples:

Jordan Meehan is a queer activist and lawyer advocating for legislative solutions to help homeless youth, reform the juvenile justice system, build safe school environments for LGBTQ youth, and pass a new Green Deal. …

With less than 100 days until November, we still have dozens of primary elections left across the country. Last week, Run for Something saw momentous wins in Kansas, Michigan, and Arizona — this week we’re looking for a repeat in Connecticut, Georgia, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

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The thirteen candidates running today are some of the most impressive leaders we’ve seen to date. In addition to their work as elected hopefuls, each candidate has created new spaces and new opportunities for diverse voices in their hometowns.

  1. Francesca Hong, a restaurant owner and Wisconsin Assembly candidate, founded the Culinary Ladies Collective, a network that provides mentorship, volunteer outreach, education, fundraising and advocacy under an intersectional lens. …


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