48 reasons to celebrate! Meet Run for Something’s February 2024 Endorsement Class

Run for Something
27 min readFeb 29, 2024

Run for Something is thrilled to announce its February endorsement class! With Super Tuesday in the rearview mirror, the 2024 cycle is in full swing and we could not be more proud of these 48 endorsees. Representing 20 states, they are fierce fighters for meaningful change and stronger communities.

Learn more about the February 2024 endorsement class below!


Billy Cook

State House, District 19, AR

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Billy is a dedicated activist from Northwest Arkansas who has been advocating for progressive causes for the past eight years. He focuses on supporting the rights of low and middle-income individuals, particularly in housing issues like renters’ rights and tenant advocacy.

Originally from Gravette, Billy now lives in Fayetteville and is running for State Representative of District 19. His campaign priorities include enhancing protections for renters and improving public education. He plans to promote transparency in governance by upholding the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act to create a more inclusive political landscape.

Billy is passionate about driving positive change at the grassroots level and is committed to championing the needs of marginalized communities in society.


Bobby Omari

School Board, Chino Valley Unified Trustee Area 5, San Bernadino County, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Bobby, a first-generation immigrant from Lebanon, is a small business owner and product of Chino Valley, Southern California. He is a candidate for Chino Valley Unified School District school board, driven by his belief in prioritizing education, safety, and opportunity for all students. Bobby’s journey began when he and his mother moved to the U.S. in 1992, eventually becoming naturalized citizens. Growing up in Chino Valley, he was inspired by his teachers to explore art, technology, and entrepreneurship. Leading his high school Computer Club, Bobby raised funds for club activities and events. He graduated from Chaffey College with a degree in Computer Information Systems, specializing in web development. With over a decade of experience in software design for educational institutions and large corporations, Bobby also manages a small web design business. His personal story underscores the value of public education, mentorship, and student empowerment in achieving success. Bobby and his wife, who met during a high school reunion planning meeting, aspire to start a family and provide their future children with a high-quality education, emphasizing supportive teachers, safe classrooms, and modern resources for student development.

John Erickson, Ph.D.

City Council, West Hollywood, CA

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

John, the Mayor of West Hollywood, has a strong background in public service and advocacy. With experience as a City Council intern and Council Deputy to former Mayor Abbe Land, Mayor Erickson’s career is focused on community affairs. He has served as Vice-Chair of the City’s Planning Commission, prioritizing critical issues like health, economic recovery post-COVID, affordable housing, renters’ rights, alternative transportation, climate change, sustainability, and equity. Alongside his local government work, Mayor Erickson is active in advocacy, holding roles such as National Board member of the National Organization for Women and President of the ACLU Southern California. He has organized impactful events like the Resist March and Women’s March, showcasing his dedication to amplifying marginalized voices. Mayor Erickson is known for his fearless and effective leadership not only in West Hollywood but also on a broader scale.

Lauren Cazares

City Council, At-Large, La Mesa, CA

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Lauren, a La Mesa native, is dedicated to enhancing public safety, cleanliness, and growth in the city, with a focus on supporting local businesses and ensuring family well-being. With a background in entrepreneurship and immigration, she is committed to community advancement. Lauren advocates for small businesses within the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, contributing to a brighter future for La Mesa with a community-first approach. She incorporates sustainability, education, and workforce development values into her work. In addition to her professional role, Lauren actively serves the community through various boards and committees, including representing La Mesa on the San Diego Community Power Community Advisory Committee. She is a graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University.


Rebecca Like

Prosecuting Attorney, County of Kauai, HI

Primary Date: Aug 10, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Rebecca is seeking reelection as Prosecuting Attorney, driven by her dedication to public safety and efforts to lower rates of repeat offenses through support for individuals in the justice system. During her initial term, Rebecca prioritized the safeguarding of her community’s most at-risk members and successfully obtained grants for mental health diversion programs and assistance with re-entry procedures. To further her mission, she assembled a skilled, caring, and efficient team to aid in achieving her objectives.


Maria Sinkule

County Board, District 1, Dupage County, IL

Primary Date: Mar 19, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Maria, a dedicated school social worker, holds a Doctorate in Social Work from Aurora University. With a strong commitment to improving access to healthcare, housing, and community resources, she is now a candidate for DuPage County Board District 1. Maria is a trailblazer, having been the first Latina to lead the Illinois Association of School Social Workers from 2019–2021. She also has a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in School Social Work from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Maria previously served as President of her local library board, showcasing her passion for community service. Through her advocacy and leadership roles, Maria continues to be a voice for many individuals in her community.


Autumn Carter

Statehouse Representative, District 95, Indianapolis, IN

Primary Date: May 7, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Autumn is a dedicated advocate with a passion for justice, from her roles in leadership to championing the rights of others. A single mother at 23, she found courage in navigating parenthood, leading to her commitment to active parenting and advocating for educational opportunities. Diagnosed with breast cancer at 30, she discovered the transformative power of personal advocacy, working with healthcare providers to address disparities and inspire others. With a background in finance and public affairs, she skillfully engages in challenging conversations and builds relationships crucial to effective advocacy. As the Director of Diversity & Inclusion for Indiana Young Dems, she advocates for diverse voices and fosters continuous learning. Her advocacy extends to developing policy proposals for community policing, affordable housing, public safety, healthcare access, and education. Autumn’s goal is to create thriving communities that prioritize equity and well-being for all.


Joe Koehler

City Council, District 1, Baltimore, MD

Primary Date: May 14, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Joe is a dedicated community advocate with a background in accounting and public service. As a former Eagle Scout and graduate of the University of Maryland with degrees in International Business, Government and Politics, and a Masters in Accounting and Business Advisory Services, Joe is uniquely positioned to bring transparency to Baltimore City Hall as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He has held leadership roles in various community organizations, including Treasurer of the University of Maryland Alumni Association for the Baltimore Area and President of the Rec & Parks Council. Joe’s commitment to community service is exemplified through his roles as Public Safety Chair in Canton, where he initiated the Block Captain Program. His involvement in six nonprofit boards demonstrates his dedication to creating positive change beyond his local community. Joe’s passion for community engagement and his track record of service underscore his belief in fostering a safer and more cohesive community for all.


Brenden McArthur

City Council, Garden City, MI

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Brenden is a City Council candidate in Garden City, committed to bringing fresh ideas and representing the community’s best interests. Residing in Garden City and actively engaging with neighbors has fueled his vision for a vibrant community by revitalizing the downtown area and attracting new businesses and residents. With a background in local government as a union president and serving on the Recreation Commission, Brenden brings valuable experience to the table. His dedication to transparency and accountability in government reflects his passion for public service and ensuring residents’ voices are heard. Brenden’s community organizing efforts and relationships with elected officials further strengthen his ability to be an effective Councilman. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Brenden values diversity and inclusivity, aiming to create a welcoming environment where all voices are respected. By cultivating collaboration and growth, Brenden believes Garden City can thrive together.

Dylan Wegela

State House, District 26, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Dylan, a public school teacher, education activist, and former union president, is seeking re-election as State Representative in Michigan’s 26th District. Born and raised in Michigan, he is an alumnus of Eastern Michigan University. Beginning his political journey in Arizona, Dylan played a pivotal role in organizing the 2018 Arizona Teacher Strike, a significant movement that secured $400 million for the public school system. In his first term, he championed the passage of Michigan’s largest school aid budget, ensuring free breakfast and lunch for all students, as well as the repeal of “Right to Work” laws and restoration of prevailing wage legislation. Dylan’s support for common-sense gun control measures and expanding civil rights to LGBTQIA+ individuals demonstrates his commitment to progressive values. Introducing legislation to prevent police deception during interrogations, address excessive CEO-to-worker pay gaps, and restrict campaign contributions from corporate utility monopolies in Michigan, Dylan consistently advocates for social and economic justice. Standing firm against corporate influence, he has notably opposed over $3.7 billion in cash payments and tax breaks to large corporations, setting a precedent in Michigan’s legislative history.

Eli Savit

Prosecuting Attorney, Washtenaw County, MI

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Eli is seeking re-election as Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney with a focus on promoting fair and equitable justice while prioritizing long-term public safety. During his current term, Eli has spearheaded various successful diversion programs aimed at promoting healing and rehabilitation, allowing individuals facing lower-level crimes to avoid criminal records. These initiatives include a victim-centered restorative justice diversion program, Michigan’s first pre-plea diversion program, and several diversion programs designed for youth and their families, boasting a recidivism rate of less than 5%. Under Eli’s leadership, the county now houses a Conviction Integrity and Expungement Unit, helping over 1,000 individuals clear old criminal convictions, and an Economic Justice Unit that addresses wage theft, consumer protection, and workers’ rights. Additionally, Eli has been a vocal advocate for civil rights, gun safety, and reproductive justice, playing a pivotal role in preventing the criminalization of abortion in Michigan. His office remains committed to prosecuting gun violence, intimate-partner violence, and sexual assault, including a specialized Sexual Assault Kit Initiative to handle “cold-case” sexual assault cases and provide comprehensive support for crime victims in multiple languages.


Ray Reed

State House, District 83, MO

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ray, a St. Louis native, brings a wealth of experience in Missouri politics, having collaborated with notable Democratic leaders like former Governor Jay Nixon and Senator Claire McCaskill. Transitioning from various political roles, Ray now seeks to serve as a candidate for the Missouri House, focusing on representing St. Louis suburbs. Dedicated to fostering political involvement among both his community and the younger demographic, Ray is committed to making a positive impact through his candidacy.

Colin Lovett

State House, District 100, MO

Primary Date: Aug 6, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Colin, a candidate for the Missouri State House, is committed to serving his community and advocating for the protection of citizens’ rights and dignity. In the last election, Colin ran a strong campaign, coming within 181 votes of victory in a challenging Republican-dominated district. His focus in the upcoming 2024 election includes safeguarding voter rights, promoting healthcare access, including reproductive freedom, and ensuring quality public education for all children. With a background shaped by his experiences as a gay man, Colin emphasizes the importance of fighting discrimination and championing inclusivity. His goal is to promote integrity and collaboration within the Missouri House of Representatives to drive positive change and provide equal opportunities for all constituents. With a dedication to listening to diverse perspectives and a commitment to effective governance, Colin seeks to be a voice of reason in Jefferson City and bring effective representation to his community.


Ellie Kerns

State House, District 53, MT

Primary Date: Jun 4, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Ellie, a Billings resident since 1999, is a candidate for Montana House District 53. Graduating from Billings Skyview High School in 2011, Ellie works as an independent Software Engineer and IT Systems Administrator at Laurel Public Schools. With a background as a trans, working-class millennial, Ellie is passionate about community issues such as healthcare, affordable housing, and job opportunities. An advocate for environmental causes, Ellie supports initiatives like the Green New Deal to combat climate change.


Victoria Robledo

City Council, District 2, Clovis, NM

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Mar 5, 2024

Victoria (she/they) is a candidate for Clovis City Commission, advocating for Healthcare Accessibility, Fair Representation, Community Investment, and Inclusive Environment. With a focus on diversity and progressiveness in a traditionally conservative setting, Victoria believes in the significance of equal representation for all individuals.


Tom Drumm

State Senate, District 50, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

At 30, Thomas is a prominent figure in New York State politics. He began his career as the youngest legislator in Oswego County at 22 and later served as the county’s minority leader. Thomas is skilled in labor relations, political organizing, and union advocacy, collaborating with organizations such as the New York State Democratic Committee and NYSUT. He was previously the Program Representative at the New York State Nurses Association in Oswego, where he lives with his wife, Trina.

Melissa Rosenberg

State Assembly, District 69, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Melissa, a housing advocate and Community Board 7 member on the Upper West Side, has extensive experience in public service and policy analysis. She has collaborated with organizations like Everytown for Gun Safety and the Supportive Housing Network of New York to address gun violence and conduct policy analysis. Melissa has also played a role in shaping city budgets in the Office of Management and Budget to ensure fair distribution of services.

Currently running for District 69, Melissa focuses on expanding housing choices, safeguarding tenants’ rights, fighting discrimination, and improving pedestrian safety. Through her detailed policy proposals, Melissa demonstrates her commitment to effectively serving the community.

Kristen Gonzalez

State Senate, District 59, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Kristen is the proud daughter of an immigrant family, Queens native, community organizer, and tech worker. She is running for New York State Senate in the 17th District, which is plurality Latino & working class. Kristen served on Queens Community Board 4 where she led the Census Committee and currently serves on the Executive Committee. She helped found the Western Queens Community Land Trust, because she believes we need a model for publicly owned land. Over the course of the pandemic, Kristen organized with DSA Tech Action to help launch an Internet For All campaign, and organized with Mutual Aid efforts across the city to create the first community-led and owned resource library in New York City.

She is running because everyone is entitled to a dignified life, and they shouldn’t have to struggle for it. The ruling class makes billions each year turning things that all of us are entitled to into privileges we have to pay for. Kristen believes we deserve a clean environment, good housing, education, and healthcare, and she will fight to make these things a right, not an option.

Gabriella Romero

State Assembly, District 109, NY

Primary Date: Jun 25, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Gabriella (she/her) represents Albany’s 6th Ward on the Common Council, making history as the first Latina to hold this position. With a background as a public defender, she is dedicated to improving the city she was born in. Gabriella is a graduate of Union College and Albany Law School, and works as a felony trial attorney in Albany County, advocating for her clients in criminal cases. Her experiences have driven her to advocate for changes in the system to benefit the community. On the Common Council, she focuses on enhancing police oversight and implementing programs like a street outreach team to assist those in need.

Gabriella’s vision for government focuses on equity and inclusion for all residents, not just a select few. She is also a candidate for the 109th Assembly District, aiming to be a voice of progress and to secure essentials like safe housing, fair-paying jobs, and quality education for individuals in Albany, Guilderland, and New Scotland.


Parker Sloan

County Board, District 3, Buncombe County, NC

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Since joining County Commission in 2020, Parker, a progressive Democrat, has fought for increased local supplement pay for teachers, increased County investment in affordable housing, and established the French Broad Clean Water Fund. He introduced a new $1 million revolving loan fund for home HVAC improvements and supported expanding the Community Paramedic Program. Parker, Chair of the Buncombe County Climate and Environment Committee, graduated from Appalachian State in Community Planning and Geography before moving to Buncombe County in 2007. Raised by a single mom who instilled values of service, Parker lives in Asheville with his family and works as Director of Community & Economic Development at a national solar energy company. He holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Western Carolina University and is dedicated to promoting a clean energy economy, advocating for housing options, addressing affordability issues, and supporting public schools.

Kendrick Cunningham

State Senate, District 41, NC

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Kendrick is a candidate for Senate District 41 with a mission to enhance funding for diverse housing, public transportation, and public safety measures while supporting established community plans like the Charlotte 2040 Comprehensive Plan. As a contender, Kendrick also aims to improve services for veterans’ housing, employment, and reintegration. Additionally, he is dedicated to restoring reproductive healthcare access, mandating mammogram coverage, addressing the STI crisis, and advocating for gender-affirming healthcare for individuals. Through his campaign, Kendrick strives to collaborate with local governing bodies to create a more inclusive and prosperous community for all.

Antoine Marshall

State House, District 33, NC

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Antoine, a Raleigh resident for 26 years, has a strong connection to the community. After graduating from Wake County Public Schools and Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School, he delved into politics through internships with Congressman James Clyburn and Congresswoman Donna Christensen while at Claflin University. His educational path led him to Wake Forest School of Law, where he obtained his law degree. As a licensed attorney since 2012, Antoine has been a vocal advocate for various community causes, working in roles such as a Sergeant-at-Arms and legislative assistant in the North Carolina General Assembly. With eight years of experience as a Staff Attorney for Legal Aid of North Carolina, he has focused on assisting the most vulnerable individuals in the state. Antoine currently runs his own practice, the Law Office of Antoine G. Marshall, and remains actively involved in organizations like the Angie Kennedy Educational Foundation and the Southeast Raleigh Community Development Corporation. With a passion for advocating for housing affordability in rapidly changing communities, Antoine’s experience positions him as a dedicated advocate for those in need.

Nida Allam

County Board, At-Large, Durham, NC

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Nida made history in 2020 by becoming the first Muslim woman elected to public office in North Carolina when she joined the Durham County Board of Commissioners. She advocates for issues such as affordable housing, universal healthcare, fair wages, environmental sustainability, abortion rights, and labor rights in the state. In 2022, Allam ran for the North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District, coming close to victory in a highly competitive primary. She now leads the Brighter Future PAC, supporting young, progressive, first-time candidates. Allam, the daughter of Indian and Pakistani immigrants, was raised in Wake County, attended North Carolina public schools, and earned a degree in sustainable materials and technology from North Carolina State University. Inspired by a tragic event, she entered politics after the murder of her friends in an anti-Muslim hate crime. Allam resides in Durham with her husband Towqir, daughter Aaliyah, and their dogs Otis and Nala.


Desiree Tims

State House, District 38, OH

Primary Date: Mar 19, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Desiree, a dedicated leader and graduate of Dunbar High School, is vying to represent District 38 of the Ohio House with strong leadership and commitment. With a background in law and public policy from Georgetown, Tims aims to bring positive change to the Statehouse, advocating for justice for all families. As CEO and President of Innovation Ohio, she has championed transformative policies for equity and equality. Committed to serving the community, Tims will work hard to address issues such as rising rents, fair school funding, and job creation. By leveraging her skills and experiences, Desiree is focused on making a difference in District 38 and ensuring a brighter future for its residents.

Eli Bohnert

State House, District 6, OH

Primary Date: Mar 19, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Eli, a Westside resident, is running for District 6’s Ohio State House seat. With a Master’s degree in Public Health from The Ohio State University, Eli serves on the West Scioto Area Commission. He advocates for affordable housing and enhanced transportation in Columbus. Raised in the Midwest, he values hard work and aims to ensure all Ohioans have equal opportunities. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Eli understands the challenges of discrimination in state policies. He emphasizes economic issues over divisive cultural debates, prioritizing financial relief for residents. Eli envisions a future where every Ohioan can access affordable housing, quality education, and community safety, regardless of location.


Adam Martin

State House, District 72, OK

Primary Date: Jun 18, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Adam is a candidate for House District 72, driven by his passion to address the housing crisis, education, living wage, and other critical issues. With a firm belief in the power of collaboration, he aims to make positive changes alongside the community. Adam is dedicated to working with constituents to enhance the state and create a better future for all.


Simone Rede

City Auditor, Portland, OR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Simone is a Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Government Auditing Professional with over 15 years of public service experience. She earned a master’s degree in public policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelor’s degree in urban studies from Vassar College. Currently a candidate for City Auditor in Portland, Simone’s focus is on modernizing performance auditing to prioritize health, safety, and equity in addressing homelessness. Her extensive background includes government auditing work on childcare safety, public transit transparency with TriMet, and oversight of housing bond programs. Since taking office in January 2023, Simone has concentrated on enhancing city transparency, labor negotiations, and key audit areas such as homelessness services and gun violence. Beyond her professional roles, she volunteers as a mentor to high school students in Portland to support college access. Living in northeast Portland with her wife and three dogs, Simone is committed to maintaining professional standards and advancing equitable opportunities and efficient use of taxpayer funds in the City of Portland.

Chris Flanary

City Council, District 3, Portland, OR

Primary Date: Nov 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Chris (they/them) is a candidate for the City Council in District 3, aiming to prioritize the voices of everyday Portlanders in city decisions. They arrived in Portland in 2013, joining the Portland Housing Bureau following their tenure as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer on the East Coast. In their time in Portland, Chris has immersed themselves in the community through labor union engagement and embracing the city’s unique culture. With a background in civil service, academic research, and advocacy, Chris is committed to advocating for a living wage, enhancing the social safety net, and fostering small business growth in Portland. Their vision is for all residents to not only have their basic needs met but to flourish in the city’s vibrant atmosphere.


Cameron Schroy

State Senate, District 33, PA

Primary Date: Apr 23, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Cameron is a devoted community leader actively engaged in volunteer work. He serves with the Greencastle Area Water Authority and leads the Franklin County Democratic Committee. Advocating for education, Cameron strives to secure adequate funding for local public schools and promote responsible resource distribution, redirecting attention from unregulated charter schools. His strong commitment to Pennsylvania’s youth drives his efforts to empower public schools with proper support. Recognizing the impact of leadership on progress, Cameron is seeking endorsement from residents of the 33rd district for his candidacy.


Matthew Park

County Board, District 9, Knox County, TN

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Aug 1, 2024

Matthew is committed to enhancing affordable housing, emergency medical services, public education, and rural preservation initiatives in Knox County. He is passionate about creating a meaningful difference in his local community.

Shandus Parish

School Board, District 9, Williamson County, TN

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Aug 1, 2024

Shandus, a Tennessee native and parent of Williamson County students, is a candidate for Williamson County School Board, District 9. With a professional background in Higher Education Administration and Human Resources, Shandus brings a thoughtful and solution-oriented approach to education policy. Her key focuses are on teacher recruitment and retention, elevating teacher autonomy, and ensuring equitable access to resources for all students. Emphasizing the importance of creating well-rounded citizens, Shandus advocates for quality academics alongside teaching respect and understanding for diverse communities. As a dedicated working mother, she is committed to improving the educational experience for all children in Williamson County.

Luis Mata

State House, District 49, TN

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Luis is a dedicated community organizer and candidate for the TN State House of Representatives in District 49. Soon to make history as Tennessee’s youngest and first-ever Latino state legislator, Luis is motivated by values of hard work, resilience, and inclusivity, inspired by his and his mother’s immigration story.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee — Knoxville and a co-founder of Students for Migrant Justice, Luis actively supports immigrant students and their rights. In his recent role as a Policy Coordinator at the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition reflects his commitment to advocating for immigrant and refugee rights.

With a background in social justice advocacy spanning over a decade, Luis aims to serve District 49 and all Tennesseans with dedication and honesty. His top priority is to champion equality and justice, striving to create a more prosperous future for all state residents.

Alison Beale

State House, District 45, TN

Primary Date: Aug 1, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Alison, a dedicated advocate, educator, and mother, is a candidate for Tennessee House District 45. With a background in education, she values a well-rounded approach to learning, focusing on the well-being of students and teachers alongside academic success. Alison is passionate about educational equity, ensuring every child receives a quality education. She is also a vocal advocate for gun violence prevention, working with the Akilah Dasilva Foundation to create a safer environment for Tennesseans. Inspired by the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, Alison’s campaign centers on the belief that government should prioritize morality, compassion, and integrity to serve the people effectively. She emphasizes the importance of unity over party lines, advocating for a community-driven approach to progress in Tennessee. Alison envisions a future where the state is known for empowered citizens, compassionate solutions, and a strong commitment to justice and equality.


José Garza

District Attorney, Travis County, TX

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

José is the current Travis County District Attorney. Garza is making progress toward fixing our broken criminal justice system by standing with survivors of sexual assault, reducing mass incarceration, holding police officers who use excessive force accountable, and implementing programs to prevent gun violence in our community. Garza is a leader among progressive DAs in the fight for criminal justice reform in the wake of George Floyd. Rather than playing politics, Garza is committed to tackling the root causes of crime in our community while prioritizing justice and public safety.

Junior Ezeonu

City Council, Place 8 At-Large, Grand Prairie, TX

Primary Date: May 4, 2024; General Date: May 4, 2024

Junior serves as a Grand Prairie City Council Member, representing the city at-large. Elected in June 2021 after defeating a 12-year incumbent, he is the first African-American council member in Grand Prairie since the early 1990s and holds the honor of being the youngest elected council member in the city’s history. Mr. Ezeonu has focused on social services and enhancing community-government relations during his tenure. He successfully advocated for a minimum wage increase for city employees, raising part-time wages to $15/hr and full-time wages to $17.82/hr. Additionally, he played a key role in launching the VIA Grand Prairie rideshare program, offering residents city-wide transportation for a flat fee of $3 per ride, benefiting students commuting to nearby universities and colleges such as UT Arlington and Tarrant County Community College SE Campus.

Lauren Simmons

State House, District 146, TX

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Lauren is a dedicated mother and union organizer who advocates for marginalized communities, with a focus on public education and healthcare access. She works on empowering teachers, students, and parents to improve schools and fights for fair wages and protections for vulnerable groups. Lauren, a black, queer woman, brings a unique perspective to her work, challenging discrimination and striving for a more inclusive society.

Cassandra Hernandez

State House, District 115, TX

Primary Date: Mar 5, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Cassandra is a trial lawyer and Democratic party advocate running for State Representative in the 2024 election. With a legal background and a passion for public service, she is committed to taking on a leadership role in government. By engaging in grassroots initiatives such as block walking and fundraising, Cassandra demonstrates her support for Democratic causes and dedication to addressing the needs of Texans.

Her main focus is on practical solutions for key issues like education funding, healthcare access, and public safety, leveraging her experience in community engagement and policy advocacy. She is focused on creating economic opportunities, ensuring affordable housing, and addressing challenges like the Fentanyl epidemic through a servant leadership approach.

Cassandra’s collaborative and solution-driven style showcases her ability to effectively represent the interests of HD115 constituents. As a candidate, she brings a combination of experience, integrity, and a clear vision for driving positive change in her community.


Alyia Gaskins

Mayor, Alexandria, VA

Primary Date: Jun 18, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Alyia was raised by a single mom who worked two jobs but struggled to make ends meet. She and Alyia’s grandmother put all they had into ensuring Alyia had a great education. With a background in public health, urban planning, and municipal finance, Alyia Gaskins was elected to the Alexandria City Council in 2021 and has taken the lead on building a community where everyone can thrive.

During her time on Council, Alyia has led the charge to expand access to affordable housing and invest in youth by expanding after-school and summer job programs and mental health access. She has worked to pass three collective bargaining agreements for labor and trades, police, and firefighters, secured over half a million dollars to support diverse small businesses, funded critical infrastructure including broadband expansion, and addressed climate change through stormwater management, flood mitigation, and increased transit options.

As Mayor, Alyia will work to ensure that all Alexandrians are able to live and age in quality housing they can afford, strengthen education by expanding early childhood opportunities, recruiting and retaining teachers, and building new schools, and partnering with public safety to focus on prevention, detection, and intervention to reduce crime. She’ll support economic growth by investing in small businesses, helping businesses to open, stay open, and thrive, developing workforce readiness programs, and engaging unions to strengthen standards and protections.

Alexandria needs a leader who will work across the community to seize opportunities and tackle challenges head-on. Alyia Gaskins is that leader.


Emily Tseffos

State Assembly, District 56, WI

Primary Date: Aug 13, 2024; General Date: Nov 5, 2024

Emily is a mother of three and former educator with experience organizing for various causes such as public school protection and reproductive justice. She is intent on representing Wisconsin’s 56th assembly district, a historically red area undergoing demographic shifts. Living near Appleton with partner Nick and their children, Emily is committed to fostering a more just and equitable society for all Wisconsinites.

Jack Eckblad

County Board, District 4, Milwaukee County, WI

Primary Date: Apr 2, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Jack, a third-generation public servant with a family history of community involvement, is dedicated to serving Milwaukee County. Inspired by his grandparents’ work in rebuilding the public bus system through a co-op, Jack is focused on preserving County parks, improving community transportation, and ensuring financial stability without compromising essential services for all citizens.

In the past, Jack played a pivotal role in organizing the New Economy Credit Union in Milwaukee, aiming to provide financial assistance to underserved communities. His commitment to volunteer work, including serving in soup kitchens and assisting the homeless, remains unwavering since moving to Bay View. Jack has actively supported Progressive candidates through door-to-door canvassing and grassroots efforts at various political levels.

With a successful track record in achieving Progressive victories, Jack has led campaigns in education, LGBTQ rights advocacy, and local politics. He strongly believes in the equitable delivery of essential services by county government. Jack resides in Bay View with his wife and young son, embracing the community spirit and working towards a better future for all.

Rayhainio Boynes

City Council, District 4, Milwaukee, WI

Primary Date: Apr 2, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Rayhainio is a dedicated advocate for mental health resources, adult literacy programs, and the promotion of local talent in the 4th district and Milwaukee. With a focus on expanding mental health support and resources, Rayhainio ensures individuals in the community receive the care they need for their overall well-being. He is a strong proponent of adult literacy programs, viewing education as a key driver of empowerment and economic opportunities for all residents. By supporting local talent and enhancing economic development initiatives, Rayhainio is committed to fostering innovation and growth in the region. He addresses the issue of poor living conditions by advocating for the demolition of city-owned boarded homes to create safer communities and reduce criminal activities. With a fresh perspective and innovative ideas, Rayhainio works to amplify the voices of small businesses and constituents to address community needs effectively. By listening actively and implementing practical solutions, he aims to revitalize the 4th district and Milwaukee for a brighter future.

Wyatt Molling

County Board, District 16, La Crosse County, WI

Primary Date: Apr 2, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Wyatt, a dedicated La Crosse County resident, has a background in community advocacy and civic engagement. Running for a seat on the County Board, Wyatt aims to enhance the quality of life for all residents. He envisions a proactive County Board prioritizing the community’s future and needs over personal agendas. Wyatt recognizes the challenges faced by La Crosse County families, particularly regarding the rising costs of childcare and diminishing providers. He advocates for utilizing county resources to support those pursuing careers in childcare and opening facilities, as well as offering childcare services for county employees. Wyatt is also committed to addressing the mental health crisis by improving access and collaborating with law enforcement and healthcare providers to expand resources. Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of promoting environmental sustainability by assisting individuals in making eco-friendly improvements to their properties and transitioning county-operated buildings to renewable energy sources. Wyatt’s platform is centered on inclusivity, community well-being, and a greener future for La Crosse County.

Jamie Arneson

City Council, District 3, West Allis, WI

Primary Date: Feb 20, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Jamie, a lifelong resident of West Allis, is running for Common Council to enhance the community with safe neighborhoods, job opportunities, affordable housing, quality education, and a strong sense of community engagement. She is dedicated to fostering a council that mirrors the diversity of its constituents and promoting equity and inclusion within local government and neighborhoods.

Brandon Williford

County Board, District 18, Milwaukee, WI

Primary Date: Feb 20, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Brandon, a Milwaukee native, attended Milwaukee Morse/Marshall High School and holds a degree in Philosophy/Political Science (Pre-law). He founded Students of Color in Academic Life (SOCIAL) at 19, showcasing his commitment to community involvement. With a background in legal assistance, Brandon has worked on political campaigns, community organizations, and at private law firms. He currently works as a healthcare organizer for Citizen Action of Wisconsin, emphasizing his dedication to public service. Brandon is also the youngest board member in 170 years for the Milwaukee Turners, focused on collective efforts to address community issues and create impactful solutions.

Donald D. Dantzler Jr.

City Council, District 3 Seat 6, Fitchburg, WI

Primary Date: Apr 2, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Donald is a candidate for city council in District 3, driven by his belief in community involvement for positive outcomes. With a background in professional and educational settings that foster engagement, Donald seeks to be an actively involved member of the city council, focusing on issues like transportation, housing, and education in Fitchburg. He advocates for improved transportation options to connect neighbors, affordable housing solutions for all income levels, and enhanced educational resources for children to bridge opportunity gaps in the city. Donald’s dedication to community service goes beyond just attending meetings; he aims to create a more engaged and enriched environment for all residents of Fitchburg. Through prioritizing inclusive projects and policies, Donald strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of his constituents, emphasizing the importance of actions over empty promises.

Kelly Leibold

County Board, District 1, La Crosse County, WI

Primary Date: Feb 20, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Kelly, a brain cancer survivor, brings a unique perspective rooted in optimism, compassion, and civic engagement. Currently running for a seat on the La Crosse County Board, she aims to represent her northside neighbors and ensure diverse voices are heard. Leibold plans to collaborate with fellow supervisors to address community concerns and serve as a liaison to connect residents with available county services, such as resources on food assistance, housing, and healthcare. Despite opposition focusing on fear and misinformation, Leibold advocates for unity and shared values to strengthen the community. By promoting engagement and cooperation, she believes La Crosse County can thrive as a vibrant and supportive region where residents work and live harmoniously.

Grant Mathu

County Board, District 6, La Crosse County, WI

Primary Date: Feb 20, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Grant, a La Crosse native and son of public educators, is a passionate advocate for his community. Elected to the La Crosse County Board at just 18, Grant has since been re-elected and remains committed to addressing crucial issues facing La Crosse. With a background on the Economic Development Fund Board, City Arts Board, and Veterans, Aging, and Long-Term Care Committee, Grant brings a wealth of experience to public service. His focus on affordable housing, homelessness, environmental sustainability, and local economic growth underscores his dedication to the people of La Crosse. Residents of La Crosse’s 6th District are encouraged to support Grant at the polls on April 2nd, 2024, at the La Crosse Public Library.

Henry Fries

County Board, District 5, Dane County, WI

Primary Date: Apr 2, 2024; General Date: Apr 2, 2024

Henry, a Wisconsin native, is passionate about local government and community service. Currently a student at UW-Madison, he aims to bring his advocacy for the community to Madison and Dane County.

In 2022, Henry ran for State Assembly to represent young progressives and advocate for issues like environmental conservation, social equity, childcare, affordable housing, and public transportation. As a member of the county board, Henry will continue to prioritize these key issues and others important to the UW-Madison community, ensuring he represents the voices of the people effectively.

Henry values community input and pledges to be a dedicated advocate for constituents. Join him in shaping a better future for our community!



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