400+ people signed up to run for office — here are their stories.

I am an Army Veteran who has worked in three male-dominated fields — the military, science, and technology. I’ve also been a single mother trying to raise her daughter in the military, and put myself through undergraduate and graduate school as a single parent. I know the pressures that working class, lower-middle income folks face, because I was living on wages that were barely enough to support me and my daughter. Because I’ve truly lived the American dream, to work hard, rise up, and face any circumstance and challenge that life has handed me, I know what we needs to fight for so that every man, woman, and child has the same opportunity to make a better future no matter their background, race, religion, or culture. Together, working with the people of Illinois, I will bring progressive change, and fight for the rights of every citizen, just like I did while serving in the United States Army.

I live in North Carolina, and I’m currently a high school teacher from a family of teachers. I’ve watched the state legislature ignore teachers and the future of education because they can get away with it, and I’m tired of that.

I’ve always been interested in running for office and I’ve been energized by my experience at the Women’s March on Washington in DC this weekend. I’m a successful business owner and lawyer and I’ve got the chops. Let’s do this.

I am a young, progressive woman that can bring private sector experience to back up my beliefs in how Democrats can create jobs and a better economy that works for everyone. As a sexual assault survivor, I can’t wait another day to start thinking about running with a sexual assaulter in the White House.

I’m a Florida native (my family moved here before WWI) and I care about my home. I’m enough of an idealist to be committed to public service, but enough of a skeptic to think that my neighbors need better representation. Decisions are made by those who show up, right?



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