2022 Election Watch: Maine, Nevada and South Carolina

Run for Something is proud to endorse 12 candidates that will appear on the ballot Tuesday, June 14th. These young, diverse progressives are in Maine, Nevada, and South Carolina. Check below to see if any are near you- they’ll need as many people as possible to volunteer this weekend to get them across the finish line.



Eric Kuntz

Maine School Administrative District 6

Eric is an educational technologist and administrator who has worked throughout his career to make technology accessible, transformative and transparent to the thousands of higher education students he has supported.

Eric is running for a seat on the school board in MSAD 6, one of the largest districts in the state, because he believes the school board should be a resource where every member of our community is heard and respected. He believes in the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion: Instead of calling each other out, Eric wants to help create an environment where community members are called IN. He lives in Hollis, Maine with his wife and three children.


Hunter Cain

Clark County Recorder

Volunteer with Clark

Hunter will be Clark County’s first licensed foster parent to serve as County Recorder. Hunter is a single Clark County foster parent who has devoted his life to help shelter and raise higher-level of care and at-risk youth. Hunter has fostered/adopted 27 youth ranging from 8–18 years old.

Hunter will be Clark County’s first combat veteran to serve as County Recorder. Hunter is a disabled combat veteran who spent nearly a decade in the US Army with deployments or service in Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and New Dawn.

Hunter will be Clark County’s first openly LGBTQ+ County Recorder. After the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, Hunter helped LGBTQ+ Veterans upgrade their less-than-honorable military discharges that were based on sexual preference.

Hunter is dedicated to community outreach where he organized over 100 community events, helped thousands of Southern Nevadans find social and mental health services, and brought back more than $2 million worth of federal benefits to those he helped.

Hunter is committed to reforming the Department of Family Services, creating a county Department of Veterans Affairs, and creating affordable and homeless housing. He continues to work with elected leaders and community partners to present innovative ideas for parks and recreational expansion, residential clean energy and Gray water systems, building rehabilitation centers as alternative sentencing, and ensuring that Clark County’s reputation is one that believes that one wage from one job is enough to support one family.

Kali Fox Miller

Clark County School Board of Trustees, District F

Volunteer with Kali

Kali Fox Miller is a fourth-generation Nevadan and a third-generation Clark County School District graduate. She began tutoring children at the age of 15 and went on to supervise a tutoring program while working her way through college.

Today, Kali has been an education advocate for over 20 years. She is the President-Elect of the Nevada PTA, sits on a board of an organization that retrains people for the workforce, and is a Director of Regulatory Compliance for a Financial Tech Company.

Kali has fought for the rights of students and families at every level of government and as a Clark County School Board Trustee will continue to do the same. She firmly believes that Opportunity an access to success should not be determined by your zip code, background, or access to power. Opportunity should be available for every student in CCSD.

Augusta Massey

Las Vegas Justice Court Judge, Dept. 6

Volunteer with Augusta

Augusta Massey is running for Justice of the Peace in Las Vegas Justice Court Department 6.

When Augusta was a teenager, she fled with her family from Nigeria after witnessing her father’s violent death. Together with her mother and siblings, she settled in Memphis, Tennessee. Determined to make the most of the opportunities afforded her in her new home country, she set out to get a college degree. Augusta worked full-time while taking up to 26 credits per semester to obtain two associate degrees in engineering in two years.

It was during this time that she experienced another tragedy. While walking home from school one day, Augusta’s then 12-year-old younger brother was struck and killed by a drunk driver. Amid their grief, Augusta’s family found themselves inundated with lawyers — including civil, criminal, and immigration attorneys. Through this ordeal, Augusta learned the impact lawyers and judges could have on a family — both good and bad.

This tragic experience inspired Augusta to become an attorney and propels her to run for judge today. Augusta may not be battle born, but she is battle forged and globally prepared to deliver justice to the Las Vegas community. Augusta understands what it is like to represent yourself in court. She knows first-hand how intimidating and overwhelming it can be for anyone and so she treats everyone with dignity and respect. Augusta is running because she believes Las Vegas needs more compassionate and committed judges who care about the community on the bench.

Will Rucker

Nevada Assembly, District 13

Volunteer with Will

Will Rucker is a voice for compassion, non-profit leader, interfaith minister, small business owner, and proud husband of a nurse. While going into politics wasn’t a part of his plan, he has always intended to make a difference in the world. Will plans to bring his experience working with the health district, school system, transit authority, and agencies like the EPA to the legislature to move Nevada forward. Will is running for the Nevada State Assembly because he believes it’s the right time to do the right thing. Nevada is ready to modernize its economy and culture to become a global leader in innovation, sustainable development, and human flourishing. Will believes that it doesn’t take a hundred years to do this; it just takes political courage.

Will’s visionary and effective leadership has earned him the respect and trust of community leaders and made him a highly sought-after consultant and facilitator for cultural transformation. Will’s unique and multifaceted background is rooted in the values of collective work and responsibility he learned through the performing arts, and guided by the hallmark of love for all instilled by his faith. Will believes that a Nevada for the people is possible and has plans to create barrier-free access to quality healthcare, education, and housing, providing Nevadans with the opportunity to pursue happiness again. In all ways, he strives for excellence, but, most importantly, Will Rucker seeks to impact the lives of others in ways that support the common good.

Selena La Rue Hatch

Nevada Assembly, District 25

Volunteer with Selena

Selena La Rue Hatch is a parent, teacher, union leader, and fierce advocate for her students and their families. She has spent her life in service to her community and creating positive change around her. Now, she is stepping up her commitment to the community by running for Nevada State Assembly District 25. She wants to ensure that the voices of everyone in our community, especially our BIPOC and LBGTQ+ communities, are heard and honored in the halls of power. By bringing more voices into the conversation she is certain we can make real and powerful changes for our children, our community, and the people of Nevada.

Selena is dedicated to addressing climate change, diversifying our economy, creating good paying union jobs, and ensuring everyone has access to quality affordable healthcare. She means to make the dream of owning a home a reality for more Nevadans and ensure that housing is actually affordable in her community. Most importantly, she intends to fix our broken education system and fulfill the promise to every Nevada child that they can receive a quality education which prepares them for the future.

A brighter Nevada is possible, and Selena is committing all of her energies to ensure that it becomes a reality. She hopes that you will join her in this campaign and help transform the Reno community and state of Nevada for the better.

Alex Goff

Nevada Assembly, District 25

Volunteer with Alex

Alex Goff is the oldest of three raised by a single mother, Marine Corps Veteran, Chair of the City of Reno’s Human Rights Commission and he is running for Nevada Assembly District 25 to build upon previous success of the legislature and continue to advocate for issues such as affordable housing, increased access to affordable healthcare, solutions to combat climate change to create a better, sustainable Nevada for generations to come, and to fight for jobs that provide a living wage! Spurred by republicans passing anti-union legislation after the 2014 elections, Alex became an activist with his local union, and has advocated for workers’ rights and policies that advanced opportunities for working families in Nevada. In 2021 Alex was appointed by Gov. Sisolak to serve on the Nevada State Rehabilitation Council. Alex Goff has always answered the call to service!

Nnedi Stephens

Nevada Senate, District 13

Volunteer with Nnedi

First-generation Nnedi Stephens (They/She) was born and raised in Reno-Sparks, Nevada. The oldest of four, Nnedi discovered the value of reciprocity by studying the way their hard-working Nigerian parents interacted with those around them. An adept learner, Nnedi became an active community member at an early age, participating in various volunteer organizations aimed at cultural awareness and community development. Throughout their teens and into adulthood, Nnedi’s desire for community betterment only grew, becoming involved in over ten community organizations, including Nevada Women’s Lobby, Human Rights Campaign, and Nevada Democratic Black Caucus.

Before transitioning to a full-time role as an advocate for progress, Nnedi worked as a full-time caregiver and served as a public servant on both state and federal levels. Their first hand experiences connecting constituents to much needed services coupled with their passion for the region is why they are running to the next State Senator for Nevada’s 13th District.

Karl Catarata

Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents, District 6

Volunteer with Karl

Karl Catarata is running for the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents District 6 because he believes every student should be able to receive a high-quality education that is both accessible and affordable. Karl is a Henderson resident, a long-time advocate, and mentor to Nevada’s youth, and has worked at multiple levels of Nevada government to serve our community.

Hawah Ahmad

Washoe County Commission, Seat 3

Volunteer with Hawah

Hawah Ahmad is running to be your next Washoe County Commission, District 3 Commission because she believes in the future of Washoe County where the county is affordable for its residents, where children and seniors are supported, where small businesses prosper, where our workforce grows, where our labor unions are celebrated, and where every resident knows where their tax dollars are going. Hawah is running because she wants to be part of the solution to make sure that trust is restored between the people and the county government and to ensure that the residents of District 3 are at the table, heard and represented.


Jaheem McLaurin

Marlboro County Council, District 4

Volunteer with Jaheem

Jaheem McLaurin is a community leader who is willing to do whatever to champion the rights of those he serves. He is a man of integrity that believes in the power of the people. He believes that we all are called to be public servants in some way. Jaheem is not afraid to speak up for what he believes in. As a third-generation citizen of Marlboro County and an honor graduate and former Student Body President of Marlboro County High School and Northeastern Technical College, and a first-generation college student, Jaheem has seen many changes in his community, good and bad. Jaheem is a young man that does not know everything but is not afraid to learn and ask questions. Jaheem believes it is past time for Marlboro to grow and become a county that represents ALL people. Serving as Student Body President at Marlboro County High School, he empowered, listened, and motivated people. He believes Marlboro County Council needs someone who represents the future of the county that will engage the younger generation. Marlboro County Council needs effective leadership that can unleash the county’s growth potential while preserving what makes Marlboro such a unique place to live, work, and explore. Marlboro County Council District 4 is depending on me to find ways to bridge the gaps, bring industry and revenue into our county, support public safety, repair our crumbling infrastructure, provide recreational opportunities for our youth, and in addition, seek ways to improve our healthcare.

Jermaine Johnson

South Carolina House, District 70

Volunteer with Jermaine

Dr. Jermaine Johnson is a community activist, avid volunteer, public servant and current State Representative serving the people of Lower Richland and Kershaw Counties. As a husband and proud father, Jermaine knows the value and importance of giving back to the community that has helped him raise his family and grow as a leader. At an early age, Jermaine witnessed firsthand the effects of poverty, gun violence and homelessness. Jermaine used his skills on the basketball court to earn his way to a full scholarship to the College of Charleston. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Communications, he continued his athletic career and was drafted into the NBA’s D-League and went on to play for various teams abroad in Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Portugal. Jermaine continued his educational pursuits and attained a graduate degree in Project Management and a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership. Jermaine is the owner of Dream Team Consulting and an adjunct professor at Webster University in Columbia, SC. He resides in Hopkins, SC with his wife Dr. Evan Patrice Johnson and four children: Jermaine Jr., Khloe, Kobe and newborn baby Kari.




Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help? hello@runforsomething.net

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Recruiting & supporting young people running for office. Building a Democratic bench. Want to help? hello@runforsomething.net

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