2022 September Election Watch: Massachusetts, Delaware, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island Primaries

Run for Something
22 min readSep 2, 2022


We’re not out of primary season just yet! In September, Run for Something has 33 endorsed candidates with competitive primaries in Massachusetts, Delaware, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

First up: eight candidates are running for state representative seats in Massachusetts (and one more candidate is running for county sheriff!) Then on September 13, twenty-four young hopefuls are on the ballot in Delaware, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

Get a closer look at all our candidates with primaries in September and sign-up to volunteer with with their campaigns — virtually or in-person — in the next two weeks! Happy GOTV!



Brendan Roche
Massachusetts House, 1st Bristol District
Volunteer with Brendan

Brendan is a lifelong resident of Mansfield and is the oldest of four children to middle class parents. Brendan has been active in the community, including volunteering for youth sports and currently serving on the Mansfield Planning Board. He has also been active with the Mansfield Democratic Town Committee and the Young Democrats of Massachusetts.

Brendan is running in the 1st Bristol to flip this long held Republican seat in a turning blue district. Brendan is advocating for investment in public transportation, education, and combating climate change so that we create a better future for all.

Cameron Costa
Massachusetts House, 9th Bristol District
Volunteer with Cameron

Cameron was raised in New Bedford and is a product of public higher education. He graduated from Bristol Community College and UMass Dartmouth with degrees in business and history.

In 2021, Cameron was appointed by Governor Charlie Baker to serve on the Board of Higher Education. He advocated for expanding investment in programs that increase equity, close the achievement gap, and increase student economic resources. Cameron also relies on his experiences as a Board Member of the New Bedford Site Advisory Board for the Department of Mental Health, to recognize the lack of access to mental health resources for veterans and community members. Cameron has also advocated for workers’ rights and protections, which is why he was appointed to serve as a trustee for AFSCME Council 93 Local 72.

Cameron is running to fill what many see as a lack of representation in government. He has heard from residents about important community issues: traffic, environmental hazards, a lack of support for small businesses, the lack of access to clean drinking water, and much more.

Jack Stanton
Massachusetts House, Barnstable 4th District
Volunteer with Jack

Jack is a Provincetown resident, running to serve the working people of Cape Cod. He is a service worker, fisherman, and progressive candidate fighting for the long-term health and future of his community. Jack is a local organizer, and he is a volunteer for Act on Mass, which advocates for greater legislative transparency. He also volunteered for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign.

Jack is fighting for bold action on climate, housing, and legislative transparency and is running to give workers a greater voice in the halls of power at a moment of unprecedented urgency.

Nichole Mossalam
Massachusetts House, 35th Middlesex District
Volunteer with Nichole

Nichole is a mother of three, an interfaith leader, a non-profit professional, and an active community member who believes in an inclusive and collaborative leadership style. Nichole was raised in a low-income household by a single mother who doubled as a union organizer. She has felt first-hand the difficulties of getting by on a tight budget, of facing a mountain of medical debt, of trying to learn in an underfunded and overcrowded school system, and living through child homelessness. Nichole is running for the Massachusetts House of Representatives for the 35th Middlesex District because we need elected officials who are committed to all our working families, who understand their struggles, and who will serve all as an ally in government. She wants to mediate the housing crisis with rent control, expand healthcare to all, and to properly fund our schools.

Nichole is a believer in rolling up her sleeves to make change happen. She is the founding director of the Islamic Cultural Center of Medford, she formerly co-chaired Our Revolution MA as well as the Malden Disability Commission, and she serves as an advisory board member for CAIR MA. Her experience and strong work ethic prepare her for the challenges of office. She ran in 2020 against a 20-year incumbent during the middle of COVID, when campaigns could not door knock, and still came away with 45% of the vote. This is the year we make something amazing happen with an energetic field game.

Roberto Jiménez-Rivera
Massachusetts House, 11th Suffolk
Volunteer with Roberto

Roberto Jiménez-Rivera is currently a member of the Chelsea School Committee and Political Organizer for the Boston Teachers Union. After growing up in Manati, Puerto Rico, he left the island to attend the University of Michigan. Roberto has almost a decade of experience in education. Through this work he began to understand and contextualize the educational inequities that he had experienced, which sparked an interest in advocating for racial justice. Over the years, he has advocated for student funding, worker protections, and an equitable COVID response. His advocacy as an elected official and part of the labor movement have guided him to run for State Representative in the newly-created 11th Suffolk district. Roberto lives in Chelsea with his wife Sarah, and their 18-month-old son Robi.

Sam Montaño
Massachusetts House, Suffolk 15
Volunteer with Sam

Sam is a queer, non-binary, latine community organizer running for State Representative in Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill and Roxbury, MA. Sam would be the first non-binary person elected to the state legislature in Massachusetts.

Sam has been working on the ground for over 8 years in their community to advance housing, environmental justice, and mental health and recovery services. From base building to action, Sam is ready to bring their organizing experience to the House. With their organizing skills, Sam is running to help build the groundswell we need to pass bills that have held up progress in our city.

Simon Cataldo
Massachusetts House, 14th Middlesex
Volunteer with Simon

Simon believes that it is his generation’s responsibility to usher in a more hopeful era of our democracy. He is running to represent the 14th Middlesex District, where he was raised and is raising his own young family, because he wants to rebuild trust in government by delivering effective, accountable representation to his community. The towns in the district are facing significant challenges involving PFAS chemicals in the drinking water supply, traffic congestion, aging school buildings, and a mental health crisis, among other problems, all of which can be addressed through excellent representation on Beacon Hill.

Simon’s track record is predictive of success as a State Rep. In his first job out of college, where he majored in Environmental Science, Simon became a special education math teacher in Harlem with Teach for America. His students earned the highest math scores for special education students in the school’s history, aided by Simon’s founding of the first public middle school lacrosse team in Harlem. From scratch, he founded Harlem Lacrosse, a national school-based non-profit serving over 1,300 inner-city students in Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York. Harlem Lacrosse’s students have earned over $70 million in academic scholarships. The organization employs over 60 people full-time, including several of Simon’s first students.

Later, Simon went to law school at The University of Virginia, became Managing Editor of the Law Review, clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals, and was one of two young lawyers drafted into the U.S. Department of Justice’s Public Integrity Section. There, he prosecuted high profile public corruption cases, including the criminal contempt case of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Sydney Levin-Epstein
Massachusetts Senate, 1st Hampden & Hampshire District
Volunteer with Sydney

Sydney grew up behind the counter of Jonathan’s Sports World, her family’s small business that had to close when big box stores arrived. When her family struggled to afford health care, Sydney’s father found a new career with the American Federation of Government Employees and joined the TSA workforce at Bradley International Airport. Watching her family build and then have to close down a business drives her commitment to supporting economic growth.

Sydney is running for Massachusetts State Senate because she wants to build up communities so that people who want to stay can stay — that means creating better jobs, combating the opioid epidemic, and finally connecting Massachusetts with West-East rail.

She knows how to fight for Western Massachusetts because she has been leading for her entire career. Sydney served in Chairman Richard Neal and Senator Ed Markey’s offices where she promoted key issue areas impacting the local economy and informed associated communication strategies via research, briefings, and constituent relations. While serving her community on Capitol Hill, Sydney worked as a hostess at a restaurant and babysat for every family she could find. She returned to Western Massachusetts to help elect State Senator Eric Lesser. During that time, she was Tweety Bird at Six Flags New England and scooping ice cream at Friendly’s. Like Sydney, many folks in Western Massachusetts work two jobs to make ends meet — but it doesn’t need to be that way.

Sydney will fight for better jobs so folks aren’t working two gigs to keep the heat on in February. Sydney has the passion, conviction, and experience to meet the urgency of this moment and serve her community with an unwavering voice.

Virginia Leigh
Essex County Sheriff
Volunteer with Virginia

Virginia is a bilingual clinical social worker with over 12 years of experience working in community health centers, detention centers, and schools. She will bring a clinical approach as Sheriff of Essex County. Virginia’s expertise in mental health and substance use programs, and her deep connections in the communities most impacted by crime will bring an innovative and human-centered approach to reducing recidivism in Essex County. Her experience comes from years of hard work combined with lived and professional experience working with families, at-risk youth, victims of crime and formerly incarcerated individuals.

In 2008, Virginia founded, funded, and directed an educational initiative inside Mexican juvenile detention centers called The Albergue Bolivia Project and established herself as a champion and voice for unaccompanied children along the US Mexican Border. After completing her work in Mexico, she provided translation support and legal information at the Texas Civil Rights Project aiding undocumented victims of domestic violence.

Virginia obtained her MSW in Clinical Social Work from Simmons College and has worked with complex trauma, community violence, and immigration. She co-founded a medical legal partnership while working in Brockton. Within months of beginning her work at the Lynn Community Health center, Virginia had already co-founded and led a coalition of 30+ community organizations supporting Immigrant Families in Lynn.

For the past six years, Virginia has worked tirelessly for the Lynn community earning her recognition from community partners and other agencies for her excellence and rigorous accountability for the highest of ethical standards in clinical practice and community advocacy.



Madinah Wilson Anton
Delaware House, District 26
Volunteer with Madinah

Madinah grew up in the 26th district, where she lives with her family. Madinah is an alumna of the University of Delaware and holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Asian Studies. She has formally studied Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

While at the University of Delaware, Madinah was actively involved in several campus organizations where she held leadership positions, including the Muslim Student Association, Students for Justice in Palestine, and her sorority Lambda Pi Chi.

She worked for two years as a legislative fellow in the state legislature, and an additional year as a legislative aide for the 26th and 27th districts. In this capacity, she communicated with residents and helped them with a variety of issues. This experience gave her first-hand exposure to the issues and concerns of her fellow community members.

In 2020, Madinah defeated an entrenched imcumbent in the 26th District, and became the first Muslim to be elected in the State of Delaware. She also works as a policy analyst at the Biden Institute, while she pursues a master’s degree in Urban Affairs and Public Policy


Christal Lloyd
New Hampshire House, Hillsborough 8 District
Volunteer with Christal

Christal Lloyd is a candidate who is firmly grounded in her community. She has over 16 years experience working in the non-profit field. These organizations have especially given her knowledge of animal welfare, education and healthcare. She is running for State Representative for Nashua’s Ward 6 and is fighting for reproductive freedom, public education, and inclusion and equality for all. In addition to her work, she also volunteers on the executive board of directors for Boston Swing Central, a Lindy Hop dance organization, where she helped institute safe spaces policies and continually ensures a welcoming community. In animal welfare, she continues to be a strong advocate against Breed Specific Legislation. She purchased her home in Ward 6 of Nashua in 2017, where she currently lives with her dog, Mille.

Curt DeVetter
New Hampshire House, Hillsborough District 29
Volunteer with Curt

If elected, Curt will create a New Hampshire that the next generation will be proud to call home. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife, a Henniker native, and daughter. He wants his daughter to have every opportunity to grow as a leader, and to do that, she will need a good education, safe schools, women’s empowerment programs, and a strong healthcare system. Curt aims to do all that he can as an elected official to make this a reality for her and the young people in his district.

Jessica Grill
New Hampshire House, Hillsborough District 18
Volunteer with Jessica

Jessica is a New Hampshire native and first-time candidate running to represent Hillsborough District 18 in the State House. She graduated from Northeastern University and has since built a successful career in the advertising industry. As a young professional, Jess understands the importance of having access to strong infrastructure, housing, and utilities. She is committed to expanding economic and educational opportunities in New Hampshire, and cares deeply about community safety, the environment, and civil liberties (including reproductive freedom and voting rights).

In addition to her professional experience, Jess is active in public service, volunteering her time to work at the polls on Election Day and help local political campaigns. She believes that our democracy works best when people participate in shaping it, and she is proud to step up for democracy as a candidate this year.

Michela Hites
New Hampshire House, Rockingham 16 District
Volunteer with Michela

Michela’s passion for civil service is built on the belief that representative government demands solidarity with the community you serve. She is a lifelong Londonderry resident and proud member of the working middle class. Michela understands the issues that affect this community because she’s a part of it. As a Londonderry High School graduate, quality public education was a foundational influence on Michela. She went on to pursue secondary education in the region as well. She studied at the University of New Hampshire Manchester and New Hampshire Community Technical College before completing her certificate in dental assisting.

Her political career began in 2016 as a canvasser for candidates up and down the ballot. On the frontlines of campaigns, Michela heard directly from constituents about the issues that matter most to them. That’s why she is committed to supporting public education, protecting clean water, and defending reproductive rights. She also found a kinship with those she engaged with in their perceived lack of a voice in local politics. Michela decided it was time to be the representation she so often felt she lacked. She is committed to ensuring that the people of Londonderry are truly reflected in the policies that affect them.

Miles Brown
New Hampshire House, Grafton District 12
Volunteer with Miles

Miles is running to represent Hanover & Lyme (Grafton County District 12) in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He is a student activist and campaign volunteer, working to elect progressive leaders at the state and federal level.

As President of the Dartmouth College Democrats, Miles fought to defeat legislation that would prevent college students from voting in New Hampshire. As state representative, he will work hard to ensure young voices are heard on critical issues like mental health, climate change, and voting rights. As an elected leader, Miles also wants to make politics more accessible for everyone.

Neil Misra
New Hampshire House, Rockingham 25 District
Volunteer with Neil

Neil Misra is a candidate for State Representative in Salem, New Hampshire. The son of two Asian immigrants, he is running to provide a fresh, diverse perspective to a stagnant legislature that has traditionally been dominated by the same voices for years. As a lifelong resident of Salem, Neil knows the breadth of serious challenges faced by his community. Reproductive rights are being stripped away by extremist politicians. Ballooning energy costs are hurting wallets. Public schools are under attack by radical right-wing agendas. If elected, Neil will fight tirelessly to keep abortion legal and to ensure that reproductive rights are never compromised in the state. He will also raise renewable energy targets, which will reduce energy costs for households and help combat the ongoing climate crisis. Furthermore, he will abolish the reckless school “voucher” program introduced by Republicans, which siphons taxpayer money away from public schools to subsidize private schools. As a product of the state’s public school system, Neil is an unwavering supporter of public education and does not believe it is right to undermine public schools by leeching their funding. Lastly, Neil will introduce legislation to facilitate the legalization of cannabis in the state. Existing cannabis policies disproportionately hurt minorities and marginalized groups and legalization can help remedy this grave injustice.

Robin Vogt
New Hampshire House, Rockingham District 21
Volunteer with Robin

A 29-year-old resident of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Robin Vogt is running for State Representative for Rockingham District 21. He has spent his entire career working in Special Education within the New Hampshire Public Schools, teaching 1:1 with students identified with Autism and Generalized Seizures while also holding office as Co-President of his Paraeducators Union under NEA New Hampshire for 4 years. He has been politically active since 2008, volunteering on Democratic, Progressive, and Independent campaigns for all levels of the local and national offices. Robin continues to work closely with many Progressive organizations across New Hampshire and the United States and is running on the protection of voting rights, affordable housing, reproductive rights, and real climate change action.


Alex Kithes
Rhode Island House, District 49
Volunteer with Alex

Alex Kithes was born and raised in Woonsocket, RI, to a working-class family of Greek immigrants. He is a proud graduate of Woonsocket High School (2010) and has degrees from Boston University and Brown University. His work as an organizer started in high school, fighting alongside his classmates and teachers against education cuts and an assault on Woonsocket’s public schools. Over the years, he’s become deeply involved as a climate justice, housing, social justice, and good government activist. As a young organizer and proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, he’s involved with Sunrise Providence, the BLM RI PAC, the RI Queer PAC, and local community and mutual aid organizations, served a term on the Woonsocket City Council, and was one of the core organizers in the 2021 SleepOutRI protest. He also co-founded and serves as the Executive Director of the grassroots organization Rebuild Woonsocket.

The housing crisis, the education crisis, the climate crisis, the crisis of systemic racial justice, these have all hit Alex’s community particularly hard. He has a proven record of fighting to solve these problems and going up against powerful, far-right leadership to do it. He’s running to bring that fight to the General Assembly and adequately represent District 49 for the first time in a long time, by fighting for a Green New Deal, good-paying union jobs, quality affordable housing, Medicare for All and compassionate overdose prevention, a $19/hr minimum wage for all workers, fully-funded public schools, and expansive civil rights and liberties that are under attack.

Andrew Poyant
Providence City Council, Ward 14
Volunteer with Andrew

Andrew Poyant is a dedicated husband and father of three young children. Andrew is an environmental scientist who has advocated for affordable housing, high-quality education, and environmental justice at the city and state level. He is running to represent Ward 14 in Providence City Council. Andrew wants to continue to advocate for what he believes is right and what is needed for families to succeed: housing, living wage jobs, and quality education. Andrew wants to build a platform where honesty, open conversation, and open minds can discuss what is best for the neighborhood while inviting all people to the table.

Brandon Potter
Rhode Island House, District 16
Volunteer with Brandon

Brandon is running for re-election to the State House because he believes we need a government that’s accountable to people, not corporate lobbyists and the well-connected. He advocates for getting the influence of big money out of politics, investing in renewable energy, and reforming our healthcare system to prioritize people’s health, instead of treating them like a business opportunity. Brandon lives in Cranston with his girlfriend Katie, whose dialysis treatment keeps healthcare at the forefront of Brandon’s plans for District 16.

Brianna Henries
Rhode Island House, District 64
Volunteer with Brianna

Brianna is an arts educator and small business owner with a love for community advocacy. She’s a lifelong Rhode Islander, and won her seat in the general assembly last year. She ran for office to help shake-up the status quo and give a voice back to the working class. She is now the Representative for District 64 in East Providence.

Damian Lima
Rhode Island House, District 6
Volunteer with Damian

Damian Lima is a proud queer, transgender, immigrant, and public health worker who made Rhode Island a home to build a family with his husband. He uses his experiences with housing and food instability to inform his advocacy. Damian believes in showing kindness to struggling people and communities. He also believes organizing common people is the best way to fix our government’s failures.

His work in healthcare, LGBTQ youth advocacy, and immigration advocacy has shown him to trust the leadership of the communities most affected by an issue. He has also learned that “the voiceless” do not exist, but many people are silenced by big economic interests.

His experiences have taught him that society can be both incredibly cruel and incredibly kind. Our world is becoming unlivable at an accelerated pace. People earning poverty wages can’t keep up with the rising costs of housing, healthcare, and childcare, while giant companies make record-breaking profits. But, we know that we have the resources to correct many of the failures we see in our systems at large. Local government and community are our first line of defense against a system rigged for the ultrarich and powerful.

Damian has dedicated his life to fiercely advocating for the rights of LGBTQ people, immigrants, the poor, and other disenfranchised communities. First in his family to graduate from college, he recently finished a Master’s degree in health equity.

Enrique Sanchez
Rhode Island House, District 9
Volunteer with Enrique

Enrique’s campaign is a working people’s campaign, and he is running to fight for the working class people of Rhode Island. As an educator in Providence public schools and as a child of working class parents, he sees corrupt political elites holding families back and not doing enough to improve the living conditions of marginalized communities, especially immigrants.

He will fight to repeal the tax cuts for the rich, support affordable housing policies, stop carbon pollution, and protect families during the Covid-19 pandemic. His campaign and work is by the people and for the people.

Giona Picheco
Rhode Island House, District 14
Volunteer with Giona

Giona is a veteran of the Navy and a community advocate running for State Representative in Cranston and Providence. If elected, she will be one of the first transgender officials elected to the state legislature in Rhode Island. She is running a grassroots volunteer-based campaign against an entrenched conservative incumbent.

She got involved and decided to run after seeing problems in her community continue to be ignored for decades while her current representation has not been fighting to solve these issues, and instead has interfered with meaningful change. Giona is running to expand affordable housing, invest in public education, and improve the quality of health care for senior residents and veterans. She will be a strong advocate for environmental protections, abortion rights, LGBTQ+ equality, and gun safety legislation.

Harrison Tuttle
Rhode Island Senate, District 31
Volunteer with Harrison

Harrison has lived in Rhode Island his entire life — attending local public schools and earning a teaching degree. In May of 2020, as the world was shaken by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the unjust murder of George Floyd,he took to the streets in peaceful protest. Wanting to make a positive change, he became heavily involved in political organizing. Harrison joined BLM RI PAC, an organization that works to bridge grassroots organizing and electoral politics by supporting progressive BIPOC candidates, elected officials, and policies that will deliver resources and opportunities for our communities. Shortly thereafter, he became the PAC’s Communications Director. In March of this year, Harrison was elected Executive Director and helped bridge grassroots organizing with electoral politics by working in a coalition with other progressive organizations within Rhode Island and across New England.

Like so many people in this state, he has experienced, firsthand, food and housing insecurity. The burden of affording basic needs such as child care, housing, food, and healthcare has become all too familiar to people who are working to survive. I believe that housing, healthcare, healthy food, and quality education are basic human rights. Harrison knows that when we invest in all of our community members, Rhode Island residents will feel valued and empowered. He believes we must enact policies reflective of the community’s values, in order to build a better future where nobody is left behind.

Jackie Goldman
Providence City Council, Ward 5
Volunteer with Jackie

Jackie Goldman (they/them) is an overdose prevention researcher, epidemiologist and advocate running to be the first non-binary City Councilperson in Providence. In their role as an overdose prevention researcher who was activated to work for the Department of Health in the earliest months of the pandemic, they have witnessed the overlapping consequences of the overdose crisis, housing crisis and lack of available social and mental health resources.

Jackie decided to run for City Council because they saw how the city does not work for everyday people. They want to invest in affordable housing instead of giving multimillion dollar tax breaks to luxury developers. They want to create an elected school board as the appointed school board is more concerned about political favors than they are about education; and they want to fix the roads and sidewalks so that everyone can access the city.

Jennifer Rourke
Rhode Island Senate, District 29
Volunteer with Jennifer

Jennifer Rourke is the co-founder of the Rhode Island Political Cooperative and a leader in Rhode Island’s progressive electoral movement. As a champion for reproductive rights, Jen was a key organizer for the Reproductive Privacy Act and the Doula Reimbursement Act. She sits on the board of the Womxn Project and is the vice-chair of the RI Democratic Women’s Caucus and the chair of the Advisory Committee for Black Lives Matter RI PAC.

Jennifer resides in Warwick with her husband, a veteran, and four kids, who are her reason for running for office.

Kelsey Coletta
Rhode Island House, District 42
Volunteer with Kelsey

Kelsey is a bilingual clinical social worker, working in community mental health and substance use disorder treatment. She is a graduate of Rhode Island College and Simmons University School of Social Work. She was previously a Rotary International Exchange student and spent 11 months in Chile as a teen. She lives in Johnston, RI with her husband and their two dogs and two cats. She is running because she believes that every voice in her district deserves to be heard; her district has not had a Democratic primary since 2006 and has not been represented by a woman since 2004.

Kelsey has years of experience in advocacy and policy, including the drafting of legislation to address the rape kit backlog that was ultimately passed in June 2022. She is a fierce advocate of reproductive rights and harm reduction to support folks living with addiction. The daughter of a public school teacher and construction project manager, Kelsey was raised to value community and public service.

Kelsey is looking to address access to vital mental health and substance use treatment, access to affordable healthcare (including capping prescription drug prices), protecting worker’s rights, and ensuring the right to quality education for all children in Rhode Island.

Kinverly Dicupe
Rhode Island House, District 62
Volunteer with Kinverly

Kinverly Dicupe is an Afro-Latina community organizer from a working class background. Growing up she lived in public housing and attended underfunded schools, even so, she’s used her experiences to help transform our society and inform her organizing. She’s running in Pawtucket’s House District 62 to dispel the bias that working-class people aren’t capable of governing themselves.

She’s dedicated to fighting for the issues that are most critical to working people: healthcare, housing, and education. Over the years she has founded grassroots organizations, created food programs, helped elect progressive candidates and advocated for key policies like Medicare For All at the statehouse. She’s a trusted member of the progressive movement in Rhode Island whom we know will deliver for working families once elected.

Miguel Sanchez
Providence City Council, Ward 6
Volunteer with Miguel

Miguel Sanchez is a passionate community advocate, who has valuable experience in constituent services looking to represent the 6th Ward on the Providence City Council. Miguel’s family has deep roots in the community. His abuelito moved to Providence in the late 80’s and started the first Mexican small business in Rhode Island. Miguel has a long history of advocating for marginalized communities, whether that is providing testimony at the State House for Medicare for All or in the streets protesting injustices. Miguel is looking to play an integral role in building compassionate systems that work for everyone in Providence.

Sue AnderBois
Providence City Council, Ward 3
Volunteer with Sue

Sue AnderBois is running for Ward 3 City Council in Providence. She is a community leader dedicated to participatory democracy, transparency in government, urgent action to address our climate emergency, poverty, and systems thinking to address the issues facing our City and its residents. As Rhode Island’s first Director of Food Strategy, Sue saw first hand the importance of addressing the root causes of issues, like food insecurity — and also the value and importance of our small, locally owned business community. As a long time climate justice and clean energy activist and chair of Providence’s Sustainability Commission, Sue will work to ensure Providence’s resiliency. Sue lives off Hope Street with her husband Scott, their two cats Zeni & Wasabi, and their dog Captain Ruggles.

Tiara Mack
Rhode Island Senate, District 6
Volunteer with Tiara

Tiara is a formerly low-income Black, queer, educator and activist. In 2020 she ran and unseated a 30 year incumbent to represent RI State Senate District 6. She understands that we need bold, visionary leaders to center people and stories in every piece of legislation. In her first session she championed legislation in prison justice, criminal justice, housing justice, education justice, and much more. In 2022 she plans to continue to bring activism and people centered legislation to the state house and continue advocating for change.

Zakary Pereira
Rhode Island House, District 22
Volunteer with Zakary

Zakary is a first-generation Portuguese American higher education professional and the proud son of a grocery store worker and a public-school teacher. Having previously worked in the service-sector for many years and having faced housing insecurity in his early 20s, Zakary understands how broken the system is and what it means to not know where you will sleep at night, and the feeling of despair after losing a year’s worth of savings because of an emergency car repair. That is why Zakary is running for State Representative, and why he supports legislation that will raise the minimum wage to $19/hour and tie it to inflation, lower healthcare and prescription drug costs, end corporate welfare in Rhode Island, and adjust zoning laws to build 10,000+ green affordable housing units in the state. As a gay man in a same-sex relationship, Zakary also understands the fear and anxiety over recent SCOTUS decisions, and he is dedicated to codifying into law protections of the rights of all LGBTQ+ people in Rhode Island as well as the right to reproductive healthcare at the state level.



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