15 Legal Candidates You Should Support Before Election Day This November


1. Shanté Burke-Hayer: Mecklenburg County District Court Judge, District 26, Seat 1, NC

2. Zach Gwin: Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, OH

3. Katherine “Kat” Thomas: Texas District Judge, 184th District, TX

4. April Prim: Montgomery County Justice of the Peace, Precinct №3, TX

5. Porscha Natasha Brown: Harris County Judge, Criminal Court №3, TX

6. Pavan Parikh: Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, OH

7. Adam Kwentua: East Baton Rouge District Court Judge, Section 2, Division G, LA

8. Jennifer O’Donnell: Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, OH

9. Anna Slotky Reitano: Los Angeles Judge of the Superior Court, Seat 60, CA

10. Ash Lee Hicks: Washington County Justice of the Peace, District 15, AR

11. Julie Gunnigle: Maricopa County Attorney, AZ

12. Lisamarie Bristol: Gwinnett County Solicitor-General, GA

13. Allison Miller: Florida State Attorney, Sixth Judicial Circuit, FL

14. Christian May: Benton County Justice of the Peace, District 5, AR

15. Melissa Kobasher: Lorain County Common Pleas Court Judge, OH

Want to meet all of our midterm candidates? Check out our Candidate Directory and find a down-ballot progressive running in your community!



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