119 Leaders you need to know now! Meet the September 2022 Endorsement Class!

Run for Something
85 min readSep 7, 2022

Run for Something is proud to announce the newest cohort of emerging leaders with our September endorsement class! We’ve endorsed 119 candidates this month, including 20 RFS alumni, bringing us one step closer to our goal of 700 endorsements for the year.

Get to know our September endorsement class below!


Phillip Ensler

Alabama House, District 74

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Phillip is an attorney, policy expert, and former Montgomery Public Schools educator. Phillip is a servant leader who will fight to make the community more equitable for all who call District 74 and Alabama home. Phillip will advocate for safer neighborhoods, higher-quality public schools, access to economic opportunities, accessible and affordable healthcare, and a fair and just community for everyone.


Oscar De Los Santos

Arizona House, District 11

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Oscar has dedicated his life and career to public service and progressive values, as a child of working-class immigrant parents. As a teacher at a low-income school in South Phoenix, he’s been on the frontlines of the fight for better-funded schools and better teacher pay. As head of public policy at the Association of Arizona Food Banks, he represented Arizona’s 1,200 food banks and food pantries in the Arizona Legislature and in Congress. He fought for state laws that promote economic justice⁠ — and won. Working in partnership with local community groups, he successfully led the fight to pass a bill that doubled the state’s cash assistance program for low-income families. Most recently, Oscar worked at the Arizona Democracy Resource Center, combatting Republican attacks on our democracy and our freedom to vote.

Before working on public policy in Arizona, Oscar earned a master’s in public policy from the University of Oxford, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar. He also served in the Obama White House, working for one of President Obama’s senior economic advisors and gaining valuable experience in national economic affairs. Oscar doesn’t take a dime of money from corporations or lobbyists, and he’s campaigning on a platform of commonsense progressive principles: making the wealthy pay their fair share, using the levers of government to lower housing prices, and raising workers’ wages and health benefits.

Amanda Steele

Tempe Union High School Governing Board

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Amanda is an Arizona native with a passion for change. She and her husband are raising their young adult son, Jordan. He is diagnosed with autism and I/DD. Amanda is a Speech Language Pathology Assistant and the Director of Communications, Co-Founder and President of EPIC Disability Advocacy. In May 2021, Amanda led a team of advocates through the grassroots movement #FundAzSPED. This movement led to the creation of EPIC Disability Advocacy, a non-profit in the making; with a vision where all persons with disabilities will have access to the resources, programs, and services needed to reach their full potential. She is a 2019 graduate of AZ Partners in Leadership program, through which she and other participants successfully advocated for the passage of Dignified Changes. In March 2021, Amanda completed the Leading for Change Candidacy training and in May 2022, she graduated having completed her Personal and Professional Leadership Plan (PPLP) with the Leading for Change Fellowship Program. She currently sits on the Chandler City Merit Board, the RAD Board, and serves as the Secretary for the districts YSOS PAC. Amanda is an advocate for the community, igniting changes both locally and statewide.

Julie Gunnigle

Maricopa County Attorney

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Julie was born and raised in Maricopa County, just around the corner from where she lives today with her husband and children. Her mother was a teacher and instilled in her a passion for serving the community. As the mother of three children, one with special needs, Julie has spent her life fighting to deliver justice and results for those who deserve to be heard.

She went to college at Northern Arizona University and later graduated from the University of Notre Dame Law School. After law school, Julie went on to serve as Assistant State’s Attorney in Cook County, Illinois where she prosecuted financial crime and public corruption — delivering justice for taxpayers by winning cases against corrupt Republican and Democratic politicians alike.

As a former Professor of Law in Phoenix, a solo practitioner, and former prosecutor — Julie understands how complex our criminal justice system is and how important it is to have someone with a diverse set of experiences to tackle the problems within the County Attorney’s office and in Maricopa County.

In 2020, she ran for this seat losing by just 1.5 percent out of nearly 1.9 million votes cast. Since 2020, she has continued to show up for the people of Maricopa County working tirelessly to bring justice to the most vulnerable in our community — child victims of sexual abuse, elderly people mistreated in assisted living, wrongly evicted families and women escaping domestic violence to name a few. She worked as the Political Director of AZ NORML, ensuring that as many Arizonans as possible have their records expunged after the passage of Prop. 207 and the legalization of recreational cannabis in Arizona. Julie also served as Director for the Poor People’s Campaign seeking justice for the needy.

Julie Gunnigle is running for Maricopa County Attorney to protect the rights of everyone in our community and finally stop the decades-long tradition of corruption, backlogs and ineffectiveness in the office. She knows Maricopa County taxpayers deserve transparency, fiscal responsibility and real justice, not just another apologist for the status quo.

Seth Blattman

Arizona House, District 9

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

My family moved to Arizona when I was ten years old. I went to the University of Arizona on a scholarship and ended up finishing my Bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University. I worked at my father’s furniture manufacturing shop while taking business courses, and went on to receive my MBA.

Like so many families, our business was hit hard by the Great Recession. My family needed me to pitch in and rejoin the family business. It was a tough call but when times are rough, you do what’s needed of you. I took on a leadership role in our business; that meant making some hard choices. It turns out they were the right ones and we rebuilt our business stronger than before.

It’s clear that Arizona needs real investment. Near last in the nation in education and healthcare spending; an economy lagging far behind other states… This isn’t what we voted for.

I’m running for office because future generations deserve the same educational opportunities I had, my neighbors deserve to feel safe in their community, and all Arizonans deserve to have their best days ahead.

Lorena Austin

Arizona House, District 9

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Lorena is a 5th generation Arizonan whose lifelong love for advocacy and leadership has been rooted in Mesa for almost a century. For over twenty years, her grandparents owned and operated Albert’s Market in Mesa, which served all residents including minorities residing in segregated neighborhoods. Her father went on to become a small business owner and civil rights attorney, known for building relationships and creating community organizations. In fact, she currently work alongside him in hopes of continuing the advancement of communities in Mesa.

While her father’s family has deep roots within Mesa, Lorena spent part of her childhood living with her mom in central California. While growing up, her family spent periods of time in section 8 housing and homeless shelters due to economic hardship and financial instability. Her family worked hard to ensure that she and her siblings were taken care of to the best of their abilities. This desire to work comes from both sides of her family, as both her father’s and mother’s family include farm workers. It is this strong work ethic to get things done for the community that drives Lorena today.

That’s why Lorena is running to be the next Arizona State Representative for Legislative District 9. There is work to be done in this community, whether it be quality education, health care, affordable housing, or tackling the climate crisis, we need leaders who can get it done.

Eva Burch

Arizona Senate, District 9

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

I am a lifelong Arizonan, a mother of two young children, and have been a nurse for over ten years, and a nurse practitioner for the last three years. I am running for office to help advocate for the fundamental needs of everyday Arizonans. I am committed to listening to the people of my district and bringing their concerns to the table with a focus on collaborative, common sense solutions that reflect their needs and values. I will work towards an Arizona where high-quality education is the standard regardless of the wealth of the community. Arizona students deserve qualified, well-paid teachers and schools must have access to books, technology, support staff, nutrition, and equipment that best supports students and teachers. I believe that every Arizonan should have access to affordable, high quality health care regardless of their income or insurance status. Families should not go bankrupt over medical bills and we must create a system that does not leave children, aging adults, or the poor behind. I want to create an Arizona where safe and affordable housing is accessible to everyone. Where first time home buyers have realistic opportunities and resources to get into homes, and renters have protection against predatory price-gouging and drastic rent increases. Finally, nothing could be more fundamental to our democracy than our right to vote, and I promise to work diligently in the senate to maintain that right and to make sure that every Arizonan has equal access to their voting power, including the option to vote by mail. I will push back against voter suppression legislation while also working hard to maintain the integrity and security of our elections. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we elect progressive leaders to bring these necessary changes to our state.


Amanda Foster

Washington County Justice of the Peace, District 10

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Amanda Foster has been a lifelong resident of the district she wants to represent. She has been in banking for 10 years and is a member of the Washington County K9 Search and Rescue team. She will work to foster stewardship, common sense, and most of all, respect, every day on the Quorum Court.

She believes the Justice of the Peace should be a good steward of taxpayer dollars, and will always look to do the most good for the most people without carelessly spending taxpayer dollars. She believes in approaching resolutions with common sense and reaching out to the people in her district for their concerns. Most of all, she believes in treating her colleagues with respect, no matter which side of the aisle they may be on.

Garrett Barnes

Craighead County Justice of the Peace, District 2

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Garrett is the Democratic candidate for Justice of the Peace District 2 and is a lifelong resident of Craighead County. Garrett has worked as a public school teacher and administrator in the Jonesboro School District for the last 10 years. As a former two-term Alderman in Bono, Garrett is the only candidate with any local government experience and is ready to work on day 1.

He and his wife have a son and another one on the way. They are excited about their kids attending Jonesboro public schools in the future. As an educator, Garrett is passionate about supporting youth. One of Garrett’s top priorities is to successfully establish a Youth Services Division to provide after-school programs, nutrition assistance, and mentorship for all ages across Craighead County. Garrett believes the Quorum Court should work with every city in Craighead County and especially the Jonesboro City Council to improve neighborhoods and provide more economic opportunities for all. Garrett will work with the West End Neighborhood Association, Fisher Street Community in Action, and local community organizations to support quality of life projects and economic services, such as job training workshops, a county homeless shelter, new parks and recreational facilities, more sidewalks, bike lanes, nature trails, improved flood control, and mosquito control. Garrett will also host quarterly town hall meetings to update citizens on the actions taken by the Quorum Court and collect feedback from citizens on what they feel needs to be done in their neighborhood.

Tyler Masters

Bentonville City Council Ward 3, Position 1

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Tyler is a corporate professional and servant leader who has spent his 20+ years in Northwest Arkansas in the service of others. As well as being appointed to Bentonville’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce, Tyler spent 16 years volunteering with Arkansas Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership and was a founding member of The Equality Crew. He is known for being passionate about ensuring everyone has a fair shot at achieving their dreams.

From continuing community-focused initiatives like the Multi-Cultural Festival to pushing for more strategic zoning and expansion plans, Tyler wants to see Bentonville avoid becoming a city of the haves and the have-nots. Equitable housing and job creation is the key to the continued growth and prosperity of Bentonville. With his corporate and non-profit leadership experience, Tyler has a unique perspective that makes him the right choice for City Council.

Michael Ankton

Clark County Justice of the Peace, District 2

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Michael is running for Clark County Justice of the Peace in District 2 because he is ready for Inclusion, transparency, and leadership. The county government has not been honest enough with its citizens, and it’s time to elect a candidate who will be. It’s time to elect a candidate to include the public in decisions regarding the community. And it’s time for younger leadership to advocate for the educational age population. Michael is the candidate who can do all these things and make sure the Quorum Court looks more like the people it represents.

Michael is the candidate that will prioritize students and acknowledge the economic dependency of the universities in the area. Michael previously served as the student government vice president at Henderson State University. He also served as the Assistant Treasurer for the Clark County NAACP and a Media Director for his local Baptist church. He is also an active brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. serving as chapter secretary. Michael spends his professional time mentoring young students at the Peake Rosenwald Early Childhood Center, driving school buses for the Arkadelphia Public School District, and as an Apprentice Funeral Director for Williams Funeral Home. Michael is the candidate with the experience to make Clark County a better place to call home.

Sarah Hampton

Washington County Justice of the Peace, District 1

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Sarah is a 24 year old with strong values who believes people were given two ears and one mouth so they could listen twice as much as they speak. She is dedicated to being present for and serving her community, whether that’s helping behind the scenes or behind a megaphone. She sees a genuine need in the political atmosphere for folks in office who understand and can truly represent the average person: someone who lives at or below the median income, who knows firsthand the struggles of the working class. Someone who understands the obstacles surrounding renting and homebuying for this generation in this economy, and who has navigated the college expense roller coaster.

Sarah wants to see people who acknowledge their privilege when discussing ordinances that will disproportionately affect some more than others, and work to find a solution that can equitably benefit those who need it most. She hopes to see people who can empathize and have compassion for their fellow humans. She believes she can bridge this gap and be this person for her neighbors. Her background in the customer service industry has prepared her to put the people she serves first, and her strong sense of integrity and love for people assure her that she is capable of doing what’s right. She knows Washington County can do better when it comes to infrastructure, transportation, and providing resources to build up the community. She is running because she wholeheartedly believes it’s the right thing to do.

Chenoa Summers

Arkansas Senate, District 20

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

For the past several years, Chenoa worked in academia as an adjunct instructor of science and the Director of the Student Success Center at UACCB. She returned to undergraduate studies as a student last year. She holds a B.S. in Physics and M.S. in Environmental Science from Arkansas State University. Currently, she works as a research scientist in a botany lab. Most notably in the last year, she joined the fight against censorship of our local library. She is a member of Human Rights Campaign, the Democratic Party of Craighead County, Friends of the Craighead County Library, NAACP (Craighead County Chapter), Citizens Defending the Craighead County Library, the Arkansas Native Plant Society, Phi Beta Kappa, A-State Young Democrats, NEA Young Professionals, and the Arkansas Forestry Association. She lives in Jonesboro, AR with her husband, dogs, cat, chickens, and quail.

Chenoa is running on three core tenets: life, liberty, and love. She will advocate for a living wage, better quality of life, and educator raises for residents in her district. She will fight to protect our current liberties and advocate expanding them to codify reproductive freedom, the right to vote, the right to read, and legalization of recreational marijuana. Lastly, she will defend the right to choose who we love, as she is committed to standing up to demagogues at the state capitol trying to pass anti-transgender legislation.

Steven Summers

Craighead County Justice of the Peace, District 7

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Steven has been an educator in Jonesboro for more than a decade. Education is in his blood; his mother taught high school math, his grandmother taught second grade, and his grandfather taught automotive mechanics. The lessons they’ve taught have led him to be the teacher and scientist that he is today, and now he wants to use that experience as your next Justice of the Peace in District 7 here in Craighead County. His campaign is focusing on three core issues: government transparency, infrastructure investment, and collaboration between city and county governments of Craighead County.


Resa Barillas

Adelanto Elementary School District Governing Board Member, Area 4

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Resa is an Adelanto parent, first generation Salvadoran-American, community organizer, former UFCW shop steward, and school site council president. Shortly after moving to Adelanto, she recognized that community members didn’t come first — their voices and needs went unheard, unrepresented, and underserved. She became a youth organizer, then campaign worker for Bernie 2020 and Proposition 15, and now works for California Environmental Voters as a Regional Organizer.

She is running for AESD Trustee Area 4 because she believes Adelanto shouldn’t have to look outside of the public schools next door for a world class education, and that starts with public school board trustees invested in the success of our public schools. This starts with thriving wages for teachers and staff, attracting and retaining quality educators, and reducing classroom sizes so teachers and students can develop trust, rapport, and a supportive learning environment.

Savthik Nori

Sequoia Union High School District School Board, Area D

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Sathvik is a product of San Mateo County public schools and currently attends Stanford University. During his four years in the Sequoia Union High School District, he saw first-hand how problems like the achievement gap and teacher turnover affect students, especially those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. As the only candidate who attended SUHSD schools and also has a family member currently attending SUHSD schools, Sathvik is uniquely positioned to bring a fresh perspective to the board. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sathvik got the chance to be the student trustee for SUHSD, where he represented 10,000 students and saw the importance of having a school board that is transparent and accountable to the needs of the community. He is also a commissioner on the San Mateo County Juvenile Justice Commission, where he sees the end result of the horrific school to prison pipeline that disproportionately affects our minority youth. If elected, Sathvik hopes to increase elective and other course offerings, bridge the gap between individual school sites and the central-office/school board, and also explore innovative ideas to recruit and retain the highest quality educators. Sathvik hopes to use his unique experiences to represent his diverse community and bring new energy and ideas to ensure that the Sequoia Union High School District truly meets the needs of ALL of its students.

Jorge Pasheco

Oak Grove School District Board of Education Trustee, Area 3

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Jorge, along with his four sisters, was born and raised in San Jose by two amazing parents: his Mayan-Korean father who came from a small Maya village in the Yucatan Peninsula and his Salvadoran mother who immigrated to the United States to escape the Salvadoran Civil War. He has served as a Native Studies/Spanish teacher in the Bay Area since graduating from UC Berkeley in 2013, worked to close the digital divide for Santa Clara County as the Digital Equity Specialist, and is proud to be back in the classroom as a teacher and union member. As a Native Studies teacher and indigenous activist, he is passionate about decolonizing schooling and bringing indigenous values into education. Jorge currently serves as Trustee for the Oak Grove School District (OGSD) Board of Education and President of the California Latino School Boards Association, where he leads an organization that represents and fights for Latino students and school board members across the state.

Gloria Soto

Santa Maria City Council, District 3

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Gloria was born, raised, and educated in Santa Maria. She is the daughter of immigrant farm-worker parents, who made numerous sacrifices to ensure she would have a better life. Gloria took advantage of opportunities afforded to her by her family and community; she is a proud past participant of Future Leaders of America (FLA) and Future Farmers of America (FFA).

Gloria has dedicated her young professional career to serving her community. She is currently the Executive Director of Future Leaders of America (FLA), one of the largest Latinx youth-serving organizations in California. Before joining the FLA team, Gloria served in various positions at Planned Parenthood California Central Coast (PPCCC), including education, public affairs, and development. As the Director of Public Affairs, she expanded access to quality reproductive health care, including safe and legal abortion, through community engagement and public policy.

In 2018, Gloria was the youngest woman elected to the Santa Maria City Council as part of the national wave of young women of color seeking representation in local governments. Gloria is a proud member of The Fund for Santa Barbara family, having served as a Grant Making Committee member and as a current Board Member.

Today she and her family reside in Santa Maria. Gloria is bilingual, bi-cultural, and deeply connected to the many communities on the Central Coast. Gloria attended Pioneer Valley High School and earned her Associate Degree at Allan Hancock College and her B.A. at Chapman University.

Christine Moran

Sierra Madre City Council

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Christine is a scientist, engineer, activist, manager, and mother. She is running for Sierra Madre City Council to build a better future for her two young children and their generation. Climate change, the need for police reform, and the need for equitable housing have touched her personally. She wants to help her liberal village take positive action on these issues by enacting progressive policies informed by the latest advances in science and technology.

Christine earned two Bachelor of Science degrees from MIT in Physics and in Computer Science & Engineering. She earned her Master’s and Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the University of Zurich. Currently, she is an Engineering Manager working to combat climate change by imaging the entire Earth from space. Previously, she managed multi-million dollar budgets and a scientific program for NASA with stakeholders nationwide. She was a lead technical developer on Signal, a mobile app which helps millions of journalists and activists around the globe speak, organize, and communicate freely. Christine lives in Sierra Madre with her spouse Casey and their two preschool-aged children.

Eddie Flores

South San Francisco City Council, District 5

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Eddie is an educator and a mental health advocate. He was born in El Salvador and immigrated to this country at the age of 7 escaping the civil war in the 1980s. Having seen his single mother work three jobs to make ends meet, he knows first-hand the struggles and sacrifices of the working-class and immigrant community. He previously was elected to the South San Francisco School Board and served as President during the height of the pandemic. He is a proud of his public school education and is the first in his family to graduate from a four-year university.

Eddie was appointed to his current city council seat in 2021 and hit the ground running from day one. He has over 20 years of progressive experience in public, private, non-profit, and educational arenas. He knows what it takes to get the work done, negotiate and advocate on bold initiatives and is not afraid to represent and fight courageously and prioritize the much needed relief and resources for the residents of South San Francisco’s District 5. He has a proven track record of being a collaborative leader and one who doesn’t make excuses or shies away from holding and being held accountable but rather is quick to make adjustments.

His family has lived in District 5 for over 30 years and works to support and elevate the voices of youth, the marginalized and low income community in programs, and city-wide initiatives and policymaking which he hopes to continue with his election to represent SSF District 5 this November.

Hector Bustos

Santa Ana Unified School District Board, Area 5

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Hector is running for School Board because he believes students in the Santa Ana Unified School District deserve access to a high quality education and a safe learning environment. Hector believes schools play a critical role in the wellness of our community. When our schools thrive, our entire community thrives.

Hector was born and raised in Santa Ana and has lived in Area 5 his entire life. He was raised by a working class, single mom who migrated to the United States from Jalisco, Mexico nearly 45 years ago. He is a proud product of the Santa Ana Unified School District and attended local public schools. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Politics from the University of San Francisco, Hector moved back home to work directly with Santa Ana youth.

Hector believes in the power of education, and its ability to transform the lives of our students the same way it transformed his. As someone who graduated from SAUSD schools in the past decade, he understands the issues facing SAUSD students, teachers, and parents. As a School Board Member, Hector will prioritize creating safe schools, expanding mental health services, investing in workplace experience, empowering student and parent voices, and nurturing a transparent budget process.

Christian Shaughnessy

San Bernardino Community College Board of Trustees, Area 4

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

After seeing his friends suffer from violence and poverty in the region, with one being shot and killed blocks from his childhood home; Christian knew that we had to change politics as usual and do everything we can to fight for education, mentorship, and working families to stop violence before it starts.

Christian serves as a full time youth community organizer who fights to stop the cycle of violence on our streets. He is a former educator who taught children English overseas. He fought for immigrant and indigenous rights as a San Bernardino Valley College co-chair of the Chicano advocacy group Mecha and as a leader in student government. He worked to end the stigma behind our friend’s and loved one’s mental health issues with the student based non-profit Active Minds. He has served as staff in youth and student inspiring campaigns across the nation fighting against corruption in politics. He was a volunteer union organizer for the first Starbucks union in the Inland Empire. Now Christian seeks to transform the San Bernardino Community College District into something far more accountable and transparent to students and working families!

Magali Limeta

Novato Unified School District Governing Board Member, Trustee Area 6

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Magali is a proud first generation Mexican-American from Novato, CA. She was the first in her family to graduate from university, earning a degree in Anthropology from the University of California, Los Angeles. She’s the Senior Revenue Cycle Analyst for UCSF, an advocate for social change, and an active member of the San Rafael Evening Rotary Club. She has been selected for four fellowships including Front Line Leaders Academy, New American Leaders, Emerge California, and New Leaders Council.

As the former President of the Marin County Young Democrats and current AD-10 Delegate to the California Democratic Party, she has dedicated time and been recognized for her contributions to Marin County. Her passion is rooted in her struggles navigating the education system on her own. She believes that together we can reform systems to break down the barriers to access housing, healthcare, and education. Magali is running for Novato School Board to make sure all students have access to a great education regardless of economic background.

Gilbert Felix

State Center Community College District Trustee, Area 5

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

The son of a single mother and grandson of farmworkers, Gilbert is a proud product of local public schools, including the community college system. Gilbert is running for State Center Community College District Board of Trustees in Fresno, CA because he knows firsthand that a quality, affordable education is a ticket to the middle class for working families. He has dedicated his career to public service, fighting to secure millions of dollars in state and federal investments for underserved communities in California’s Central Valley. As Trustee, he will use that fighting spirit to keep community colleges affordable and accessible, to give more students a pathway to earn a degree or start a career. Gilbert will work to tackle the rising cost of textbooks and advocate for increased state funding for California Community Colleges. He will work to address food insecurity among students and pursue affordable student housing options. Gilbert will also fight to increase course sections, dual enrollment programs, and career technical education to help students get ahead and learn the skills needed for today’s job market.

Parshan Khosravi

Laguna Hills City Council, At-Large

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Parshan’s campaign for the Laguna Hills City Council is rooted in his own story and upbringing as a first-generation immigrant and a refugee from a working-class background. From working 30+ hrs/week while pursuing his education and learning English, to becoming the policy director of a national education nonprofit and a young businessowner with several awards of distinction at the state and national level, Parshan has had to navigate many challenges on his road to the American Dream. His experiences with poverty, basic needs insecurity, culture shock, and mental and physical health issues have prepared Parshan for this moment, as he vies to represent the City of Laguna Hills.

Parshan believes the key to upward mobility and protecting the middle class is a strong workforce protected by unions and empowered by educational advancement, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Meanwhile, Parshan also believes in a city that works for everyone, regardless of age, accessibility challenges, or health needs. That’s why Parshan’s top priorities for Laguna Hills are to establish a Disability Advisory Commission, increase arts and education resources, and bring more businesses to drive economic development. Parshan also believes it is our duty as policymakers to place climate justice at the center of the policy agenda, which is why he will make sure Laguna Hills fully enforces the safety element increasing drought resiliency and wildfire preparedness. Most of all, Parshan believes in centering community voices in policy and is committed to doing just that as the next councilmember for the City of Laguna Hills.


Ruby Dickson

Colorado House, District 37

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Raised in Colorado in a family that experienced significant economic hardship, Ruby started working at the age of 14 to help put food on the table. Motivated by her experience, Ruby buckled down, studying hard in Colorado’s public schools, leveraging her education into a degree in economics at Oxford University. Now, she works as a professional economist helping to reduce poverty and ensuring that people everywhere have access to clean air, land, and water.

Ruby is proud of her charity work, helping to lift people out of poverty. Now, she wants to take that same approach to the Capitol — bringing the passion of a reformer, the analytical skills of an economist, and the perspective of an ordinary working-class Coloradan to the legislature. If elected, Ruby will work tirelessly to support public education, bring down the cost of living, and protect reproductive rights here in Colorado.


Nick Menapace

Connecticut House, District 37

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Nick is a lifelong resident of Connecticut and local educator. He is proudly running for State Representative in Connecticut’s 37th District. Public service is something that Nick has chosen throughout his life. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout to have a more positive impact on the South Windsor community and was politically active in college to improve the lives of students at CCSU. He spent the last ten years teaching in diverse communities throughout the state. These experiences, specifically working with Connecticut students and families, motivated Nick to take his passion for civic engagement and represent East Lyme, Salem, and Montville in Hartford.

Nick is firmly pro choice and believes the Supreme Court’s ruling is both an incredible danger to so many people because it targets the right to privacy and equal rights for citizens. The best way to help Connecticut’s economy is by making it more affordable for citizens. He wants to make housing and energy more affordable by increasing wages and purchasing power for everyone while also making environmentally conscious choices. He also wants to preserve open space and help Connecticut move to a more sustainable energy system to help combat climate change.

Eva Bermúdez Zimmerman

Connecticut Senate, District 30

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Eva is the CCFCT Coalition Co-Chair. She is the daughter of educators, who insisted she sign up as the youngest plaintiff in the landmark school desegregation case, Sheff v. O’Neill. The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled: “the state had an affirmative obligation to provide equal educational opportunities to every student.” Eva remembers underfunded classrooms and her bilingual program being cut, while losing friends to gang and drug violence that plagued Hartford during her youth. The court case framed what would become her career in organizing and activism. As a polyglot Boricua, she used her time away from Hartford doing humanitarian efforts in Brazil, participated in the student strikes in Puerto Rico, and conducted legislative research for Congressman Rangel’s office in Capitol Hill. Eva found a home for her activism with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and serves as the CSEA SEIU Local 2001 Childcare & Organizing Director. She fights for affordable childcare, wider access to healthcare, and improving the lives of working people. The former Newtown Councilwoman was awarded Latina of the year by LPRAC of the Connecticut State Legislature for her role as an Assister in Connecticut Access Health Exchange, which enrolled over 15,000 people in the Affordable Care Act. Eva continues to serve on the board of ACLU Connecticut, Connecticut Early Childhood Cabinet, OEC External Stakeholder, Paid Family Medical Leave Board, and Political CT.


Sarah McBride

Delaware Senate, District 1

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Senator McBride represents the First State Senate District. Raised in Wilmington, she graduated from Cab Calloway School of the Arts and American University.

She has been involved in community advocacy for most of her life, including working for former Governor Jack Markell, the late Attorney General Beau Biden, and as a White House intern during the Obama Administration. Most recently, she served as a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ equal rights organization.

McBride has taught public policy at the University of Delaware and is the author of the 2018 memoir, “Tomorrow Will Be Different.” When McBride was elected in November 2020, succeeding former state Senator Harris B. McDowell III, she became the first openly transgender state senator in American history.

As a state senator, she has passed legislation expanding access to health care, requiring mental health and media literacy education in public schools, promoting green technologies, and protecting workers and families. In just her first term, Senator McBride passed the landmark Healthy Delaware Families Act, providing paid family and medical leave to workers throughout the First State and marking the largest expansion of Delaware’s social safety net in decades.

She currently serves as chair of the Senate Health & Social Services Committee and is a member of the Senate Housing Committee, Senate Corrections & Public Safety Committee, Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, and the Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee.


Michael Anderson

Florida House, District 17

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

As a young person born with a disability and a stutter, Michael knows the power of using one’s voice and BELIEVING THEIR VOICE MATTERS! Michael is tired of the stories that are being told about his state, city, and people. For Michael, policies and laws should never be based on fear tactics! Policy should be based on real stories and ideas that come from the community. Change starts with truth. The truth is: local and state leaders don’t care about everyday people, and this needs to change. Stories are the essence of the human experience, and everyone’s voice has power. Stories tell people who they are, and everyone’s stories matter. Michael wants to change the story and ensure every voice is heard in his district.

Adam Benna

Florida House, District 114

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

A lifelong Floridian, Adam’s parents taught him the value of community engagement from a very young age. Adam harbored a strong desire to give back to his community, which led him to become a congressional aide for a member of congress in Florida. There, he learned the value that elected officials can bring to their communities, not just in passing good laws, but in providing resources and support to those in need. The experience also taught him about the inner workings of the legislative process and gave him a deep understanding of issues that are central to Floridians.

Adam earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and government from the University of Central Florida. His studies continued at the Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law, where he earned a J.D. He served on the Florida Bar Board of Governors, Law Student Division and was elected President of the Student Bar Association. After being admitted to the Florida Bar, Adam wished to stay in the public sector and pursued a job as Assistant State Attorney with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, where he worked under State Attorney Kathy Fernandez Rundle. He conducted jury trials on behalf of the state and worked to train incoming attorneys to more effectively handle the state attorney’s legal priorities.

Brian Martin

Pinellas County School Board, District 6

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Brian is a Florida native and product of the Florida Public School System. He is the father of four children enrolled in Pinellas County Public Schools and husband to a pediatric emergency medicine physician. He earned his bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering from the University of South Florida and is currently a small business owner. He spent the last 14 years working as a process and application engineer in the water and wastewater treatment industry. He is an expert at complex problem solving and working on teams with varied viewpoints.

Brian is committed to listening to experts and fiercely advocating for students, teachers, and families while on the school board. He believes that schools should be a safe and welcoming environment for all students, teachers, staff, and guests. He believes teachers and support staff are valued members of our community and should have the resources they need to be successful. Public education is vitally important to our society and we need to elect school board members committed to making our public schools the best options for all families.


Ariel Phillips

Georgia House, District 147

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Ariel has always felt an unavoidable pull to be a part of something greater than themself. They chased that feeling by joining the military almost fresh out of high school and there, they were able to experience life in ways that their small, conservative hometown couldn’t afford them. After bringing Ariel and their wife to Warner Robins, Ariel separated from the Air Force after 6 years of service. They found work in a few local service industry jobs before settling into their current role as a Manufacturing Analyst at Northrop Grumman. Today, Ariel is also a disabled veteran, small business owner, and student working toward a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

Ariel feels that “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself,” and it’s one of the main beliefs that pushed them to run for Georgia House District 147. Ariel knows that everything they have done in their life had been preparing them for this opportunity to be a strong and loyal voice for their district. Ariel is very new to the political world and has little interest in being a politician. However, they are very proud to have the chance at public service and believe that their lack of experience is more than made up for by their passion and drive. Ariel truly believes that when given the proper support, people will amaze you with the things that they can do, and Ariel supports issues that provide support, especially to our most vulnerable communities.

Madeline Smith

Georgia House, District 158

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Madeline is a native Georgian and social justice advocate with firsthand experience within the disabled community fighting for accessibility to healthcare, education and employment.

Over the last six years, Madeline received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Georgia Southern University in Psychology and Social Science, respectively. As the first woman with a disability to run for this seat, Madeline can bring a unique perspective to Georgia’s legislature through her experiences and community that benefits us all.

Madeline is running for House District 158 to bring new life to rural Georgia through funding education, supporting the state’s agriculture, and providing quality healthcare to those who need it.


Daniel Pittman

Sangamon County Treasurer

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Born and raised in Central Illinois, Dan is a Public Service Administrator for Illinois Medicaid, a volunteer coach, and a community volunteer. He is running for Sangamon County Treasurer to improve efficiency and to expand office hours and services for a vital community office.

As a high school senior at Springfield Southeast High School, he watched the World Trade Center fall, and he saw this as a chance to serve his country. Soon after graduation, he left for the Marines Corp boot camp and spent the next five years as an active duty Marine. His time in the Marine Corps was spent as a powerline mechanic and collateral duty inspector in the C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft. During this time, Dan visited dozens of countries and participated in hundreds of operations in service to his country. After completing his tour of duty, Dan returned home with his wife and worked day positions in management and maintenance, all while using his GI Bill to further his education and complete his business degree from the University of Illinois Springfield. Over the next five years, Daniel started as an operations manager with the State of Illinois and furthered his education by graduating with a master’s degree in public administration.


Ryan Stratman

Vanderburgh County Board, District 2

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

As an accountant, Ryan has an affinity for numbers. He is running for Vanderburgh County Commissioner to leverage his knowledge of data and statistics to govern in an objective and nonpartisan manner. But the people behind the data matter, too. Local governments are the true laboratories of democracy, and with creativity, they can solve a host of problems to create stronger, healthier, more resilient communities.

Ryan also believes that collaboration and inclusion are key in developing good public policy. As commissioner, he will ensure that everyone has a seat at the table. As the father of three children, Ryan considers the future of this community his top priority. He is running to enhance the quality of life for all residents, promote economic competitiveness, and invest in infrastructure that will carry our community toward a brighter future.


Whitney Mixdorf

Iowa Senate, District 30

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Whitney is a lifelong North Iowan, happy to be raising her family and growing her business in her hometown. She is the mom of three young girls, a small business owner, and a dedicated community activist. Whitney is running for Iowa Senate District 30 to defend the rights of Iowans and advocate for families like hers. She is unapologetically pro-choice, a staunch defender of Iowa’s public education system, and ready to fight for working-class Iowans.

Matt Robinson

Iowa Senate, District 33

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Matt was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa. Growing up in a working class family, he learned early on the values of empathy, compassion, a strong work ethic, and the desire to always improve the world around him. After graduating high school, Matt began work in the construction trades, where he has spent the last 11 years advancing Iowa’s infrastructure and building stronger communities.

Now is the time to put that same hard work in for his community as a senator. Iowans need an ally in the capitol. He will work to improve schools, advocate for public education, create good paying jobs, retain hardworking Iowans in the workforce, and help revitalize rural communities. He’s ready to put in the work and build a better Iowa.


Christi Pribula

Kansas House, District 27

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Christi is a licensed attorney, small business owner and mother of four sons running to represent Kansas House, District 27, where she has lived since 2010. She will be an advocate for her community and will serve with transparency as she focuses on common-sense policies that put people over politics. Christi’s campaign is focused on fully funding special education to improve education for every Kansas child, eliminating state-level taxes on food, reforming property taxes, and maintaining women’s rights to reproductive care and privacy. By focusing on finding common-sense solutions for issues, we can keep Kansas a thriving and inclusive community for years to come.

Christi graduated from the University of North Dakota summa cum laude at age 20, and subsequently graduated from the University of Kansas School of Law. She has been a Kansas resident continuously since 2004 and is married to her college sweetheart, Joe. She was raised with her three siblings by parents that were both in public service careers: her dad, a Sheriff’s Lieutenant, and her mother, a distinguished public-school teacher. Her parents instilled integrity, a strong moral compass, and service to others as non-negotiable character traits and Christi has demonstrated each in her years as an attorney in a local trust company and as a previously licensed foster parent. She will bring her years of legal experience and unwavering character strength to her advocacy and service for District 27 and the State of Kansas.

Mel Pinick

Kansas House, District 121

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Mel is a working mother who cares about making things better for all working families. It’s personal for her.

After experiencing the struggle of being a new parent without covered maternity leave, she worked with her employer to get a parental leave benefit implemented for the company. After successfully advocating for herself, she now wants to help represent the needs of regular people in the statehouse.

Her personal experience with autoimmune disorders has solidified her belief that everyone deserves quality, affordable healthcare. Mel is committed to working to expand KanCare which will give the 150k+ Kansans in the coverage gap access to quality healthcare, strengthen our rural hospitals, and lower healthcare costs for all Kansans.

She believes in our highly rated Johnson County schools and that public education is the foundation to a great society and economy. She will work to ensure that our public schools and special education are fully funded.

Mel is inspired and supported by her loving husband James, and her two young children, Oliver and Maya. Oliver has already helped draft her first bill stating: “Mommy, I think you should make a law that says if something is important to people it shouldn’t be so expensive.”

Jalon Britton

Kansas House, District 85

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Jalon is running for the Kansas House because he believes Kansans deserve better, authentic representation. Kansas needs representatives that will fight for small business and social liberties. Jalon will represent his district with integrity and transparency. He will work for the people. Jalon will always be up to date on the issues facing his community in a way that allows for comprehensive solutions. Jalon believes our current Kansas Legislature does not reflect the young, diverse, and impacted identities of his community.

Born in Little Rock, AR, Jalon’s drive to help people was evident from an early age. At only 16, Jalon along with his three siblings and cousins started their first nonprofit, providing safer entertainment options for inner city youth and holiday meals to families in need.

Following graduation from high school, Jalon attended Arkansas Baptist College where he played baseball for two years.

After college, Jalon pursued a career at Kids Across America where he worked as a counselor, supervising and guiding kids through the camp’s daily schedule. He was soon promoted to the camp leadership team as the Programs Director. Jalon has worked for his local school district as a para-educator and football coach.


Chad Aull

Kentucky House, District 79

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Chad was lucky to spend his childhood growing up on his family’s farm in Western Kentucky, where they raised cows, horses, and the occasional pig. He graduated from Daviess County High School and was active in the student council and FFA (formerly known as Future Farmers of America).

In 2004 Chad graduated from Western Kentucky University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in agriculture education. He served as President of the College Democrats and as the State Vice-President of the Kentucky Association of FFA.

After college, Chad spent several years serving in state government as Jonathan Miller’s Deputy Chief of Staff in the State Treasurer’s Office, Director of Constituent Services for Governor Steve Beshear, and Special Assistant to Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson. For the past eight years, Chad has worked in the information technology sector, having served as the Disaster Recovery Coordinator and Information Technology Escalation Manager for Kentucky’s Health Benefit Exchange, better known as kynect. Chad is currently employed by UK Healthcare as the EHR Program Lead in Revenue Cycle, where he helped lead the implementation of a new single electronic medical records application. Chad lives in Lexington with his wife and children. He is active in the community as the Morton Middle School PTSA Treasurer and previously as the President of the Lansdowne Neighborhood Association and former board member of the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center.

Nathan Hernandez

St. Matthews City Council

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Nathan Hernandez is running for St. Matthews City Council to champion local businesses, advocate for working families, and promote racial equity. Being Latinx and the youngest candidate in the race, Nathan aims to bring a fresh perspective to the City Council. He has a background in economics, nonprofit management, government administration, and is working to establish the Louisville Association for Community Economics (LACE). LACE is a new nonprofit organization that develops community-owned businesses that address racial inequities. If elected, Nathan would be the first person of color to serve on the Council in the city’s history and promises to ensure he won’t be the last.


Darryl Ware

Mayor of Shreveport

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Darryl is the youngest mayoral candidate for the city of Shreveport, Louisiana at the age of 29. Darryl decided to run for mayor after hearing the countless gunshots, seeing the crumbling infrastructure, and feeling the effects of a dying economy. Last year, the city experienced a record number of homicides, the infrastructure failed, and people were still left underpaid.

Darryl graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Management with a minor in History from Louisiana Tech University. He also has a Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in Infectious Disease Epidemiology from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He is the first African-American to do so. Darryl has led people, managed budgets, and developed strategies at organizations such as Susan G. Komen, The Department of Veterans Affairs, Texas Children’s Hospital, Northwestern Medicine, and Kaiser Permanente to help improve the overall performance of each company. After leaving the industry, Darryl volunteered for Congresswoman Maxine Waters in South-Central Los Angeles and also volunteered for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. Finally, Darryl attended President Joe Biden’s Campaign Reception. That was the first President of the United States of America he ever saw in person.

Adam Kwentua

East Baton Rouge District Court Judge, Section 2, Division G

General Election Date: December 10, 2022

Adam is an Assistant District Attorney with the 19th JDC, Office of the District Attorney and a youth coach with the Gardere Youth Alliance & Gardere Initiative. Adam’s work has included time as the Southern Regional Director and Louisiana Chapter President of the National Black Prosecutors Association, an organization geared towards the education, training, communication and development of minorities in the law enforcement and legal professional communities. Adam seeks to be a bridge from the court system back to the community by using the same motto he uses with his youth football team: Accountability, Commitment, Community. His ultimate goal is to strive to keep the community safe but to engage with the court system in a way that seeks to make an individual better leaving the court system than the individual was coming into the court system through education, access to resources, and by addressing foundational needs.

Adam is a graduate of Southern University Law Center and Tulane University, A.B. Freeman School of Business. He is an active member of Faith Chapel Church of God, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated, and a regular speaker with organizations such as the Youth Peace Olympics, Fathers on a Mission (F.O.A.M.) and the Gardere Initiative among others.


Cameron Reny

Maine Senate, District 13

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Cameron grew up in a working class family in Bristol. She became a school counselor to make a positive impact by giving students the skills they need to meet their potential academically, social-emotionally, and in regards to career development. She has spent the past several years working to solve problems, find resources, and support children and youth at the local, district, and state-wide levels.

After years as an educator, and now raising two young children of her own, Cameron feels strongly that it is everyone’s responsibility to work for a sustainable future that allows the next generations to thrive. She understands the challenges facing regular Mainers through her work with local families, as well as her lived experience. Cameron will work on environmental conservation, affordable housing, and access to quality healthcare. She is ready to bring her communication and advocacy skills to Augusta to speak up for her community.


Nicholas Allen

Maryland House, District 8

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Nick is a proud Marylander, West Point graduate, and Afghanistan veteran who is running for the Maryland House of Delegates. He is running because he believes local and state elections matter and because he believes in the importance of leadership and service.

He wants to see Maryland become a leader in green energy and green energy jobs, education, healthcare, and small business development.

Brandon Russell

St. Mary’s County Commissioner, District 2

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Brandon is a passionate community organizer who is running for St. Mary’s County Commissioner, District 2. A lifelong resident of St. Mary’s, Brandon is dedicated to expanding healthcare access that will serve a growing population while preserving the county’s rural legacy with proper land use and zoning. Brandon suggested a change in the by-laws of the local Human Relations Commission to include all federally protected classes which resulted in state legislation. He advocated for equal treatment of the local library system after it was penalized by the county government for allowing LGBTQ+ events to reserve public meeting spaces. Brandon has assisted with organizing the local March for Equality, Women’s Rally, Bans off Our Bodies, and Rally for Our Rights, where he stood in support with the community. He led the charge in opposing unfair local redistricting efforts to fight gerrymandering. He stood with educators and public safety officers in fighting for increased wages during the county’s budget process. Brandon has also advocated against development that harms small businesses. His “HELP” plan, for Healthcare, Education, Land Use, and Public Safety will ensure St. Mary’s County plans adequately for the future. Brandon believes in proactive, responsive, and fair leadership that will truly serve all St. Mary’s Countians. Brandon lives in Leonardtown, MD with his husband.

Luc Angelot

Wicomico County School Board, District 1

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Luc is a first-generation Haitian American and a recent high school graduate. He is running to represent the people of District 1 on the Wicomico County School Board. He is running to ensure young people and immigrants have a seat at the table, as he knows the issues they face, such as mental health, lack of financial literacy, and the dwindling of the teacher workforce. He has a detailed plan on how to address them, and he plans to work with fellow board members to address those issues.


Christopher Flanangan

Massachusetts House, 1st Barnstable District

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Chris’ career has been one of service. Having worked for two U.S. senators from Massachusetts, Chris drafted legislation that helped veterans, students, and seniors of the Commonwealth as well as the environment and climate. Currently a two-term Dennis Select Board Member, Chris was also elected to serve as the chair for three consecutive years. Locally, Chris is the Executive Officer of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod, where he specializes in housing, zoning, and infrastructure. Chris and his wife Ashley live in Dennis with their daughter Aubrey, and are expecting twins.


Douglas VanBenneKom

Ottawa County Board, District 10

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Douglas was born and raised in the Ottawa County 10th Commission District. He wants to fight for working class families like his own that struggle with high costs of housing. He supports repairing and expanding the local infrastructure to better serve the community. He knows that beaches and parks are an important part of Ottawa County and protecting the environment is a top priority.

Jasper Martus

Michigan House, District 69

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Jasper’s family has called Genesee County home for over a century. Whether it was the factory floor, the classroom, or wide open fields, his family has always worked hard to make their community a better place. Jasper is running for state representative to be his community’s voice in Lansing. He has seen what the government can do well and how the government can do better.

Whether it was connecting veterans to the medical care they needed as a caseworker for Congressman Kildee or crafting legislation in our state’s capital, he is reminded that every person has a story. As he campaigns across the district, listening to the stories of thousands of neighbors, he hears about the issues that are on the minds of people, like creating better job opportunities, improving public safety, curbing inflation, investing in education, and repealing the pension tax, just to name a few. As state representative, he will take concerns to Lansing and fight for a better Michigan for all.

Dylan Wegela

Michigan House, District 26

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Dylan is a public school teacher, education activist, and former union president running for Michigan District 26 State Representative. A graduate of Eastern Michigan University, he has spent the last seven years teaching history in South Korea, Arizona, and Michigan. Dylan serves as a union leader, education activist, and organizer, helping to bring education reform to his communities. His passion for education helped sparked the 2018 #RedForED movement in Arizona, resulting in returning $400 million to the state education budget. Through these experiences, Dylan has realized the importance of standing up for students, educators, and the working class. He promises to bring this fight to the Michigan State Legislature.

Rayonte Bell

Berrien County Board of Commissioners, District 5

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Rayonte was elected to the Berrien County Board of Commissioners in November 2020 and serves on the Personnel & Human Services Committee, Twin Cities Transportation Authority, Community Corrections Advisory Board, Michigan Association of Counties Judiciary and Public Safety Committee, Mental Health Authority, and many other committees.

Rayonte volunteers as a board member of the Spectrum Health Lakeland Hospital Board, Avenue Family Network (formerly Child & Family Services) executive board, local chapter of the NAACP, S.H.A.R.P. Foundation (Society Harmonizing Against Racial Profiling), and his home church, Progressive Missionary Baptist Church.

A native from Benton Harbor, MI, Rayonte is a graduate of Countryside Academy and is currently finishing a degree in engineering at LMC. He plans to transfer to Andrews University to complete a B.S. in architecture and a minor in religious studies. Ray is currently the Deputy Director of Berrien Forward, a local nonprofit organization in Berrien County, dedicated to community organizing and increasing civic engagement, advocating for equal and fair voting rights, and passing progressive policies across the southwest Michigan area.

Becky Spagnuolo

Walled Lake School Board, At Large

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Becky has dedicated her life to helping others. In the classroom, she is a teacher’s aide and parent volunteer. In the wider community, she serves as a police officer and works with the parks department. She’s running for the Board of Education of the Walled Lake Consolidated School District because she’s seen the struggles students, parents, teachers, and staff have faced, especially during the past few years, and she refuses to stand by when she can do something to help.

Becky stands against those who would turn our schools into the next battlefield for the culture wars on public and mental health, racial and gender diversity, gun safety, and the accuracy of science and history, diminishing and endangering the whole community to push their own personal agendas. She stands against billionaires like Betsy DeVos and special interests who have influenced the state legislature to chronically underfund and undermine public education, lined their own pockets, and left our most vulnerable children behind.

Becky is running so that every member of the community can receive an exceptional education and the resources they need to thrive. She’ll strive for a united community whose members are free from harassment and discrimination, have necessary protections from threats of disease and danger, and have access to opportunities regardless of their personal wealth. She’ll fight for her community. Becky lives in Wixom, MI with her husband and two sons.


Lori Saroya

Blaine City Council, Ward 1

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Lori is a proud resident of Blaine and a candidate for Blaine City Council, Ward 1. Lori and her husband have lived in Blaine for 18 years and are raising their three children. Lori is the daughter of immigrants who came to the United States in the late 1960s. Her family settled in rural Iowa and she moved to Minnesota to attend St. Catherine University in St. Paul. Lori earned her J.D. from Mitchell Hamline School of Law.

Lori is committed to service and community and received the Governor’s Community Leadership Service Award. In addition to her 15 years experience in the nonprofit sector and 7 years on the Blaine Charter Commission, she served on the Minnesota Judicial Branch Committee for Equality and Justice, St. Paul Human Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity Commission, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Board of Directors, and the Alumni Board of Mitchell Hamline School of Law. As a nonprofit leader, Lori has spent her entire career empowering communities to learn, grow and succeed together. She is committed to building a safe and inclusive Blaine where everyone is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Aaron Wagner

Robbinsdale City Council, Ward 4

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Aaron is running for Robbinsdale’s City Council because he wants to empower the working people of his city. He knows that policies like a city-wide $15 minimum wage, sick and safe time, and expanding public transit options in Robbinsdale will do just that. He is ready and eager to fight for those things and more.

Aaron is a proud member of MAPE Local 802, Twin Cities DSA, and the Minnesota DFL. He is passionate about labor politics and firmly believes in the right for workers to form a union and negotiate for fair wages and workplace safety. This commitment to working people extends beyond unions. He believes that the working class should have the ultimate say in how they are governed. No one else knows themselves or their communities better. Aaron would be honored to serve the residents of Ward 4 to help recognize this vision.

Aaron has been an information technology worker for over seven years. Keeping in line with his value of public service, he recently worked in the IT department of a local university and currently works for the State of Minnesota.

Hanna Valento

Minnesota House, District 33A

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Hanna is running for an open seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. She has lived in District 33A her whole life and is currently on the Minnesota’s Governor’s Workforce Development Board and the Forest Lake City Council. She is a licensed attorney and the first-ever Revisor of Statutes for the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe.

Hanna’s top priorities are: strong workforce, education, and sustainable environment. She decided to run because politics around the country and in her own community has become so divisive. She wants to be the person that will listen and build a community that everyone can be a part of.


Jessica Slisz

Missouri House, District 49

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Jessica is a 7th generation Callawegian who has the drive and compassion to make sure the needs and voices of the people are represented in the State House. As a young woman she liked volunteering at the Callaway Senior Center and was active in the FFA. She and her husband Jared enjoy hunting, fishing, backyard bonfires, and potluck dinners. They chose to live in the rural community she grew up in, just a few miles from her parents’ house.

Jessie elected to stay in her home county for her higher education, attending Westminster College and majoring in political science. She is a strong advocate for farmers, rural healthcare, and quality education. Her political focus is on putting real people back in the people’s house and being a voice for every member of her community. She would be honored to work hard for the people of House District 49.

Ashley Aune

Missouri House, District 14

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Ashley is a first-term state representative, serving a portion of the Kansas City Northland in Platte County. As a wife, stepmom, business owner, and public servant, Ashley works within her community to affect positive change — championing quality public schools, economic development, public safety, workers’ rights, reproductive freedom, and access to good jobs and affordable healthcare. Ashley believes that collaboration and compromise are the cornerstones of good public policy, so she works across the aisle every day to make life better in the Northland and all across Missouri.

Amy Freeland

Missouri House, District 140

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Amy Freeland is a working-class professional and community leader who has rallied for years to improve outcomes for people in Southwest Missouri. As a volunteer activist, she has canvassed for reproductive justice, healthcare for all, workers’ rights, and LGBTQ+ equality. Her efforts in previous election cycles helped to expand Medicaid and defeat anti-union legislation as well as elect forward-thinking candidates.

She is running to represent House District 140 in deep red Christian County, where Democrats are seldom on the ballot. From talking with her neighbors, Amy knows that this district needs fully funded public education, accessible and affordable healthcare, accountability in government, and a stronger local economy that prioritizes people over profit. She also knows that there are more progressives in the rural and suburban Ozarks than polling would suggest. Everyone thinks they’re the only Democrat on their street until the yard signs go up! Moreover, regardless of party, everyone has a struggle. As long as neighbors can talk to each other about their struggles, they can find common ground.

Amy lives in Ozark with her husband Corey and cat Cinder. Her own struggles include running her campaign while working full-time and navigating a neurotypical world as an autistic person. She graduated summa cum laude with Honors from Drury University and currently works as a quality assurance analyst.


Andrea Getts

Montana House, District 3

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Growing up in Columbia Falls, Andrea benefited from what makes her community so special — access to public lands, public parks, public services, public schools, and the investment of residents of all ages who care about the community. Throughout her life, she has a proven commitment to public service. This has ranged from volunteering with her youth group and civic clubs while growing up, to completing two years of federal service as an AmeriCorps VISTA after graduating college. Running to represent House District 3 in Helena is just another step in her journey of serving her community.

The issues that Andrea is passionate about include education, housing, food access, public lands, healthcare, and creating and maintaining multi-generational communities. She truly cares about local issues and addressing the needs of her constituents. Andrea’s history of service, dedication to our community, leadership experience, and work ethic make her uniquely suited to represent House District 3 at the Montana State Legislature.


Christine Clerc

Bellevue Public School Board, District 1

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Christine is a trained physician assistant and a mom of two, who knows that a quality education system is a major part of a community’s foundation. It is essential to support local families and to grow our next generations of thinkers and doers. A strong public school system is also important for the sustainability and growth of the city itself.

Christine is committed to using her knowledge of child development and the complex problem-solving skills she gained as a healthcare professional to assist the district. She wants to grow and improve upon the programs in Bellevue Public Schools to support children and families of all needs, but especially those on the margins. Lifting up our educators is also a top priority. She seeks to educate herself on community concerns and will approach issues with an open mind, a willingness to listen, and openness to having difficult discussions in a respectful and productive way.


Brenda Zamora

Clark County School Board, District D

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Brenda comes from a family of organizers who have worked on various political and issue campaigns. As a mother of three girls, she understands the daily struggles many mothers face. Layered into her life is the reality that one of her children faces challenges with an IEP and vision impairment. These struggles have given Brenda a greater sense of purpose and determination to build a bridge between families and the school district so children can reach their full potential. Brenda has been active with her children’s School Organizing Team (SOT) for the past four years.​ She understands the desperate need for accessibility and transparency between the school board and families, and she wants to raise awareness of the importance for parents to be actively involved in their children’s school.


Corrine Morse

New Hampshire House, Grafton District 9

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Corinne is a wife and mother living in Canaan, NH. Corinne is dedicated to serving her community and is a current member of the town planning board and an active member of the Canaan Elementary School PTA. She believes in building strong communities that allow everyone to thrive, and she will make this her first priority if elected to represent Grafton County District 9. Corinne is committed to making quality education accessible, providing property tax relief, ensuring access to healthcare for all, and fighting climate change.

Becky Whitley

New Hampshire Senate, District 15

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Senator Whitley represents District 15 in the New Hampshire State Senate. As a lawyer and a mom, she believes in the importance of having the voice of a working parent in the New Hampshire Senate. Her entire career has been committed to social justice and public service, working as a disability rights lawyer, climate activist and organizer, and child health policy specialist and advocate. Senator Whitley has both the expertise and tenacity needed to take on the toughest issues, as well as the hands-on experience to create systemic change. Senator Whitley is actively working to ensure that every Granite Stater has an equal opportunity to have health care, education, a livable wage, and a clean and healthy environment. She has seen firsthand the challenges communities face with mental health, substance misuse, workforce, child protection, racial injustice, and climate crises. Senator Whitley is committed to her continued work to re-imagine making a healthy New Hampshire for everyone regardless of race, gender-identity, zip code, or economic status.

Hannah Bissex

New Hampshire House, District 14

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Hannah is a mother of three, a wife, a teacher, and a farmer. As a founding member of the South of Monadnock Community, she knows the community is strongest when people work together. Hannah is running to represent Rindge in the NH Legislature and is excited to bring fresh ideas and responsive policies to a fossilized institution. She is running on a platform of community building and respect for diverse perspectives.

Hannah will work towards solutions that build community resilience, ensure that children thrive in the future, and preserve individual rights. Hannah knows that supporting families to live, work, and thrive is key to New Hampshire’s future. As an educator, she knows that a school system that serves all students with quality education will prepare future leaders. As a farmer, she knows that a changing climate means preserving natural systems that support the community and finding long-term energy solutions. As a community member, she knows that providing for each other in need defines our stability. Democracy requires participation, and the community needs leaders who understand that policy is about people. Hannah is committed to listening to and learning from her community with sensible policies that serve to unite and strengthen the community.

Michela Hites

New Hampshire House, Rockingham 16 District

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Michela’s passion for civil service is built on the belief that representative government demands solidarity with the community you serve. She is a lifelong Londonderry resident and proud member of the working middle class. Michela understands the issues that affect this community because she’s a part of it. As a Londonderry High School graduate, quality public education was a foundational influence on Michela. She went on to pursue secondary education in the region as well. She studied at the University of New Hampshire Manchester and New Hampshire Community Technical College before completing her certificate in dental assisting.

Her political career began in 2016 as a canvasser for candidates up and down the ballot. On the frontlines of campaigns, Michela heard directly from constituents about the issues that matter most to them. That’s why she is committed to supporting public education, protecting clean water, and defending reproductive rights. She also found a kinship with those she engaged with in their perceived lack of a voice in local politics. Michela decided it was time to be the representation she so often felt she lacked. She is committed to ensuring that the people of Londonderry are truly reflected in the policies that affect them.

Neil Misra

New Hampshire House, Rockingham 25 District

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Neil is a candidate for state representative in Salem, New Hampshire. The son of two Asian immigrants, he is running to provide a fresh and diverse perspective to a stagnant legislature that has traditionally been dominated by the same voices for years.

As a lifelong resident of Salem, Neil knows the breadth of serious challenges faced by his community. Reproductive rights are being stripped away by extremist politicians. Ballooning energy costs are hurting wallets. Public schools are under attack by radical right-wing agendas. If elected, Neil will fight tirelessly to keep abortion legal and to ensure that reproductive rights are never compromised in the state. He will also raise renewable energy targets, which will reduce energy costs for households and help combat the ongoing climate crisis. Furthermore, he will abolish the reckless school voucher program introduced by Republicans, which siphons taxpayer money away from public schools to subsidize private schools. As a product of the state’s public school system, Neil is an unwavering supporter of public education and does not believe it is right to undermine public schools by leaching their funding. Lastly, Neil will introduce legislation to facilitate the legalization of cannabis in the state. Existing cannabis policies disproportionately hurt marginalized groups — legalization can help remedy this grave injustice.

Christal Lloyd

New Hampshire House, Hillsborough 8 District

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Christal is a candidate who is firmly grounded in her community. She has over 16 years of experience working in the non-profit field, working with organizations that have added to her knowledge of animal welfare, education, and healthcare. She is running for State Representative for Nashua’s Ward 6 and is fighting for reproductive freedom, public education, inclusion, and equality for all. In addition to her work, she also volunteers on the executive board of directors for Boston Swing Central, a Lindy Hop dance organization, where she helped institute safe spaces policies and continually ensures a welcoming community. In animal welfare, she continues to be a strong advocate against breed specific legislation. She lives in Ward 6 of Nashua with her dog, Mille.


Jason Hodrinsky

Hasbrouck Heights City Council

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Jason is an attorney fighting for the rights of victims of corporate negligence and abuse. He is running for Hasbrouck Heights Town Council to make Hasbrouck Heights government work for all residents and not just a select few. Since moving to Hasbrouck Heights six years ago, Jason has helped resident groups organize community events, including hosting the first ever pride flag raising at his home in response to the mayor and council refusing to raise a pride flag on borough property. Seeing how local politics have become increasingly polarized and beholden to private developers, Jason is running to create an atmosphere of honesty, open conversation, and open minds where all residents are invited to participate in the conversation.

Carlos Rodriguez

Lawrence Township Board of Education

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Carlos is a student advocate, author — published at 19 — and entrepreneur. His experience as a Lawrence Township student offers a diverse mindset and identity that can close the communication gap between the students, the administration, and the community. He is running for a seat on the Board of Education in Lawrence Township on the four pillars that encapsulate what is needed for students in Lawrence to succeed, which include: opportunity, mindfulness, security, and accessibility. As an Asian-Latino American, he at times, experienced being the only Latino in an AP class, where the Latino population is the largest minority demographic in the community. This proves that although Lawrence provides a quality education for its students, there are missed opportunities. His forward thinking perspective would engage conversation that not only tackles issues in the present, but can establish concrete and empirical goals for the future.

Carlos is a student advocate, author — published at 19 — and entrepreneur. His experience as a Lawrence Township student offers a diverse mindset and identity that can close the communication gap between the students, the administration, and the community. He is running for a seat on the Board of Education in Lawrence Township on the four pillars that encapsulate what is needed for students in Lawrence to succeed, which include: opportunity, mindfulness, security, and accessibility. As an Asian-Latino American, he at times, experienced being the only Latino in an AP class, where the Latino population is the largest minority demographic in the community. This proves that although Lawrence provides a quality education for its students, there are missed opportunities. His forward thinking perspective would engage conversation that not only tackles issues in the present, but can establish concrete and empirical goals for the future.

Vanessa James

Pitman Borough Council

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Vanessa is running for re-election to the Pitman Borough Council. Vanessa is married, a mother of two, and an attorney who represents municipal governments. During her last three years on the council, Vanessa has served as the liaison to the Parks & Recreation Department, the Greater Pitman Chamber of Commerce, the McCowan Memorial Library, and Pitman’s newly created Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Vanessa has seen firsthand how local government can impact the lives of residents, and it is her greatest desire to continue as a member of Pitman Borough Council to ensure that Pitman remains the best place in South Jersey to live and raise a family.


Matthew Mackey

New York Assembly, District 101

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Matthew is a social worker and social justice advocate with over 30 years of experience. Starting at a young age, Matthew has been an advocate for disenfranchised community groups ranging from differently-abled people to the LGBTQIA+ community, using their voice to uplift communities through policy advocacy.

Matthew is running to represent New York State Assembly District 101, the most gerrymandered rural district in the state on a platform of fighting social injustice, empowering communities, educational reform, establishing a universal healthcare system and expanding rural healthcare access.

Matthew has a master’s in social work from Adelphi University where xe focused on systemic change through policy. A fighter for people all xis life, Matthew used the power of collective action to help stop the deportation of a same-sex, bi-national couple by petitioning the Obama administration in 2011, and later co-founded a group dedicated to ending oppression within the social work profession and provide affirmative experiences for LGBTQIA+ social workers.

Matthew also serves on the advocacy and government relations and social justice committees of the National Association of Social Workers — New York State Chapter, where xe helps form policy agendas and speaks directly to State Legislators to make changes in existing policy. Matthew lives in Kerhonkson, NY with xis husband.

Matthew Wahila

Broome County Legislature, District 7

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Dr. Wahila is a PhD physicist, research scientist, and educator at Binghamton University, where he currently works investigating next-generation Li-ion battery materials, solar cell materials, hardware-based machine learning, and other emerging technologies.

He has been involved in local community organizing and advocacy for many years, working to address issues such as climate change, economic justice, and environmental conservation. He is also a member of his local Democratic Committee and the current chairperson of his town’s Tree Committee.

Dr. Wahila is running in Broome County’s 7th district in Upstate NY, composed of a diverse mix of rural, residential, and commercial areas (including a large industrial complex that previously housed IBM, which is now becoming home to a Li-ion battery gigafactory, a solar cell manufacturer, and several other high-tech manufacturing businesses). He has deep roots in this district, which his family has called home for generations after immigrating to the U.S. from Italy and Czechoslovakia in the early 1900s. His connection to the area and his in-depth knowledge of renewable energy technologies, next-generation computing technologies, and advanced microelectronic manufacturing make him the perfect candidate to oversee the coming shift of District 7’s struggling economy into a booming green economy that can help the nation address climate change, while producing good-paying, environmentally-friendly jobs.

Clarissa Spiller Ivan

Olean City Council, Ward 3

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Clarissa is a mother, budding grant writer, and social justice advocate. She is running for Olean City Council Ward 3 in Western New York. As a sixth-generation Ward 3 resident, she was shocked when a murder occurred in her neighborhood on the same street where her newborn son lay sleeping. She knew this tragedy had to be a catalyst for positive change. Clarissa wants to bring city funds and community services to underserved South Olean neighborhoods in Ward 3. In South Olean, safety issues, poor infrastructure, and overall appearance have fractured a sense of community for years.

Clarissa’s passion for strengthening communities began with her years volunteering for AmeriCorps, a sister program to the Peace Corps. Here, Clarissa gained valuable civic leadership skills while giving back to the American people. She saw firsthand the impact of positive change on small communities and their residents. Clarissa will bring to the city council the same energy and understanding that led her through AmeriCorps. Never in recent memory has a South Olean native been elected to represent the whole of Ward 3 on the city council. This community deserves an energized leader who is willing to put in the work. She is that candidate. As a council member, Clarissa will help rebuild a safer and healthier South Olean.


Christina Jones

Raleigh City Council, District E

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Christina is the Community Engagement candidate. She’s a mother, wife, substitute teacher, and community engagement advocate. Over the last five years she has gained first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of Raleigh by serving on the Parks Board, the Community Engagement Task Force, and taking advantage of free programs offered through the city, such as Raleigh Neighborhood College and Citizen Leadership Academy. Through the Parks Board, she has served on all four subcommittees, including Sustainability, Wildlife, and Urban Trees, Greenway, and Chairing the Parks Committee. She values Leadership, Transparency, and Communication. This is Raleigh, the Capital City, and members of this community need to blaze a trail for others to follow. Through social media, ongoing outreach, and regular Town Halls, Christina will be a true representative of our community’s voice.

Raleigh has a bright future! Residents can choose to work together to make it better or continue down a path to inequity. Addressing issues such as gentrification of neighborhoods, better pay for police, fire, and city staff, and open dialogue between residents and their representatives, we can build a more equitable and inclusive city. With endorsements from the Wake County Democratic Party, AFL-CIO, and now Run for Something, Christina is proving that by representing a broad spectrum of voices, Raleigh can work towards the best solutions together!

Brandon Gray

North Carolina House, District 62

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Brandon Gray is a North Carolina native, a small business owner, and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. Brandon — a community activist — serves as the first vice-chair of the Guilford County Democratic Party and on the North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Committee. He got his start in advocacy while protesting North Carolina’s anti-trans bill HB2. Brandon is taking his record of advocacy to the state House, working to create a North Carolina that welcomes and supports all people.


Vincent Peterson

Ohio House, District 64

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Vince is a graduate of Howland High School and received a full football scholarship to Villanova University. Upon his graduation from Villanova University, Vince moved back to Warren with a mission to create a positive change in his community.

He began his professional career working at Northeast Ohio Community Alternative Program as a resident supervisor. He transitioned to becoming a parole officer for the state of Ohio, where he worked on the FDA Task Force, Special Response Team, and Special Tactics and Response Team. Noted for his leadership skills, he was selected as an Agent of Change by his regional supervisor.

As a parole officer, he joined his father for a meeting with Congressman Tim Ryan. The Congressman was so impressed with the meeting that he called Vince two weeks later, offering him the position of Constituent Liaison and Field Representative. Vince accepted this position, and he has been working closely with Congressman Ryan and community leaders to enhance the community. Vince collaborates on projects that will enrich this community, including access to healthy food initiatives, addressing food deserts to remedy the lack of quality food available to communities, adequate access to addiction recovery services and mental health treatment, and improving racial disparities and inequities. Vince is married to his wife, Shanice, and is a proud dad to two daughters.

Lawrence Mulligan

Ohio House, District 46

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Larry is a local teacher and resides with his wife in his hometown of Middletown, OH. Larry graduated from Bishop Fenwick High School and attended Bowling Green State University, majoring in education and minoring in history. Larry began his teaching career as the Band Director at Holgate Local Schools and currently serves as Director of Music at his high school alma mater. Outside of running for office and working as a teacher, he serves on the board of and volunteers for the nonprofit, SORG (Sorg Opera Revitalization Group), which is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the historic late-19th century theater located in downtown Middletown.

Munira Abdullahi

Ohio House, District 9

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Munira grew up in the heart of Columbus, graduating from Columbus Alternative High School (CAHS). She received her political science and international relations degree from Ohio State University. She began her career working in a nonprofit, where she advocated for and promoted youth development, leadership, and community service. As a person with type-1 diabetes, Munira is passionate about making sure healthcare and medications are affordable so no one will experience the struggles she experienced with outrageous insulin prices and medical bills.

Andria Noble

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, General Division

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Andria has been a dedicated public servant throughout her career. She was an Assistant City Prosecutor at the Columbus City Attorney’s Office for over eight years. As a prosecutor, Andria felt it was important to ensure justice and be fair, reviewing each case on their own merits and determining what justice would be for that case. Andria then moved to the litigation and labor and employment law sections on the civil side of the Columbus City Attorney’s Office. As a litigant, Andria’s experience spans both criminal and civil cases in the local and federal courts, where she has tried dozens of jury trials and argued numerous hearings.

Andria has seen first-hand the importance of how a judge communicates with those that come before them, whether they are an attorney, a plaintiff, a defendant, a victim, or a witness. As a judge, she will be compassionate to all who come before her, taking the time to consider everyone involved, and listening with an open and impartial mind.

Andria is also a volunteer and leader in the community. She is currently the Co-President of the Columbus Bar Association Alliance, where she has been a board member since 2016. As a board member, she has assisted in fundraising for local organizations like Court Appointed Special Advocates of Franklin County, Ohio Wesleyan Junior League, Choices Domestic Violence Shelter, and Community Mediation Services.

Sam Lawrence

Ohio House, District 47

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Sam is a 19-year-old Miami University student focused on putting common sense over corruption in the Ohio Statehouse. He brings a different experience to the table, and will fight for all Ohioans, regardless of location or party affiliation. Sam is a passionate fighter for civil rights, policies that focus on the environment, and a bipartisan agenda to make Ohio work for its workers again. After years under a Republican supermajority, the state of Ohio has been backsliding. Our families, our workers, and our seniors deserve better.


Chaunté Gilmore

Oklahoma House, District 100

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Chaunté moved to Oklahoma City in 1996, and is a graduate of Putnam City High School, OCCC where she received an associate degree in physical therapy, Oklahoma State University where she received a bachelor’s in Athletic Training, and MACU where she earned a MBA-HCA degree. Chaunté is a practicing physical therapist assistant and has been a Covid-19 therapist throughout the pandemic. Physical therapy is her passion, and servant leadership is her God-given purpose. Chaunté is affiliated with many civic organizations that make a difference in Oklahoma, such as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, New Leaders Council, Oklahoma City Young Professionals, Junior League of OKC, Greater OKC Urban League Guild, and Leadership OKC. Serving in leadership roles in these organizations has allowed her to help others grow and develop their leadership skills throughout the state in an effort to make progressive change. Chaunté has always cared about the community and leaving a positive legacy for future generations. Inspired by her grandmother who was a church and community leader, as well as a Lawton City Council member, Chaunté will advocate and inspire others at the State Capitol. She is focused in the areas of healthcare, education, infrastructure, and criminal justice reform.


Wlnsvey Campos

Oregon Senate, District 18

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

As the daughter of immigrants raised in Bandon, OR by a single father in a low-income household, a renter, and a first generation college graduate, Wlnsvey has lived the real challenges Oregonians face today: rising costs, housing affordability, and access to quality health care. As a legislator, she has delivered concrete results to fix them such as lowered utility bills, expanded access to affordable healthcare, and over $500 million in housing relief.

Wlnsvey has spent nearly a decade in her community advocating for system-level policies to address the root causes of challenges in our housing, education, and healthcare systems, as well as the climate crisis. She understands that delivering for Oregonians shouldn’t be a partisan issue and will set politics aside to get the job done: she is the State Senator we need to be a champion for working families.

Victoria Ernst

Oregon House, District 24

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Victoria Ernst is an experienced and passionate advocate who is ready to meet the challenges facing Oregon. Victoria is a 5th generation Oregonian with deep agricultural roots in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. She grew up in Newberg and now lives in McMinnville where she serves on the city’s Budget Committee, volunteers weekly with Meals on Wheels, and works with Yamhill Community Action Partnership’s Housing Stability project. She currently works for a member of the UN International Law Commission and teaches international law at American University. She has previously worked with the UN Committee Against Torture, an international pro bono law firm, and the European Union Parliament. She started her legal career in civil legal aid, increasing access to justice for low-income individuals and representing clients in tribal court. Her relevant professional experience as an advocate and her dedication to her community make her uniquely qualified to champion the needs of rural Oregon at the state level.

Once elected, Victoria will fight to ensure that all Oregonians, regardless of zip code, have access to full reproductive justice; economic opportunities; adequate and affordable healthcare, including mental health care; schools and community spaces where they feel safe and supported; and a healthy, natural environment. She will also work to ensure that legislation takes into account the unique experiences of rural life, so rural communities can foster their economies and increase opportunities for all residents.


Vito Malacari

Pennsylvania House, District 119

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Vito is a lifelong native of Northeastern Pennsylvania and works at the Northwest Area School District as a high school history teacher. He is a recipient of the Gold Level Government Civic Engagement Award, given to teachers who register eligible seniors to vote. The son of a veteran, Vito also educates students on veterans affairs and has organized multiple Veteran’s Day events.

Serving as union president, Vito successfully negotiated fair contracts. He served as a District Labor Delegate for the NEPA Health Trust and kept healthcare costs down for local school districts while maintaining high levels of quality healthcare for employees.

As a football coach, he uses “We, Not Me” — which has become a driving force in his campaign. Just like coaching, Vito believes when lawmakers work together towards a common goal, real change can and does occur.

Vito graduated from King’s College, majoring in history and minoring in secondary education. He resides with his wife and twins in Hanover Township. As a proud father, Vito is a strong promoter of affordable, quality preschool.

Nick Miller

Pennsylvania Senate, District 14

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Nick is a fifth generation Allentown resident, a community leader, and businessman. Nick began his political career in 2019 when he was elected to the Allentown School Board, becoming one of the youngest public office holders in the city’s history. As the vice president of the Allentown School Board, Nick has always sought to engage community stakeholders and tackle issues critical to students’ futures. Nick is passionate about continuing to inspire young people to give back to their community to make it a better place for all. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Penn State University and a master’s in public administration from the University of Pennsylvania.

He was raised in Allentown by a single mom, who, to this day, continues to be his greatest source of inspiration. When he’s not working with local community leaders, families, and small business owners, Nick enjoys rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles, hiking, and spending time at local restaurants in Allentown. He also serves on the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce.


Brianna Henries

Rhode Island House, District 64

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Brianna is an arts educator and small business owner with a love for community advocacy. She’s a lifelong Rhode Islander, and won her seat in the general assembly last year. She ran for office to help shake up the status quo and give a voice back to the working class. She is now the Representative for District 64 in East Providence.

Giona Picheco

Rhode Island House, District 14

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Giona is a veteran of the Navy and a community advocate running for state representative in Cranston and Providence. If elected, she will be one of the first transgender officials elected to the state legislature in Rhode Island. She is running a grassroots, volunteer-based campaign against an entrenched conservative incumbent. She got involved and decided to run after seeing that her representative continues to ignore decades-long problems in her community, and instead has interfered with meaningful change. Giona is running to expand affordable housing, invest in public education, and improve the quality of health care for senior residents and veterans. She will be a strong advocate for environmental protections, abortion rights, LGBTQ+ equality, and gun safety legislation.

Giang Bui

Rhode Island Senate, District 21

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Giang “Jenny” is a first-generation Vietnamese-American immigrant. She is a fierce advocate and activist for women’s rights, racial justice, and universal healthcare. Through her experiences growing up in Vietnam, raising a baby on her own while attending college, and going through the process of becoming an American citizen, Jenny has an up close look at the ways in which American systems and infrastructure harm children, women of color, immigrants, and the poor.

Jenny hopes for a brighter future. She believes that Rhode Islanders must set an example for the rest of the country by doing something bold: electing a legislative body that reflects the people, rather than corporate interests and the status quo.

Kelsey Coletta

Rhode Island House, District 42

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Kelsey is a bilingual clinical social worker, working in community mental health and substance use disorder treatment. She is a graduate of Rhode Island College and Simmons University School of Social Work. She was previously a Rotary International Exchange student and spent 11 months in Chile as a teen. She lives in Johnston, RI with her husband and their two dogs and two cats. She is running because she believes that every voice in her district deserves to be heard; her district has not had a Democratic primary since 2006 and has not been represented by a woman since 2004.

Kelsey has years of experience in advocacy and policy, including the drafting of legislation to address the rape kit backlog that was ultimately passed in June 2022. She is a fierce advocate of reproductive rights and harm reduction to support folks living with addiction. The daughter of a public school teacher and construction project manager, Kelsey was raised to value community and public service.

Kelsey is looking to address access to vital mental health and substance use treatment, access to affordable healthcare (including capping prescription drug prices), protecting worker’s rights, and ensuring the right to quality education for all children in Rhode Island.


Chris Salley

South Carolina House, District 7

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Chris was born and raised in the Upstate, and was an active member of Shiloh Baptist Church and various school activities while growing up, ultimately graduating from Belton-Honea Path High as Valedictorian in 2011. Chris earned a degree in Finance and Economics (with a minor in Animal Studies) from New York University, before beginning his career in Financial Research. However, wanting to make a more significant impact, Chris pivoted to working in fundraising and sales for nonprofits, social good startups, and technology companies across the country.

Since returning home to South Carolina, he has remained busy rebuilding his family farm with his furry pack (2 rescue dogs, 1 rescue cat, and 2 minipigs) while giving back to his community: organizing with the Young Democrats of South Carolina, the Sunrise Movement, and the Climate Reality Project. Chris ultimately decided to run for State House on a platform of ensuring that his community’s tax dollars are reinvested back here into our roads, better internet, and classrooms, and standing up against the erosion of hard-won rights when the current Representative continued to focus on climbing the political ladder instead of the good of those in the district.

Ryan Thompson

South Carolina House, District 106

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Ryan has called Horry County his home for his entire life, and he was born and raised in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. As the youngest of three from his parents, Lori and Dave, he followed in the footsteps of his sisters, Kristen and Megan. He set the goal of joining them as the first generation of college students in his family. Ryan graduated from St. James High School in 2018 and he recently graduated from the College of Charleston Honors College, with a degree in Political Science. He arrived back home and formally began his campaign for SC State House Representative. He enjoys all that his home in Murrells Inlet has to offer, along with his sweet dog named Bella.

Carla Linrenta

South Carolina House, District 66

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Carla is a proud former civil servant and worked for seven years as a government attorney prosecuting criminal offenders and providing a voice to countless victims. She is a member of three state bar organizations including North and South Carolina. Carla comes from a family of small business owners and currently runs her own local law firm. She is passionate about making sure local voices are heard in Columbia. Carla will focus her campaign on common sense legislation that she and most South Carolinians want. She will push for common sense gun legislation and freedom to make medical decisions. As a seasoned attorney, Carla is more than capable of reaching past party lines and successfully negotiating for common sense progress to protect our families and our futures.


Marie Mott

Chattanooga City Council, District 8

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Marie is a civil rights activist with firsthand experience working in the lanes of restorative justice, public policy, food justice, and the fight for equality for all Chattanooga residents. She’s running for Chattanooga City Council, District 8 to fight for safer streets, cleaner neighborhoods, accessible housing, and better opportunities for all residents regardless of zip code. A Harvard Emerging Leader and previous NAACP Chattanooga Branch Chairperson for Civic Engagement, Marie has registered hundreds of citizens to vote, fill out the census, and lead thousands to engage in Budgeting for Outcomes meetings since 2020. Marie lives in the historic Churchville community.


Mihaela Plesa

Texas House, District 70

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

As a lifetime resident of North Texas, Mihaela was raised in Carrollton and feels blessed to continue to call North Dallas home. Born and bred in Texas, Mihaela is the only child of immigrant parents who fled Eastern Europe, seeking a better life in the United States — the land of prosperity.

Mihaela is the proud product of Texas public schools. She attended the University of North Texas where she graduated with her Bachelors in Political Science. Her passion for government affairs and global relations brought her to study abroad in Spain where she lived for a semester and focused on becoming fluent in Spanish. She graduated from the University of North Texas in 2006. In 2012, Mihaela graduated Cum Laude from Southern Methodist University as one of the first graduates from the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development with a master’s in Liberal Arts focusing on Global Studies.

In 2017, after years of marching, protesting, and advocating with little felt results, she left her job at a small business to get her hand dirty down in Austin at the Texas Legislature. Throughout three legislative sessions and four special sessions, Mihaela developed institutional knowledge of the Texas Legislature leading to multiple legislative wins. One of the most notable and recent successes was the drafting and passage of Proposition 8 which was on the November 2, 2021, ballot.

In 2021, Mihaela became engaged to her long-time boyfriend and Tech. CEO Todd Hollenshead.

Francesca Romans

Leander ISD School Board, Place 6

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Francesca is a public education advocate and parent of two Leander ISD students. She has lived in the district for almost 17 years and enrolled her older child in 2012. She is a strong and vocal advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, educational access, mental health access, teacher and school staff retention, and public school financing. She is involved in the district as a crossing guard, band mom, and Parent-Teacher-Student Association member. She has also served on the School Health Advisory Committee, the Community Curriculum Advisory Committee, and the Bond Oversight Committee.

Before leaving the full-time workforce in early 2021, Francesca spent her career working for Texas public school districts in school law defense. She started as an office runner when she was a senior in high school and worked to become a certified paralegal. The bulk of her work was concentrated in school construction and public information. Through her experiences, Francesca has a thorough working knowledge of public school policies and procedures, and is familiar with the laws that govern school districts, including the Texas Education Code and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

As a trustee, Francesca’s priorities would be to amplify student and teacher voices, to work towards equitable educational access to programs, materials, and facilities across the district, and to increase community outreach over the 200 square miles that make up Leander ISD.

Paige Ellis

Austin City Council, District 8

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Paige is running for re-election to the Austin City Council. In 2018, she flipped the District 8 seat from red to blue and has championed policies that protect the environment, address housing & transportation affordability, and prevent wildfire risk.

Kevin Morris

Texas House, District 67

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Kevin is running to represent Texas House District 67 to give regular people a voice in the Texas state legislature. He is a family man who believes in freedom, equality, and the great opportunities Texas can provide. Kevin lives in Plano, Texas with his wife and children. He moved to North Texas driving towards the hope of opportunities and has built a successful career at a Fortune 500 company. He is heavily involved in his children’s extracurricular activities and local community organizations.

Kevin will take action with common sense solutions that steer our state towards the common good while avoiding skyrocketing costs. He will work to implement Medicaid expansion in Texas because he believes we have a responsibility to provide accessible health care to everyone. Kevin will protect the right for people, alongside their doctors, to make the best medical decisions for them and their families. He is dedicated to ensuring that life-saving measures are available when medically necessary.

In addition, he knows the importance of providing a good quality of life and education to every child across the state. One of his top priorities will be ensuring our public schools are properly funded and that our students are safely able to learn the lessons they need to be successful. He will also work to protect our voting rights and other constitutional liberties. Kevin will listen to his constituency to understand the issues they are facing and implement the right solutions to improve the lives of all Texans.

Tiffanie Harrison

Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees, Place 6

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Tiffanie is an educator, equity leader, community organizer, entrepreneur, designer, and investor. Prior to being elected as Round Rock ISD Trustee Place 6 in 2020, Tiffanie enjoyed being a high school marketing teacher in the district for nearly a decade. Her roots in Round Rock ISD run deep as she attended elementary, middle and high school in the district. Tiffanie holds a Master of Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Marketing from Baylor University and a Bachelor of Science in Human Health, Performance and Recreation from Baylor University as well. Tiffanie has been honored to be named a two-time Teacher of the Year at around Rock High School, a 3DayStartup Entrepreneurship Professor of the Year, a Teachers Guild Fellow, a New Leaders Council Austin Fellow and a CAMP Fellow. Professionally, Tiffanie blends her passions of equity and entrepreneurship as a General Partner at the Radical Equity Fund where she advises and invests in diverse founders and EdTech startups.

Tiffanie is a passionate advocate for students and teachers and has served as past Board Secretary and current Board Vice President. Tiffanie is running for racial and educational equity, community and transparency. She seeks to make Round Rock ISD schools where students experience safety and belonging while showing up in their full humanity. Tiffanie desires to see MLK’s vision of the Beloved Community come to fruition and is happy to dedicate her life to making that a reality.


Sarah Reale

Utah State School Board, District 5

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Sarah is a Salt Lake native with a passion for advocacy, and a proven record of experience in action-oriented student-first focus to help students reach their academic and career goals.

With a master’s degree in political science and almost two decades experience working in higher education, including teaching, Sarah has a passion for education and the important impact it can have on a student’s life. With a vast understanding of the policies and systems within our schools. Sarah plans to take her experience supporting and communicating with students and utilize them to be an advocate for students, parents, and teachers. Sarah wants to be a part of a better future for Utah, starting finding innovative and inclusive ways to support our education system for the next generation.

Sarah has a decade of research and volunteer-based experience advocating for communities and developing creative and effective solutions that support green and open-space development. Sarah is on the Salt Lake County Open Spaces Board, Mountainous Planning Commission, SLC Library Board, and an advisor for the University of Utah Chi Omegas.

An outdoor enthusiast, Sarah is happiest on her bike with her girlfriend, or on a trail with her two dogs Franklin and Eva.

Lannie Chapman

Salt Lake County Clerk

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Lannie is running for Salt Lake County Clerk to ensure that public offices stay in the hands of public servants. Common sense and good government are critical for an office that handles election protection, equitable and equal access to the ballot box, marriage licenses, and passports. Lannie wants to ensure Salt Lake County residents not only have the right to vote but can feel safe voting in whichever way they choose. After serving as the Deputy County Clerk for the last three years, she is ready to step up on day one to ensure that our rights are protected, regardless of party affiliation.

Growing up in Flint, MI, Lannie had a firsthand look at what the disconnect between local government and the community can look like with the clean water crisis. Because of that impact on her hometown, she is committed to ensuring that every voter in Salt Lake County has their voice heard.

Hope Goeckeritz

Utah House, District 39

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Hope has lived in the current District 39 for over 20 years. Born and raised a Utahn, her roots run deep with love for her community — and Hope believes that if you love something, you work to make it better. That’s why she’s running to represent you in the Utah House of Representatives. She loves our community and the people within, and she knows that with a lot of hard work and a little bit of hope, we will continue to better our district — because our community is the best place to live, raise a family, work, recreate, and thrive.

Hope has traveled the world as an advocate, from working for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., to moving to London to work in the British Parliament, and back to Utah to work for municipal governments. In her most recent employment, she ran a nonpartisan nonprofit organization with a mission to increase voter registration and turnout in the state of Utah. She had the incredible opportunity to speak to voters every day about why they need to and should vote and how much it matters, and she is honored to have the opportunity again as she listens to you about the things that matter most to you and your loved ones. She hopes to earn your vote.

Sahara Hayes

Utah House, District 32

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Sahara Hayes is a committed community member and empathetic leader, and has lived in House District 32 for over 20 years. Her background is in nonprofit organizations and local government, and she currently serves on her community council. Through these efforts, Sahara has come to deeply understand the unique concerns and challenges that impact her community.

After seeing the debates in Utah’s legislature on reproductive healthcare and the treatment of transgender youth, Sahara was inspired to run for office. Discussions surrounding marginalized communities need to be centered on dignity and humanity, not stigmatization and exclusion, and Sahara is running to advocate for these groups. Her top priorities are strengthening Utah’s education system, protecting the environment, and increasing access to gender-affirming health care.

Sahara is an avid reader, hiker, knitter, and aerialist. She graduated from Westminster College, then earned her Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Utah. She lives with her partner, Lily, and their rescue pets. If elected, she will likely be the only openly queer member of Utah’s legislature.

Ashley Liewer

Salt Lake County Council, District 3

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Ashley Liewer is a paramedic, a clinical leader, and a healthcare consultant. Through her work experience, Ashley has learned how to implement innovative solutions with compassion and pragmatism. This is the mindset she will bring to the Salt Lake County Council.

Ashley has a passion for serving underrepresented communities. In SLCo Medical Reserve Corp, Ashley worked in quarantine & isolation centers, serving individuals facing housing instability during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We need an authentic leader dedicated to equity and compassion; Ashley is that leader. Ashley is dedicated to standing and speaking up for everyone in Council District 3

Audryn Damron

Utah State School Board, District 8

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Audryn is a passionate teacher, a lover of the outdoors, a bookworm, and a Crumbl cookie groupie. She has 11+ years of educational experience starting off as a para-educator in college and teaching special education at both suburban and urban schools. She is National Board Certified in Exceptional Needs and is a Utah Teacher Fellow through the Hope Street Group.

As a special education teacher at a public high school, Audryn has worked for years advocating for and empowering students with disabilities as she thoughtfully teaches them about the IEP process and how they can create the most success by utilizing resources and communicating effectively. She collaborates regularly with multiple parties to create an equitable and inclusive environment for her students and is excited for the opportunity to utilize these skills as a State School Board member. As an educator, school safety both physically and mentally/emotionally for students as well teachers is of high interest. She also sees the daily struggles of larger classroom sizes, lack of prep periods, teachers quitting mid-year, etc. and is determined to help her education community and those students and families directly impacted by these retention challenges. As a special education teacher who sees the potential in her students, she is committed to link students not only with college opportunities, but career pathways. Creating high quality of life is achievable for all students when they receive the supports they need to get there.


Scott Weathers

Vermont House, Lamoille-1

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Scott was inspired to run because of a personal experience. In the middle of the pandemic — before Covid-19 vaccines were available — Scott’s nonprofit employer asked that he return in person to the office. At the time, Scott was helping to caretake for his father, who had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Scott was forced to decide between the health and safety of his family and his primary source of income. No Vermonter should have to make this decision, and if Vermont had passed paid family leave, Scott wouldn’t need to. Scott chose his dad. He then rolled up his sleeves by responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and supporting his community through volunteering and public service. He is a member of Stowe Rotary and the Stowe Energy Committee. Scott also serves on the boards of Lamoille County Meals on Wheels, the Vermont Sierra Club, Morrisville Food Co-Op, and is the former Chair of the Lamoille County Democratic Committee.


Courtney Howard

Clifton Forge Town Council

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Courtney is a native of Alleghany County and holds a BA in Psychology and also in Theatre from Emory & Henry College. She moved to Clifton Forge in 2017 to start a family with her husband Jeremy and they now have two young children. Courtney has been actively trying to better our area, volunteering as an election worker, running social media and planning events for the Alleghany Commission on Rights & Equality, heading the Clifton Forge Parks & Trails Committee, and she is currently working on the All-Abilities Park and Sensory Trail Projects.

Courtney is most concerned with making sure every citizen of Clifton Forge receives equitable treatment from our local government and wants to ensure that future policies take into account each and every person that will be affected. Her two largest focuses are accessibility and our youth, and she’s so excited to be given the chance to run for a seat on the Clifton Forge Town Council and possibly help move the town forward in a positive light.

Phillip Jones

Mayor of Newport News

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Phillip is a native son of Virginia, running for Mayor of Newport News. He is a management consultant with a global firm, where he advises companies on strategy, marketing, organization, and operations across all industries. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy as a Burke Scholar and served on active duty in the Marine Corps for over six years. As an Infantry officer, Phillip was blessed to lead his Marines to support peacekeeping and security cooperation missions on multiple continents. He completed his graduate course of studies at the Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School, where he served as a Tillman Scholar and Co-President of the Veterans Club.

Phillip serves on the Newport News Planning Commission, the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity Peninsula, and the Board of Trustees for Virginia’s Veteran Services Foundation. If elected, Phillip would be the youngest African American Mayor to serve the city of Newport News.

As Mayor, he will be focused on ensuring schools are fully accredited, attracting and supporting small businesses, modernizing city hall, and keeping our communities safe.

Jeremy Rodden

Chesapeake City School Board, At-Large

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Jeremy is an experienced educator, author, advocate, ally, and father. A father of three school-age children, Jeremy is running for school board as someone who understands modern problems in schools today. He also has a Master’s in Education, so he brings a perspective of understanding what it’s like to be in a modern classroom as well. These two facets of Jeremy, combined with his work as an advocate for organizations like CASA and Pride in the ‘Peake (which he co-founded), mean that Jeremy will bring a modern, knowledgeable, and engaged voice to a school board that has been dominated by regressive, out-of-touch members for decades.


Kayla Young

West Virginia House, District 56

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Raised in Kanawha County in the 56th House District, Kayla is a proud public school and WVU graduate now raising her own family in the community that shaped her. She has deep West Virginia roots, thick with generations of coal miners and teachers. As a former small business owner, Kayla has made access, transparency, and efficiency of government a point of importance during her time in public service.

She is a strong advocate for investing in a new energy economy in West Virginia, that puts the coalfield communities first, an early childhood system that enables stronger workforce participation, a healthcare system that doesn’t cost a literal arm and leg, and common sense policies that make our state Almost Heaven.

Her first term promises of energy diversification, policies that encourage more women to run for office, and adjusting our unemployment system to include work sharing were all kept and signed into law in her first two years in office, despite being in a superminority.

Kayla knows that building the West Virginia that works for everyone takes leaders that are deeply committed and engaged in the issues facing our community. She leads through building bipartisan coalitions, a bold voice, and relentless spirit.


Laura Gapske

Wisconsin Assembly, District 73

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

When Laura was five years old, she and her mother fled a domestic violence situation and found Northern Wisconsin as their new home. She graduated from Superior High School and attended University of Wisconsin-Superior, graduating with a degree in sociology and a concentration in cultural studies.

For more than 18 years, her voice has remained strong, steady, and fierce on issues that matter. In February 2021, she developed her own LLC to provide expert witness, professional forensic interviewing, and consulting services within the legal systems. She created her small business to fill the gap in the system to support child victims, families, and prosecutors that hold offenders accountable. She believes that together, our communities can ensure everyone receives equitable resources and have a seat at all decision-making tables. She has two sons and decided to raise them in Superior, Wisconsin.

Leah Spicer

Wisconsin Assembly, District 51

General Election Date: November 8, 2022

Leah is a small business owner, mother, and clerk of her town board. She was born and raised in the 51st Assembly District. She is running for this office because she is worried about the future and knows that everyone must step up and get involved right now in order to build the best possible future for all.



Lauren Simpson

Arvada City Council, District 2

General Election Date: November 7, 2023

Lauren is running for re-election to Arvada City Council, District 2 to continue being that friend who’s there for you when you need help. Successful public service requires a love of both people and policy, and that’s exactly what Lauren brings. Thanks to many years working in government and diplomacy, she has the skills necessary to deliver on big ideas in areas such as affordable housing, placemaking, and supporting local businesses and workers so they can thrive. But service is so much more than public hearings and briefing books: it’s about people. It’s about listening and finding solutions to the issues facing your neighborhood.

In her first term, Lauren has become known for being a thoughtful voice on the Arvada City Council who is unafraid to ask hard questions when needed. She’s also become a forefront and present community leader. After Colorado’s devastating Marshall Fire, Lauren organized a regional gift card campaign that raised nearly $70,000 in two weeks to directly support the victims. She partnered with a local non-profit to ensure that low-income students and teachers working in Title 1 schools had the supplies they needed for a successful year. And each holiday season she has personally raised funds and organized catering for every first responder in the city working on Thanksgiving and Christmas Days in gratitude for all they do. Her favorite moment of service so far: counter-protesting Westboro Baptist Church by blaring Lady Gaga over a megaphone at them until they gave up and left.

Matt Martin

Chicago Alderman, 47th Ward

General Election Date: February 28, 2023

Matt is a lifelong progressive, who is serving his first term on the Chicago City Council. Before that, he worked as a civil rights lawyer in the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, where he focused on police reform, workers’ rights, LGBTQ rights, reproductive rights, and immigration. Through his work, he helped draft the consent decree to hold the city accountable when it comes to reforming the police department. He also worked on the front lines fighting back against Donald Trump’s disastrous immigration and health care policies.

Matt attended college at Northwestern University, earning degrees in political science and jazz studies. He earned his law degree from Harvard Law School. As alderman, Matt believes it is critical to be independent, transparent, and willing to take on big challenges. He has successfully advocated to double the number of affordable units in large developments throughout Chicago and passed a law that legalized the building of new basement apartments and coach houses. In addition, Matt led the fight to triple the amount of funding for domestic violence prevention and increased Chicago’s violence prevention budget by $45 million. He also passed a resolution declaring a climate emergency in Chicago, which helped pave the way for legislation to grow the city’s tree canopy by 75,000 trees and expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure. He has done all this work by engaging community organizations and listening to the voices from across the 47th Ward.


Katrina Alexander

Hammond City Council, at Large

General Election Date: November 7, 2023

Katrina is a long-time Hammond resident and a youth advocate working on issues like bullying and suicide. She started the Know Your Worth Campaign, working with young people to see their worth. Know Your Worth was a dream that turned into reality, and she started teaching. Katrina is an educator at East Chicago Central High School, where she teaches radio & TV broadcast, commercial photography, and theater. Through her art and work, she continues to help others. Katrina wrote her first play entitled “Redemption,” which addressed bullying and touched on suicide. She also acted, directed, and produced the stage play. Katrina is a member of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Union.

Katrina also volunteers at food pantries and soup kitchens and has spearheaded a gospel fest, providing health screenings, haircuts, book bags, and school supplies to school-aged children to prepare them for school. She also accepted her calling into ministry and received her license. She is a member of the Cross Church, where she is a part of the worship team and media team.

Katrina graduated from Purdue University Calumet with a degree in computer information systems. She is pursuing a master’s degree in career and technical education from Purdue West Lafayette.


Tiffany Cabán

New York City Council, District 22

General Election Date: November 7, 2023

A Queens native, Tiffany was born in Richmond Hill, Queens, to Puerto Rican parents who grew up in Woodside Houses. Before joining the New York City Council, Tiffany worked as a public defender, representing people who did not have resources to defend themselves against the brutal system of mass incarceration. While at New York County Defender Services (NYCDS) and the Legal Aid Society’s Criminal Defense Practice, Tiffany represented over a thousand indigent clients in cases ranging from turnstile jumping to homicide. Throughout her professional career, she has used the law to help New York City’s most vulnerable communities, and her experiences advocating on behalf of her clients helped her identify some of the worst inequities produced and exacerbated by the criminal legal system. The years she spent as a public defender inspired her to run for elected office, determined to redefine how the city approaches public health and public safety.

Tiffany attended PS 62 in Richmond Hill and JHS 210 Elizabeth Blackwell in Woodhaven, and she later attended St. Francis Preparatory High School in Fresh Meadows. Tiffany earned a bachelor’s degree in crime, law, and justice from Pennsylvania State University and a J.D. from New York Law School. She lives in Astoria with her rescue dog, Natalie. She currently represents the 22nd Council District in the New York City Council and is proudly running for reelection.


JoBeth Hamon

Oklahoma City City Council, Ward 6

General Election Date: February 14, 2023

JoBeth has been proudly serving Oklahoma City’s Ward 6 since her election to city council in 2019. She is a strong advocate for improving public transportation, as well as sidewalk and bicycle infrastructure to create safer streets for all users. JoBeth is also committed to increasing affordable housing options to address the housing crisis. She is not afraid to go against the status quo and push for creative solutions to community problems. During her first term, she has advocated for effective public safety efforts — including violence intervention programming, appropriate mental health crisis response, social work homeless outreach teams as well as championed funds for transit, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and worked to increase information access for Spanish speaking residents about City projects through Spanish language town halls and materials. She is running for re-election to continue a strong community voice at City Hall and continue pushing for community centered solutions to the needs facing Oklahoma City residents.



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